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2A CountryMusic singer hailing from Rincon, Georgia, known primarily for his neotraditionalist, laid-back sound.
4Currington had a few scattered songwriting credits before he was picked up by Creator/MercuryRecords in 2003. His debut album produced the hits "Walk a Little Straighter" and "I Got a Feelin'", and then-labelmate Music/ShaniaTwain featured him on her last Top 10 hit, "Party for Two", by the end of 2004.
6It was late 2005's ''Doin' Somethin' Right'' that produced his first #1 hit in "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right", along with "Good Directions", penned by a then-unknown Music/LukeBryan. In 2009, Currington suffered a concussion following a stage collapse in Alberta, which also injured his bassist and killed a spectator. He also had his biggest hit in this timespan with "People Are Crazy", a ballad from ''Little Bit of Everything''. ''Enjoy Yourself'' also racked up the chart-toppers "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer" and "Let Me Down Easy", while a change of producers (Carson Chamberlain to Dann Huff) saw an edgier, more guitar-driven sound in the hits "Hey Girl", "We Are Tonight", and "Don't It".
8Currington's sound balances traditional country with a pop-rock polish and occasional traces of R&B.
11* ''Billy Currington'' (2003)
12* ''Doin' Somethin' Right'' (2005)
13* ''Little Bit of Everything'' (2008)
14* ''Enjoy Yourself'' (2010)
15* ''We Are Tonight'' (2013)
16* ''Summer Forever'' (2015)
17* ''Intuition'' (2021)
20!Tropes present in his work:
21* AlcoholicParent: The subject of "Walk a Little Straighter" is the narrator's alcoholic father. (Currington wrote the chorus when he was only 12.)
22* DooWopProgression: "Love Done Gone"
23* EarlyBirdCameo: He wrote a song for Tracy Byrd before having hits of his own.
24* EverytownAmerica: "Drinkin' Town with a Football Problem" is about a small rural American town that is devoted to its high school football team.
25* KarmicJackpot: "People Are Crazy". The narrator converses with an old man, who provides the title observation. Later on, the narrator discovers that the old man has died and left a fortune to him.
26* LyricalDissonance: For a song about moving on from a failed relationship, "Love Done Gone" is almost ridiculously cheery, with its upbeat "ba-ba-da, ba-da-ba" and trumpets.
27* NewSoundAlbum: ''We Are Tonight'' has more of a pop rock edge.
28** ''Intuition'' has strong [=R&B=] and electronic influences.
29* OdeToIntoxication: "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer" points out that the narrator doesn't have a lot of useful world skills, but is "pretty good at drinkin' beer".
30* OldManConversationSong: "People Are Crazy" is a conversation with an old man in a bar.