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1[[quoteright:180:]]''Porno Superstar'' is a yaoi manga created by Creator/{{Nanami}} in 2006. It features two men, Yamashita and Hikaru. Yamashita is 26 year old, still a virgin, gay, and hated by almost everyone. Hikaru looks just like a professional supermodel who Yamashita admires. One day, they meet, and Hikaru tricks Yamashita into thinking he's a supermodel, so they go to a hotel and have sex... which starts a relationship between them. Needless to say, it's rather NSFW.----!!This manga contains the following tropes:* ApologisesALot: Yamashita says he's sorry so much, it upsets Hikaru.* {{Bishonen}}: Hikaru. Likely why Yamashita loves him so much.* {{Gayngst}}: Yamashita doesn't exactly feel good being homosexual, and neither do others.* PornNames: Hikaru's real name is actually Ryuiichi, and he prefers to be referred as that by Yamashita.* RagingStiffie: A literal one. By the end of chapter 2 Hikaru gets so mad he goes hard.* SenpaiKohai: Hikaru and Yamashita. The latter even refers to the former as Senpai.* TheirFirstTime: The reason why Yamashita's blowjob in chapter 1 is sloppy.* YaoiGenre: Pretty much to be expected in a manga with two male leads in love.----


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