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1-> "''As anyone who's seen the master auteur Creator/IngmarBergman knows, when you're about to fall asleep is when the movie gets '''really''' interesting.''"²-->-- WebVideo/BennettTheSage, in his review of ''Anime/TwilightOfTheCockroaches''²²Most creators work incredibly hard to make their works accessible to their target audience. They try to make their works as interesting as possible, to ensure that their audience remains engaged throughout their experience. Part of this is commercial; after all, many works are created with the intent of [[MoneyDearBoy making lots of money]]. But it's also about wanting to make your audience happy, and about being able to share one's work with others... which is difficult when people don't ''want'' to read/listen/watch/play your work.²²But some artists are believed by their critics to consider a work's inaccessibility to be [[ItsPopularNowItSucks a badge of honor.]] They consider the boredom of general audiences to be a sign of their artistic integrity, since [[LowestCommonDenominator most people only like soulless tripe, anyway.]] The result is this trope, where a work is considered to be artistic specifically because it is painful to slog through. Every dull, agonizing second is an affirmation of a work's artistic integrity, because [[InsaneTrollLogic why would anyone watch it otherwise?]] Conversely, some may claim that a particular work isn't artistic ''[[ItsPopularNowItSucks because]]'' people [[StopHavingFunGuys actually enjoy watching it.]] TrueArt, after all, should be respected in its own right and on its own merits, not because people enjoy it. Others will argue back that art that has no audience, or even a very narrow, limited audience, serves no useful social purpose whatsoever.²²%%There is some TruthInTelevision, here- experimental and ''avant garde'' works often play with traditional structure and composition, at the cost of accessibility to general audiences. See ClassicalMusicIsBoring. In any case, the perception of this largely varies by kind and degree. For instance, Creator/IngmarBergman who is in a large sense ''the'' emblematic arthouse director made movies that on average [[BrieferThanTheyThink rarely went over 90 minutes]], and his movies were commercial successes in Sweden, in Europe, and ''in'' America. Creator/AkiraKurosawa's ''Film/TheSevenSamurai'' is nearly 200 minutes long but it was also a global success and his movies were supremely influential on American action films and on ''Franchise/StarWars''. ²²----


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