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1%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:²%% Please do not replace or remove without starting a new thread.²%%²[[quoteright:177:[[Webcomic/ElGoonishShive]]]]²²->'''Messenger:''' This is blasphemy! This is ''madness''!\²'''Leonidas:''' Madness? '''…This! Is! SPARTA!'''²-->-- ''Film/ThreeHundred''²%% One quote is sufficient. Please place additional entries on the quotes tab.²²[[DescribeTopicHere Describe! Punctuated! For! Emphasis!]] '''[[DescribeTopicHere HERE!!!]]'''²²[[SelfDemonstratingArticle LINES. DELIVERED. WITH. EXTREME! EMPHASIS! ON… EVERY!]] ''[[SelfDemonstratingArticle WORD!]]'' '''[[SelfDemonstratingArticle ESPECIALLY. THE.]] ''[[SelfDemonstratingArticle ENDING!!!!]]'''''²²This is {{dialogue}} [[MundaneMadeAwesome transformed into]] {{spectacle}}. It is normally used in ChewingTheScenery and with accordance to the RuleOfCool, and is a favorite {{handwave}} for AcousticLicense. A person who does this often will come across as a LargeHam or just someone with NoIndoorVoice. Done badly, [[{{Narm}} it can torpedo a dramatic scene]]. Done well, it can be part of a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome, although rarely the ''only'' component.²²Often it's done with exclamation points to invoke the dramatic power of an emotional character, who's showing that you'd better take him seriously.²²For a character who's [[ColdHam cool, calm and unfazed]] (but no less professional and serious) it is done with periods, sometimes to show being serious, others to show whomever just used the exclamation points that [[NoSell they're not impressed]]. ²²Many times invokes the RuleOfThree. Sometimes a part of a SkywardScream or SpellingForEmphasis. If each word is accompanied with an attack then it's a PunctuatedPounding. If the delivery ends with a swear, then it's ThisIsForEmphasisBitch. ²²A frequent variant, notably in AnimeAndManga, is when a [[AlwaysFemale female character]] articulates the end of a sentence on a quiet, seductive tone to tease a male one ([[SayItWithHearts heart optional]]). Just. Like. This. ♡²²Often leads to the line [[MemeticMutation becoming memetic.]] An interesting experiment is to go on a MemeticMutation page and see how many of the entries ''aren't'' due to ChewingTheScenery, Punctuated! For! Emphasis!, or hilarious {{Narm}} (often because of the other two).²²Here is a [[ compilation]] with a lot of examples.²²----²!!THESE! ARE! EXAMPLES!²²[[index]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Advertising}} Advertising! and! COMMERCIALS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/AnimeAndManga Anime! and! MANGA!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/ComicBooks Graphic! Novels! And! COMICS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/ComicStrips Comic! STRIPS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/FanWorks Fan! WORKS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Film}} Live! Action! and! Animated! MOVIES!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Literature}} Literature! and! BOOKS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/LiveActionTV Live! Action! TV!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Music}} Music! and! SONGS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Pinball}} Pin! BALL!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/ProfessionalWrestling Professional! WRESTLING!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Radio}} RA… DI… O!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Theatre}} Theatre! and! PLAYS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/VideoGames VIDEO! GAMES!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/WebAnimation Web! ANIMATION!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/{{Webcomics}} Web! COMICS!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/WebOriginal Web! ORIGINAL!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/WesternAnimation Western! ANIMATION!]]²* [[PunctuatedForEmphasis/RealLife Real! LIFE!]]²[[/index]]²²[[folder:Asian! Animation!]]²* Weslie in ''Animation/PleasantGoatAndBigBigWolf: Rescue Across Time'', upon learning that Wolffy's back to his old ways: "You're... still... catching... goats?"²[[/folder]]²²----²THIS! IS! '''TVTROPES!''' ''[kick]''²²----


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