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1This is a disambiguation page. You could have been looking for:²²* ''VideoGame/{{MOTHER}}'', a series of video games²* ''[[VideoGame/{{MOTHER1}} MOTHER 1]]'', the first game in the series, also known as ''[=EarthBound=] Zero'' and ''[=EarthBound=] Beginnings''.²* ''Film/{{Mother|1996}}'', a 1996 comedy film directed by Creator/AlbertBrooks.²* ''Film/{{Mother|2009}}'' (''Madeo''), a 2009 drama film by South Korean director Bong-joon ho.²* ''[[Film/Mother2017 mother!]]'', a 2017 horror film directed by Creator/DarrenAronofsky.²* Various tropes involving mothers; see TheParentTrope index.²----


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