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1%%This trope's example list has been alphabetized. Please place new examples in alphabetical order.께There is a large overlap between fans of [[{{Moe}} cute girls doing cute things]] and fans of heavy military equipment doing explosive things. Starting in the [[TheNoughties aughts]] and continuing into TheNewTens, anime producers started to notice this overlap and started making shows to cater to both tastes simultaneously.께A Military Moe show features cute girls in the military, or in military-like situations (''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'', for example, is about tank combat as a high school sport). It will often feature GoodLookingPrivates both on the battlefield and in their personal lives, juxtaposing the two in whatever way best fits the tone of the story, whether [[PlayedForDrama dramatically]], [[TearJerker saddeningly]] or [[PlayedForLaughs comically]]. Expect varying levels of {{Fanservice}}. Usually a WorldOfActionGirls.께See SmallGirlBigGun, which many characters are likely to sport in some fashion. SisterTrope of GirlsWithGuns.께'''Note: This trope describes a show, not a character. Individual characters may fall under GoodLookingPrivates.'''께----께!!Examples:께[[foldercontrol]]께[[folder: Anime and Manga]]* ''Manga/ArpeggioOfBlueSteel'' is about the mysterious Fleet of Fog and their Mental Models, human female avatars of UsefulNotes/WorldWarII era warships armed with advanced weapons and technology where they rule the oceans.* ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' was originally this using a mainly [[CastFullOfPrettyBoys male cast]]. Early on it was meant to adapt World War II but with [[AnthropomorphicPersonification humanized countries]]. While most characters still mainly dress in military gear, the actual content of the series doesn't relate as much to war or military as it once did.* ''Manga/GirlsLastTour'' has it, but {{Downplayed|trope}}. Chi and Yuu wear what look like military uniforms and helmets, Yuu has a rifle, and they ride in a Kettenkrad half-track motorcycle, but they aren't actually part of any military and the story mostly focuses on how the girls get by in a post-apocalyptic world.* ''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'' is set InAWorld where the sport of ''sensha-do'' (the Way of the Tank) is seen as a [[LadyOfWar feminine martial art]], and stars the daughter of a prestigious ''sensha-do'' school.* ''LightNovel/GirlyAirForce'' is a solid example featuring {{Anthropomorphic Personification}}s of fighter jets from various nations battling an AlienInvasion. The jets use avatars of young cute girls to wander off-base and interact with people.* ''[[Anime/MaoChan Ground Defense Force! Mao-Chan]]'' invokes this, where the leaders of Japan's military branches fight adorable alien invaders with their even more adorable granddaughters.* Played with in ''Manga/GunslingerGirl''. The girls are not involved with the military specifically but are still in government related roles. They're all cute preteen girls, and the token oldest one can't be older than seventeen, who regularly wield [[SmallGirlBigGun guns]]... however it's played up for drama, with the girls being ChildSoldiers, with {{Dark And Troubled Past}}s [[spoiler:who [[KillEmAll all die]]]], in a cynical world where the [[DysfunctionJunction adults are also deeply troubled]]. The manga can't quite make up its mind on whether it's a deconstruction or not, however the original anime made it into a deconstruction. The second season, ''Teatrino'', however used a "moe" art style that was even cuter than the manga's and played this trope up more.* ''Anime/HighSchoolFleet'' is about a training ship for the all-women's naval force, the Blue Mermaids.* In ''Manga/KuroganePukapukaTai'', the heroines are part of the ([[TheOneGuy nearly]]) all-female crew of a Japanese cruiser in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, who run into a German U-boat (crewed mostly by women) and later a British destroyer (captained entirely by women). [[YuriGenre Romantic entanglements ensue]].* ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers'' featured this aesthetic, transposing the now-adult {{Magical Girl}}s from the previous series into command positions of an almost-all-female paramilitary SpacePolice unit. This proved to be just a phase for the franchise, however, since ''Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaForce'' ditched most of the "moe" in "military moe" (and was eventually canceled), while subsequent anime and manga ditched the "military" part and went the "martial arts moe" route, focusing on the new generation of magical girls raised by the previous heroines.* ''Anime/TheMagnificentKotobuki'' is about a squadron of 6 mercenary pilot girls who make their living taking to the skies and defending transport zeppelins from SkyPirate attacks.* ''Manga/PanzerfrauleinAlteseisen'' is about an all-female tank unit faced with the horrors of a ForeverWar between the Kingdom and TheFederation. While it shares the same character designer and aesthetic from ''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'', [[WarIsHell it is not a happy story]].* ''Anime/{{Shirobako}}'' has an InUniverse example in ''Third Aerial Girls' Squad'', [[ShowWithinAShow a manga that the characters work on adapting into an anime]] during the show's second half. From what we know of it, it centers on a group of girls who pilot fighter planes from the seventies and prior in order to fight an alien invasion.* ''Anime/SoundOfTheSky'' follows a [[ChildSoldiers bugler]] in the all-women 1121st platoon of the Helvetian Army.* ''Manga/StrikeWitches'' is set in an alternate 1939, where aliens called the Neuroi have attacked the Earth, forcing the Earth's militaries to raise units of all-female magic users on broomsticks. The Striker Units they use [[PantyShot prevent them from wearing any pants in combat]].* Creator/MohiroKitoh has written some works in this genre, believe it or not. ** The first such work by him was ''Manga/OwariToHajimariNoMiles'', which takes place in a world where machines go after they die. It's centered on a teenage girl in a relationship with the spirit of the battleship ''Nagato''.** Kitoh's second attempt at this genre was ''Hayabusa-chan mo Tondemasu'', which is about a girl who can ''turn into'' a Kawasaki Ki-43 fighter plane.[[/folder]]께[[folder: Video Games]]* ''VideoGame/ArmorBlitz'' has you commanding a group of cute tank girls against an enemy very similar to the Abyssals from [=KanColle=].* ''VideoGame/GirlsFrontline'' is about you working for a [[PrivateMilitaryContractors PMC]] and leading an army of [[MoeAnthropomorphism cute girls who]] ''[[MoeAnthropomorphism ARE]]'' [[MoeAnthropomorphism guns]] to fight in a RobotWar.* ''VideoGame/KantaiCollection'' is a CardBattleGame fought between [[MoeAnthropomorphism IJN ships in the shape of cute girls]].* Similarly, ''VideoGame/WarshipGirls'' and ''VideoGame/AzurLane'' both have the same premise albeit with both Allied and Axis ships in their casts.[[/folder]]


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