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1%%˛%%˛%% Image selected per Image Pickin' thread:˛%% Previous thread:˛%% Please do not change or remove without starting a new thread.˛%%˛%% Examples without context are commented out. Only remove the symbols when you have context for the example.˛%%˛%%˛[[quoteright:346:[[Webcomic/SequentialArt]]]]˛˛->'''Everyone''': GASP!\˛'''Stan''': Yes, you'd ''better'' gasp collectively!˛-->-- ''WesternAnimation/FriskyDingo''˛˛Nothing says "Drama!" like gasping it, often preceded by a nicely dramatic [[DoubleTake double-take]]. Originally came from {{Theater}}, since people far away had to see how terrified the actors were. Then used in silent films for similar reasons. There was an interview once with an old actress, who says that they gave her lessons on how to scream, and that they were taught to deliberately over-act, and always raise their hands up in half made fists to cover their mouth.˛˛Now a DeadHorseTrope in live action, save for comedy, where it's often exaggerated for maximum comic effect. But in AnimatedShows, it's often played perfectly straight. But that doesn't make it any less out of place when it's used in animation that tends to be otherwise more subtle than typical {{Melodrama}}.˛˛[[UnsoundEffect Bonus points if they]] [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud actually shout "GASP!"]]˛˛A SubTrope of {{Melodrama}}.˛˛Compare MilkingTheGiantCow, LargeHam, ChewingTheScenery, RuleOfDrama, BigWhat, BigWordShout, BigNo, ComicalOverreacting.˛˛----˛!!Straight Examples:˛˛[[foldercontrol]]˛˛%%[[folder:Advertising]]˛%% * ''Jack in the Box''.˛%% * ''Wienerschnitzel''.˛%% * ''[=McDonald's=]''.˛%% * ''Burger King''.˛%% * ''GEICO''.˛%% * ''Chick-fil-A''.˛%%[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Anime & Manga]]˛* Gasps are used extremely extensively in manga (as SFX text) and in anime. [[ Some intrigued folks have made compilations of gasps from different anime]]. Along with awkward moans made when eating (which are used to half-heartedly cover the fact that the voice actors weren't actually eating anything) or any types of moans used to make characters appear more dynamic for that matter, and fake animal sounds (usually meows and woofs; seriously, how hard could it be to record actual sounds made by dogs and cats?), gasps are one of the most overused sounds in anime.˛* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' would use this tons of times, with gasps that lasted the greater part of a full minute. And they always make weird sounds and faces while doing it, to the point where it becomes a BigHam moment instead of a significant effect.˛* Chiaki Konaka ''loves'' this one very, very much. Watch ''Anime/SerialExperimentsLain, ''Anime/{{Texhnolyze}}'' and ''Anime/GhostHound'' in case of doubt.˛* Edward Elric in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' does it all of the time.˛* ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'': Rip van Winkle does this in the 4th OVA when Alucard suddenly smashes her alarm clock, alerting her of his presence. She does it again when he catches the bullet she was firing at him in his mouth.˛* ''Manga/{{Nichijou}}'' is just as guilty as any other anime. However, it has one subversion because it features Mai who's silent most of the time. She's actually meant to have a very eccentric personality anyway, and at the end of the day, it's more normal to gasp and moan all the time in anime.˛* Occurs often in ''Anime/{{Gankutsuou}}''.˛* Franchise/SailorMoon's gasp in the [=SuperS=] movie is really overblown, moreso in TheNineties English dub. Isn't there any oxygen left in the castle?˛* ''Manga/{{Akagi}}''. Have a [[ compilation.]]˛%% * The ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' anime.˛%% * The ''Digimon'' series.˛%% * ''Anime/KirbyOfTheStars''.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Asian Animation]]˛* In the ''Animation/{{Lamput}}'' episode "Fracture", the docs gasp when they realize they let Lamput go off free.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Fan Works]]˛* Used ''quite'' a bit in ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' fanfic ''[[à Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità.]]''˛* This happens ridiculously often in ''Fanfic/MyImmortal''.˛* Also overused in ''Fanfic/StarkitsProphecy''.˛* Examples from [[Fanfic/Swing123AndGarfieldodiesCalvinverse the Calvinverse]]:˛** Calvin does this in ''Fanfic/RetroChill'' when he learns about the villains' plot. His parents do one not long afterwards for the same reason.˛** Calvin and Hobbes do this when they find the {{People Jar|s}} in ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries''.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Films -- Animation]]˛%% * ''Disney/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarfs''.˛%% * ''Disney/{{Bolt}}''˛%% * The ''WesternAnimation/{{Cars}}'' franchise.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/{{Hoodwinked}}''.˛%% * All of the ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'' films.˛* ''Jonah: A WesternAnimation/VeggieTales Movie''. Jonah, Khalil, and the Pirates all take turns at dramatic gasping when they see just what "The Slap of No Return" is, before all doing a simultaneous gasp.˛* In one scene of ''WesternAnimation/OpenSeason2'', a slightly aged Elliot does a long gasp after a slightly older Boog says to a slightly older Giselle, "We're partners, right?".˛* In one scene of ''WesternAnimation/OpenSeason3'', Giselle, Gisela, and Giselita all gasp after Doug (who is disguised as Boog) yells at them to go get him more berries and to massage his paws.˛* In ''WesternAnimation/Shrek2'', the three girls who discover the newly human Shrek dramatically gasp (and smile) when Donkey says "First we need to get you out of those clothes."˛* Several women in the crowd during the climax of ''Disney/{{Mulan}}'' do this when the Huns show up, complete with shaking their heads 'no'.˛* Everyone (and we do mean ''[[OverlyLongGag everyone]]'') in the town of Swallow Falls does this in ''WesternAnimation/CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs'' after Flint's food machine produces a rain of cheeseburgers. Flint's gasp is especially and hilariously protracted.˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TitanicTheLegendGoesOn'', Angelica gasps dramatically several times when she's on the boat.˛%%* There are several occurrences of this in ''Animation/TheReturnOfHanuman''.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda''˛* In ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'', Belle does a quick gasp and turns away in horror when she first sees Beast.˛* ''Disney/TheEmperorsNewGroove'': Kronk, his shoulder angel, and even his ''devil'' gasp in shock when Yzma claims that [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking she never liked his spinach puffs]].˛* ''Disney/TheHunchbackOfNotreDame'': Esmeralda gasps in horror when she realizes Quasi's face is NotAMask.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Films -- Live-Action ]]˛* There is a scene in ''Film/AlvinAndTheChipmunks: The Squeakquel'' where the Chipmunks and Chipettes gasp upon seeing each other.˛%% * ''Film/MaxKeeblesBigMove''.˛* Done for comedy in ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}''. When Dark Helmet orders Colonel Sandurz to go to "Ludicrous Speed!" everybody on the bridge gasps.˛* Floop gasps and twitches when Minion turns on him in ''Film/SpyKids1''.˛* In ''Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld'', Envy does this one as part of her natural [[ChewingTheScenery scenery chewing.]]˛-->'''Vegan Police''': On April 4th at 7:30 pm, you partook of a plate of ''chicken parmesan.''\˛'''Envy:''' GASP!\˛'''Todd:''' ''[nervously]'' Chicken isn't vegan?˛%% * ''Film/{{Norbit}}''.˛%% * ''Film/ItsAVeryMerryMuppetChristmasMovie''.˛%% * ''Film/AreWeThereYet''˛%% ** ''Film/AreWeDoneYet''˛* Creator/ChristopherLloyd is ''really'' good at these; a perfect example comes in the first ''Film/BackToTheFuture'', where Doc Brown gets a classic reaction face when a burning wind-up car drives into a pile of oily rags.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Literature]]˛* During the first dinner at Dundrillin Castle in ''[[Literature/AuntDimity Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea]]'', Sir Percy is recounting a local ghost story, and he's just relayed a creepy detail when the lights go out. Lori's reaction: "I gasped, nearly stabbed myself in the face with a forkful of lamb, and knocked over my water glass."˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live-Action TV]]˛* ''Series/{{Frasier}}''. Frasier does this when enraptured with something, a ''lot''.˛* ''Series/SonnyWithAChance'' does this all the time, but usually they're parodying their fictional TV show "[=MacKenzie=] Falls".˛%% * ''Series/FamilyMatters''.˛%% * ''Series/AllInTheFamily''.˛%% * ''Series/GoodTimes''.˛* ''Series/{{Community}}'': "[It's] the noise people make when they're offended in all the movies that [[ Annie]] rents."˛* ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld''. A RunningJoke was Shawn and Cory doing exaggerated gasps, followed by "TO-PAN-GA!"˛* ''Series/{{Angel}}''. Cordelia does this during her spoofing of the RomanticHyperbole of Buffy/Angel.˛-->'''Cordelia:''' And just because [[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS2E22BecomingPart2 I sent you to hell that one time]] doesn't mean we [[BetterAsFriends can't just... be friends]]!\˛'''Wesley:''' Or [[RelationshipUpgrade possibly more?]]\˛'''Cordelia:''' {{Gasp}}! No! [[CantHaveSexEver We mustn't!]]˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Puppet Shows]]˛* In "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" puppet skit, the boy gasps when he sees the wolf approaching him before the wolf reveals to the boy that he isn't really evil.˛* In the "Gunni Wolf" puppet ski, the little girl gasps repeatedly.˛%% * ''Series/TheMuppetShow''.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/MrMeaty''.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/{{Wayside}}''.˛%% * ''Series/SesameStreet''.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* Done {{Narm}}ingly in ''Literature/{{Discworld}} Noir''. The film noir-ish protagonist Lewton is usually pretty hard-boiled and cool, but when he meets Death in person, he gives an enormous gasp, with the overacted line, "You're DEATH!" What's even funnier is that the character onscreen isn't animated any differently than usual, so it's all in the voice acting. Unfortunately, unlike most things Discworld, this is likely ''not'' meant as parody and is just a case of bad acting.˛* Lance does this painfully and in fright in ''VideoGame/BrainDead13'' when he sees that one of the giant worms in the SpookySilentLibrary has burrowed its way through his chest in one death scene.˛* Happens with regularity in ''VideoGame/XenobladeChronicles2'', almost [[OncePerEpisode Once Per Chapter.]] It starts becoming rather funny hearing the whole cast "GASP" when some huge plot revelation is dropped... which is frequent.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Comics]]˛* Seen in [[ this episode]] of ''Webcomic/DarthsAndDroids'', then doubled for good measure [[ an episode later.]]˛* [[ This]] ''WebComic/{{XKCD}}''-strip.˛* In ''Webcomic/SequentialArt'' has Kat gasping with an extra JawDrop [[ when she realizes that she just saw]] her old arch-enemy Hilary affably hanging out with her roommate.˛* Captain Kirk does this in ''Webcomic/PlanetOfHats'' when damning video evidence is shown to him during his [[ court martial.]]˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Western Animation]]˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/YogiBear''˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/TheFlintstones''˛* Used in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'', which stick out like sore thumbs, compared to the rest of those series.˛* In ''WesternAnimation/TheCareBearsAdventureInWonderland'', Alice gasps when she is told about the Princess test.˛* In the DVD commentaries, the creators joke that ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' has more gasps per episode than any other show ever.˛** Lampshaded in one episode when after repeated shocking statements, one man faints. A doctor rushes to his side and announces "This man has over-gasped!"˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}''˛* ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}'' is ''very'' fond of this, with usually all the students doing this at least once per episode. ˛* The eponymous [[Franchise/DisneyFairies Tinkerbell]] causes an entire group of fairies to gasp and recoil, hands rising to their faces in horror at Tink causing a stampede.˛* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama'' is rather fond of these, either individually or in groups. It's particularly common when contestants are surprised at an elimination.˛** The TDA episode ''Oceans Eight Or Nine'' parodies this by showing overdramatic GASP shots of Beth, Lindsay, Justin and then Lindsay ''again'', followed by a ShrugTake from Duncan.˛*** The TDWT finale uses exactly the same format (list of "GASPS!" and then a ShrugTake), although the characters who perform the actions are different. The character who performs the ShrugTake ([[DeadpanSnarker Noah]]) had been revealed to already be aware of the "shocking revelation" nine episodes earlier.˛* ''Franchise/WinnieThePooh'': Tigger does this a lot, [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud literally saying it.]] Only it comes out "[[VerbalTic GATHP!]]"˛* Rob Paulsen deserves a trophy for this trope, whether playing Pinky, Yakko, or nearly anyone else.˛* Definitely used many times on ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' from various characters.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/VeggieTales''.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls''.˛%% * The ''SonicTheHedgehog'' shows.˛%% * The ''WesternAnimation/SuperMarioBros'' shows.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong''.˛%% * ''{{Caillou}}''.˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/HeyArnold''˛%% * ''WesternAnimation/InspectorGadget''˛[[/folder]]˛˛----˛!!Non-Straight Examples:˛˛[[folder:Comic Books]]˛* One issue of ''ComicBook/GrooTheWanderer'' has a large crowd perform a ''COLLECTIVE GASP!''˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Comic Strips]]˛* ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' parodied this, during a series of strips where Calvin floats away with his helium balloon, it pops and he figures it must be a dream. To try and wake up, he looks down toward the ground and "GASP!"s repeatedly. It doesn't work.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Fan Works]]˛* In episode 3 of ''WebVideo/RoseOfVersaillesAbridged'', Maria Theresa ended her lesson on "Amp up the drama" with a shot of Oscar gasping.˛* ''WebVideo/AvatarTheAbridgedSeries'': "Le Gasp! I must flee, sexily."˛* ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'':˛-->'''Joey:''' It is implied that I am punching you!\˛'''Téa:''' Gasp!\˛'''Tristan:''' Hey, no fair! You can't punch me while I'm off-screen!˛* ''WebVideo/CodeMENT'': "Audible gasp!"˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Live-Action TV]]˛* Spoofed on ''Series/WillAndGrace'', when Grace snooped in Leo's bag and found a romantic letter from another woman, but wants to pretend to be shocked when he finds it:˛-->'''Grace:''' But then he'll know I snooped. No, he's got to find this on his own. And I've got to be there when he reads it so I can act all shocked about it. Ooh, I know what I'll do. I'll do this. ''(does three quick gasps)'' No, too big. Maybe ''(gasps twice)'' Maybe just one. ''(does a long and wildly exaggerated gasp, with slow-mo facial expressions)''\˛'''Will:''' ''[{{beat}}]'' Grace, do you work? Or do you just spend the day practising your reactions? ''(Grace gives him an offended, open-mouthed look)'' Thought so.˛* Frank does this repeatedly in an episode of ''Series/TheAdventuresOfLanoAndWoodley''. After the third or fourth, Col tells him to stop it because there's a risk of him fainting. Frank gasps and faints. Then when he comes around, he asks what happened. Col tells him that he fainted. Guess what happens.˛* {{Lampshaded}} on ''Series/{{Friends}}'' when Monica admits to an amateur cooking class that she's a professional chef. The whole class let out a theatrical GASP and Monica tells them to stop it. "This isn't a courtroom drama!"˛* Used in the ''WebVideo/{{Smosh}}'' franchise.˛* In the ''Series/ShaneDawson'' franchise.˛* During an ''Series/AllThat'' sketch where a member of the "Cheese Police" visits the school, he finds [[GRatedDrug cheese]] in Ms. Fingerly's purse.˛-->'''Students:''' Gasp!˛* ''Series/{{Angel}}''. Cordelia does this when spoofing the Buffy/Angel romance in "Fredless". And she actually does say gasp.˛* ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'': Leslie expects this reaction in "[[Recap/ParksAndRecreationS05E15 Correspondents' Lunch]]" when she announces at a press conference that the ''Pawnee Sun'' has been hacking her emails. Unfortunately for her, no one at the press conference reacts this way.˛[[/folder]]˛˛˛[[folder:Radio]]˛* ''Radio/ImSorryIllReadThatAgain'' had characters saying 'gasp' pretty often. The most notable example is probably when the entire cast, upon being told that their in-universe radio station is being closed down, react with "''SHOCKED GASP!''"˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Theater]]˛* Parodied in ''Theatre/{{Urinetown}}'', when Pennywise reveals that [[spoiler:Hope is her daughter]], the poor react with a "Gasp." When she follows it up with the fact that [[spoiler: [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment she is Hope's mother]]]], the poor give a much more dramatic, "''GASP!''"˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Video Games]]˛* ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'': Oh, Jade Curtiss, you [[DeadpanSnarker never disappoint:]]˛-->'''Jade:''' ''GASP!''\˛'''Luke:''' What?! What is it?\˛'''Jade:''' It's a recipe we don't know yet!!˛* A comically frequent mannerism of Toan throughout ''VideoGame/DarkCloud''.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Animation]]˛* ''WebAnimation/TheDementedCartoonMovie'' takes this to its logical extreme, with everyone letting out a "gasp" before the white screen appears with a "GASP".˛* Spelled out in ''WebAnimation/BonusStage'' episode Evil's New Groove.˛* ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' uses a "GASP!" stock effect whenever a character declares they're going to do something daring (or [[MundaneMadeAwesome what they think is daring]].) A good example is [[ A Death-Defying Decemberween]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Web Original]]˛* In the ''[[Website/{{Cracked}}]] webseries ''Agents Of Cracked'', Swaim actually says "Gasp!" at least once per episode.˛--> '''Swaim:''' Gasp! The Chief!˛%% * ''WebVisdeo/PotterPuppetPals''.˛%% * This is also used in ''WebVideo/TheAnnoyingOrange'' franchise.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder:Western Animation]]˛* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'':˛** Parodied a couple of times, at one point which Timmy's dad yells, "'''GIGA.GASP!!!'''"˛** In another episode Cosmo goes to a party and [[BlatantLies fabricates]] various achievements to impress the other guests. One of them is inventing air, which he claims the entire world must pay him royalties for every breath. Whenever the guests gasp, he tells them to pay up.˛* Parodied in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheOblongs'' where a crowd of people continually gasp until it's revealed it was just Mikey's (the ass kid) asthma.˛* One of the episodes of ''WesternAnimation/WordGirl'' features "gasp" as one of the words to look out for. To help show the definition of the word and make sure they could work in the word as much as possible, the characters engage in this the entire episode. It's done ''so'' much that it's taken to the point of an OverlyLongGag, and Tobey even gets fed-up at one point and shouts "Will you STOP doing that??" after the crowd gasps for the umpteenth time.˛* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar'', everyone gasps upon hearing that Mort had been kidnapped. Everyone, that is, except King Julien, who momentarily forgets who Mort is, then reassures them that "I too am gasping in horror, but on the inside."˛* WesternAnimation/BugsBunny actually says "Gasp!" in the short "Falling Hare", after turning around to accost the gremlin who almost tricked him into setting off a bomb with a hammer, and finding that the gremlin has vanished.˛* Spoofed and given bonus points (obviously) in the ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'' episode "Imitation Krabs."˛--> '''Mr. Krabs:''' ''[gasp]''\˛'''[=SpongeBob=]:''' ''[gasp]''\˛'''Penny:''' ''[gasp]''\˛'''Plankton:''' [[SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud Gasp!]]˛* In ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', this is Twilight Sparkle's (and the audience's) first impression of [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Pinkie]] [[GenkiGirl Pie]], followed by Pinkie running away. It [[BrickJoke later turns out]] that Pinkie had rushed off to prepare [[LifeOfTheParty a welcoming party for Twilight]].˛* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' episode, "Decision 3012", Bender gasps so hard, that he inhales Leela's ponytail.˛* Parodied in ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow,'' when Daffy presents his own defense in court. Since his 'points' are terrible and the courtroom is almost empty, he has to provide his own dramatic 'Gasp!' twice.˛* When Sonic is accused of a rash of thefts in ''WesternAnimation/SonicBoom'', the crowd behind him gasps dramatically so much, he tells them to cut it out.˛* In the ''WesternAnimation/DogCity'' episode "Of Mutts and Mayors", when Mayor Bugsy takes Chief O'Gravy's police badge she gasps dramatically. When he takes Ace's detective licence, Ace reacts similarly. When he takes their driving licences, they both give an even wilder take. But when he takes their ''dramatic'' licences, they very flatly say "Gasp."˛* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': Marge has a pretty distinctive gasp. In "Chief of Hearts", she gasps so hard, she inhales one of Maggie's blocks.˛* In the ''WesternAnimation/ReadyJetGo'' episode “[[Recap/ReadyJetGoS2E16SunspotsSunspotOurSunIsAStar Sunspot’s Sunspot]]", when Sunspot says [[spoiler: "No, thank you"]], all the kids do a dramatic gasp.˛[[/folder]]˛----


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