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1Even a casual study of commercials (at least those made in or for the United States) will reveal that they can be broken down into a number of fundamental "atomic" types or approaches. These can be used by themselves or in combinations to create advertisements.²²[[index]]²* AdvertisingDisguisedAsNews²* AppealToVanity²* BandwagonTechnique²* UsefulNotes/BeerCommercials²* BillboardEpic²* BottledCool²* CelebrityEndorsement: Trying to convince the audience to want your product by having a celebrity speak fondly of the product.²* CharacterCelebrityEndorsement: Convincing your audience that your product is desirable by having a fictional character praise it.²* CommercialSwitcheroo²* ConsumerConspiracy²* DesignStudentsOrgasm²* FaceOnTheCover²* FeelGood²* HiveMindTestimonial²* {{Infomercial}}²* JoinTheArmyTheySaid²* KitschyLocalCommercial²* LongFormPromo²* MadeOfShiny²* MajorMinorInconvenience²* TheManIsStickingItToTheMan²* PerfumeCommercial²* PhonyArticle²* PhonyNewscast²* PitchMob²* ProductAsSuperhero²* PublicRelationsAd²* PublicServiceAnnouncement: A short film intended to educate the viewer on important social subjects.²* PutAFaceOnTheCompany²* ReversePsycho²* ScapegoatAd²* ScareEmStraight: A public service announcement intended to deter people from misbehavior by claiming that terrible things will happen to them if they do this bad thing.²* SexForProduct²* {{Straightforward}}²* {{Testimonial}}²* TwoChicksInAKitchen²* ToyCommercial²* WeAreTheExperts²[[/index]]²----


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