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1''[[ Lovelace ½]]'' is a ScienceFiction WebSerialNovel by Creator/EricBurnsWhite following Andi Gannett-Moore, a hitherto-ordinary British high-school freshman of the athletic persuasion at Brooks-Carillon Academy (a fictional New England BoardingSchool), after [[SuperIntelligence a curious change comes over her]] one Saturday morning.˛˛!!! This story provides examples of:˛˛* BilingualBackfire: In [[ Part 9]], two students, twins from Quebec, comment on Andi's strange behavior of the past day in French. She replies, with the proper Québécois accent, in French.˛* BoardingSchool: Andi has spent the past nine years going from one to another, each further from home than the last.˛* BriefAccentImitation:˛** Andi (who normally speaks with a [[ Sloane Ranger]] [[UsefulNotes/BritishAccents London accent]]) briefly imitates the accents of her Alabaman roommate Jennie and New Englander best friend Bell in [[ Part 5]], when they're testing her memory by asking her questions about things they said to her.˛** Part 5 also reveals that Jennie has been imitating Andi's Sloane accent on occasion; she does so twice during that chapter.˛** When Andi speaks to two Quebec natives in [[ Part 9]], she imitates their accent as well, though she is new to French at the time.˛* CoolTeacher: Mr. Stone, Andi's mentor. In [[ Part 4]], Andi describes him as buying into "the ''[[Film/DeadPoetsSociety Dead Poet's Society]]'' thing."˛-->'''Mr. Stone:''' Are you kidding? No way. Creator/RobinWilliams was a ''terrible'' teacher in that movie. Seriously, aphorisms and pep talks don't teach [[Creator/WilliamBlake Blake]].˛* DeadpanSnarker: Andi's humor tends to take this form. For example, in [[ Part 9:]]˛-->'''Andi:''' So, want me to write a computer program for you longhand? Best to give me a topic -- I couldn't think of one. I'm not entirely sure what people write computer programs ''about''. The book suggests it should just output 'hello, world,' but I’m not one to make that kind of unambiguous welcome to a planet I've barely even seen before.˛* DontCallMeSir: Mr. Stone, Andi's mentor, tells her this in [[ Part 4]].˛* DreamLand: In [[ Part 5]], when Andi goes to sleep at the end of the day, she discovers that she is alert and conscious as the normal dream processes of her brain are operating -- looking around in a landscape full of mirrors reflecting the events of the day, her mental connections to those events, and [[spoiler:at least one visitor from outside her mind stopping by to check her out]].˛* InsistentTerminology: Andi constantly has to correct people calling her "Ms. Gannett" or "Ms. Moore" instead of "Ms. Gannett-Moore". She even ends up doing this in French.˛* IntelligenceEqualsIsolation: Discussed in [[ Part 5:]]˛-->'''Bell:''' I mean, on the big list of problems–-\˛'''Andi:''' Yeah, you're right. Because if there's anyone in public school who really gets on well -- really has a wonderful time for all the years she's there, it's the know-it-all. Well, know-it-all-except-for-why-it's-happening.˛* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Her full name is "Andrea". The only people who use it are professors and administrators, and even then only when she's in trouble -- everyone else calls her Andi.˛* ParentalAbandonment: Andi's parents are essentially non-entities in her life -- sending her from boarding school to summer camp to summer camp to boarding school essentially continuously.˛* PowersThatBe: Discussed in [[ Part 6]], where [[spoiler:Tatum]] says that there aren't any [[spoiler:secret world-controlling superhuman conspiracies ''now''...]].˛* SecretRelationship: In [[ Part 4]], Andi deduces that [[spoiler:Mr. Stone and Ms. Seok]] are an item.˛* SuperIntelligence: Andi appears to have spontaneously developed the ability to answer any question given sufficient information -- an ability she first demonstrates when she (previously a mediocre maths student) solves thirty binomial-multiplication questions on an algebra test as quickly as she can write.˛** AwesomenessByAnalysis: Most of the feats she performs with her power fall under this that don't fall under...˛** GoodWithNumbers: Including being able to rattle off the cube root of 897 to eight decimal places as fast as speaking.˛** InstantExpert: In [[ Part 3]], she figures out how to [[spoiler:play the guitar]] like an expert in minutes, just larking about.˛** PhotographicMemory: She also perfectly recalls everything that she ever observed, running uninterrupted backward in time as far as [[spoiler:the surgical operation meant to give her powers when she was three years old]].˛** SuperSpeedReading: In [[ Part 4]], Mr. Stone tests this ability by handing her a book of [[Creator/WilliamShakespeare Shakespeare's sonnets]] and instructing her to skim the book as fast as she can. She does -- and remembers the entire sonnet sequence perfectly afterwards.˛* WhamEpisode:˛** In [[ Part 11]], when Andi learns that [[spoiler:her supposed parents are literally androids]]...˛** ...and [[ Part 12]], when [[spoiler:said androids kill Dean Forrester and Mr. Charlton]].


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