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3->"There will always be more more demons. More people will die at their hands. But until I choke out my last breath, you can guarantee I'll be there to stop them dead."
4-->-- '''Colt Regan'''
6->"I'm not sure why they called it 'freshening'. It just mingled the old, chilly, stale coffee with the hot, making a half-drinkable mess in my cup. It didn't taste fresher. It tasted half-assed. I drank it anyway; it was still coffee."
7-->-- '''Colt Regan'''
9The Colt Regan series of novels by Eric J. Chucci rests decidedly somewhere between Horror, [[UrbanFantasy urban fantasy]], and Mystery. Colt Regan himself is a mustachioed [[BadassLongcoat Badass Longcoat]] demon hunter who resides in a re-designed Los Angeles, California. The books are written from Colt's point of view in the future and thus full of his own stubbornness, reactionary mood swings, and self-deprecating humor. There are Four books in the series to date, a rumored nine total planned, and a tabletop RPG in the works as well.
11Colt is an [[BadassNormal average Joe]] compared to the vampires, psychokinetics, demons, and were-people wandering the earth these days, but that doesn't stop him from sticking it to mindless monsters and conniving preternatural criminals. Helping him along are; Alex Asche, a {{psychomet|ry}}ric goth kid; Joseph Cin, an incubus with [[MrExposition an encyclopedic knowledge of the supernatural]]; and Myra Anderson, a were-fox social worker for the supernatually inclined.
13Novels in the series so far:
14# ''Demon Hunter'' (2010)
15# ''Super Human'' (2010)
16# ''Fortunate Son'' (2011)
17# ''Winter's Soldier'' (2013)
19!!This series contains examples of:
20* AxCrazy: Johnny Nobody reacts violently to Colt taking a job from him.
21* BadassLongcoat: Colt wears one mostly because of how cool it looks.
22** Also Alex, for about the same reason, as well as to keep his {{psychomet|ry}}ric powers from going off willy-nilly.
23* BadassNormal: Colt Regan fights demons, zombies, and supernaturally-powered kinetics with nothing but gunpowder and lead. [[spoiler:... and sometimes silver and steel.]]
24* CasualDangerDialogue
25* DemonSlaying: Colt's major job description.
26* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies
27* FantasticRacism: The whole world suffers from this, though Colt seems to rarely encounter it.
28** Unless it's in regards to were-rats. Colt ''hates'' were-rats.
29* FirstPersonSmartass: Mostly in the narration.
30* GroinAttack: Colt's shot hit there purely by accident but that probably isn't much comfort to [[spoiler: Johnny Nobody]]
31* HornyDevils
32* TheInsomniac: See below for one possible reason why.
33* KillItWithFire: Pretty much the only way to keep Nihil from [[PullingThemselvesTogether coming back for more]].
34* TheLancer: Alex Asche, Colt's partner.
35* MrExposition: Joseph is a pretty bog standard example.
36** Mr. White too, perhaps civilized demons just love be helpful?
37** At one point in ''Super Human'' Colt actually calls Joe a [[LampshadeHanging walking encyclopedia]] to his face.
38* MustHaveCaffeine: and Colt wonders why he can't sleep.
39* OurDemonsAreDifferent: The term "demon" is used in the series to denote any being that comes from the neighboring dimension of the Netherealm. Some of which are polite and fully productive members of society, others [[AlwaysChaoticEvil not so much]]
40* OurVampiresAreDifferent
41* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent
42* OurZombiesAreDifferent
43* RedOniBlueOni: Colt (Red) and just about everyone else (Blue).
44* RevolversAreJustBetter
45* ShotgunsAreJustBetter
46* ThisIsGonnaSuck
47* TrueCompanions: Colt seems to have collected some by the end of the first book.
48* TheUnmasquedWorld
49* VanHelsingHateCrimes: Although not mentioned specifically, Colt frequently tries to avoid this.