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1Artwork for Fanfic/TheFairyMythosSeries:----* [[ Ezekiel "Zeke" Hudson]]* [[ Alyssa Grunewald]]* [[ Lyle Hudson]]* [[ Alexander Marvell]]* [[ Natsu and Alyssa]]* [[ Lester and Crystal]]* [[ Team Morningstar]]* [[ Lucy Heartfilia: Ready for Action!]]* [[ Zeke and Emerald Aegis]]* [[ Silas the Shadowman]]* [[ Hoshi Katagiri]]* [[ Natsu Dragneel: Beast Aura!]]* [[ Alexander Marvell: The Crimson Thunderbolt!]]* [[ Hoshi Katagiri: Expert Mercenary]]* [[ Alyssa Grunewald: Jet Empress!]]----


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