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1[[AC:The Series]]* The Clampett family as a whole -- a tight-knit, honest family with strong moral values who always treat people, regardless of who they are, in a welcoming fashion. They may be FishOutOfWater in their new setting, but you'll never meet a kinder, albeit eccentric, family.* Jane Hathaway. Out of all the people native to Beverly Hills, Jane is by far the most well meaning and tolerant person, accepting the Clampetts with open arms and seeing them as genuine friends rather than just an account to the bank like her greedy boss does. The Clampetts in turn treat her with a good amount of respect and see her as part of the family. * The Countess from the episode 'Another Neighbor". Being a wealthy noblewoman, one would expect her to be a snob and look down on the Clampetts like Mrs. Drysdale does, but she is actually a very well meaning woman who genuinely becomes fond of them, even developing an interest in Jed. She is also very NiceToTheWaiter as she holds nothing but high regards for Granny for her Spring tonic and her chauffeur Humphrey, who she even marries at the end of her debut episode. She's proof that not all blue bloods are jerks like Mrs. Drysdale. * The entire episode of "The Clampett's Vs. Automation". At times, the Clampett's attempts to help cause more harm than good, but not here. Poor Leroy Lester has been underappreciated and abused his entire life, and to add insult to injury, Drysdale forcibly retires him to make way for a new computer. Lester finds his way into the Clampett's home, and the family treats him with respect and kindness for the first time in his life. They feed him, give him one of Elly May's pet dogs (all of whom take a liking to him), and invite him to stay with them for a while. Leroy is so overwhelmed by their kindness and hospitality that he nearly cries. He finally gains the courage to stand up against Drysdale, gets his old job back, and take a long overdue vacation.* It's a small one but Mr. Drysdale petting one of Duke's puppies in the episode "Duke becomes a father" is pretty sweet.[[AC:The Movie]]* Jed and the family being totally kind and forgiving towards Ms. Hathaway, despite the fact that she was the one who got them thrown in jail for a night (she thought they were home invaders). In being so kind to her, they gained an ally who would later save them and their new fortune.--> '''Jed''': I reckon you done what you done because you didn't know we was who we was. And if we hadn't been who we was, we'd have still been much obliged for you to have done what you done.* Jed telling Elly Mae why he wants her to become more refined: because he wants her to be more like her deceased mother.* The end of the movie when the Clampetts and Drysdale discover that Duke and Mrs. Drysdale's poodle had puppies together.


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