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1* A meta level one: It wasn't Sega or Archie that pushed the idea of the crossover, though Ian had an outline for some time, it was Capcom, specifically, Capcom USA. They felt bad for the shoddy treatment the ''Mega Man'' series has gotten from Capcom of Japan ever since the cancellation of ''VideoGame/MegaManLegends 3'', but lacking the means to make their own games, contacted Sega and Archie to get the ball rolling.* In ''ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog'' #248, Roll is able to convince the normally stoic Blues, who constantly keeps Dr. Light, his ''creator'', at arms length, to go off with her for repairs.-->'''Roll:''' You're hurt!-->'''Proto Man:''' It's nothing! I'll be fine! I just need some time!-->'''Roll:''' ''Or'' you let me repair and refuel you here. ''Just'' me, okay? Promise. It saves you time you could be spending helping our brother.-->{{Beat}}-->'''Proto Man:''' ... Alright. Just for you.* Rouge infiltrates ''another dimension'', hacks into and steals vital intel on the Doctors' plans from the Skull-Egg Fortress, plots against and sabotages parts of said fortress with Dr. Light's help... all to find and rescue her teammate, Shadow.** Later Omega [[ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight disobeys orders to come and back her and everyone else up]].* [[spoiler: Shadow saving Dr. Light from falling to his death.]]* Sonic and Mega Man working together, full stop.* [[spoiler: After Eggman and Metal Sonic try to kill Dr. Light, Wily flips out on them. Turns out [[EvenEvilHasStandards he has standards]] and he still seems to regard Light well even after all this. Not only that but he explicitly states in his monologue in part 11 that the reason he's gonna betray Eggman is because he genuinely feels that Eggman is too dangerous of a person to be allowed to run loose.]]* There's a single panel in Part 11 where Blues and Dr. Light are [[BackToBackBadasses back to back fighting off Robot Masters together]]. Generally more awesome than heartwarming usually, but consider that this is the same Blues who refused to let Dr. Light tend his wounds after a tough battle earlier in the crossover.** Plus, Blues has lent Dr. Light his helmet to go with the buster he built out of a bunch of scrap parts.* A blink-and-you'll-miss-it one: Rock and Dr. Light hug in the last chapter, after each has been forced to helplessly watch the other endure mortal danger. It's half of a panel in the middle of [[SaveBothWorlds Saving Both Worlds]], but it's ''made'' of d'awww.* A double one: Sonic [[spoiler: helps Mega Man recreate his universe, [[HeroicSacrifice sacrificing his own.]] In addition, Mega Man saying goodbye to Sonic, which reminds one of [[VideoGame/SonicRushSeries Blaze saying goodbye to Sonic]]]]* As strange as it sounds, Eggman and Wily's partnership. For a majority of it, they seem less like partners and more like outright friends, even having variant covers for each issue dedicated to how well they work together. [[spoiler: Even after they backstab each other to make sure the other's weakness doesn't interfere with their plans, they quickly realize blindly futzing with the sabotages made to each other's controls will get them trounced, and tell each other how to undo their handiwork so they can get the machine running.]]** Taken further in that, minor squabbles aside, they genuinely bond over their likes and dislikes, without the slightest sign of treachery. [[spoiler: Even when Eggman decides to have Dr. Light murdered, he strolls in greeting Wily warmly. He thought he was doing him a legitimate ''solid'' when the deed was seemingly done, unfortunately failing to recognize that he interfered with things from the world not his own, which was -- aside from ''directly'' against Dr. Wily's ultimate aim -- against their original accord.]]* A small one for Silver and Blaze. [[spoiler: Even though he's burnt out and humiliated because of his actions as a roboticised master, Silver still proudly proclaims he'll keep Blaze safe while the two of them take a break. Blaze smiles and says she'll do the same for him]].


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