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1'''Warning: Administrivia/SpoilersOff applies to Moments pages.'''≤≤''For moments specific to the anime adaptation, click [[Heartwarming/Persona5TheAnimation here]].''≤≤He may have been robbed of his future, but no one can rob Joker--or his accomplices--of some well-deserved fuzzies.≤≤[[foldercontrol]]≤[[folder:Main Story]]≤* A rather subtle one when you first meet Sojiro, specifically his AsYouKnow moment where he summarizes how you ended up living in the attic of his coffee shop. "You protected some woman from a man forcing himself on her, he got injured, then sued you." [[FridgeBrilliance Let's think really hard about this.]] He does not give the "official" finding that you randomly punched a dude for shits and giggles. He indicates that despite all of his initial cynicism and hostility, he doubts that you're the dangerous delinquent you've been made out to be. And even better, the only people who would have both the opportunity and motivation to convince him of your side of the story are your otherwise unseen parents, whose distinctive absence from the game often gets them characterized by the fandom as neglectful.≤* What motivates Joker to awaken to his Persona in the first place? If he doesn't, it would mean letting Ryuji die for being afraid to do the right thing again. And if that means he'll be "chained to Hell itself"? Then '''''[[DareToBeBadass so be it.]]'''''≤* Speaking of Heartwarming, out of all teammates, friends, or even confidants, who's the first to overtly support you ''before'' you became the leader of Phantom Thieves? Ryuji. He pushes Joker away from the guards, putting himself at risk. Keep in mind that he is aware that Joker has a criminal record and is accused of assaulting people, but he does so anyway. Is there any doubt that he becomes the most trusted man on the team?≤* Despite [[NoIndoorVoice his lack of volume control]] and grumpy attitude towards Morgana, Ryuji in general is a bit of a sweetheart and [[NiceGuy all-around good guy]].≤** He yells at you to save yourself as Kamoshida's cognitive knights are about to execute the both of you.≤** He immediately befriends Joker as a [[BirdsOfAFeather fellow outcast]], apparently deciding that "salvaging what's left of my reputation" falls far below "helping someone else so that they don't end up as lonely as I was" on his list of priorities. He runs to Joker's rescue when people give him trouble over his "criminal record."≤** He expresses concern for the volleyball team in Kamoshida's castle. Even when told that they're just Kamoshida's cognitions, he memorises their faces so he can help them in the real world.≤** He's very forgiving of the track team despite their downright vicious attitude towards him. Despite the fact that they show NoSympathy towards his rather justified issues--namely a CareerEndingInjury and a character assassination inflicted on him by their abusive substitute teacher--and continue to maintain that [[MiseryPoker they have it much worse than he does]], he mediates when they turn on each other, and shows serious concern when it looks like they'll fall victim to corrupt authority figures again. And when the track team actually offers Ryuji to come back, he respectfully declines, knowing he still has a place to belong: with his new friends.≤** Despite Ryuji's well-founded suspicion that she's going to report them, Makoto is also forgiven within about five minutes of getting the team dangerously involved with Kaneshiro--Ryuji simply says that there's no point in playing the blame game, points out the positives that have come from it, and reassures Makoto that her worry about "being useless" is totally unfounded. He also openly admires her abilities in battle.≤*** When moving to rescue Makoto, Ryuji goes as far as risking getting ''run over by a taxi'' to help his friends pursue the culprits. He's willing to almost get run over to keep someone he barely knows, and who has only been antagonistic towards them, from getting hurt.≤** After he gets angry about the group being tricked into a set up for being framed for Okumura's murder, he yells and even punches the couch he is sitting on, startling everyone in the room, including Futaba (who doesn't do well with sudden loud noises) and Haru (who has been forced into a physically abusive relationship). After he calms down, he calls Joker later and apologizes for letting his anger get the best of him. He also brings up that he has to apologize to Futaba and Haru in particular, since he ''knows'' he scared them the most with his outburst. ≤** Even though he hated and distrusted Akechi the most out of the Phantom Thieves, even before he betrayed them; after it is all over, Ryuji is the first to acknowledge that Akechi really was special and tells him so. He's also the first to try and defend him against the Cognitive Akechi.≤** The Thieves turning the tables on Akechi and the police scene is a roller coaster of emotion, and we're shown a glimpse at all the thieves as they start to fear that their plan may have failed. But Ryuji after seeing the news reports grins, certain that everything has gone according to plan. He didn't doubt you for a second.≤** Ryuji also shows a lot of concern for Yusuke's well being during various Mementos conversations. He tells Yusuke not to fall asleep down there or he'll get nightmares and he gets worried when Yusuke mentions that he donates blood, stating that Yusuke is already very pale. But the best one of all is; ≤--->'''Yusuke''': You've said to keep a low profile at school, but nobody talks to me in the first place.\≤'''Ryuji''': Oh. Uh, well... wanna go get a beef bowl sometime, man?≤*** Which gets a CallBack in ''[=P5=] Royal'', with Ryuji and Yusuke's new tandem attack taking place in a beef bowl shop![[note]]Sadly, Yusuke is making the meal, not eating it...[[/note]]≤* In the beginning, when you have to ask Shiho about her injuries from Kamoshida, depending on the line of dialogue you choose, Shiho will try to tell Joker not to let the rumors get to him because she thinks they've been getting out of hand. She's one of the only students in the school, Ryuji and Ann aside, who feels bad about the rumors circulating about you; and rather than worry about herself, she's more concerned about how you're doing, despite barely knowing you. She probably sees a lot of her dear friend's situation with you, too.≤* Morgana is very supportive of his friends, though is more open about showing it to the girls possibly due to his own ego. When Joker told them his story, Morgana instantly insists that they need to deal with the guy responsible, and expressed concern when Joker couldn't recall who it was who turned him in. When Futaba goes out on her own, Morgana follows her, albeit secretly to make sure that she'll be okay. He worries about Haru constantly, especially after her father's death, and just wants her to be safe. Joker takes him everywhere and he is always saying things that support him, instead of judging him for not working on the mission at hand. He even gives him advice on how to [[NotSoAboveItAll complete the Mega Burger Challenge]]. He may be a DeadpanSnarker with an attitude, but it's clear that he loves his friends dearly.≤** If you've cleared Kamoshida's Palace, on May 1, Morgana will apologize to you for being unable to reassure you that it will work out. Keep in mind that this is the first successful heist for all four Phantom Thieves, Morgana included, so they don't know what's going to happen until they see it for themselves.≤** A bit of [[FridgeBrilliance Fridge Heartwarming]]: Morgana's response to Makoto's blackmail is ''very'' gracious. Given how often he insults Ryuji's intelligence, it's notable that he doesn't give Ryuji a hard time at all for loudly proclaiming that he and his friends were Phantom Thieves in a public place where Makoto could record them. His first reaction to hearing Makoto's recording is, "We screwed up!" implying that this lapse in their guard is just as much his fault, too. So instead of being the one to scold Ryuji, he takes a hopeful attitude, saying, "We made a crucial mistake...but not a critical one. We'll just have to recover from here on out." Morgana still remembers from April's foray that Ryuji was scapegoated for the fall of the track team, so he doesn't say anything that implies Ryuji might have brought ''this'' new team to an end. For all his insults, [[ThrowTheDogABone he avoids hitting where it hurts.]]≤* A minor one happens when you first meet Yusuke. Ann notices that he's stalking her, and Ryuji decides to confront him alongside Joker. The moment they get between Yusuke and Ann spells out perfectly the trio's friendship. [[TrueCompanions No one's doing any harm to Ann as long as those two are by her side.]]≤** Also, why did Ryuji decide to confront the stalker in the first place? Because Ann asked him to show a little concern for her situation. [[FriendshipMoment And he did.]]≤** Ryuji and Ann's relationship in general is this. They've known one another since middle school, but it's only [[FireForgedFriends after confronting the same man who had wronged them for the past two years do they rekindle their friendship.]] Despite their poking fun at one another and Ryuji's sporadic [[MaleGaze ogling of Ann's figure]] (Ann, notably for the series, resorts to friendly teasing Ryuji in response instead of beating on him), they have one another's backs, and Ryuji not only respects Ann as a person, he also ''always'' comes to Ann's defense whenever harassment of her goes too far. It's a refreshing take on the initial male-female dynamic of the game's initial ThreeAmigos, as many have felt that the prior two cases ([[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} Junpei and Yukari,]] and [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Chie and Yosuke]]) have the girls act just plain hateful towards the boys, while the boys take their perversions a bit too far.≤* The true story of the "Sayuri". It was originally made by Yusuke's mother, with the woman depicted holding a baby. When Madarame acquired the painting, he painted over the baby to make the piece look more mysterious and to hide the connection from Yusuke. But while the original unblemished painting is probably lost forever in the real world, the Phantom Thieves discover that Madarame's Treasure is the original "Sayuri". And since the one accepted by society is the changed one, it means Yusuke can keep the original in its true state.≤** When Yusuke sees the unedited Sayuri for the first time, he can only say one word: "Mom!" He can't remember her face, but the moment he sees her work in its original state, he ''knows'' it's her. After leaving the Palace, Yusuke will declare that he will happily follow her wishes and use his inherited talents to keep making art. It doesn't matter that he can't remember her at all. He ''loves'' her.≤* After wrapping up the Madarame arc, the group (consisting of Joker, Ryuji, Ann, Morgana and Yusuke at that point) have a celebration at Leblanc. From the gang drinking coffee (soda in Ryuji's case, with Joker helping Sojiro prepare the coffee) to eating hot pot and having a much-needed heart-to-heart about their pasts, it's just a very pleasant day overall[[note]]aside from, perhaps, the scene with Makoto and Sae in between[[/note]]. The following day starts with Yusuke moving back to the dorm, but not before leaving his mother's painting in a bemused Sojiro's care. It also shows Sojiro warming up to Joker. He even reveals (to Yusuke, at least) the reason why he agreed to look after Joker in the first place: [[NotSoDifferent because he reminds him of his old self]].≤* When [[StudentCouncilPresident Makoto]] joins the Phantom Thieves, you'd likely think that would cause a fair amount of friction with Ann (who dislikes Makoto for supposedly helping Kamoshida go unpunished for as long as he was), similar to [[VideoGame/Persona3 Yukari with Mitsuru]]. [[SubvertedTrope It doesn't.]] The next school day after Makoto joins, Ann learns Makoto's side of the story--that Makoto ''wanted'' to do something about Kamoshida, but felt powerless back then, and feels guilty now ([[NotSoDifferent not unlike Ann herself]]). Later, the two girls then exchange apologies and agree to [[FirstNameBasis call each other by their first names without honorifics]], a moment that shows how kind and [[{{Forgiveness}} forgiving]] both characters are.≤** On a similar note, when Makoto, depressed about her failure to help Kamoshida's victims and making things worse for the Thieves, [[HeroicSelfDeprecation calls herself "scum of the earth"]], Ann tells her this:≤--->'''Ann''': [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre Real scum wouldn't call themselves that]].≤* "I finally found a place where I belong." --Makoto≤* At the start of summer vacation, you can spend the day with Yusuke at Leblanc, talking about art and relaxing at your room. If you decide to spend the evening with him as well, Joker will brew coffee for the both of them. Make the right choice, and Yusuke will greatly compliment Joker on his skills as a barista. He says it tastes like Sojiro's coffee, but with enough character put in to make it more than just a pale copy and an exquisite cup of coffee in its own right.≤** Similarly, Futaba can propose to spend an entire day with Joker, playing video games non-stop and lazing around with her "key item". Regardless of whether you view her as [[LikeBrotherAndSister the little sister Joker never had]] or [[RelationshipUpgrade something even more intimate than that]], it hits the same beats as Yusuke's event above.≤* After defeating the boss of Futaba's dungeon--a monster born from Futaba's fears that her mother blamed her for her death, and always hated her--her mother's true feelings appear in spirit form, and we get this exchange (doubles as a TearJerker):≤-->'''Wakaba''': Thank you for choosing to remember the real me.\≤...\≤'''Futaba''': Um, I...I love you, Mom.\≤'''Wakaba''': I love you too, Futaba.≤* Morgana struggles with his [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter inadequacies]] throughout the Okumura arc and as early as the Kaneshiro arc, to the point where he not only leaves the group temporarily, but considers leaving permanently once the group finally tracks him down. He reasons that the deal he's made with them "can't be called [fair]" anymore, now that the Thieves were risking their lives for someone who's become less and less useful to them. However, Haru successfully helps Morgana realize that he's lying to himself and ''does'' want to stay, convincing him to admit how he really feels. Later on, during the fight with Okumura's Shadow, it's Morgana who rejects Okumura's offer and [[Awesome/Persona5 saves the rest of the group by blasting the remote out of Okumura's hand]], getting kudos from Futaba (whom he thought would replace him) and [[VitriolicBestBuds Ryuji]] (who caused him to leave before by not realizing his mocking him for being "useless" was causing more harm than intended.).≤-->'''Futaba''': Wowza! You're amazing, Mona!\≤'''Ryuji''': Yeah! You stole the show, dude!≤** When Morgana ran away, despite Futaba being his main source of his insecurities, ''she'' seemed ''the most'' worried about his well-being. She was saddened that he was no longer there and hasn't come back, was worried for his health, and told Joker (who is probably as worried as she is) to wait for him with her immediately after school. Futaba never had any ill will towards Morgana, nor did she want him to feel like she was replacing him. ≤** When the Thieves encounter [[JerkAss Haru's fiance]], Morgana and Ryuji quickly set aside their differences to take care of Haru, who is not only physically exhausted but emotionally as well.≤** After this incident has been cleared up and the team's hideout becomes Joker's room, you can see Morgana curled up in Futaba's lap--a sign of no hard feelings between the two. As the group move off to begin their operations, they look at each other as if exchanging a final remark.≤* Shortly after Haru joins the Thieves, the group notices that she's being overly formal in her IM conversations, at which point they encourage her to loosen up, since they're all friends. Haru then refers to Makoto as "[[AffectionateNickname Mako-chan]]", since she's so glad to finally make a friend that's her age.≤* Goro joining the Phantom Thieves, after you find out he's [[IJustWantToHaveFriends never had anyone to call a friend before.]] Turns into a TearJerker when you find out he's TheFriendNobodyLikes, due to him being the SixthRangerTraitor. And yet, he still feels an attachment to the group, even trying to convince the BigBad to spare their lives after he "kills" Joker.≤** When Makoto's about to have a breakdown at the start of the battle with her sister's Shadow, Goro lays a comforting hand on her shoulder and gets her to calm down. Granted, he's the traitor and is almost ready to set his plan into motion, but since he also comes to care for the Phantom Thieves, the gesture is likely genuine.≤* While Sojiro's initially upset to hear that Futaba wasn't just targeted by the Phantom Thieves, but ''is one herself'', along with Joker, he ultimately decides that he won't turn them in, and is fine with them continuing as long as they don't start a fight that they can't win (granted, he doesn't know about their present circumstances). Keep in mind, he's aware of the reports surrounding President Okumura's death and his connection to the Phantom Thieves too, so he has [[AdultFear every right to worry about his daughter enountering potential]] ''[[AdultFear murderers]]''; yet he knows you well enough that you're not that sort of person. Ultimately, he concludes by saying that he's made himself hungry by getting so loud, before having a meal together. For someone who said that he'd kick Joker out if he got into any trouble a mere six months before, Sojiro turns out to be [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure quite understanding and caring]].≤** Even before then, while initially surprised that they're in his house, Sojiro trusts Joker and company enough to tell them Futaba's situation. Also, the primary reason for Sojiro keeping you out of his residence was less about keeping a delinquent away from his daughter--itself [[AdultFear a perfectly valid reason]] to [[TearJerker keep a distance from you]]--and more to avoid exacerbating her already-precarious condition. When Joker learns that, you have the option of saying, "I understand", showing that he can't begrudge Sojiro for doing what he thinks is best for Futaba.≤*** More than a few players on [=YouTube=] have picked this, saying that they like Leblanc's attic as a home anyway.≤* After Sae gets her own calling card from the Phantom Thieves, she says to Makoto that once the case is all over, they should go to a hot spring together, just the two of them. Makoto is obviously touched by this, she tearfully declares that she's on Sae's side [[DeclarationOfProtection and she won't let anyone harm her]]. Though bemused by this outburst, Sae smiles and gives Makoto an AffectionateGestureToTheHead.≤* Not only is the fact that the Thieves manage to change Sae's heart without having to steal her Treasure heartwarming in and of itself, but there's also ''how'' they do it--Makoto (correctly) believing that her sister's still a good person at heart and managing to remind Sae of the sense of justice she once possessed.≤* After faking his death, Joker reunites with the other Phantom Thieves, thanks to Sae and Sojiro. After a long explanation of what they were doing up to November 20th, Sae promises to aid the Thieves however she can, becoming TheCommissionerGordon. [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure Sojiro]], though he doesn't understand some of the supernatural stuff, promises to help them by allowing them to commandeer Leblanc's first floor for meetings. It's a relief to know that the Phantom Thieves have such reliable allies in these people.≤** Throughout the month of December, Makoto is more confident than ever in spite of the fairly grim circumstances. Her basis for that? She and her sister are now on the same side. It's touching to see that even though they'd been keeping secrets from each other and arguing for much of the past six months, they're now cooperating and trusting one another.≤* After Yaldabaoth lets down the facade and Lavenza is restored, the false god vanishes from the Velvet Room...and the ''real Igor'' [[HesBack finally returns]]. This isn't just a moment for the main character--it's one for the ''player''. From the beginning, when the false Igor spoke, it painted an unwelcoming picture: "Welcome to ''my'' Velvet Room." And ''his'' Velvet Room it was; an oppressive atmosphere where Personas are ''tortured'' and ''executed'' to be fused, and the Guest is as a prisoner. Especially after the passing of his original voice actor in Japan, this was the first new showing for the new VA, and it might've led people to feel that the beloved assistant had taken an unfriendly turn...but Igor is still the good friend and stalwart ally he's always been. You will ''never'' have been so happy to see "The Nose" again in your life.≤--> ''"Welcome to the Velvet Room. My name is Igor. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."''≤** For additional heartwarming, go back in after this. The prison door in the Velvet Room is open now, Joker is in his Phantom Thief outfit instead of prison garb, and the chains on the menus are broken. And instead of Justine and Caroline's condescending comments, Lavenza's dialogue is far nicer, she doesn't even get mad if you skip her explanations, and she never refers to Persona fusion as "execution". And when she performs a fusion, rather than Justine's slight smirk (or Caroline's chainsaw-wielding PsychoticSmirk if a Fusion Accident occurred), Lavenza's expression is more appropriately solemn.≤* Joker reigniting his teammates' rebellious spirits after they are saved from oblivion by the Velvet Room. Each of the Phantom Thieves thanks Joker for setting them straight after being released, with any romanced female PT's thanks being longer and more heartfelt.≤* The reveal of Morgana's true origins: he's not a Shadow, as he feared from the nightmares he had up to that point. While he was born within the depths of Mementos, he was actually created by the real Igor from the people of Tokyo's ''hope'' for freedom to aid Joker. In other words, he is a ''literal'' HopeBringer!≤* The climax of the final boss fight: Even after Yaldabaoth has the Phantom Thieves against the ropes, Morgana declares that they will never give up and "Take the world!" His declaration is broadcast through Shibuya's giant monitors. Mishima begins to cheer on the Phantom Thieves, and slowly, so does everyone else. The Phan-Site ticker appears once more with the question "Do the Phantom Thieves '''really exist'''?", and the ticker keeps raising, higher and higher, until it finally hits 100%! The people's belief in the Phantom Thieves gives Joker the power to awaken his Ultimate Persona, Satanael, and defeat Yaldabaoth once and for all! For extra heartwarming, every Confidant you maxed out will be shown joining in the cheering.≤* The events after the TrueFinalBoss are a rollercoaster of both this and TearJerker:≤** Immediately after the Phantom Thieves split up for the night, Sae approaches to speak with Joker. The world is saved and Shido is going to prison; but unfortunately, without testimony, Shido won't stay there for very long. Not to mention, the rest of the conspiracy will still be gunning for the Thieves so that they can try to save face. Thus, Sae asks for Joker to turn himself in so that he can give testimony against Shido. However, this will ensure that Joker gets sent to juvenile hall for breaking probation. ButThouMust is in full effect here and Joker can't refuse. However, you get to choose ''why'' he's going to turn himself in. Either it's in order ensure that the world will change...or in order to protect [[FireForgedFriends his friends]].≤** Afterwards, if you have a LoveInterest, she messages you to spend time with you on a Christmas Eve date. Sae allows you to spend this one night before turning yourself in and you proceed to have a romantic date with your LoveInterest, albeit underscored by the fact that this might be the last time you'll see them in a long while. Alternatively, if you remain single, you have one last dinner with Sojiro and Futaba, who for all intents and purposes have acted as your surrogate family.≤** The next morning, the Phantom Thieves all meet up at Café Leblanc sans Joker, who [[NeverGotToSayGoodbye immediately left to turn himself in to the police]]. Naturally, they're all depressed and/or outraged over this turn of events and feel powerless over their inability to help their leader. However, the thought of Morgana (who at this point [[DisneyDeath is presumed to have]] [[ButNowIMustGo disappeared with the other world]]) making fun of them for giving up too easily reignites their resolve, as they begin to make plans to do whatever they can to save their leader.≤** What follows is a months-long TimeSkip punctuated by a montage of the Thieves and max-rank Confidants all doing whatever they can to help Joker. The core team along do everything they can to investigate the original assault case. In the meanwhile, the other Confidants do as much as they can in their own way: Sojiro testifies on his behalf; Tae, Yuuki, Hifumi, and Shinya go about getting as much public support and awareness as they can; Kawakami gets the Shujin staff to back him up; Iwai calls on his old Yakuza contacts to make sure nothing happens to him behind bars; Chihaya gathers people for demonstrations against the police; Ohya tries to uncover the gaps in his falsified record; and Yoshida rallies to get support from his allies in the government. All this to [[AFriendInNeed help get Joker his well-deserved freedom]].≤** At the end of the montage, Joker visits the Velvet Room one last time. Igor and Lavenza lament that Joker ended up in a physical prison after escaping his metaphorical one, but assure him that he did the right thing, granting him the World Arcana and promising that he'll reunite with his friends one day before the room disappears, signifying the end of his journey.≤** Finally, at the end of it all, Sae visits Joker and delivers some good news. The first is that Shido will get his just desserts; but more importantly, that thanks to the efforts of his friends, they managed to track down the woman he tried to save in the incident that led to his probation, who is now willing to change her testimony. Thus, Joker's record has been cleared and he can get out early. It's oh-so-satisfying to finally have NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished [[SubvertedTrope subverted]].≤** Joker finally reuniting with his friends. And Morgana returning in his cat form, his friends having missed him a great deal (and [[AngerBornOfWorry understandably outraged that he only went missing]]).≤* As with his predecessors, Igor tells Joker "You were truly a remarkable guest" during his final visit to the Velvet Room. If you think about it, Igor did not truly overseer Joker's rehabilitation till the end (as he was imprisoned within the Metaverse until the game's climax) but he has seen the things Joker did throughout his journey and is proud that he has made an improvement to the world. The prison-themed Velvet Room eventually disappears, symbolizing the end of Joker's journey and his time as a prisoner. Then a blue butterfly appears, implying Philemon had been watching over him as well (though it could be Lavenza again). Igor's probably also very grateful for Joker having a hand in saving him.≤* At the end of the game, the Phan-Site's "Do the Phantom Thieves '''really exist?"''' poll is settled on an even 50%. The Thieves may have faded from public view forever, and in the future [[UrbanLegends people may choose to believe in them or not]] -- but it's '''their''' choice to make. People are free to make their own conclusions and thoughts, unbound by uncertainty or the wills of callous "gods". And with that uncertainty on your existence there's a debate to be had, a [[ShroudedInMyth conversation about your methods and motives]]. Thanks to that, the Phantom Thieves will never completely be lost in the public cognition -- in other words; times will change, but you ''won't'' be forgotten.≤* The final cutscene is a perfect, heartwarming culmination to everything you've been through over the course of the game. Packing up to leave for his hometown, Joker comes across his friends, who've somehow acquired a real-world equivalent of the Morgana-mobile. Ostensibly, they're just going to take him home... but everyone agrees they'd much rather kick off a RoadTripPlot and spend as much time together as possible. And to punctuate it, the game ends on the first three notes of "Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There".≤[[/folder]]≤≤[[folder:Unsorted]]≤* Seems that some of the cast from ''VideoGame/Persona4'' are doing pretty well for themselves:≤** The fact that Rise and Kanami are still idols, as evidenced by the ads at the subway station. Many fans would be glad to see those two are still popular and doing well, especially considering how ruthlessly competitive the IdolSinger industry is, and how [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness many idols tend to have short shelf lives]]. The tone and composition of Rise's poster even suggests that she may well have graduated from "just" being an idol and is now pursuing a full-blown solo music career, which'd be a great step forward for her in her 20s.≤** On December 7th, it is revealed that Taro Namatame (the second suspect of the murder case) has returned to office and is currently a politician's secretary. Considering he's been through a year's-long period of emotional turmoil and misguided actions to rescue people, it's nice to see that things have changed for the better since we last saw him.≤* Upon performing a Sacrificial Fusion with Arsène, a small cutscene will play as he says this:≤-->'''Arsène''': I am Arsène--the other you who exists within... Though I may disappear at this moment, I shall [[AlwaysWithYou always be at your side]]. [[WeWillMeetAgain We shall meet again]]...when your fate reaches its conclusion.≤** And sure enough, he does indeed appear before Joker again shortly before he's about to get captured by the police, warning him that he's about to enter a situation which will determine if he lives or dies, and to consider his choices carefully.≤** He also reappears again at the FinalBoss, materializing behind Joker, who breaks his chains and transforms him into his Ultimate form, Satanael.≤* Sojiro's confidant includes a few of these.≤** During the Rank 7 event of Sojiro's confidant, after he upsets Futaba by suggesting that she might be better off elsewhere, Futaba gets angry, yells at him and runs off. Once she's calmed down, she immediately regrets what she said, telling you that Sojiro was good friends with her mother and sacrificed "a crapton of money" to take care of her. Once Sojiro returns, Futaba apologizes and tells the truth (along with the reason why she got so upset)--she wants to stay with Sojiro forever.≤** At the Rank 9 event of Sojiro's confidant, you learn that even though you've stolen Futaba's uncle's heart, he still managed to report Sojiro to social services. Futaba then stands up for Sojiro, talking about how much she's changed, and declaring that she's glad to have him as her father, something that Sojiro's completely surprised to hear from her.≤** The last event of Sojiro's confidant involves him taking you and Futaba to Wakaba's grave, during which he gives a natural smile and says that he's started to think of you as family.≤*** Also a bit of extra heartwarming for any player who chose to [[RomanceSidequest romance]] Futaba is that while Sojiro does tell Joker to not get with her, because he would find it pretty weird for Joker to call him "father", he does reconsider immediately and concedes that it wouldn't be so bad. OverprotectiveDad he may be, but Sojiro does want what's best for Joker and Futaba.≤* The fact that the Phantom Thieves ''refuse'' to fight Mishima's Shadow to change his heart. Instead, they just let Joker talk it out with him, both within Mementos and in the real world, in order to help Mishima get his shit together. You can even later say that Mishima's change for the better was entirely his doing.≤* Something that may be easy to miss is a girl stalking a boy on the second floor of the academy, who on most days she appears around a corner at staring at her crush. Around mid-July you receive a request to change the heart of a {{Yandere}}[=/=]StalkerWithACrush named Yumeko Mogami, and sure enough, it turns out to be her. The heartwarming part comes if you fulfill the request in Mementos and look for her afterwards. Over the course of the rest of the game, she has approached her crush, apologizing for the stalking and the creepy blog, asked him to be friends and becoming closer for real.≤* Rank 10 of [[CoolOldGuy Toranosuke Yoshida's]] Confidant involves him giving a speech to a crowd of dozens about his hopes for the future and thanking Joker for giving him the confidence to speak his true feelings and forgive himself for his past.≤-->'''Yoshida''': ''[to Joker, before the speech]'' I will strive down the royal road of politics, thinking of you as you walk down your path. [[AFriendInNeed But if you ever find yourself in harm's way on your journey, I will be there to help you.]] ≤** Everything about Joker's interactions with Yoshida is heartwarming. His Confidant is so easy to max out because he loves almost every response you give him. He's touched by your undying support for him and interest in politics. Furthermore, this is the only Confidant that doesn't require the Phantom Thieves to intervene.≤* (Un)Surprisingly, the Death Confidant, Dr. Tae Takemi, has some in your interactions with her. The whole reason she's creating that special medicine with Joker's help? She wants to cure a girl who she accidentally got hospitalized.≤** Outside of her Confidant, she gives Ann advice on praying at the Shrine, and checks on a post-Palace Futaba for no cost at your behest.≤--->'''Takemi''': A house call is going to cost you, you know. ... That was a joke.≤* A bit more surprising is the Hanged Man Confidant, model gun shop owner Munehisa Iwai. An ex-{{yakuza}}, Iwai is a foster father to his adopted son Kaoru, who came into his care after a woman left him behind as an infant. The incident led Iwai to leave the yakuza and raise Kaoru as a good parent, and it shows. Example: that [[TattooedCrook gecko tattoo]] on Iwai's neck? [[SubvertedTrope It's not a yakuza crest.]] He got it ''after'' leaving, to match the gecko-shaped scar on Kaoru's own neck.≤** At one point, you join Iwai as a witness to ensure that a one-to-one meeting with one of Iwai's associates, Tsuda, goes smoothly. Iwai presents his yakuza colleague an ultimatum: he'll keep Tsuda's blunder a secret ''if'' Tsuda stays away from his family--which includes Kaoru ''and'' you. Unfortunately, the exchange ends with Tsuda threatening Iwai for his prototype guns. Realizing that he [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness might get killed once they have the weapons]], Iwai tells Joker Tsuda's full name, in case he tries to track you down, too--and unwittingly giving the Phantom Thieves a chance to save Iwai.≤** Even after hearing the truth about his family, Kaoru [[ShutUpHannibal tells Masa that it doesn't matter anymore]]. Because:≤--->'''Kaoru''': I'm me, and Munehisa my dad!\≤'''Iwai''': ...hehe... Attaboy, Kaoru.≤** Also in his max Confidant event, Iwai explains to Kaoru about how he was afraid that people would stimatize his son if they learned about that, just like how Iwai got bullied because of his loser parents. Kaoru just sincerely says, [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre "My father isn't a loser though. He's a brilliant business owner."]]≤** If you max out his Confidant rank, what does Iwai give you as a going away gift on March 19th? A gecko-shaped pin, while saying that as far as he's concerned, you're [[CallBack part of his family]].≤** There's also one of these in the events leading up to the final battle, after Mementos merges with reality. What's Iwai's first thought when the world literally goes to hell? [[PapaWolf Whether Kaoru is okay.]]≤* Futaba's Confidant mainly focuses on working on becoming used to other people, and one step involves reconnecting with an old friend, Kana (as well as saving Kana from her AbusiveParents). What's more, part of the reason Futaba does this is for the sake of the only item on her mother's "promise list" that went unfulfilled--getting along with Kana. The Confidant ultimately concludes with both girls overcoming their issues and going back to school.≤* Valentine's Day in general. Your girlfriend, assuming you have one (and [[TakeOurWordForIt preferably just one]], to all you [[CasanovaWannabe Casanova Wannabes]] in the audience), is really glad to see you after you were imprisoned for two months, and [[IWillWaitForYou is fine with a long-distance relationship]]--after all, since she waited two months (and would have probably had to wait ''much longer'' if not for everyone succeeding in helping exonerate you), keeping in touch is nothing in comparison.≤* The final day of the school trip to Hawaii can be this if you have a girlfriend when you get there. You get to enjoy a romantic day of sampling the local cuisine and exploring the island, topped off with watching a gorgeous sunset on the beach. Ann gets bonus points for her date actually having "I love you, Ann" as a dialogue option. [[note]] And for extra points, she even giggles, blushes, and says, "I love you, too..." Awww... [[/note]]≤** For more bonus points, play Music/TheBeachBoys' [[ "Daybreak Over the Ocean"]] during the Ann date in Hawaii to augment the atmosphere further.≤* Shiho temporarily returning to Shujin Academy in rank 9 of Ann's confidant to visit the place on the roof where she jumped. She confirms that she actually didn't want to die, but felt like there was another person inside her who forced her to jump in order to escape the situation she was in. Returning to the roof lets her confirm that person is truly gone. Ann declares to become a great model in order to support Shiho, while the latter outright hugs and tells Ann she loves her as they bid each other farewell.≤* In Yusuke's Rank 10, he is again offered the support of a foundation meant for artists like him, just properly this time. He still gently refuses, but also notes this in the process:≤-->'''Yusuke:''' I won't be stained by desire, as I can see hope. [[TrueCompanions When I am lost, they will extend their hands to me; when I am wrong, they will chastise me. As long as I have my rays of hope to guide me, I will be fine.]]≤* Since maxed-out Confidants outside of the Phantom Thieves discover your identity, when the news of your death is announced, they contact you to see if the news is true or not and are relieved that you are still alive.≤** After the public broadcast of your calling card to Shido we get brief scenes of all your maxed, non-party Confidants expressing their belief and support in you.≤* Despite what Akechi had done which included framing them, betraying them to the police, killing Haru's father, causing Futaba's mother's death, and trying to murder Joker, the Phantom Thieves were willing to risk their lives trying to help him, as while it is clear that most of them will probably never fully forgive him anytime soon, they acknowledge that he is that way because of his dark past and the manipulations of Shido and wanted to help him to work through his issues.≤* Reaching rank 10 of Akechiís confidant may be automatic, and a major Tearjerker due to the events leading up to the rank up, but it can also be considered heartwarming since maxed-out Social Links have always been treated seriously in the ''Persona'' series. Even if the player couldn't understand Akechi and was cold to him every step of the way, at the very end Joker himself sympathized with Akechi's situation, and appreciated his sacrifice.≤** Wishing he could have met Joker a few years earlier, before becoming Shido's assassin as a means of revenge. Akechi shows the affection he holds for the team by stating they would have been great rivals or even friends.≤* Rank 10 of Shinya Oda's confidant makes you feel like the best CoolBigBro around. You've kept a kid from becoming a bully, watched him get friends on his own, and helped him mature as a person.≤* If you opt to go the platonic route with Kawakami, then her Rank 10 has her starting to dote on Joker like she's his mom, being concerned about his eating habits and him not cleaning his room. Obviously, one of the dialogue options here is to tell her that she isn't your mother, but she takes it in stride. While downplayed compared to Sojiro, it is nice to see another ParentalSubstitute in Joker's life.≤* Some of the romance route beginnings are rather sweet:≤** Ann gets a cuddle from Joker after becoming upset at Shiho's impending move away. Joker reassures her that she's still got him, causing her to blurt out a declaration of love...before freaking out at her own honesty and grumbling at Joker for teasing her.≤** After Makoto confirms that Joker likes her when he offers to be her study partner, she goes red and sheepishly asks if its alright to start dating. She then giggles and tells you she looks forward to growing your relationship together. All this is witnessed by Lala-chan. ≤** Hifumi is stunned that you're determined to date her given the scandal she was inadvertently at the center of, and the refined girl turns into a stuttering mess as she gives a very formal response and then wonders on earth she's saying.≤** Futaba's romance route starts off on more of a funny note than a romantic one, but she also adds some much-needed heartwarming elements to the unpleasant business of gently turning her down. Rather than be downtrodden, she praises the value of teammates, repeats that you're still her "key item," bounces up and down, demands a double high-five from you, and promptly gets overly involved in an RPG metaphor that gets away from her. ≤** And if you ''do'' date Futaba, you get treated to her mind breaking at you confessing to her. She literally freezes in shock for nine sentences before she happily squeals about how excited she is. The Rank 10 Confidant shows she's even able to go shopping, without you, because she wants to continue improving herself for you.≤** Haru's romance route has Joker return her [[ShipTease hinted-at feelings for him]] that that she [[CannotSpitItOut previously couldn't admit to]]. After a confirmation from Joker that he was serious, Haru is relieved that he feels the same way - especially considering that the new president of her family's company agreed to end her ArrangedMarriage to the abusive Sugimura because of [[EveryoneCanSeeIt her feelings for Joker]]. She follows up theorizing she asked Joker for his help not as a fellow Phantom Thief, but to be able spend time with him... which is immediately followed up by a blushing admission that she's ''definitely'' getting better at speaking what's on her mind.≤* Even if you don't romance Hifumi, you're still there for her at what's probably her lowest point, in which she doubts her worth as a shogi player and believes herself to be unworthy to teach you. You can even make a CallBack to her lecture about resigning by saying her decision to forfeit was "queenly," and after the event is done, [[GameplayAndStoryIntegration you earn the Resign ability]]. Even if her reputation is permanently marred as a result of her mother's actions, she knows you won't abandon her, and as you can see in the montage of the campaign to free Joker, she never forgets that.≤* In a more generalized sense, when you reach rank 10 of any Phantom Thief Confidant, or more specifically, their second awakening. Compared to how the first awakening looks ''really'' painful at a glance, the second awakening is much more calmer, as their Persona transforms into a more powerful entity, but with no fuss on the wielder's part. Considering how Persona are basically representations of someone's personality, it really shows how much s/he has changed since the beginning.≤* Lavenza's LoveConfession:≤-->"I love you, my trickster. You are truly the world's greatest man."≤* Looking back at it, there's something oddly heartwarming about the inclusion of dialogue with the others for Akechi in Mementos. It shows that even despite planning on stabbing them in the back, he does bond with them and grow to enjoy their company.≤* If you draw the Phantom Thieves logo on the school blackboard while you're popular, Joker gets to enjoy a rare moment of camaraderie with his classmates.≤-->'''Students:''' [Player] drew it, right? It's like, the best drawing I've ever seen. I can feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins! Nice going, [Player]!≤* You can only catch it on a [[RewatchBonus second viewing]], but after defeating the FinalBoss of Niijima's Palace, Akechi will remark in surprise over how he, a detective, has helped the Phantom Thieves. One of the dialogue options is "Want to continue that?", which Akechi will decline. In retrospect, it seems that even after hearing Akechi planning to betray and kill him, Joker - knowing about the trap about to spring and how the Phantom Thieves have the upper hand anyway - can consider offering him a [[SecretTestOfCharacter secret]] LastSecondChance before Akechi burns his bridges with his new friends permanently. Note that this is before Joker learns about Akechi's FreudianExcuse that made the other Thieves more sympathetic to Akechi.≤* Considering that Joker is a mostly SilentProtagonist who got royally screwed for trying to do the right thing and can't defend himself, his friends speaking up for him can be extremely cathartic for the player, who at this point is as used to Joker getting crap from every other character as Joker probably is. His friends are ''outraged'' when they hear the truth of why he got arrested and want to go change the culprit's heart to clear Joker's name. When they later find out that Shido is the guy, they immediately want justice for Joker and make a point of having his Shadow apologize to Joker after defeating him, before the Shadow can disappear. Even them taunting Shido about the LaserGuidedKarma nature of it to make him finally realize that Joker is the same person he had falsely charged with assault, kind of counts because it shows how protective they are of their leader and just how thirsty for payback they are for him. Since you're Joker, it's touching to see how completely they're on your side.≤* One quiz show asks who the most powerful person in a democracy is, and the correct answer is you, the people. One would think this sounds like a platitude in the context of how many people get away with abusing their power, but it actually fits the game's themes. The evil adults only get away with their crimes because people let them, and the Phantom Thieves' goals have been to help people gain the strength to stand up for themselves. More than anything else, this is the game's most direct and open way of saying that yes, you can make a difference if you care enough.≤* It's a small one in an otherwise [[NightmareFuel bleak bad ending]] but during Futaba's bad ending, when the police come over to arrest Joker on the suspicion of being a Phantom Thief, Sojiro, who distrusted you for most of the early game and scolds you in the other bad endings, actually sticks up for you instead, insisting to the police that Joker hasn't done anything wrong and that they must have the wrong guy. Granted Sojiro is also arrested on suspicion of assisting and harboring a criminal right afterwards but for a guy who said that he would kick out Joker if he even slightly steps out of line, it shows how Sojiro came to trust that Joker is actually a good person and not the criminal he's made out to be.≤[[/folder]]≤≤!!''Persona 5 Royal''≤* For the upcoming ''[[UpdatedRerelease Royal]]'' [[UpdatedRerelease re-release]], the new content has Joker staying in Tokyo for a third semester. Considering that in the vanilla version Joker had to turn himself over after that whole Yaldabaoth fiasco, it is downright '''beautiful''' to see Joker getting to have more time with his comrades.≤* Speaking of new content, one scene in the reveal trailer from the Super Live P-Sound concert has new character Kasumi being accosted by an old man, and Joker comes to her defense. The scene is almost exactly like the one that landed him in probation in the first place, yet Joker comes to the rescue. It just proves what Arsène was asking Joker when he first awakened: helping people is the right thing to do, even if it cost him his future, and he ''will'' do it again.≤* One of the new characters is a [[ThereAreNoTherapists counselor]], hired by Shujin after Kamoshida confesses to his crimes. Now the victims of the abuse can finally get the treatment they desperately need!≤* [[ When Morgana sees that Ryuji might be getting back into track]], he expresses his surprise with Ryuji's apparent decision, as well as worrying if his leg can take it.≤* [[ Akechi's Character Trailer]] shows off a scene in what's implied to be his reworked Confidant. The context behind it suggests that the poor guy is annoyed by the attention he receives from his fans and wonders if putting on glasses will help him avoid unwanted attention from them. Joker's response? Take him to someplace where he can mess up his hair and give him his own pair of foggy glasses. It's funny, sure, but at the same time, it's one of the most tender moments you can see between the two of them.≤----


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