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1Since the [[LightNovel/LordMarksmanAndVanadis Lord Marksman and Vanadis]] series is mostly, you could get to wonder there is a heartwarming moments even between the characters.----[[foldercontrol]][[folder:First Saga]]* During his army's invasion onto Alsace, Zion barged into Vorn Mansion and decides to assault and eventually attempting to rape Titta when she is cornered. While this is indeed the horrifying part at first, the heartwarming part is Titta bravely defending Tigre from Zion's insults and keeps on believing her childhood friend and master even in her dire situation. Her faith is fulfilled when Tigre eventually returned from Zhcted and rescues her via his arrow that impales through Zion's arm and tells her to jump off the balcony, which she did before being rescued by Elen's wind. She'd prayed for his well-being for the past 50 days, and right when she needed him, he came. The relief in her voice at him being alive is incredibly touching.-->Titta: I believed... I knew Tigre-sama would return.* Combined with this and {{TearJerker}}, even in a the short-lived moment, Regin and King Faron finally reunite for the first and last time before his passing. Yes, it is heartbreaking to see the latter gone after the end of the civil war, but at least he is informed that his daughter to be safe and see her for the last time. [[/folder]][[folder:Second Saga]]* The last conversation between Elen and Sasha before the latter's passing is this and Tearjerker combined. The two, who have been best friends, had to be separated when the latter's condition worsen due to the combination of her returning illness and her injury against Torbalan. Considering Sasha herself is one of few people in Zhcted is nice to Elen, it is also heart-breaking moment to see her leaves for the afterlife. * The growing relationship between Liza and Tigre is this since Baba Yaga's demise. In one of the conversation, Tigre, even after regaining most of his memories he still going to help Liza just in case anything goes wrong to her again. Liza initially doubt this and even asks him to who will he sided should she and Elen are fighting again. Tigre's answer? He proclaims himself as a Vanadis Mediator for the both of them because he feels the two are one of valuable people in his life. Remember, Liza once sheltered Tigre in Lebus when he was suffering his amnesia at that time, so it is logical for him to repay her kindness by becoming her ally.** The same also applies to Elen and Liza. Remember the two are once mutual rivals? Now their rivalry seemly mellowed out a bit because Elen decides to help Liza in defeating Kazakov and the Polus Army. The reasons? Well even if this is not for Liza, Elen aids her rival not only because of her sympathy for her limping right arm, but also her gratitude to Liza for keeping Tigre safe in her territory. [[/folder]][[folder:Third Saga]]* [[spoiler: Tigre consultation for Elen is this. Even after being rescued from Greast's clutches by Tigre and Mila, the trauma Elen suffered from her captor's torment still haunts her deeply to the point he had to drink in order to cope her . Luckily for her, Tigre is then confessing his love for Elen.]]* [[spoiler: The true reconciliation between Elen and Liza is this. When she heard from Tigre about Liza's involvement in fighting against Fine at the Imperial Garden, Elen goes to Polesia (Sofy's home) to see the injured Vanadis. There, Liza then asks Elen if she even remember her when she closes her right eye which finally opting Elen to finally recognizes Liza as her friend. It is heartwarming for us to see this revelation marks a reconciliation between Elen and Liza and officially ends their bitter rivalry.]][[/folder]]----


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