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1[[quoteright:350:]] [[caption-width-right:350:"'''''Aloha!''''''"]]* That Jumba, Pleakley, and Stitch are all awarded their dreams come true at the beginning of the movie but all give up them so not to leave Lilo alone. They then try to keep the fact that they wanted the prizes at all from Lilo. The only way Lilo finds out is them daydreaming about it, they don't even seem sad about staying with Lilo, they just act like one would imagining what Christmas is going to be like rather than dreaming of what could have been.* During the battle against the Leroys, Angel takes down four Leroy clones to save Stitch.* After their {{Heel Face Turn}}s, Gantu and Reuben truly become friends. When Gantu gets his job back as captain of the Galactic Armada, he asks that Reuben be his Galley Officer.* The ending scene with the group photo of "the whole ʻohana!"** It's even more heartwarming if you consider the photo Lilo has of her family in [[Disney/LiloAndStitch the first movie]]. Lilo and Nani have lost both their parents, have had fights and called their family broken, but they also gain over 625 new members of their family at the end of this movie.* ''Mertle'' shows up in the ending scene and is standing next to Lilo in the photo ''smiling''. Considering how terrible she acted towards Lilo in the beginning of the franchise or even this movie, it's a big change. Sure, Gigi may have told her she wanted to go, like Mertle claimed, but the fact that she even showed up and didn't say anything insulting to Lilo when they came is huge. Even Lilo was surprised Mertle was there.* Despite all Hämsterviel has done to him, Jumba considers being forced to brutally disregard Pleakley as the moment Hämsterviel crossed the line.----


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