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1* Asirpa's faith in Sugimoto's survival:--> '''Asirpa:''' What are you even talking about, Shiraishi? There's no way that Sugimoto would be dead! He's '''''Sugimoto the Immortal''''', after all!* Just before the group breaks into Abashiri, they prepare a meal of salmon cititap. Cikapasi excitedly asks if he can use Hijikata's katana,[[note]]bear in mind, Hijukata is an old school samurai, the kind for which even ''touching'' his katana (let alone using it for menial works) is [[SeriousBusiness unthinkable]][[/note]] and in the next panel Hijikata is helping him chop it with the sword.* In what's [[EyeScream likely]] [[{{Gorn}} the]] [[LudicrousGibs goriest]] SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoment ''ever'' (yes, dear reader, you've read that correctly), when Sugimoto startles [[ThouShaltNotKill Asirpa]] (who was in a tense MexicanStandoff with [[spoiler:Ogata]]) causing her to loose the bow and put an [[PoisonedWeapon Ainu arrow]] through [[spoiler:Ogata's]] [[EyeScream eye]], Sugimoto instantly stops caring about revenge and concentrates instead in preventing a terrified Asirpa from having accidentally killed him. Agreed, he does that by cutting away the eye, sucking the venom away, and bandaging him, all while screaming at him, but the sheer ammount of concentrated ''caring'' that comes from Sugimoto's words makes you forget all the blood, gore and violence of the scene:-->'''Sugimoto: '''Your death isn't going to have '''anything''' to do with her! I'm not gonna let her become a killer!-----


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