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1* She made her fans lives when she said in 2010: -->"I'm blessed with the most incredible, loyal, loving and passionate fans on the planet and I'm thankful for them every single day"* Her famous "Never Lose Your Passion To Dream, Please Don't" speech at her DWAD ('01) tour brought tears to many a eye.* Back in 2003, while promoting her album ''In The Zone'', a fan walked up to her and gave her a framed poem she had written for the pop singer. Britney immediately started to cry, and she had to postpone the Meet-And-Greet because she couldn't control her emotions. Mind you, this was around the time when the bad press starting swirling her.* "Heaven On Earth":-->''Waking up and you're next to me''-->''Wrap me up in your arms and back to sleep''-->''Lay my head on your chest and drift away''-->''Dream of you and I'm almost half awake''* "Someday", which was written for her first child:-->''Don`t you run too fast my dear''-->''Why don`t you stop''-->''Just stop and listen to your tears''-->''They`re all you`ve got''* As far as songs go: "Chillin' With You", "Now That I Found You", "Brightest Morning Star", "Trip To Your Heart", "I Will Be There", "Unusual You", "My Baby", "That's Where You Take Me"* "My Only Wish {This Year}", so very very much...* Britney Jean had a written message from her prior to the release of ''Britney Jean''. It had a lot of sweet moments - the sweetest may be calling her fans her friends!* Many. many moments in "For The Record" from her father being so protective of her constantly to every single time she says she loves music or dancing, or picking songs, or just jamming with her friends..* Following her fans on Twitter.* Any time she speaks of her kids, or shows her fans exclusive videos of them.* Strangest Love and State Of Grace as far as "Britmases" go.* New Britneyology and how most of the fans there are nice and the deceased PoorBritney website which were both POSITIVE towards her.* "Can we just go to a movie" in her In The Zone special.* @hannahspears, her [[ role playing]] Website/{{Twitter}} account [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin set up for her teacup Yorkie, Hannah]].* When Britney was doing an hour-long special promoting ''In the Zone'' on TRL, Carson had her play some games with a mystery guest...which turned out to be [[ Justin]]. The sheer surprise and delight on her face when he popped out is adorable.* In 2000, one of Music/{{NSYNC}}'s tour dates just happened to be on her birthday and she was in attendance at the show. So Justin [[ brought her out on stage]] and asked the audience to join them in a sing-along of "Happy Birthday" to her, bringing her to [[ tears]].* She indefinitely postponed her 2019 residency to take care of her sick dad. ----


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