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Context Headscratchers / Bionicle2015

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1* [[spoiler:In Journey to One, we find out that the Toa don't get their power from the planet; they're literally the source of the elemental power. However, if this was the case, this makes the point of the Golden Masks from the first year pointless, and also brings up the question why the Toa lose their strength upon losing their mask, despite their power coming from themselves and not the mask itself.]]
2* [[spoiler:So if Makuta knows the entire layout of the prophecy, which lays out all of the events of the main Bionicle story, then why does he openly gloat about his plan when he KNOWS that Gali will end up in the Shadow Realm at the time he makes his villainous speech? Doing so risks her overhearing everything, and eventually finding the rest of the prophecy in the Shadow Realm, which she does.]]
3* After defeating LOSS and tossing him off of the bridge to the city, the Toa celebrate, but then Pohatu warns them that he still senses 'evil', whatever that means. At the time, the Toa don't know of the existence of the Skull Warriors, Kulta, etc. As far as they know, the only possible sources of that evil would be either LOSS, or Makuta. Considering they never checked to make sure LOSS died from the fall, why didn't it occur to them to have Lewa fly down and check to see if he DID die, and if not, finish the job? [[spoiler:After all, it turns out LOSS DID survive, and while he got killed almost immediately afterwards by the Protectors, it was still a reckless and ignorant move on the Toa.]]
4* Did the Toa REALLY save the day at the end of Journey to One? [[spoiler:They sacrifice themselves and are sent back to the stars, and banish Makuta back to the Shadow Realm. Hurray- except Makuta has ALWAYS been banished to the Shadow Realm since the story began. The reason why the Protectors needed the Toa wasn't because Makuta was escaping his prison, it was because his minions were rampaging about and causing chaos. Makuta hasn't exactly gone backwards in his plan; he's only stopped, momentarily at the very worst, because he can still control his minions from afar, leaving Okoto unprotected. Granted, the Toa did revive Ekimu and bring along the Elemental Creatures, but it takes only one Storm Beast to nearly kill a powered-up Ekimu, Agil is apparently dead, and only one Shadow Trap is required to fell an Elemental Creature. So, when you keep in mind that there are still more Elemental Beasts and Shadow Traps, the Skull Spiders are still around, and Kulta and the Skull Raiders are undoubtedly digging themselves out (and will probably be freed by Makuta, who likely will need some additional soldiers). All in all, Makuta hasn't even really been weakened, and all the Toa did was bring back eight heroes who are pretty vulnerable against Makuta's minions. And with the fact that the Toa took the golden masks of power with them back to the stars, it seems they were only really a temporary, short-term solution to the wider-spread problem.]]
5* More than likely, Makuta knows the location of the Temple of Time, as he's a Mask Maker and Ekimu knew where it was, too. Since the Temple of Time appears to be completely abandoned, save for the few times the Protectors congregate there, why didn't Makuta take advantage of the all-powerful Mask of Time just lying there for anyone to take? [[spoiler:Even if the prophecy said he WASN'T going to take the Mask of Time, it's not like he cares about following the ancient code, considering he openly discussed the prophecy to his army.]]