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1* One moment described on Twitter: Tess and Alex are talking on Skype, when Alex's dad ([[FunnyBackgroundEvent in the background]]), out of nowhere, [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment starts singing "Disco Inferno"]]. Both Tess and Alex ''die'' laughing, with Tess laughing so hard he ''[[VomitDiscretionShot threw up onto his bed]]''.** A [[ series of more recent Tweets]] disclose that the latter almost happened again, upon presenting a [[TerribleArtist particularly abstract]] [[ItMakesSenseInContext drawing of a donkey]] to his parents whilst playing [[VideoGame/WiiParty Wii Party U]].* Tess coming up with "[[PerfectlyCromulentWord turd]][[InherentlyFunnyWords nerdler]]" among other creative insults. Especially with hearing Alex [[{{Corpsing}} absolutely lose it]].--> '''Tess''': Oh, my god, child-me, you are an absolute...fucking...''turdnerdler''!--> '''Alex''': Turdnerdler. ''Turdnerdler. Clearly'' you are creative with insults!--> '''Tess''': *laughs* Yes... *laughs again* * During the final Sgt. Byrd mission of [[VideoGame/SpyroAttackOfTheRhynocs Spyro Adventure]]:--> '''Tess''': [[TemptingFate Sir, you can't combo me!]]--> ''(Sgt. Byrd gets shot to death)''--> '''Tess''': You combo'd me...I was combo'd...''to death''!* The last time we hear [[RunningGag the Zulu part of]] [[Disney/TheLionKing The Circle Of Life]] in Empire of Dreams, [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment the screen abruptly changes to the red sky with Alex's face replacing the rising sun.]]** [=Yukiola5=] [[EpicFail attempts it]]:-->'''Yuki''': *tries to sing, with his face struggling to rise and only coming up halfway* ...Am I right?-->''*"WTF?" appears on screen, [[RuleOfFunny accompanied by three bells as each letter appears]]*''** And then there's [[RuleOfThree Tess' take on it]], one episode later:-->'''Tess''': *sings it, but goes into random gibberish halfway through as his face bounces around and flies offscreen* ...You see? I can do that shit, too.** Yuki tries again later, but...-->'''Yuki''': *starts singing--*-->'''Tess''': *as the [[VideoGame/KatamariDamacy Prince of All Cosmos]] with Tess' face rolls Yuki's face offscreen* ''Laaa la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-Katamari Damacy...''** Alex, naturally, [[CallBack does it again]] in Dream Champ Tournament VS, but...-->'''Alex''': *starts singing--*-->'''*BANG!*'''-->'''Tess''': '''[[BigNo NO!]]'''* In one episode of [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheMinishCap Minish Cap]] Versus, Yuki tells Tess he's full of piss and vinegar. The expression blows Tess' mind.-->'''Tess''': ''Piss...'' and ''vinegar!''* This exchange in Dream Champ Tournament VS after Alex shoos away [[RunningGag the pterosaur of rage]]:-->'''Tess''': You're so racist to pterodactyls. Jesus!-->'''Alex''': I-- No, I was just telling him to shut up.-->'''Tess''': Well, maybe I like having him around. Maybe he actually ''does'' give me the blowjobs that you ''claim'' that you owe me! [[DoubleTake ...What?]]-->*both collapse into laughter*-->'''Tess''': I should point out that that made absolutely no sense at all!-->*more laughter*-->'''Tess''': ''Welcome to Tess~!''-->'''Alex''': *through laughter* Yay, pterodactyl blowjobs!-->'''Tess''': ''Well'', you'd at least consider it, surely.-->'''Alex''': *laughs* Oh, god-fucking-dammit, Tess...-->'''Tess''': Gives an entirely new meaning to the words "rage-boner".* The intro to part 11 of Dream Champ Tournament VS.-->'''Tess''': Hello, everyone, I'm [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys Golden Freddy]], and I'm going to yiff your dick.-->'''Alex''': [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFuckboys oh god, he comes]]-->[[{{Beat}} *beat*]]--> *both [[{{Corpsing}} die of laughter]]** [[ This exchange]] after he gives Aiko some tomatoes:-->'''Aiko''': Ahhhh... the smell of fresh produce. Ehh, am I weird?-->'''Tess''': ''What'' the ''fuck''?! [[{{Beat}} *beat*]] ''Yes''! ''Yes'' you are!* ''[[ BOOOOOOOOOOBS!]]''** Later, whenever he encounters [[spoiler: Celeste]], he usually makes a few boob jokes at her expense.* ''[[ Skeleton semen everywhere!!]]''* For the intro to his "best of" montage for ''[=HuniePop=]'', he combined several of his exclamations from the series with the opening verse of 3OH!3's "Starstrukk".--> ''Nice legs, Daisy Dukes,''--> ''Makes a man go--'' GOOD LORD!* [[ This moment]] from ''Portal 2 Co-Op'', in which Tess recounts the "[[NoodleIncident Little]] [[NoodleImplements Upright]] [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext Helium Car]]" story, then makes a series of [[HellIsThatNoise bizarre moans]], and breaks down in a fit of laughter-- which he claims wasn't even caused by the story itself, but rather, the sight of yet another Repulsion Gel puzzle.-->'''Joth''': What a good set of sounds.-->'''Tess''': *continues to giggle*-->...-->'''Joth''': Are you okay..?-->'''Tess''': ''(still in hysterics)'' No...* Tess makes increasingly random predictions about ''VisualNovel/DanganronpaTriggerHappyHavoc'' and its plot, and they all keep coming true. This especially comes to a head [[ at the start of the fourth trial,]] after Tess spent the entire chapter predicting that the courtroom would have ancient Egyptian-styled decor on no basis whatsoever. [[BigWhy And then the trial begins...]]** Hearing [=AustinOnSugar=] [[TheHyena react]] to the scene a moment later, due to stream-delay, is just the icing on the cake.** This happens twice more in the chapter 5 investigation: upon discovering the [[spoiler: bomb]] [[ in the garden]], and [[ finding that the courtroom once again matches his prediction.]]-->'''Tess''': FUCKING SHIT-PICKLES! No! Bad game! You don't get to do that!!* During his live stream of ''Videogame/{{Deltarune}}'', to say he was happy to see Asgore again is [[ a bit of an understatement.]]-->'''Tess''' [upon entering the Flower King store]: Please don't subvert my...-->'''Joth''': Subvert what--?-->'''Tess''': '''''DADDY!'''''-->[[{{Beat}} *beat*]]-->'''Joth''': Hi... Tess is illegal ''twice'' now.* The entire of the "You don't eat cake with a fork!!!" debacle.


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