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1* Nishino's reply to Komiyama's love declaration.-->[[BrutalHonesty "I'm sorry, but I don't like people who look like monsters."]]* At the graduation ceremony, Manaka was about to receive his diploma while wondering if he would succeed at going at his chosen high school due having been admitted as a reserve... Then [[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents his mother barged in and said out loud that the high school has called to confirm he had been admitted]], and to try and calm her Manaka goes to her... And falls from the stage he was on.* When Nishino first shows up at Junpei's school, dozens of guys pester him about her looks and how the boy she came there to meet was nothing special... Then she pulls a whistle and uses it to send them home, drill sergeant-style. She says it's something she does often.* Tojo's first visit at Manaka's home:** Before it, [[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents Manaka's mom barges in his room multiple times to clean it and spread some perfume]]... Always interrupting him before he could hide his PornStash.** After Tojo arrived, the situation was becoming rather nice for Manaka, they looked close to hug and even make out... Cue Manaka getting cockblocked by his mother barging in to announce she would visit a friend and [[AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents suggest him and Tojo to make out]], of course ruining the mood.** After a while comes a phone call that scares Tojo into accidentally tossing her drink on Manaka's face and around the room. While Tojo cleans, Manaka takes the call: it's Satsuki, who's using Sotomura's cell to ask him why he didn't show up at the club's activity... Then Tojo finds Manaka's PornStash and screams, Satsuki realizes that Tojo is at Manaka's home and destroys the cell, Manaka, incredibly embarrassed, says that it was ''Komiyama''[='=]s stash that he had forgot there and throws it out of the room, and Tojo ''explains that she finds absolutely normal that a boy has a porn stash and was just mortified from having got it wet'' (she has a younger brother, you see...).** Thanks to the romantic movie they were watching to get inspiration for the club's movie, Tojo and Manaka had got back in the mood... Cue ''Satsuki, Komiyama, Sotomura and professor Kurogawa showing up to have the day's club activities there''.** [[DrowningMySorrows Being drunk due having just been dumped by her boyfriend]], Kurogawa, in quick succession, does the following: gropes Satsuki to find out how a teenager could have such large breasts and check who had the biggest while Sotomura records, tries to do the same to Tojo, ''pukes'', hugs Manaka and tries to have him console her and doesn't let him go when the doorbell rings, before falling asleep. But who had rung the doorbell? ''Nishino''. Who finds Manaka on the ground with the teacher sleeping on top of him.** Having decided (again) to have some fun at Manaka's expense, Sotomura asked Nishino, Tojo and Satsuki to describe their ideal partner. [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity Ensued]] when Manaka's status as KavorkaMan got [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] ''[[RunningGag again]]''.-->'''Satsuki:''' "A boy who can make me laugh."-->'''Nishino:''' "I don't have an ideal partner. I may have very definite tastes in boys, but I fell in love for someone completely different."-->'''Satsuki:''' "You're right! Sometimes you like completely average guys with no apparent reason!"-->'''Manaka *thinking*:''' ''"Are you talking about me?"''-->'''Nishino:''' "Guys who are not attractive at all and are admitted to high school as replacements..."-->'''Satsuki:''' "Guys who are bad at sports and in junior high played soccer just to do something..."-->''*{{Beat}} Nishino and Satsuki realize they're both talking about Manaka and start [[DeathGlare glaring at each other]]*''-->'''Komiyama:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint "Are you talking about me?"]]-->'''Manaka *thinking*:''' ''"I have a bad feeling about this..."''-->''*Tojo gives Manaka a sad smile to try and console him.*''-->'''Manaka *thinking again*:''' ''"Tojo, don't give me such a sad smile!"''-->'''Sotomura:''' "[[TheGadfly Do you have a boy you like...]] [[ForTheEvulz Or a boyfriend?]]"** After the above, Manaka decides to declare himself to Tojo, opens his mouth... And Kurogawa wakes up screaming and falls over the girls, and Komiyama, after seeing her panties, has such a nosebleed that ''propels him out of the window''. End of the day's activities.** After the others have left, Tojo decides to help Manaka to clean his room... And has brought him a replacement for the porn magazine she had ruined.* After breaking up with Nishino, Junpei returns home saddened... And finds a naked girl sleeping in his bed. Who chases him off the room before he remembers it's ''his'' room and ''she'' is the intruder. Ladies and gentlemen, Yui's debut.* Yui and Junpei getting trapped in the bathroom naked. Surprisingly, they manage to avoid appearing doing something they shouldn't... After his towel falls and he flashes Yui, she shows absolutely no reaction. He leaves wondering whether she's just tough to shock or if he hasn't grown enough since childhood. The scene then shifts to Yui, who has not moved a single muscle since seeing it.* Yui's first encounters with Junpei's harem:** She first meets Aya while visiting a temple for the first of the year, and immediately explains she's not his sister but a childhood friend who's sleeping in his room. After that, Yui asks her to help her studying for the admission exam to Omi High, and Aya reacts in shock at hearing the name of the school she passed over to stay with Junpei... Because she thought they were talking of admission exam to ''junior high'' and [[YoungerThanTheyLook that she was a grade school student]].** She first meets Satsuki when Junpei and her are alone at work and Satsuki is flirting with him... And of course Yui, [[ShipperOnDeck who wants Junpei with Aya]], [[MomentKiller barges in, orders Satsuki to not take advantage of Junpei's break-up to seduce him, orders a cheeseburger so she'll be able to keep an eye on them]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking points out that Satsuki's long hair is unhygienic for her job]].*** As revenge, Satsuki gives her a cheeseburger she has made more spicy than normal, something like ''[[UpToEleven thirty times more than normal]]''. Yui promptly retaliates with a mouthful of the mustard Satsuki forgot to not put on the tray, and sprays her.*** After having her help clean the mess she made, Junpei sends Yui to the dressing room to apologize to Satsuki... Only she finds her half-naked, and [[ACupAngst gets envious of her large breasts]]. Satsuki of course provokes her about her small ones, Yui insults her, Satsuki gives chase... And when they run into Junpei carrying the mustard, Yui shoves his face in the mustard to prevent him from seeing Satsuki naked. And he hates spicy foods.-->'''Yui:''' "I've never seen Junpei run that fast!"** She first meets Tsukasa when she gets lost and the latter helps her returning to Junpei home, and Tsukasa makes a comment that allows Yui to realize that the magnificent Valentine sweets Junpei had found on his doorstep were from her and not Satsuki. Yui resolves to tell Junpei about it... Then his mother passes by and mentions food, and Yui completely forgets.* Junpei and Aya's first (attempted) date. They should meet at 1 p.m., Junpei arrives a hour early, Satsuki shows up to try and get him to ditch the date... Then professor Kurogawa shows up and forces them to stand in line before a drugstore to help her buying a special ''toilet paper''.** In the end Junpei misses the date completely due Komiyama getting ran over by a car, Satsuki tells Aya and Amachi (who had tried to talk Aya into leaving when Junpei started running late) they were together all the day (technically true) and they had fun (false), Junpei waits for Komiyama to come at school the next day to prove he was telling the truth... Except [[IronButtMonkey Komiyama only has a scratch]] and [[EasyAmnesia forgot what happened the previous day due having hit his head]].* After enlisting Amachi's help to keep Aya away from the Cinema Club, Satsuki corners Junpei, tries to seduce him, is about to succeed... [[MomentKiller Then Amachi, who has realized her plan, barges him screaming]]. Then Aya arrives, sees Satsuki half-naked... And Amachi tells her that the plot of Junpei's newest film would be about a winter swimming champion. ''And she buys it.''** The following day Junpei is distracted in class, and Satsuki jokingly asks him if he was thinking about what could have happened the previous day. She realizes it was just that when he ''blushes and turns to stone at the same time''. Then a friend of Satsuki lifts her skirt and reveals to the world that she's now wearing ''leopard-printed panties with a side tie''...* Junpei's furious reaction when he learns that Omi High's dormitory is about to close down... And his mother and Yui, who now will have to sleep in his room even when the term starts, knew it.* When Junpei and Aya finally have their first date they go to watch a movie. At the end there's the right atmosphere, they're about to have a romantic moment... [[MomentKiller Cue Misuzu Sotomura demolishing the movie out loud in the harshest way she could come up with]], with Junpei unable to shut her up because [[JerkassHasAPoint he fully agreed with her criticism]]. [[EstablishingCharacterMoment It's her debut]].* When Misuzu showed up at the Cinema Club she found Junpei... And promptly mistook her for Komiyama, before learning his identity... At which point she demolished ''his'' movie too. Then they moved in the yard, with Junpei trying to convince her she could be a good actress and her warning him her words can kill... And when Junpei accidentally hits the school's [[JapaneseDelinquents banchou]] and gets punched for it, she ''proves it'', with a salvo of insults (that are nonetheless true) that sends the poor delinquent running in tears.** After that Junpei tries to be friendly... Then she notices [[AccidentalPervert he's recording under her skirt]]. Cue chase, Sotomura asking if she was his next victim, and telling Junpei he could actually breach through his "adorable" sister's shell, [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness given he had never seen her act that way]].* The result of the first encounter between Misuzu and Satsuki: they start fighting, and when Junpei tries to stop them (as Sotomura didn't want to interrupt her sister when she was fighting with such convinction for the first time in her life) they end up trampling him and touching him between the legs. It's Misuzu's horror and Satsuki's happiness that sell it.* Episode 5 at the end of 1st part when most of the main girls appear at the same time at the same place.


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