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1The frequent GutPunch moments and near-constant NightmareFuel do nothing to stop the series being hilarious(usually in a [[BlackComedy pitch-black]] way).[[foldercontrol]][[folder:I Am Not A Serial Killer]]* John's famous speech at the Halloween dance manages to be this, a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome, and NightmareFuel all at once.[[/folder]][[folder:Mr. Monster]]* While it gets [[FunnyAneurysmMoment significantly less funny later]], John's first scene with The Cat is pretty amusing to anybody who has a cat and has had this same interaction-nay, ''conversation'' with theirs.* Forman imitating [[MamaBear April]].--->You learn a lot working at a police station, like the fact that a certain Mrs. Cleaver won't stop calling about her daughter's abusive boyfriend. 'Arrest him, shoot him, kill him!'* John and Marci tag-team snarking on their friends is HilariousInHindsight.--->'''Rachel:''' This place smells green. And a little brown, because of the smoke.\'''Brooke:''' Exactly!\'''Marci:''' Can you believe these two?\'''John:''' It must be some kind of shared delusion.[[/folder]][[folder: I Don't Want to Kill You]]* Most of John and Marci's interactions, really, but especially John's [[NotSoDire horrible idea of what being a boyfriend is.]]--->'''John:''' This means I have to give you some kind of cutesy nickname, right?\'''Marci:''' I don't think we have to go that far.\'''John:''' How about "sweetums"?\'''Marci:''' If you call me that again, I will find another date for homecoming so fast your head will spin.* There's something absurdly hilarious about the whole concept of the climax. Nobody [[spoiler:''dies'' because she just wanted to get in John's pants that bad.]] Gotta admire the dedication.[[/folder]][[folder:The Devil's Only Friend]]* John reaches critical pettiness by adopting a dog to annoy his roommate.* His conversation over "the speed-bump test" with Elijah. John's problems are typically PlayedForDrama, so when he goes full HeroicComedicSociopath, it's absolutely priceless. And remember that all of this takes place in the middle of a tense firefight in a darkened SupervillainLair.--->'''John:''' ''[about Elijah getting shot]'' You'll be fine. I've seen you heal from worse.--->'''Elijah:''' The only injury I've had that was worse was getting hit by that truck.--->'''John:''' And you were fine.[[/folder]][[folder:Over Your Dead Body]][[/folder]][[folder:Nothing Left to Lose]]* Three words: [[TheQuietOne John]] + [[LargeHam theatre people]].[[/folder]]


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