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1* The first trailer shows plenty of them:˛** Raph's annoyance at Penguin mistaking him for Batman, snarking "Do I look like a freakin' Bat to you?!"˛** Mikey attempts to pounce on Batman, declaring "Think fast!". Batman casually catches him and tosses him aside. Mikey's response? "He thought too fast!"˛* The turtles' infighting after stopping Penguin's goons is immediately halted when they catch sight of [[CoolCar the Batmobile]].˛-->'''Leo''': What is it? It had better be... ([[NotSoAboveItAll is dumbstruck]] upon seeing the Batmobile) ...good.\˛'''Donnie''': It's... ''beautiful.''\˛'''Raph''': ''(whistles)'' What'cha think something like that costs?\˛'''Mikey''': My soul, probably? Since I'd pay that?˛* Alfred's "Oh no" right before Mikey slams into him, sending pizza flying everywhere.˛* Alfred being the resident ServileSnarker, lecturing Mikey on riding his skateboard in the mansion. Like any exasperated parent or guardian would lecture a child.˛** In the end, Mikey offers his skateboard to Alfred as an apology, asking that he only use it to perform the sickest of tricks. Alfred accepts, though his hesitation is clear despite his professionalism.˛* Harley, while still locked up, calls Shredder over, pretending she has something important to say. Turns out she just wanted to use his reflective faceplate to check her makeup. ˛-->'''Shredder''': I ''hate'' Gotham...˛* Commissioner Gordon complains about the usual [[StealthHiBye disappearing act]] and complains that no one lets him actually finish a sentence. But then Mikey reveals that he himself hasn't left yet and nearly gives Gordon a heart attack!˛** Before then, when Batman introduces him to the Turtles. He has to calm down by telling himself to think about his retirement and places where turtles don't talk and clowns are funny. ˛* The Joker calls for his nurse to administer the "new medicine" to Batman's Rogues Gallery, but Harley Quinn absolutely ''refuses'' to until he specifically refers to her as ''Dr.'' Harley Quinn.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Harleen Quinzel had legitimately earned a Ph.D in psychiatry before meeting Joker.[[/labelnote]]˛-->'''Harley Quinn:''' Ya damn straight! (''mutters to herself'') Eight years of college, a three year residency, and he says ''[[DudeWheresMyRespect “Nurse”]]''! ˛* Bane attempts the Bat Breaker on Donatello but fails and [[DidntThinkThisThrough hurts himself]] due to the extremely hard shell.˛* Raphael and Robin doing some cool jumps on a couple of stairs, while Mikey trips and the cool music stops while he tries to get up.˛* Mutated Poison Ivy being unable to reach Raph, Mikey, and Robin due to her roots being firmly stuck to the ground. Honestly hearing her just struggling trying to reach them is adorable.˛** This ends with the three simply staying close to the walls, then calmly walking out a nearby door.˛* During the fight between Batman and the Ninja Turtles, Mikey ends up crashing through the wall of a pizza parlor and ends up telling everyone to run from Batman. They run, but from Mikey himself, which he's completely oblivious to.˛** Mikey then slowly sneaks a slice of pizza to eat, only for Batman to lasso his hand and cheeks together to drag him out of the parlor. ˛--->'''Mikey:''' [[OhCrap Oh, crud.]]˛** Right before Mikey crashes through the wall, a rather amusing conversation between two women can be heard.˛--->'''Lady 1:''' I think we should see other people.˛--->'''Lady 2:''' *whining* But I don't ''like'' other people.˛* While the other turtles gather info on Batman (Donny thought he was just an {{urban legend|s}}), Mikey uses doodles on a whiteboard and manages to "deduce" that Batman is awesome. Unless he was evil, which would apparently make him 40% less awesome.. The others ignore him.˛-->'''Mikey:''' Okay, bros, I broke it down! Awesome: [[BuffySpeak little bat throwin' things]], [[CoolCar cool car]], [[TheCowl sweet bat hat]]. Not awesome: kicked our butts, maybe evil, [[BadassBaritone mean voice]].˛* After Batman is returned back to normal, Mutated Joker tries to slither away, only to come face-to-face with Batgirl, who promptly ''kicks all of his teeth out'' and then proceeds to take a selfie with him.˛* Doubles as an awesome moment, but Leonardo getting the upper hand over Ra's Al Ghul via GroinAttack is something to behold.˛** It's also funny because it's a nice ShutUpHannibal to Ra's' EvilGloating: He has been alive for hundreds of years and studied every form of martial arts known to man to become an expert... but he never expected his [[StatingTheSimpleSolution opponent to just kick him in the nuts.]]˛* While it does hold a lot of significance in the climax, the fact that Batman says "cowabunga" in a deadpan way is worth a chuckle. Especially given the fact it ''completely'' takes Shredder off guard as if he's as blindsided by it as the audience.˛** This is a perfect setup for Shredder to get shell-checked by Raphael, who sails past shouting "In your dumb face, Shred-Head!" Even better? The way he's holding his sai looks for all the world like he's FLIPPING OL' TIN GRIN THE BIRD.˛* Toward the beginning of the movie, as Batman is investigating the mysterious ninja clan on his turf on the Bat computer, Alfred brings him some coffee... in a bright blue Superman S-Shield emblazoned mug. The fact that neither character brings any attention to the thing somehow makes it funnier.˛* Mikey's reaction upon first seeing Robin, as he appears menacingly from the shadows and addresses him in a low, threatening tone:˛-->'''Mikey''': ''(beat)'' [[CutenessProximity Aw!]]˛** The scuffle between Mikey and Robin over one of Batman's spare cowls is hilariously immature, as it starts with them having tug-o-war over it. "Let go!" "No, ''you'' let go!"˛** The fight ends with Mikey tackling Robin to the ground and sitting on top of him while retracting into his shell.˛--->'''Robin''': ''(struggling to push Mikey off)'' Interlopers! I'll have your heads for this! Lemme up!\˛'''Mikey''': ''(from within his shell)'' Can't hear ya, bro! Head's in my shell.˛* Batman demands to know how the turtles got into the Batcave:˛-->'''Donnie''': Oh, well, there weren't many security measures in the northern tunnel. We had to swim for a bit, but... ''(beat; slowly pulls his head into his shell)'' I'm realizing you don't actually want constructive criticism right now.˛* Mikey tries to get Batman to lighten up and eat some pizza with them, only for the Dark Knight to say it wasn't the time for pizza. Mikey stands there in shock, not comprehending the words, and then Donnie quickly consoles and feeds him as if he were a baby.˛** As part of a CallBack during the end of the movie, Batman invites the team for three words:˛---> '''Batman''': It's pizza time.˛* [[ The entire bit]] where Donnie and Batgirl are finishing the retromutagen, and Batgirl's aversion to the word "ooze."˛--> '''Batgirl''': Raz obviously has plans for the mutagen ''your'' Shredder brought into the city.\˛'''Donnie''': Ooze. We call it ooze.\˛'''Batgirl''': Really!? Ugh, I do ''not'' like that word. Ooze. ''blegh'' Gross.\˛...\˛'''Batgirl''': With the info Donnie - I can call you that, right?\˛'''Donnie''': By all means.\˛'''Batgirl''': Cool - that Donnie had on his T-Phone, I've whipped up a retromutagen.\˛'''Donnie''': Anti-ooze!\˛'''Batgirl''': Not gonna call it that - that will reverse the effects of the...stuff.\˛'''Raphael''': You're gonna want to get that anti-ooze away from this happily mutated turtle.\˛'''Donnie''': Don't worry. It'll only work on someone who's been mutated in the last twelve hours. After that, the DNA changes are baked in.\˛'''Batgirl''': Yeah, although maybe worry a ''little'', because it's untested. Right now, there's a, I'm gonna say, fooouuurty percent chance of leeethal side effects...\˛''{{Beat}}''\˛'''Robin''': I agree with the turtle. Go stand over there.˛* The fight between Robin, Mikey and Raph and Mr. Freeze throws in yet another reference to ''Film/BatmanAndRobin'' by having the latter make an ice pun.˛-->'''Mikey:''' A polar bear with an ice gun? That is so cool!\˛'''Mr. Freeze:''' [[IWillShowYouX I'll show you cool, child.]]\˛'''Mikey:''' And he's got the lines down and everything?! Dude's on point!˛* Upon entering Arkham Asylum, Batman instructs the group to split up. He then coldly informs them all (particularly the turtles) that the asylum is basically a maze, there are hostages to rescue, and the inmates are easily the most dangerous criminals Gotham has ever faced. He then pauses, turns, and walks away.˛-->'''Donatello''': I was kind of expecting a pep talk.\˛'''Robin''': That ''was'' the pep talk.\˛'''Batgirl''': ...go team.˛* After Batman tells Raph that "this isn't a family, it's a team", and Raph responds with "[[ArmorPiercingQuestion ain't that the same thing?]]", Batman looks back at the others. While Robin and Batgirl have sad looks, Alfred [[FascinatingEyebrow raises an eyebrow expectedly]], like a parent silently telling their child they ''know'' there is only one correct answer.˛* As mentioned on the Awesome page, Michelangelo hits all the buttons in the Batmobile, activating a bunch of weapons. There's a shot of Robin seeing that, and apparently realizing what it means, as he enviously said he's always wanted to press all the buttons. There's also a bat-shaped firework in the arsenal for some reason, leaving many to wonder why Batman had one in the first place...˛* During the final battle Robin threatens [[NonActionGuy Baxter Stockman]], clearly hoping Stockman would be some sort of OneManArmy. Cue Stockman begging for mercy, throwing up and passing out.˛--> '''Robin''': You are a terrible disappointment...˛* The random Foot ninja turned into a T-Rex. At first, it seems like a case of NightmareFuel when his mouth is stuffed full of cures for the ooze mutation and he starts bulging and swelling alarmingly all over, but quickly becomes funny when he reverts to human, [[NakedPeopleAreFunny with only his mask remaining.]]˛* Mikey trying to stop the device while Donnie advises him.˛--> '''Mikey''': [[ShoutOut YOU do machines, I'M the party dude.]]˛----


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