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1* The way [[ComicBook/CaptainAmerica Steve Rogers]] [[ introduces the inverted villains as "All New Avengers"]] in a fan-edit:-->"Absorbing Man, because we need at least [[TheBigGuy one heavy hitter]]. Hobgoblin, only here because ComicBook/{{Magneto}} [[PoorMansSubstitute couldn't find]] ComicBook/NormanOsborn ("Hey!"). Enchantress, who now respects men too much to use them. ComicBook/{{Sabretooth}}, [[AntiHeroSubstitute our substitute]] ComicBook/{{Wolverine}} ("I could never replace Logan!"). Jack-O-Lantern, [[ButtMonkey most likely to be killed during this mission]] ("Wait, what'd you just say?"). ComicBook/{{Mystique}}, because [[WolverinePublicity she has a book quota to keep up]]. [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg And finally]], ComicBook/{{Carnage}}. Because [[TokenEvilTeammate a twisted]] [[BloodKnight psychopath]] [[SociopathicHero with a conscience]] [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking is]] [[ItAmusedMe hilarious]] ("I do not understand the difference between right and wrong!")."* Inverted-Carnage saves Spidey and Zenpool from Inverted-Nightcrawler. Spidey's reaction is priceless.* In the ''[[ComicBook/MightyAvengers2013 Captain America and the Mighty Avengers]]'' tie-in, Spider-Man decides to side with the Mighty Avengers against the inverted Avengers, snagging Cap's shield and giving a speech worthy of Steve Rogers. One scene change and SuperSentaiStance later, Spidey's lost the shield. Power Man questions where'd it go. Spidey's response: "Dropped it. Rolled over there. I'm a pretty bad Captain America."* The ENTIRETY of Carnage's tie in mini series. -->'''Carnage:''' [[InsaneTrollLogic They can't rob the bank]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice if I burn it to the ground first!]]----


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