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1[[AC:FridgeBrilliance]]* For a while after becoming affiliated with the insanity that is the TGWTG fandom, I started wondering the high quality of the fanfiction, most notably all-around high-IC rates. Then it hit me - plenty of the writers are ''tropers'', and those that aren't watch videos from reviewers who are raging against the exact same things. Also the prevalence of tropers/trope-savvy people has also kept some of the more unpleasant fandom-tropes like ShipToShipCombat out. The people are simply too ''aware'' to fall into such things. ''Which is awesome.'' * In his Vlog review of the ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' Season 1 finale, he claims he has no idea why the moon would be connected to Waterbending -- hard not to picture him saying, [[Recap/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheAvatarState "I am sorry, but I do not know much about the tides."]]----


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