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1[[quoteright:200:]] ²This Canadian drama from 2012 revolves around the story of Margarita, a Mexican immigrant who's undocumented and living in Canada as a Canadian family's nanny within Toronto. Margarita has lived with them for eight years, basically raising Ben and Gail's teen daughter Mali. She is also in a long-term relationship with her Canadian girlfriend Jane. As Mali nears adulthood and her employers are struggling financially though, they decide it's time to let her go. Margarita at the same time wants to marry her girlfriend, who is reluctant over the idea. When she is exposed as undocumented to the police after getting into an accident on her bike, Margarita must find a way of staying with her loved ones.²!Examples:²* BoyishShortHair: Margarita's girlfriend Jane has hers close-cropped as part of her butch look.²* ButchLesbian: Jane is a mild example, with short hair and more masculine clothing. However, she's otherwise not an example (i.e. in personality or interests). ²* CallingParentsByTheirName: Mali generally addresses her parents this way, due to both being pretty neglectful. They left her to be cared for by Margarita, who she feels much closer with as a result.²* CharacterTitle: The film's name comes from the main character.²* CitizenshipMarriage: To obtain residency in Canada, Gail proposes that Ben marry Margarita (because though they're a couple, they haven't legally married). Deciding that would be awkward, Gail then says ''she'' can marry Margarita (as Canada has same-sex marriage). Margarita declines, but then her girlfriend accepts her previous marriage proposal, with the same outcome. ²* FanserviceExtra: Margarita and Jane's lesbian friends are shown while in the hot tub wearing only underclothes. All of them are young women and attractive.²* TheIllegal: The protagonist is a Mexican who's lived in Canada for eight years and does not have permission to. After the police learn this when she's in an accident, she gets ordered to leave. ²* IncompatibleOrientation: Carlos, a Brazilian handyman, makes no secret that he's attracted to Margarita and he flirts often with her, although she's a lesbian. While she flirts back in a friendly way, when he proposes marriage to her and says her sexual orientation could change, Margarita says no, that's not possible-he's just her friend.²* LipstickLesbian: The main character Margarita is an example, as are most of her lesbian friends, who have long hair and more feminine clothing.²* MasculineFeminineGayCouple: Margarita has long hair and wears more feminine clothing. Her girlfriend (later fiancée) Jane has short hair and more masculine clothing. Otherwise however they aren't very different.²* MsFanservice: Margarita is very beautiful. She gets a long scene in the hot tub wearing only a sports bra and shorts. Later, she's also shown topless having sex with her girlfriend. Even in regular clothes she's still quite stunning, and gets a lot of attention from Brazilian handyman Carlos ([[IncompatibleOrientation though she's a lesbian]]).²* ModestyBedsheet: ²** Gail has the covers around her chest after she had slept with her partner Ben. However, it slips briefly to show one breast. ²** Margarita and Jane have the covers up after having sex, although they had shown their breasts during, so it's more probably just due to being cold.²* NoNameGiven: None of the characters get their last names revealed, only the first ones.²* QueerRomance: Though it isn't the sole focus of the film, the relationship between main character Margarita and her girlfriend Jane is a main theme.²* ParentalNeglect: Ben and Gail are both medical professionals highly focused on their careers. As such, eight years back they got Margarita (a Mexican in Canada who's undocumented) to be their nanny. She practically raised their daughter Mila ever since, who is quite resentful of them for this.²* ParentalSubstitute: Margarita is more of a parent to Mila than her actual mom or dad since both are very focused on their careers. They hired her to be their nanny as a result. Mila is far closer to Margarita than either of them, pointedly [[CallingParentsByTheirName calling both by their first names]] and not "Mom" or "Dad".²* TwoferTokenMinority: The main character is a Mexican lesbian (along with being undocumented in Canada).


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