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1[[quoteright:280:]]²[[caption-width-right:280:"We've got a yellow truck, a road in front of us, and nothing but opportunities."]]²²->'''Natalie:''' You're not very good at reading minds.\²'''Keith:''' Well, that's cause I wasn't really trying. ''[puts his hand on Natalie's head]'' He manages stacks of paper, moving them from side to side everyday. He hates his job. When he was your age, he dreamed of going to Duke, but they rejected him. So he pored over every detail of your application, night after night until you finally got it right. Natalie Anderson, the star of the household, who loves being the center of attention. She just wishes it didn't mean having to play tennis all the time.\²-- '''The office scene'''²²[[CatchPhrase This is the film description scene.]]²²''Keith'' is a 2008 romantic drama starring Elisabeth Harnois and Jesse [=McCartney=] (yes, ''that'' [[Music/JesseMcCartney Jesse McCartney]]).²²Natalie Anderson (Harnois) is the perfect high-school student -- straight A's, varsity tennis player, member of the yearbook club, etc. Naturally, her boyfriend is the equally impressive and attractive Hispanic jock Raphael. But unbeknownst to her, fellow student Keith Zetterstrom ([=McCartney=]) has made plans to "have fun with her", and a seemingly innocuous assignment as lab partners turns into a bizarre friendship which changes Natalie's life -- apparently for the worse -- as her picture-perfect life gives way to an insatiable curiosity about Keith and the secrets he's keeping.²²----²²!!This is the trope examples scene:²* TheAce: Natalie, as described by Keith above, as well as in her depiction in the first scene.²* BavarianFireDrill: On a whim, Keith takes Natalie to some random office building, walks right in and finds a conference room to sit in while they continue working on their lab assignment. They get thrown out by security a short time later, but the scene encourages Natalie to get used to going along with Keith's bizarre improvisational antics.²* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler:Keith dies, and Natalie now owns his truck, after having successfully reconstructed the carburetor and installed it with the help of Keith's dad. She graduates, and appears to have mended her friendship with Rebecca, and the last scene shows her fulfilling Keith's dream of going to London, Ontario]].²* {{Bookends}}: The scene where Natalie is lying on the back of the pickup truck as it inches toward the edge of a cliff.²* [[BreakHisHeartToSaveHim Break Her Heart To Save Her]]: [[spoiler:Once he realizes that Natalie wants more than friendship from him, Keith tries his hardest to dissuade her from wanting to be with him. Only in the "goodbye scene" does he let her win him over, after she chooses to see past his sickness]].²* CharacterDevelopment: Natalie learns to live her own life rather than what her parents had planned out for her as she grows closer to Keith. [[spoiler:With Keith, although he's long since accepted his impending death, he finds one last reason to live as he falls in love with Natalie despite his frustration that he doesn't have enough time to enjoy their relationship. The last we see of him, he finally returns Natalie's feelings and accepts that she's willing to stay with him for however long he has left]].²* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Keith seems to be living in his own crazy world.²* DeusExMachina: Natalie was so close to making a clean break from Keith, until a car drives by his truck and a kid alights from it, gushing about playing video games with Keith. This sudden glimpse of a softer side of Keith changes Natalie's mind and further heightens her curiosity about him.²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: The first scenes of the movie basically describe both Natalie and Keith, particularly how disparate their lives are from one another. Natalie is the quintessential high-school overachiever, while Keith appears to be a charmingly irreverent jerk whose bad attitude is excused by the adults around him for some unknown reason.²* HiddenDepths: The majority of the movie is about Keith's secrets, as well as how they appear to be pulling Natalie into a downward spiral throughout the film.²* InLoveWithTheMark: [[spoiler:Keith really ''did'' want to have fun with Natalie, as he said at the beginning of the movie. The last thing he wanted was to fall for her, and he hated it because he was dying and was just coming to terms with the fact]].²* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: Keith, who calls out random scenes when he's with Natalie, including a "picnic scene" (doing their assignment in a conference room) and a bowling scene (which they decide to save, instead opting to leave bowling balls on people's front porches). Once he stops doing this, [[spoiler:it falls to Natalie to create the "goodbye scene"]].²* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Keith is a RareMaleExample.²* MeaningfulEcho: The more Natalie becomes a bigger part of Keith's life, the more she parrots Keith's lines. It also marks how their feelings for each other grow throughout the film.²* PrecisionFStrike:²-->'''Natalie:''' Fuck you.\²'''Keith:''' [[spoiler:You just did, partner]].²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Keith gives a very mean one to Natalie when she contrives a "goodbye scene" [[spoiler:after she finds out that he's dying. Natalie doesn't buy it for a second and correctly assumes that Keith is just hiding his true emotions]].²* RedHerring: Keith lies about his address and family, underestimating Natalie's determination to figure him out.²* RomanticFalseLead: Raphael. To be fair, Natalie does wish him well; it's just that it's easier than trying to explain why she's so obsessed with figuring Keith out.²* SecretlyDying: [[spoiler:Keith. His fatal condition is implied to be cancer, after Natalie talks with the father of the boy who was friends with Keith]].²* SherlockScan: Keith appears to have Natalie all figured out, as shown in the page quote above. [[spoiler:It turns out that he's always had a crush on her since he was 9 and played an anonymous guard while she assumed the role of the princess in a school play]].²* TheSnarkKnight: Keith lives and breathes snark.[[spoiler:.. though not for much longer]].²* SorryThatImDying: [[spoiler:Keith: "I just wanted a little more time."]]²* WhamLine: [[spoiler:Al: "They were in chemo together."]]²²----²²-->''"This is the goodbye scene."''


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