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1[[quoteright:350:]] 께->''"The day I was born started off bad, and it only got worse."''께A 1996 drama film directed by Creator/AnjelicaHuston, adapted from the 1992 [[TheFilmOfTheBook novel of the same name]] by Dorothy Allison.께Set in [[TheFifties 1950s]] rural South Carolina, the story is set around Ruth Anne "Bone" Boatwright (Creator/JenaMalone) and her family, consisting of her mother, Anney (Creator/JenniferJasonLeigh) and her stepfather Glen. Initially, due to be being born out of wedlock, Bone just lives with her mother and extended family in the poorer parts of town. Even though she loves Bone, Anney hasn't really grown up too much and gets tired from working to support her and Bone and is needed for attention, coupled with having to deal with the stigma from having a baby out of wedlock. 께After her nice and hardworking husband, Lyle, is killed in a car accident, Anney goes on to remarry Glen Waddell, who, at first, seems nice and caring but, when Anney has a stillbirth, things head south really fast.께NeedsWikiMagicLove.께----께!Includes examples of:* AbusiveParents: Bone's stepfather is very abusive towards her, beating her, molesting her, molesting her while masturbating, [[spoiler: and [[RapeAsDrama raping]] her in the climax]].* ComingOfAge: More so in the novel.* ConvenientMiscarriage: Well, not exactly "convenient", Anney has a stillbirth and is unable to have children again.* IllGirl: Aunt Ruth that Bone briefly stays with, who later succumbs to cancer. * ADateWithRosiePalms: In the original novel, while Anney is giving birth, Glen does this while touching Bone. In the movie, however, he just molests her.* DeepSouth: More specifically in small ruralish town of 1950s Carolina (as the title states). * DisappearedDad: Plays a small part in the conflict, as, in the novel, Anney was in a coma when she gave birth, so she couldn't lie and say she was married, while, in the movie, Bone's grandmother refused to put the name of Bone's birth-father on the certificate (after she ran him out of town). * ForcefulKiss: Glen gives one to Bone after he threatens her.* FromBadToWorse: As the quote above implies, Bone starts off in a bad situation, and it only gets worse from there.* HairTriggerTemper: Glen, though this is more obvious in the book, however, him having this is what costs him his job.* IWantMyMommy: Bone does this a couple of the times when she's in the hospital. The second instance is rather [[TearJerker crushing]]. * MamaBear:** When Aunt Raylene finds out that Glen had beaten Bone, she tells her uncles to "Kill him" ** When she finds [[spoiler:Glen raping Bone, Anney's response is to hit him over the head with a bottle. But she still sides with him over Bone.]] * NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Glen gets the holy hell beat out of him by Bone's uncles.* NoodleIncident: It's not really said what happened to Bone's actual father but, in the movie, according to Bone's narration, her grandmother ran him out of town. * OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Our protagonist is named Ruth Anne, but she has been called Bone since birth, as, to her uncle, "she didn't look much bigger than his knucklebone".* ParentsAsPeople: Anney, however, she would be a tragic deconstruction. You see, she loves her daughter, Bone, but, due to being so young and feeling lonely, she wanted more attention, leading her to take up with a nice man named Lyle, who dies, and, wanting to fill the void, decided to take up with Glen. * ParentalAbandonment: [[spoiler:Anney, still in love with Glen, at the end, leaves Bone with Raylene and Earl]] * ParentalSubstitute: Though it didn't last long, Aunt Ruth plays this role to Bone. Later on, Raylene takes over this role. * RapeAsDrama* TeenPregnancy: Though this isn't too clear in the movie, the book states that Anney was 15 when she had Bone.* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Bone has a little sister, Reese, but she practically disappears in the film after Anney's marriage to Glen.* WouldHurtAChild: Glen has no qualms about this whatsoever.----


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