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1As a series with an emphasis on characterization, the ''VideoGame/StoryOfSeasons'' franchise has a fair amount of fanon.²----²²!!General²* If the male player character has brown hair and wears blue overalls with a blue hat, he's "Jack", not [[VideoGame/HarvestMoonAWonderfulLife "Mark"]], "Pete" (''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoon1 SNES]]'', ''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoonBackToNature Mineral Town]]'', ''GB'' games), "Tony" (''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland Save The Homeland]]''), "Adam" (''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoonMagicalMelody Magical Melody]]''), etc.²* Certain couples are common enough in fan-works to be fanon. This includes Mark/Celia (''AWL''), Claire/Gray (''BTN:FG''/''MFOMT''), Pony/Marlin (''AWL''), Pony/Skye (''DS Cute''), and Chelsea/Vaughn (''IOH''/SOS'').²* The Witch Princess and Harvest Goddess are [[CainAndAbel sisters]].²* The FictionalCurrency G is short for "Gold". It's a logical leap, especially since certain games depict it as a golden coin, but it's never canonically called anything besides "G".²²!!''Harvest Moon 64''²* Elli is the "canon" bachelorette in ''64''. This stems from the Japanese strategy guide implying such.²* Gray and Ann's surnames in ''64'' is "Green", because they live on Green Ranch. This also gives Gray and Popuri's daughter the ultra PunnyName of "Mint Green".²* Gotz is physically and emotionally abusive towards his [[DomesticAbuse wife]] and [[AbusiveParents daughter]]. It's implied but never directly stated.²* Sasha is Eve's daughter. It's never mentioned whether it's her or Gotz, but most fans see more of a resemblance between Sasha and Eve.²* Ann and Maria are named after [[DeadGuyJunior their deceased grandmothers]]. This is actually LostInTranslation: in Japan, they were named the [[AlliterativeFamily similar but not identical]] "Ran" and "Marie".²²!!''Harvest Moon: Back To Nature'' (and the other Mineral Town games)²* Doctor's name is "Tim". This misconception likely stems from a character in ''Back to Nature'' (a dog) being named "Tim". The DS games ended up naming him "Trent".²²!!''Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland''²* The protagonist has the fanon name of "Troy". His canon name is "[[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign Toy]]", but fans prefer to think that's a misspelling.²* Due to ValuesDissonance, Katie is depicted as 18-23 instead of her canon age of 16.²* Joe and Kurt as twins. Canonically, Joe is actually older than Kurt by a year.²²!!''Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life''/''Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life''²* Nina is the same pink-haired character from previous games. They have the same name (in the Japanese version too), both love flowers, and have similarly curly hair. Nina's [[spoiler:death]] also mirrors Ellen's in ''64''. The most popular theory is that Nina is the grandmother of ''FOMT''[=/=]''MFOMT'' Popuri.²* When the original ''A Wonderful Life'' game came out, it seemed unanimous amongst fan sites that Wally left the city because [[CareerEndingInjury he injured his leg in a race and can no longer run professionally]].²* Kate looks nothing like her Asian parents. This has led many fans to assume she's [[ChocolateBaby illegitimate]] or adopted.²* Celia being the "canon" bachelorette in ''A Wonderful Life'', because she's the default due to the game's mechanics. Despite this, ''A Little Shop'' features Muffy's son with Mark. Alternatively, Muffy is the "canon" bachelorette because she doesn't have a proper rival and Andy from ''A Little Shop'' is based off of Muffy's son.²²!!''Harvest Moon: Magical Melody''²* Many fans refer to the female ''Magical Melody'' protagonist as "Melody" instead of her CanonName "Amanda".²* Amanda is the preferred protagonist in fan-works. She's almost always shipped with Jamie.²²!!''Harvest Moon DS''/''Harvest Moon DS: Cute''²* Either Marlin/Pony or Skye/Pony (rarer, Skye/Claire) are seen as the "canon" couples for ''Cute'' by most fans.²* There's a theory that Mayor Thomas is really the Harvest King in mortal form.²* There are more ''Cute'' fanworks where Pony is the protagonist than there are Claire ones.²* Witch Princess, Harvest Goddess, Keira, and Leia are bisexual. This is due to the "[[HideYourLesbians Best Friend]]" system in ''Cute''.²²!!''Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility''/''Harvest Moon: Animal Parade''²* You're far more likely to hear people use the Japanese names of the protagonists, instead of their English names. This is in part due to the gap between release between the Japanese and English versions. Many fans were used to the Japanese names by then.²²!!''Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar'' ²* The protagonist have no canon names however fans call them "Hansel" and "Gretel".


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