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1[[ The Worst Bakers in Equestria]] is a series of seven WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic fanfics by Bob from Bottle. They tell the story of [[FishOutOfTemporalWater Princess Luna]], [[CloudCuckooLander Ditzy Doo]], [[MilesGloriosus Trixie]] and Rainbow Dash as they compete in the Worst Bakers in Equestria (WBE) competition.²²Each of them has their own reasons for competing. Rainbow Dash to defend her title as current champion, Trixie to enact revenge on Rainbow Dash as well as deal with her Poison Joke curse based on [[InsaneTrollLogic tenuous logic]], Ditzy for the prize of free food she intends to use to feed Dinky and Princess Luna to better understand the magic of bad baking. For these bakers are so bad at baking, they [[BeyondTheImpossible break the laws of physics]] when attempting to do so and [[EpicFail only the absolute worst attempts]] stand a chance.²²But what ''is'' the secret of baking bad and what other secrets does this competion hold?²²!!This fanfic contains examples of the following tropes:²²* AntiMagic: [[spoiler:The null stones]]²* BeyondTheImpossible: The bakers can be so bad that they can create malevolent bread golems.²* CosmicPlaything: One of Trixie's motivations for entering the competition was because a Poison Joke encounter left her with supernaturally bad luck, and figured it could be channeled into bad baking since it was actively preventing her from getting treatment. She acknowledges she has no reason to believe this, but considering that fate was pretty much taking a contract out on her, logic was left at the door.²* CrazyPrepared: Pinkie Pie turns out to have hundreds of party supply crates buried across Equestria, just in case there's an urgent need for a party.²* EpicFail: The ''goal'' of the competition. Of course, [[spoiler: In two cases the food actually came out perfectly, so an epic failure at epic failing? Though one was intentional, and managed to make an edible dish out of milk so congealed it could stand up without being in the carton.]]²* FanGirl: Twilight is a big fan of Royal Blue's ink.²* {{Gamebooks}}²* GivingUpOnLogic: Trixie doesn't care if her logic for combating her bad luck is completely ridiculous. Her bad luck doesn't make sense to begin with.²* ImprobableWeaponUser: [[spoiler: Trixie fights her spoon wielding dough off with a spatula.]]²* LethalChef: The competitors (at least the ones that make it past the first round) can take this UpToEleven. Stuff that's BeyondTheImpossible happens all the time with their baking. Once, Rainbow Dash, the reigning champion, somehow managed to create blueberry muffins, ''while trying to make cookies''. Supervised. Nothing went wrong during the baking process, and ''blueberries were not an ingredient''.²* RevengeBeforeReason: Part of Trixie's motivation.²* TheRival: Traditionally, Royal Blue is this to Rainbow Dash, but later, Trixie gets promoted to this role.²* TomTheDarkLord: [[spoiler:Snuggle Cakes.]]²* SecretIdentity: Luna has one as Morning Dew.²* SpringtimeForHitler: In her first match of the tournament, [[spoiler:Ditzy manages to fail so badly at baking that she loops right back around into a SupremeChef with food good enough to give the judge an epiphany]]. This costs her the round, but she's pretty happy regardless [[spoiler:because she can finally cook properly for Dinky]].


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