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1[[ Horrid Horrificator]] is an AlternateUniverseFic made by [[ RockSunner]], for ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug''. Part of the [[ Smart Adversaries AU]] for Miraculous Ladybug on [[Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn AO3]], in which Ladybug villains make smarter decisions. The series has a [[Fanfic/SmartAdversariesAU tropes page here]].²²This is a three-chapter work and it is now complete.²----²!!This fanfiction series contains examples of:²* AlternateUniverseFic: A WhatIf with the change that [[spoiler:Hawk Moth encourages Horrificator to start her attacks while Marinette and Alya are still in the bathroom, with the result that both are glued into a stall by the monster.]]²* BiTheWay: Alya [[spoiler:admits to liking both guys and girls]]. Marinette [[spoiler:ends up with her after being heartbroken by the kissing scene between Adrien and Chloe.]]²* BoundAndGagged: In order to protect her secret identity, [[spoiler:Marinette leaves Alya not only still stuck in the goo but also blindfolded and with her ears plugged by extra goo transferred by Tikki.]]²* BruceWayneHeldHostage: Marinette [[spoiler:is stuck in the monster's goo trap in the same stall as Alya, and may have to expose her secret identity to Alya to come to the rescue of the others. This qualifies for the trope because all akuma attacks are meant to draw Ladybug out so that Hawk Moth can get her Miraculous.]]²* {{Claustrophobia}}: Alya's weakness, which is why [[spoiler:being trapped in Horrificator's goo has a much greater effect on her than other dangers, like getting pushed into a portal in the sky by Pharaoh.]]²* EntertaininglyWrong: Alya thinks the goo on the mirror is due to vandalism, rather than seeing it as an indication that an akuma victim is near.²* FixFic: It is absurd in the original episode that Marinette says she didn't find Mylène in the bathroom when she never checked the stalls.²* LogicalWeakness: Since the goo [[spoiler:hardens when it dries, it is logical for it to soften when it is made wet.]]²* OnTheRebound: Alya [[spoiler:becomes a rebound relationship for Marinette.]]


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