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1''The Key to a Successful Interview Is a Good First Impression!'' was a ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' Fic written by The Sage of Toads.께As the {{Trope Codifier}}s of the TakahashiCouple and one of the oldest pairings in web-based fanfiction, Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo are best known as one of the most violent pairings in anime. The subtle nuances of their relationship have been explored and examined in thousands of fics since the mid 1990s, but in the majority of cases, their relationship remains a case of BelligerentSexualTension.께''Interview'' on the other hand was a SatireParodyPastiche story about what happens when Ranma gets the chance to meet Akane and reveal his curse under nearly-ideal circumstances, allowing them to strike up a functional friendship. Of course they still live in Nerima and Ranma is still going to have to deal with Kuno, Ryouga, and the Fiancee Brigade so it definitely isn't going to ''stay'' ordinary...께It has two [[Main/SpinOff Spin-Offs]]: ''Fanfic/BeautifulDestroyerSailorMoon'' a ''Anime/SailorMoon'' fanfic and ''Fanfic/TheMerryKillers'' a ''Manga/LoveHina'' fanfic taking place in the same [[TheVerse verse]].께The original fic was removed due to the author not being sure if they wanted to continue it, but a recut version of it (currently dormant) can be found [[ here.]]께----!!This fanfic contains examples of:께* AchillesHeel: While their bodies can handle poison hidden inside food, the mouths of those who practice the La Belle France School of Martial Arts Fine Dining are super sensitive to spicy stuff.* AdaptationalBadass: Kasumi is an absolute ''beast'' in this fic, managing to [[CurbStompBattle wipe the floor]] with [[spoiler:Shampoo]].* AdaptationalCurves: Played with. Akane starts out with a very similar build to what she had in the series, but she develops an impressive figure as the story goes on.* AdaptationalHeroism: Nabiki is still a greedy schemer like in canon, but this version of her also shows a lot more heart.* AdaptationalVillainy: A few:** Mousse is far more villainous, a consequence of [[spoiler:using the ''Xi Fa Xing Gao'' on himself to forget his love for Shampoo]].** In canon, Kaori Daikoku is just a one-shot character and possibly Ukyo's prototype. Here, being raised to become the bride of Genma's son gave her enough hatred to drive her insane and make her the BigBad.** Picolet and the La Belle France School of Martial Arts are pretty much scammers that paint themselves as martial artists, and Madame St. Paul is explicitly [[ImAHumanitarian a cannibal]].** Panthyose Taro is out to kill Genma and Soun. Still, [[JustifiedTrope considering they killed Happosai and left Taro stuck with his name]]...* AmazonChaser: Akane's martial arts skill is a major reason why Ranma loves her.* AndCallHimGeorge: Azusa of course, until Akane figures out that it's a facade to hide that she is a BrokenBird.* AxesAtSchool: The JSDF fighter jet that is mentioned to have been stolen on an early chapter [[spoiler:turns out to have been stolen by Shampoo, who removes its [[{{BFG}} 30mm gatling cannon]] and uses it to ''[[TrashTheSet demolish Furinkan High with gunfire]]'' in an attempt to kill Akane (the cafeteria because that's where Akane was, the rest of the building because she felt like it). Yes, Nerima is the kind of place where ''even school shootings'' go UpToEleven]].* BattleButler and NinjaMaid: The Chardins have one butler and hordes of maids, all combat capable. The butler turns out to be an old friend of Kasumi's.* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Averted in the Golden Pair fight* BerserkButton: When Ranma insists the Akane isn't his girlfriend, Ryouga [[WhatAnIdiot accuses him of being gay]].--> Ranma's punch registered a 9.5 on the Richter scale in Switzerland.** A second one: Hurting Akane.** Akane completely loses it in Chapter 15 [[spoiler:when Shampoo says that she and Ranma had sex while he was brainwashed.]]** Ranma doesn't not like it if you threaten Nodoka (as the Red Hot Teahouse made the mistake of doing in Chapter 34).* BewareTheNiceOnes: Kasumi. And [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown how]].** Tofu as well.* {{BFS}}: Nanami Sakana has one of these, and she's trained in Yagyu Shinkage style. It's explicitly referred to as a zanbatou, and while it isn't precisely a sword, as Ranma notes that 'sword' implies a cutting edge and Nanami's has none, she still wields it this way. It even has a second hilt.** [[WoodenKatanasAreEvenBetter Dai-]][[EvilWeapon Kuno]] is a more realistically proportioned example. In fact, it's supposed to be ''the'' bokken Musashi carved for his duel with Sasaki. Also counts as an EmpathicWeapon and SealedEvilInACan. It has a tendency to [[WeaponWieldsYou hijack]] the weaker willed, even using them as [[TalkingWeapon mouthpiece]]; comes complete with RedEyesTakeWarning.** [[Manga/SailorMoon Minako Aino]] is noted to own "an especially large Highland Claymore".* BigDamnHeroes: In chapter 19, Azusa saves Akane from Kaori.** In chapter 32, [[spoiler: Shampoo saves the Kunos and the Golden Pair]] from the Good Ol' Days team. Turns out, it was all part of ThePlan.* BiTheWay: ** [[spoiler:Kodachi]]** [[spoiler: Also, more recently, Nabiki and Shampoo.]] Unless they're just messing with everyone.* BlackComedy: Chapter 10 casually plays a murder/suicide by plane crash for laughs. * BlackComedyRape: What Nabiki does to Ryouga.* BrainBleach: The maids wear blindfolds because the sight of Chardins' stretching their mouths is horrific to look at. * BrickJoke: Akane's intent to "fuck Kodachi with a steamroller" during the Kodachi Arc.** During Chapter 15's epic battle, Shampoo threw a tugboat into the air that was never mentioned again... until Chapter 21 in an extraordinarily painful fashion.* BrokenBird: Azusa* ButtMonkey: Ryouga gets ''no'' sympathy from ''anyone'', and even ''Kuno'' gets more respect than Gosunkugi.** In Ryoga's case, things get better. By the Grand Prix Arc, he has joined a demolition crew of TrueCompanions and seems happy with [[spoiler: his marriage to Osaka. Additionally, he has given up on exacting vengeance on Ranma, and as a consequence he loses all interest in the martial arts.]]* CallBack: [[spoiler: Ranma's warning about getting too lax from mob fighting is brought back when Akane faces the assault of a hundred foes and she evades a sneak attack from Azusa thanks to it.]]* TheCameo: Naru and Kitsune from ''Manga/LoveHina'' make an appearance as a pair of Asuka/Dr. Akagi cosplayers at an [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Eva]] convention. [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Leeron]] also makes a few appearances but it's not clear yet whether he's also a cosplayer... ''[[{{Crossover}} or not]]''.** Chapter 10 revealed that the girl that Ranma borrowed the Rei plugsuit costume from was [[Anime/SailorMoon Ami Mizuno]].** [[Anime/TenchiMuyo Mihoshi Kuramitsu]] as the incompetent immigration official.** Chapter 14 reveals Genma's ace-in-the hole, the legendary Grand Master Dio, aka...''[[BigWhat Donny Osmond?!]]''** Speaking of chapter 14, one of Kasumi's flashbacks reveals the doctor that treated Miss Tendo was Ryuuken Ishida from Bleach.** In Chapter 20, [[Anime/SailorMoon Rei Hino]] shows up, and she attends St. Bacchus.** [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Dorothy Catalonia]] also makes a cameo in chapter 20, as a European exchange student at Furinkan, whose eyebrows were shaved off.** The owner of TheLittleShopThatWasntThereYesterday that the gang visits may either be Kagome Higurashi or her descendant, but the man she talks to at the end of Chapter 28 is definitely Manga/{{Inuyasha}}.** [[Manga/SailorMoon Usagi and the other Inner Senshi]] show up in chapter 30, complete with Minako and her {{BFS}}[=-=]even if [[EarlyBirdCameo she's still in Europe at the current point of]] ''Fanfic/BeautifulDestroyerSailorMoon''.** When Brad Shishioh has been captured, [[Fanfic/TheMerryKillers Haruka Urashima]] tells him, "By the way, for referring to Auntie Nodoka as a 'Monster,' I'm going to make your nightmare long and painful." She then holds a scalpel and Brad has a VillainousBreakdown.* CelebrityPower: Donny Osmond can fly.* CerebusRollercoaster: Plenty of romantic comedy dotted with little horrible details like Shampoo being essentially an OutsideGenreFoe (thanks to having family in Roanapur).* ChekhovsGun:** In Chapter 12, an A-10 Thunderbolt II and thousands of rounds for its main gun are mentioned stolen from an air base. [[MoreDakka It turns up soon enough.]]** Remember the [[spoiler: pot of [[FireBreathingDiner extra spicy curry]] Akane made and later sealed in the Nekohaten's freezer?]] They brought it out to bring down [[spoiler: Picolet Chardin in Chapter 26.]]* CoolPet: The Kuno Family's giant crocodile Mr. Turtle, who also gets a BigDamnHeroes moment alongside ''Kodachi'' in Chapter 19.* CoolShades: Kuno in Chapter 20 shows up wearing the glasses he got at the end of the Take-out race. The results are... interesting* CovertPervert: Akane, even more so than in canon. Even before getting together with Ranma, she [[EatingTheEyeCandy subtly ogles him]], fantasizes about eating off his naked body, and even masturbates while thinking about him.* CreepyCrossdresser: House Chardin's toughest fighter is a seven foot tall muscleman in a maid's outfit.* CrowdSong: the song in chapter 14. Ranma has no idea why he's singing to it.* CuteBruiser: Akane more and more.* DarkerAndEdgier: A bit so. Still funny, but a lot more BlackComedy and [[VulgarHumor vulgarity]].* ADateWithRosiePalms: Kasumi hears Akane masturbating.* DeathByAdaptation: [[spoiler:Genma and Soun actually succeeded in killing Happosai when they were young]].* DeconstructionFic* DefrostingIceQueen: Akane starts undergoing this immediately thanks to their better first meeting. She's already [[ADateWithRosiePalms masturbating to fantasies of him!]] {{Chaste Hero}}es are perfectly safe, after all.* DefusingTheTykeBomb: In Chapter 32.* DespairEventHorizon: Akane begins crossing it in wake of losing to Shampoo in 16.* {{Determinator}}: Neither a snowstorm nor a horde of security maids can stop Dr. Tofu from rescuing Kasumi.* TheDogBitesBack: Most of the maids working for the Chardins were actually there to WorkOffTheDebt they or their families incurred. When the Chardins are exposed as [[ConMan con men]], the maids descend on them after Ranma and co leave.* TheDoorSlamsYou: At one point, Nabiki comes into Akane's room to ask about P-chan, accidentally slamming the door on Kodachi.* DoWithHimAsYouWill: The Wrecking Crew leaves the Chardins to be set upon by their former servants.* TheDreaded: ''[[FanFic/BeautifulDestroyerSailorMoon Sailor Moon]]''.* EntitledToHaveYou: Gosunkugi feels this way to Akane.* EveryoneHasStandards: To get an idea of how appalling the "Good Old Days" style is, even ''Happosai'' found it loathsome.* {{Expy}}: Shampoo is basically [[AxCrazy Shenhua]] from ''Manga/BlackLagoon''. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] by the fact that Shenhua is both Shampoo's cousin and mentor.* FireBreathingDiner: Akane's extra-spicy curry is comparable to napalm.* FlatWhat: Delivered by the Tendos and Ranma when the news of Genma engaging Ranma to Kaori is revealed.* GirlyBruiser: Kasumi is demure and feminine, and hands down one of the best fighters in the story.* GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex: Ranma and Akane have an active, fulfilling sex life.* GoSeduceMyArchnemesis: Ranma figures out that Ryoga's Shi Shi Hodokan is powered by depression. So he sends Akane to go out on dates with him to make him happy to take the edge off the technique. [[spoiler:It doesn't work, his ki attacks are fueled by strong emotion in general, not just despair]].* GratuitousNinja: Ukyo is shown to be this in chapter 19.* GrievousHarmWithABody: Used in the Rhythmic Gymnastics fight between Akane and Kodachi, as per canon.** It's also done unintentionally earlier on, when Akane throws Kodachi out the window, not knowing she'd hit Ryoga.** Temari-chan, being a TykeBomb MarionetteMaster, does this as well. This is an interesting case, however, in that the people she uses as puppets ''volunteer'' to be used this way, even when it leads to their bones getting broken.* HappilyMarried: Despite the [[ShotgunWedding unfortunate circumstances]], [[spoiler:Ryoga and [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Osaka]]]] manage to find bliss.* HeroicBSOD: Akane has one of these when she first hears about the marriage agreement. It's actually ''called'' a BSOD by the narrative.* HotBlooded: If Nanami Sakana is not a living embodiment of this, I just don't know who is. During her fight with Ranma, she breathes steam. For serious.* HurricaneOfPuns: Gosunkugi delivers a series of cat puns in chapter 21.* IfItsYouItsOkay: [[spoiler:Shampoo has no problem frenching an amnesiac Girl!Ranma.]]* ImAHumanitarian: The only combat technique in Fine Dining Martial Arts involves eating your opponent.* TheImmodestOrgasm: ** Chapter 5. Kasumi describes Nabiki's masturbation moaning as "theatrical".** Akane can also get pretty loud when having sex with Ranma, but she's not as melodramatic as her sister.* ImplacableMan: Shampoo. When Akane finally has had enough and pulls all the stops (including a TrainingMontage) to fight her in a proper challenge, the Amazon turns out to be an InvincibleVillain... at least to someone of Akane's skill level. [[spoiler:When Kasumi (an even more powerful RetiredBadass) fights her, she manages to win after a very extensive and destructive battle that wouldn't look out of place in more high-powered Shonen anime like ''Anime/DragonBallZ''.]]* ImpossiblyTackyClothes: Principal Kuno's wardrobe has some ''incredibly'' gaudy Hawaiian outfits.* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: Gosunkugi* {{Jerkass}}: Panthyose Taro is even worse than in canon. He has a FreudianExcuse, as [[spoiler: Genma and Soun actually succeeding at killing Happosai when they were young means he's stuck with that name]], but he's still a worse jerk than in canon.* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: This version of Nabiki.* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:While Kasumi is able to defeat the up-until-then-InvincibleVillain that was Shampoo and manages to force her to cool it with the sociopathic tactics and stop trying to get rid of Akane, Shampoo is never arrested for her crime of stealing government property and using said property to cause the worst (InUniverse) school shooting in Japanese history (even if nobody was killed), and she decides to (forcefully) become friends with the rest of the cast, saying that DefeatMeansFriendship.]] Understandably, the rest of the cast remain apprehensive of her.* LampshadeHanging: Akane says at one point that if Kuno's harassment of her keeps up, she'll become a man-hating lesbian. Guess what canon!Akane's {{Hatedom}} calls her?** Also, when Ranma reveals his curse, he wonders how it could've gone worse and then immediately thinks of the way that Ranma-kun and Akane meet in canon.* LaserGuidedKarma: Gosunkugi and Genma get what's coming to them in chapter 21.* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Used by Shampoo, as per canon, in the Third Sino-Japanese War arc, in the chapter aptly titled 'Chemical Warfare'. Except, unlike in canon, [[spoiler: the victim is Ranma, who forgets all about Akane, including that he was in love with her.]]** Brought back in the Grand Prix arc as a means of eliminating the Good Ol' Days school and their vile arts without violating the no-kill rule of the tournament.* LethalChef: Chapter 17 plays this straight with Akane, but she's more clumsy rather than a culinary-inept.** However, that pot of curry she made? It was still bubbling despite being in a freezer for two months!* LightningBruiser: Invoked by Ranma, who stops one of Ryouga's punches with two fingers and then points out to Akane [[LampshadeHanging how much muscle power it takes to be as fast as he is]].* MadeOfIron: The Golden Pair.** Principal Kuno to a ridiculous degree.* MakingLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces: Ranma and Akane have sex at school quite frequently.* MamaBear: Nodoka to Tsubasa and Ranma in Chapter 34, GunsAkimbo once Shishioh's gun has its final flash.* MarionetteMaster: [[spoiler: Temari-chan]] of the Good Ol' Days school. Uses the string variant, combined with RazorFloss. Interestingly enough, the puppets here are used voluntarily, not even seeming to mind when they acquire broken limbs in the process.* MassiveNumberedSiblings: Akane mentions to Ranma that she'd like to have six or seven children with him.* MediumAwareness: When it appears his defeat is nigh, Principal Kuno complains that it was too easy for the protagonists to win and the readers are going to call it anti-climatic. ** Happens a lot in chapter 21.* MoreDakka: Shampoo starts out using just grenade launchers (and who would think you'd ever say that?) and moves up to stealing a Thunderbolt II just to use its Avenger cannon to level Furinkan High School.* MythologyGag: In the manga Ranma once pretended to be Ryoga's sister, adopting the alias 'Yoiko', so he couldn't enjoy any alone time with Akane. Although this incident never happens in this story, [[spoiler: Ryoga and Osaka name their daughter Yoiko.]]* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Shampoo suffers this at the hands of Pantyhose Tarou in Chapter 27.* NonchalantDodge: Ranma does this while training with Akane* OnlySaneMan: ''Nabiki'' appears to be the only one left, now. She's the only one who actually breaks down and cries in the face of overwhelming stupidity and/or insanity, complete with a ThousandYardStare.* PaperTiger: To stop Kasumi's assault on the guests, the Madame St. Paul summons a seven foot muscular male in a maid's outfit to deal with Kasumi. He's gets knocked out by Dr. Tofu Ono with just one punch.* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: They're not married yet, but Ranma and Akane's engagement goes over a lot better here than in canon.* ThePowerOfLove: The basis of Ranma's Ki attack.* PregnancyScare: [[spoiler:Ranma and Akane]] have one in chapters 23 and 24.* PunctuatedForEmphasis: Of the building variety, which starts with a period, then italics, and bold with exclamation point. "Do not. ''Ever.'' '''COME NEAR MY MOTHER AGAIN!'''"* QuipToBlack: Nabiki keeps a pair of sunglasses in her pocket and [[ this]] as her ringtone. She loans them to Ranma on occasion.* ReCut: As of May 8, 2011, the author condensed and rewrote several chapters up to the takeout race arc. Notable changes include Shampoo's claim of screwing Ranma not being used to get Kasumi involved.* RedBaron: As in canon, Kuno's "Blue Thunder" nickname. This gets him mocked mercilessly by Akane.--> "Oh brother, last week he was the '[[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars Sword that Cleaves Evil]]', and before that he was '[[Series/KamenRiderKabuto Walking the path of heaven, he who will rule everything]]'."** He adopted the title [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight King of Heroes]] after Ranma casually referred to him by it.** Akane has become known as "The Worldwide Roadroller" thanks to "fucking" Kodachi with a steamroller.* RetiredBadass: ** [[spoiler: Ryoga, after he's dragged off to marry Osaka, became a family man, using his skills as a construction worker. Not even the Billion Yen Grand Prix can coax him to return to the battlefield, but that won't stop his [[TrueCompanions friends]] from fighting in his name...]]** [[spoiler:Turns out that Kasumi was a martial artist of levels equalling a PhysicalGod when she was younger but she decided to quit for various reasons, including a HeroicRROD. After Shampoo turns out to be an InvincibleVillain for someone of Akane's fighting level, she decides to face off against Shampoo for the sake of her sister. The resulting battle achieves a level of epic destruction not unlike that of the ''Dragon Ball'' shows.]]* RuleOfFunny: The story runs almost entirely on this and [[RuleofCool that other rule.]]* RuleOfThree: During "The Third Sino-Japanese War" Arc, Kasumi is [[GenreSavvy aware of this trope]], and suspects a third tragedy is coming, far worse than the previous two (the first two being Ranma losing his memories of Akane and Gosunkugi assaulting Nabiki).** [[spoiler:She's right. The third tragedy is Akane's loss to Shampoo in their fight for Ranma.]]* RunningGag: After a fight, Gosunkugi runs up to the loser and yells "You got knocked the fuck out!" in a reference to ''Film/{{Friday}}''.* ScoobyDoobyDoors: Ranma's the victim of this gag in chapter 5, after thanks to P-chan, he ends up getting chased by one angry mob.* SettingUpdate: The original series supposedly took place in the early 1990s. Interview clearly takes place in the [[PresentDay Present]].* ShipperOnDeck: Nabiki shipped Kasumi and Dr. Tofu.* ShotgunWedding: [[spoiler:The Manga/AzumangaDaioh girls have force Ryoga to come with them, as he got Osaka pregnant!]]** Well, after all the times he [[BrickJoke ended up]] [[LampshadedDoubleEntendre in Osaka...]]* ShoutOut: At least a few per chapter once things get going.** Ranma has a [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Newtype Flash]] just before Ryouga makes his first appearance.** Ranma finishes his fight with Ryouga with a flying kick from above that carries them both into a water fountain before jumping out of the ensuing geyser of water and landing in girl form. Akane, watching this, can only think to say:---> "[[ They call that... Jin... Jinrai...]]"** Akane one-ups him in her match with Kodachi by quoting a few lines from [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAlpha Baran Doban]]'s theme song while swinging Kodachi around like an EpicFlail.*** That, AND she beat Kodachi with a [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Za Warudo]] impression, steamroller and all.** Kodachi's dialogue is almost line for line [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Ali al-Saachez's]] dialogue during [[ Exia's first Trans-Am sequence]] when Akane goes all out.** [[ "VIIIIIIIIITAAAAAAAAAAS!"]]** Three words: TANKER LORRY DA!** The sponsors for the match between Kodachi and Akane. Including [[WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}} Xanatos Enterprises]], [[Anime/YuGiOh Kaiba Corporation]], [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure The Speedwagon Foundation]] and [[IronMan Stark Industries]].** ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' has gotten some love, in the form of how Shampoo speaks, as well as being where she learned to be as ruthless.** In chapter 13, Mousse does Light Yagami's famous "potato chip" bit, and has a Light-style internal monologue. [[Creator/BradSwaile Considering who his English voice actor is, this makes sense.]]** There're a horde of shoutouts in Chapter 10's Dead Baby Comedy bit, and this is lampshaded right after that.** The [[TrainingMontage montage scene]] in Chapter 14, as well as the song that goes with it, serves as shout out to the montage scenes in both ''Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice'' and ''Disney/{{Mulan}}''.** Shampoo's final attack is a nod to [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsCompact3 Ialdabaoth's]] Shinha Mougeki Reppa** [[spoiler: Kasumi's sole named attack is another direct homage to [[ another attack of Apothesized Ialdabaoth']] ]]** In chapter 13, Cologne is mentioned as working with Takeshi Hongo, the first incarnation of Franchise/KamenRider.** Chapter 20: "Everyone began filing into the school, now filled with despair that even [[Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei Nozomu Itoshiki]] could not fathom."** From the same chapter, when Principal Kuno's goons start taking clothing that doesn't fit into the school uniform regulations:---> One girl spoke up. "They stole my scarf!"---> Another cried. "And my earrings!"---> A rather short, stout girl roared. [[Film/TheLordOfTheRingsTheFellowshipOfTheRing "And my axe!"]]** When Ranma delivers a beating to Principal Kuno, he does it [[Manga/FistOfTheNorthStar Kenshiro style.]]** In chapter 3, after Kuno declares his love for Ranma-chan, Ranma is so pissed, [[StreetFighter he delivers a damn good impression of a Shun Goku Satsu.]]** Shampoo listens to Music/LadyGaga** Chapter 21 has quite a few:*** Ranma's cell phone has its ringtone the ''Anime/SailorMoon'' theme song. "Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon" chapter 14 reveals that Natalie Adams wrote the song after seeing the Senshi's heroism first-hand.*** The line "Nobody dies when you kill them" is referenced a few times.*** [[OhCrap "That's]] [[{{WebVideo/JoJosBizarreAdventureAbridged}} a boat."]]*** After Gosunkugi gets hit by a tugboat, Nabiki delivers a [[Series/CSIMiami Horatio Caine]] one liner, complete with the sample of We Won't Get Fooled Again from her cell phone.** Akane's powerpoint presentations utilize artwork "drawn by another graduate of the [[{{Manga/Bleach}} Kuchiki]] School of Art"** When Ranma and Ryoga are about to begin fighting in chapter 24, Akane yells "Are you daft, punk?" Which is a ''double'' shout-out. The first being, obviously, to the electronic band, but a slightly lesser known one is to ''WebVideo/JoJosBizarreAdventureAbridged'', which used the same line in the comment special. Given the other shout-outs to JJBA, it's probably intentional.** Chapter 26 has several of note as well:*** When Madame St. Paul revealed the M5, Kasumi was disappointed that it was just a cheap knockoff of [[Manga/KamenNoMaidGuy another legendary male maid]].*** The opening the curry pot sequence for Ranma and Picolet's Fine Dining Duel is referred to as [[Anime/GaoGaiGar "FORMATION C!"]]** Chapter 30 has Akane threatening Grand Prix entrants like [[Series/DoctorWho a Dalek]] [[CurbStompBattle cutting down]] [[Recap/DoctorWhoS28E13Doomsday Cybermen]].* SplitScreenReaction: Invoked in chapter 14 during the arrival of the Grand Master who will train the Kunos, Ryoga and Mousse, Donny ''fucking'' Osmond. [[Disney/{{Mulan}} Let's get down to business!]]* StealthPun: Occasionally throughout the fic, Ryouga alludes to a [[NoodleIncident nasty incident]] in which he wound up in Osaka. [[spoiler:Chapter 24 reveals that he literally wound up ''in'' [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Osaka]]. [[DontExplainTheJoke Sexually]].]]* StepfordSmiler: Asuza* TeenPregnancy:** [[spoiler:Ryoga got [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Osaka]] pregnant, and ends up being [[ShotgunWedding forced to marry her]] by her friends]].** Subverted with [[spoiler:Akane. It seems like she got pregnant, thanks to her and Ranma having unprotected sex after running out of condoms and her subsequently missing a period, but Dr. Tofu's examinations reveal that she was just having a shift in her menstrual cycle]].* TookALevelInBadass: ''Everybody'', especially SHAMPOO. The martial arts as a whole are taken UpToEleven, and pretty much ''everybody'' could ''mop the floor with'', or at least be equal to, canon!Ranma. Shampoo has MoreDakka, StuffBlowingUp, and is NighInvulnerable. Akane learns the Umisenken and [[AbsurdlySharpBlade absurdly sharp]] RazorWind. Ryoga uses his rarely-seen bandanna-blades to great effect, uses his umbrella more (and more effectively) in his fighting style, and overall kicks more ass. He also [[spoiler: learns both the [[AngstNuke Shi Shi Hokodan]] and Moko Takabisha (which both become seemingly twice as strong), forcing Ranma to use a new Hokodan variant based on ThePowerOfLove to beat him. Then he stands up and uses the perfected Shi Shi Hokodan. OnlyTheAuthorCanSaveThemNow... [[DeusExMachina and he does]] ]]. Mousse decides to declare DidYouThinkICantFeel, [[spoiler: uses LaserGuidedAmnesia on ''himself'' to rid himself of his infatuation with Shampoo]], and says LetsGetDangerous. Kuno gets CoolShades which make him act normally, and actually decent fighting skills. ** Contrary to the claim above, the one who gets the '''most''' impressive power-up is ''[[YamatoNadeshiko Kasumi]]''. She acquires a fighting style that, while not as suitable to constant combat lifestyle, manages to outperform [[spoiler:Shampoo at her strongest]] after ''years'' of lack of training (and therefore, being rusty).* TrainingFromHell: Once again, The Golden Pair.* TranquilFury: Kasumi's fighting style of the "Gentle Sieve" is based on bottling up emotions and converting them to stored energy for relatively short bursts of extreme badassery.* TraumaticHaircut: What Shampoo gave Akane after her hard fought win in their battle for Ranma.* TykeBomb: Temari-chan, the reluctant young student/[[spoiler: secret weapon]] of the Good Ol' Days school of martial arts.* UnexpectedCharacter: Vice-Principal Okamada from the the recent BrokenBase making LiveActionAdaptation.* UnresolvedSexualTension: Averted in [[spoiler: Chapter 7.]]* UpToEleven: Everything has been getting crazier and crazier since the introduction of Ryoga.* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler:Azusa after Akane calls her out not being able to act upon her love for Mikado.]]* WakeUpCallBoss: The Golden Pair quickly shift from joke characters who will unquestionably be destroyed by Ranma and Akane, to pushing Ranma and Akane harder than anyone before.* WhamEpisode: Chapter 12, when[[spoiler: Shampoo erases Ranma's memory of Akane instead Akane's of Ranma,]]** Chapter 15.** Chapter 23. [[spoiler:Ranma catches Akane holding a pregnancy test.]]* WhamLine: At the end of chapter 12, after Shampoo's attack on the high school...--->'''Ranma:''' [[spoiler:"She keeps saying I'm her fiancé, who is she?"]]* TheWorfEffect: Shampoo increasingly suffers this as the story continues. She even lampshades it as she attacks Octopus Mask.* WorthyOpponent: Shampoo considers Akane this.* WouldntHitAGirl: Directly invoked by Ranma, but only if they're [[AxCrazy crazy]]. Invoked by Azusa but immediately subverted.께----


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