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1''[[ The Hetalian Monster]]'' is an Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia fanfiction by Gothic Dancer. It is based off of the songs from ''The Fame Monster'' and ''The Fame'' by Music/LadyGaga.²²While they are based off of songs, the chapters also form story arcs. The most notable of those are the "So Happy I Could Die" arc (Denmark drinks himself near to death over Norway, Norway realizes his love for him), the "Speechless" arc (the deformation of Prussia, his subsequent capture by Soviet Russia, and him reuniting with his brother Germany while finding love in Ukraine) and the Gakuen Hetalia arc.²²The author wrote a follow-up, ''[[ Born This Hetalian Way]]'', for the release of ''Born This Way''. It continues the arcs from the previous fics. There's also ''[[ Hetalia's Christmas Tree]]'', which are Christmas side stories set in the same timeline/continuum.²²And for anyone who's interested, the arcs are as follows:²** "Bad Romance"/Gakuen Hetalia arc: Bad Romance, Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix), The Fame Monster CD Booklet, Love Game, Paparazzi, Money Honey, Paper Gangsta, Disco Heaven, The Fame CD Booklet, Christmas Tree (Bad Romance version), Judas, Black Jesus + Amen Fashion, Electric Chapel, The Queen, Born This Way (International Remix), Born This Way (Country Road Version), Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix), Epilogue, CD Booklet²** "Alejandro" arc: Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), Alejandro, Christmas Tree (Alejandro version), Starstruck, Bad Kids²** "Speechless" arc: Speechless, Summerboy, Christmas Tree (Speechless version), Marry the Night, You and I, Marry the Night (Zedd Remix)²** "Dance in the Dark" arc: Heavy Metal Lover, Boys Boys Boys, Dance in the Dark, Christmas Tree (Dance in the Dark version), Beautiful Dirty Rich, Scheiße, Scheiße (DJ White Shadow Mugler)²** "Telephone" arc: Telephone, Video Phone, Christmas Tree (Telephone version), Fashion of His Love, Fashion of His Love (Fernando Garibay Remix)²** "So Happy I Could Die" arc: Just Dance, So Happy I Could Die, Highway Unicorn (Road to Love), The Fame, Christmas Tree (So Happy I Could Die version), The Edge of Glory²** "Teeth"/"Monster" arc: Teeth, Monster, Christmas Tree (Monster version), Poker Face, Government Hooker, Bloody Mary, Christmas Tree (Teeth version), (OPTIONAL) Stuck on F'in You²** Solo Stories: Born This Way, Americano, Hair, Brown Eyes, I Like It Rough²----²!!Tropes in this fanfiction include:²* TheCameo: Shakira in "I Like It Rough", and Alexander Rybak in "The Edge Of Glory".²* CloudCuckoolander: Seychelles is portrayed as such in her brief appearance in "Dance In The Dark".²* DrowningMySorrows: Denmark does this in "So Happy I Could Die".²* FryingPanOfDoom: Both Hungary and Maria Theresa wield one.²* GenderBender: Happens to Austria in "Scheiße", where he experiences the hardships that women have gone through. It was AllJustADream, but he gains a new appreciation for what Hungary went through.²* HeWhoMustNotBeSeen: Principal [[Creator/HidekazHimaruya Himaruya]] in the Gakuen Hetalia stories.²* HighSchoolAU: The Gakuen Hetalia stories.²* IronWoobie: Lithuania, in "Monster".²* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Turkey towards Japan and his relationship with Greece.²* SplitPersonality: Soviet Russia to regular Russia. Also counts as an EvilTwin.²* StealthPun: In "Americano", the treatment of illegal immigrants ("aliens") is observed by an actual alien (Tony).²* TakeThat: In "Dance In The Dark", Belgium tells Netherlands that his hair looks like the hairstyle of [[Literature/{{Twilight}} "one of America's trashy romance books"]].²* ThemeNaming: Several things are named after titles or lyrics from Lady Gaga songs (e.g: The meeting of the female nations is called the "Dance In The Dark", the event organized to bring Germany and Italy back together is called the "Electric Chapel", etc.)²** A case of Theme Chaptering: the "Speechless" arc is made of the three rock and roll songs: "Speechless", "Summerboy", and "Yoü and I".²* VisualKei: Both Japan and Greece are part of a Visual Kei band.²* WaxingLyrical: The characters in this fic do it often. However, they don't know what they're saying are lyrics to songs.²* WhatTheHellHero: Vietnam has this reaction (albeit more subdued) when Taiwan expresses ingratitude for what the other Asian nations did for her.²* WouldHitAGirl: Russia beats Ukraine in "Summerboy". With a piece of pipe, no less!²* {{Yandere}}: Belarus, as per usual, in "Paparazzi".


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