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1''There were a lot of things that Juan Corrida hated about Matt Engarde. In fact, if you told him to make a list of them all, he'd probably never stop.The number one thing though was that Matt wasn't always like this.''께Somebody that I Used to Know is a Juan Corrida centric fic that offers a dark alternate look on the events leading up to Farewell My Turnabout, all from the POV of the case's notorious jerk ass victim. 께The funny thing is that the inspiration for the whole thing was a kinkmeme prompt, requesting a fluffy story about Matt and Juan trying to have a romantic moment together, only to be repeatedly interrupted by Matt's cute pet kitty, Shoe. The very first part of the fic is just that...the rest of it...well? [[DarkFic Not so much...]]께'''SPOILER WARNINGS FOR MAJOR PLOT POINTS IN FAREWELL, MY TURNABOUT.''' '''''it is highly recommended that you play Justice for All before you read this fic. Even this page is a risk for spoilers for the game.'''''께Read it [[ here]]. Additional author notes and such can be found in Zarla's LJ entry about it [[ here]] and sketches based on this fic can be found scattered throughout this [[ this post]].께------!!This fanfiction provides examples of:* AdaptationalHeroism: Juan, big time. He's still incredibly competitive with Matt Engarde, yes, and he still [[spoiler: forged Celeste's suicide note with the intent of reading it aloud after the Grand Prix in order to kill Matt's career]], but his reasons for doing this were VERY different that what was presented in canon. [[spoiler:Also, the thing he was most notorious for doing besides the forged note...dumping Celeste our of jealously and wounded pride, thus driving her to commit suicide out of despair...played out VERY differently here. Though it still ended with her death, and almost everyone believing he was responsible for driving her to kill herself.]]* AscendedExtra:** Juan Corrida gets this. Juan was originally the victim of Farewell, My Turnabout who is killed five minutes into the case; he has no sprite, and no lines,and his only living onscreen appearance is a brief one in a full body, face concealing costume, and while his death was significant to the plot, he himself is never mentioned again outside of the case he's introduced in. In this story, he's the hero, and the story is told entirely from his POV.** [[spoiler: Celeste Inpax is this to a lesser extent; in the game, she was dead long before the main plot kicked off, and her death served entirely to provide motives to different people. Here, she is a strong presence from the moment she's introduced,and her inevitable DeathByCanon is one of the biggest turning points in the story.]]* AdaptationalSexuality: While both Matt and Juan explicitly are only ever stated to have dated women in the game, in this they have a secret [[spoiler: and ultimately destructive, though it did not start out that way]] relationship with each other. [[spoiler: One that Matt takes a lot more seriously than Juan does.]] At one point, almost in passing, Juan identifies himself as bisexual via the narrative, and his relationship with Matt is explicitly sexual throughout the story. In Matt's case, it's unclear if he's also bisexual or not; he is said to date a number of women, true but at one point [[spoiler: Celeste]] speculates, not without cause, that he may only be doing that in a misguided attempt to make Juan jealous.* AdaptationalExpansion:** The fic explores the characters and backstories of Farewell, My Turnabout in much greater depth than the game ever did, especially in regards to Juan Corrida and Celeste Inpax, both of whom are relatively minor characters in the ''Ace Attorney'' history. ** The Les-yay from the game, in regards to Adrian's intense attatchment to Celeste, are expanded upon and turned into a outright mentor crush. [[spoiler: Mutual love for Celeste is actually one of the things she and Juan bond over before their falling out.]] She is pretty explicitly uninterested in men.* BreadEggsMilkSquick: Not actually used in the fic proper, but a supplementary sketch [[]] done for the fic shows an exchange that PROBABLY happened when [[spoiler: Juan finally spills the beans to Celeste about him and Matt]]-->[[spoiler:'''Juan:''' So we talked, got drunk, and *cough* jerked each other off *cough* and then...]]\[[spoiler:'''Celeste:''' Woah, wait, back up, what was that?]]* BreakTheCutie:** Most of the truly horrifying things that happen in this fic [[spoiler: happen because this trope happened to Matt Engarde shortly after the opening.]]** [[spoiler: Adrian Andrews, by Celeste's death.]] This one is a ForegoneConclusion for anyone who's played ''Justice For All''.* CassandraTruth: The reason Juan kept so many dangerous things to himself was thanks to this trope; that is, every time he TRIES to tell people something, he isn't believed for one reason or another, or he stays silent because he's sure he won't be believed. [[spoiler: Also, the one time he tells someone something important and is believed, that person turns up dead the very next day.]]* ComfortingComforter: In a non-romantic variant of this trope [[spoiler: Detective Badd drapes his trenchcoat over Juan in an attempt to comfort him after Juan finds Celeste dead in her own home.]] Unusually for this trope, the one being comforted in not asleep, but in the middle of a Heroic BSOD, but the basic principle is the same.* CuteKitten: Matt's completely adorable kitty, Shoe. One of the few things Matt seems to genuinely care about, hence why he knows something is definitely off when [[spoiler: Matt disappears and doesn't even feed Shoe for a month]].* DarkerAndEdgier: Takes all of the darker subplots and implications from Farewell, My Turnabout, and cranks them up to 11. the entire story is, by the author's own admission, a psychological horror-fest. * DoomedByCanon: [[spoiler:Celeste, and, had the fic gone on past the night before the Grand Prix, Juan himself.]]* DescentIntoAddiction: Really, the entire fic qualifies as one of these for [[spoiler: Juan, both for his increasingly destructive relationship with Matt, and for the drinking problem he develops some time after Celeste's death. By that same token, you could also say that Matt has this, too, when it comes to his obsession with Juan.]]* DistractedByTheSexy: Juan's co-star, Kamu, once accidentally smacks Juan in the head with a staff, hard enough to give him a concussion, during a shoot because Juan is too busy thinking about Celeste's outfit to dodge. * DespairEventHorizon: the whole damn fic is an exercise in watching Juan slowly cross this.* DramaticIrony:** Juan actually DOES [[spoiler: find the one piece of evidence that he could have used to prove that Celeste's death wasn't suicide...a playing card with a pink shell on it...but he ends up accidentally hiding it because he doesn't know what it means.]]** If Juan hadn't gotten impatient and kicked him out first, Matt [[spoiler: might have confessed to putting spy cams all over his house, and some of the biggest tragedies from the second half of the fic might have been prevented, up to and including Juan's own ultimate canon death.]]* DrivenToSuicide:** What everyone but Juan [[spoiler: thinks happened to Celeste.]] ** [[spoiler: As in the game, Adrian attempts to kill herself out of despair over losing Celeste.]]* DeathSeeker: For some time after [[spoiler: Celeste's death, Juan takes to deliberately going to Matt for the express purpose of getting beaten up, all as a form of self-punishment, and in this period, had Matt actually tried to beat him to death, he would not have stopped him. ''Matt himself'' actually ends up having to give Juan a new reason to live.]]* EngineeredPublicConfession: Juan is gearing up to do this to Matt at the end of the fic; it is his ultimate attempt to try to [[spoiler: bring Matt to justice for Celeste's death]]. Anyone who's actually played the game knows how this attempt turned out.* FightingFromTheInside: Matt shows signs of this at times, whenever his real/original personality tries to assert itself, and this is one of the main reasons Juan keeps trying to help him long, long after he should have given up. [[spoiler: Ultimately, his new sociopathic persona seems to win over after Juan finally DOES give up.]]* ForegoneConclusion: The entire story takes place in the 3 year span before Farewell, My Turnabout takes place, [[spoiler: ending, quite literally, the night before the events of the case kick off.]] As such, there are many things in it that are inevitable, and anyone who's played the game will most likely be expecting them. [[spoiler: Now, whether or not said events play out exactly as described in the game is very different matter entirely...]] [[spoiler: However, BECAUSE the fic ends the night before the Grand Prix happens, this actually leaves things open to either play out exactly as they did in canon, making the fic into one big ShootTheShaggyDog story, or to play out as they do in Alt 2-4 (an AU FixFic co-authored by the author of this fic).]]* FunctionalAddict: [[spoiler: Juan]], for a given value of functional. At the very least, he gets VERY GOOD at faking normal in public, and even manages to have a successful career and some normal friendships. [[spoiler: now, how long he would have been able to REMAIN functional had he lived beyond the events of the Grand Prix is another matter entirely.]]* HeroicBSOD: Juan suffers a pretty nasty one [[spoiler: when he finds Celeste's dead body], and he never fully recovers from it.]]* HopeSpot: There is an exceptionally cruel one when [[spoiler: Juan finally tells Celeste the truth about him and Matt. When she knows the full story, she is INCREDIBLY sympathetic, and horrified that Juan has been silently going through all of it alone. She actually starts to make concrete plans to get Matt and Juan the help they both desperately need, all the while comforting Juan and assuring him that she isn't going anywhere. She stays with him all night. The next day...Juan wakes up alone. Later that night, he finds her dead. Oddly enough, this still functions as a true Hope Spot, even though anyone who's played the game knows that Celeste's untimely death is a ForegoneConclusion.]]* IfICantHaveYou: [[spoiler: Implied to have been the real reason why Matt ultimately arranged Juan's assassination; mind, the assassination does not take place in the fic itself, but given that it ends just before the Grand Prix, it was pretty much a Foregone Conclusion.]]* KindheartedCatLover:** Matt Engarde starts out the story as one of these in regards to his adorable pet cat, Shoe, whom he is almost embarrassingly fond of. [[spoiler: During the month when Matt is missing, the fact that he has failed to arrange for someone to feed and look in on Shoe is one of Juan's first hints that something is seriously wrong. Even after the missing month and his gradual change into abusive sociopath, he continued to be very fond of his cat, to the extent that Shoe's mere presence is enough to snap him out of some particularly scary moods; this arguably saves Juan's life on more than one occasion. Juan himself notes that even as Matt continues to become increasingly violent and abusive towards him, Shoe continues to look happy and well fed.]] ** To a somewhat lesser extent, Juan himself. While he's never as demonstrative as Matt, it is worth noting that [[spoiler: he faithfully continues to go by Matt's house to check on and feed Shoe while Matt is missing. After Matt's personality change, Juan does seem to be keeping an eye on the cat to make sure that he isn't being mistreated, if his occasional observation about Shoe's appearance and demeanor are any indication. He is always relieved to see that Shoe is still okay.]] [[ Behold this fanart.]] * LivingEmotionalCrutch: Celeste is this for both Juan and Adrian. [[spoiler: to the extent that they both completely fall apart after her death; Adrian tries to kill herself, and Juan has a spectacular Heroic BSOD.]] this comic sums up Juan's side of it pretty well: [[]]** Arguably, Matt and Juan are this for each other, in an exceptionally dark and unhealthy* LoveConfession: Juan accidentally makes one of these to Celeste thanks to a concussion he received during a shoot. He doesn't even remember doing it afterwards. Everyone else thought it was hilarious. Juan...not so much.* LoveDodecahedron: Let's see...Matt loves Juan. Juan cares for Matt very deeply, but is kind of in denial about how deep those feelings go, and also in love with Celeste. Celeste loves Juan, but once dated Matt, though neither of them were serious about it. Adrian loves Celeste, who was oblivious to the true depths of Adrian's feelings for her, and friends with Juan, until [[spoiler: Celeste's untimely death resulted in them having a nasty falling out]], and later she ended up (kind of by accident) fake dating Juan. Also, Adrian was Matt's...manager. Got all that?%%* LoveHurts: AND HOW%%* LoveMartyr: Juan. Dear god, Juan. played with, as [[spoiler: none of his attempts to fix the very mentally damaged Matt ever come even a little close to making things better,his attempt results in a least one death, and ultimately, Juan gives up on saving him.]]* MomentKiller: Shoe the cat is this for Matt and Juan in the prologue,constantly interrupting them while they are trying to fool around. Unusually for this trope, this ultimately does NOT stop them from getting somewhere. [[spoiler: Later on, Shoe still has moments where he randomly interrupts them, but none of these moments are even a LITTLE bit romantic...]]* MoralEventHorizon: InUniverse, Juan sees himself as having crossed this [[spoiler: when he creates the forged suicide note in order to implicate Matt.]] Though if you ask Adrian, he crossed it way sooner [[spoiler: when he 'dumped' Celeste and apparently drove her to killing herself.]]* MrFanservice: Juan as the Jammin' Ninja, much to his own confusion; it hadn't occurred to him that his show had adult fans.* MurderTheHypotenuse: [[spoiler: Strongly implied that Matt did this to Celeste, after he failed to convince Juan to break up with her.]]* NoodleIncident: An exceptionally dark example; no one ever finds out exactly what happened to Matt during the month he went missing. [[spoiler: All we know for certain is that he acquired his infamous scar during this time, and something apparently happened to his parents as they are never heard from again. Word of God states that it's possible to work out what happened to him based on clues given in the text, but she has never confirmed or denied any specific theories.]]* NothingIsScarier: Invoked. After the part where [[spoiler: Juan finds Celeste's body hanging in her was night time when he found her...he becomes VERY nervous about walking into quiet dark rooms alone. To the extent that when he visits Matt's house one night when Matt isn't there, the quiet, empty, dark room is enough to send him into a full blown panic attack.]]* OhCrap:** Basically Juan's mental reaction to Celeste asking him what his relationship to Matt is at one point. He proceeds to rather transparently lie through his teeth, but Celeste never calls him on it. [[ This sketch illustrates the moment perfectly.]]** Juan's EXACT reaction when he [[spoiler: goes to Celeste's funeral, and about midway through the service, realizes that Adrian isn't there...]]* OralFixation:** As in the game, Juan almost constantly has one of these in his mouth, usually a piece of straw or a reed. [[spoiler: One of the things he keeps in his shrine to Celeste after her death is a drinking straw she once jokingly offered to let him chew on during a rare moment when he DIDN'T have something like that in his mouth.]]** During brief his cameo appearance [[spoiler: not long after Juan finds Celeste's dead body]], Detective Badd is constantly sucking on a lollipop, the way he does during all of his appearances in the ''Ace Investigation'' series. [[spoiler:He even offers one to a grieving and hysterical Juan in a clumsy but well meaning attempt to comfort him. While the narration does not confirm this, it is probably a safe bet that Juan ended up putting it in his mouth, given his own long established habit of chewing on random things.]]* ParanoiaFuel: Not directly addressed in universe because the story is strictly limited to Juan's POV, but this comes in if you know what Matt was actually doing that day Juan came home and unexpectedly found him just standing in his living room, fiddling with his iconic wrist-watch phone. [[spoiler: Word of God states that he was using his phone to test the feed from the spy cams he'd secretly hidden all over Juan's house. (Yes, Matt personally putting spy cameras in Juan's house is a detail that comes directly from the game, even though the game kind of glosses over the implications.) Basically, every scene after this one that explicitly takes place in Juan's house that Matt is not present for, Matt is almost certainly watching and recording everything that's happening. Now go back, make a note of all the scenes that fit this description, and let this bit of knowledge sink in.]]* PoliceAreUseless: Juan develops this view as the story goes on, for a variety of reasons. * PeekABangs: Matt sports one of these [[spoiler: even BEFORE he had scars to hide under there.]]* SerenadeYourLover: Celeste actually invokes this when she asks Juan write a love song and do this for her while trying to decide if she should reciprocate his feelings or not. It works.* SplitPersonality: Matt shows signs of having developed one of these after he went missing for a month. [[spoiler: Later, when Juan is finally telling Celeste about his relationship with Matt, he mentions remembering Matt having episodes as a child that sound a lot like dissociative episodes...but he can't remember what they were called, or exactly what Matt's mother told him to do to bring him out of them. So it's possible that whatever happened during the missing month managed to aggravate a condition Matt already had...]]* ThereAreNoTherapists: Both inverted and outright subverted. Inverted in that [[spoiler: Juan COULD EASILY have gone to see a therapist at any point and even goes to one counseling session after Celeste dies because he's all but forced to; he's even encouraged to continue to seek help. He just...doesn't. Similarly, help WAS available to Matt from the very start, he just never seeks it out for reasons we can only guess at.]] Subverted in that [[spoiler: Adrian Andrews DOES explicitly go to counseling sessions following her suicide attempt, and it does seem to help to a certain extent.]]* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Bagels for Juan. Almost every single time he's mentioned eating something throughout the entire fic, it's a bagel. He also shows a strong preference for tomato juice, which was his trademark favorite DRINK in the game.


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