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1[[quoteright:300:]]²->This story seemed vaguely familiar to Mack, until he remembered- Ben Tennyson.²-->Mack, Mack 10²²[[ 10 Mack 10]] is a fan fiction hosted on the [[ Ben 10 Fan Fiction]] wiki following the adventures of a teenager named [[{{MeaningfulName}} Mack]], whom uses a device he named [[{{TransformationTrinket}} [=the Matrix=] ]] that can [[VoluntaryShapeshifting transform him into aliens]] in order to save the Earth as long as the rest of the galaxy.²²It was created by [[ PokeRob]] in November 2015 and premiered it's first episode in January 2016.²----²!!Mack 10 contains examples of:²* AwesomeButImpractical: Almost all of the alien forms in the Matrix are this.²* AbusiveParents: Mack's stepfather and first father were abusive to him as well as his mother.²* AliensAndMonsters: Mack can transform into aliens and supporting cast members as well as background characters are aliens.²* AliensSpeakingEnglish: English is basically the universal language.²%%* AxCrazy: Basically anything about [[ Plasma]].²%%* BigBad: Plasma in season 1.²* CameFromTheSky: It is implied that this is how Mack got the Matrix.²* CaptainErsatz: A large number of the aliens are based off of other media's characters.²* ClingyMacGuffin: The Matrix seems to be unremovable.²%%* Determinator: Plasma.²%%* ElementalPowers: Planetesimal, Kugelblitz.²%%* EmpathicWeapon: The Matrix.²* HourOfPower: Mack is only able to be transformed for a limited period of time.²* HumanoidAliens: A lot of the aliens resemble humans.²%%* ImportedAlienPhlebotinum: The Matrix.²* KidHero: Mack is only 12 years old.²* PapaWolf: Caesar towards Mack.²* PunyEarthling: Humans are the only species without an ability that could be classified as a super power.²* RuleOfCool: The show stars a twelve-year-old boy with a watch-like device stuck to his wrist that enables him to assume a variety of different alien forms, which he uses to fight crime.²* TimeSkip: It skips a whole lot of time between Omniverse and Mack 10.²----


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