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1%% CHARACTER TROPES to the CHARACTER SHEET께An [[ ongoing Drama/Romance Fanfic]] based on the ever popular ''VideoGame/{{World of Warcraft}}'' MMORPG.께It follows the story of two Kal'dorei (Night Elf) characters, Keleria Sharparrow and Ayuri Shadowsun, as they struggle with themselves, each other and the world of Azeroth.께----께!!Children of the Stars provides examples of.께* ATasteOfTheLash: [[spoiler: Upon seeing some of Keleria's scars, Ayuri realizes that at some recent point in time Keleria was subjected to a lot of whipping, savage enough to leave vicious marks all over her body. Keleria is ''missing'' three years of her memory.]]* ArmourPiercingQuestion: [[spoiler: When Servestor confronts Keleria about Ayuri, he keeps talking in circles and always returns to how Keleria feels about her no matter how many times she tells him she doesn't love Ayuri. He keeps shooting down her answers as she tries to explain her behaviour and all the while repeats the question "do you love her" right up until he smacks the glass out of Keleria's hand, which finally makes her snap and angrily confess.]]* BlatantLies: This little exchange in the fourth chapter.---> '''Keleria:''' ''Well would you rather hang on to ''me'' or the gryphon?''---> ''{{beat}}''---> '''Keleria:''' ''Well?''---> '''Ayuri:''' ''The gryphon. What else would I hang on to.''* {{Bookends}}: The beginning of chapter 14 has Keleria in a nightmare, trapped and sinking into darkness and screaming for Ayuri to help her. At the end, she's having the same nightmare, but Ayuri is there to "keep her safe" and she sleeps peacefully.* BonusMaterial: The "Outtakes" chapter.* CannotSpitItOut: Keleria ''won't'' allow herself to spit it out.* CosmicPlaything: Certainly starting to look this way.* CreatorBacklash: The author became so frustrated with the original version of the story that she deleted the whole thing and began re-writing it from scratch. * DeathByOriginStory: [[spoiler: Ayuri's family and Keleria's former lover.]]* EnemyWithin: [[spoiler: Lexxias's "corruption" is revealed to be a sentient demonic entity that tried to hijack her body.]]* FlatWhat: It returns to use in chapter six.** Along with chapter 8 and the first outtake chapter.* {{Gayngst}}: Subverted. Whilst Keleria does repeatedly note that Ayuri is already in a relationship with a male - [[BlatantLies thus totally wouldn't feel attracted to her]] - most of Keleria's pain is caused simply ''because'' she's in love with Ayuri. She inherently feels it is ''wrong'' for her to love Ayuri because the girl is already taken.* HumansAreFlawed: Certainly the tone of the conversation between Keleria and Ayuri in the first chapter, along with a good dose of HumansAreMorons.** See also, FantasticRacism.* IncredibleShrinkingMan: Takes up the second half of the outtakes chapter, thanks to the Noggenfogger Elixir.* [[spoiler: InterruptedSuicide: Keleria comes dangerously close to going through with it, luckily Ayuri was there to stop her. Likely to become a HappilyFailedSuicide.]]* JustFriends: Keleria starts telling herself this the moment she has doubts about her feelings towards Ayuri; but by that point it's too late.** It's revealed Ayuri was thinking this way too, assuming that it was how friends felt about each other because she's never had one before.* KissingUnderTheInfluence: ''Kind of.'' They get somewhat drunk and just fall asleep all cuddled up.* KubrickStare: The way it's described, Keleria gives one of these to Servestor during their conversation in chapter 8.* LaughingMad: Once again Keleria has this with her bloodrage.* LoveHurts: To the point where [[spoiler: Keleria tries to kill herself.]]* LoveTriangle: A type 7 with Ayuri having to choose between Servestor and Keleria. Given how the story is tagged with "F/F" it should be obvious who she ultimately chooses. She does feel guilty for betraying Servestor however.* MindRape: ''Never'' hurt Ayuri or those she cares about. Being a shadow priest allows her to do this with a wave of her hand. And she will ruin you until you kill yourself to escape her.* PlayingWithFire: Lexxias.* RelationshipUpgrade: Cemented as of Chapter 9.* SealedInsideAPersonShapedCan: [[spoiler: Keleria's former lover, Lexxias, was afflicted with this and lost control to it.]]* SuperPoweredEvilSide: [[spoiler: Lexxias.]]** [[spoiler: Chapter 10 reveals Ayuri has one in the form of Revera Blackfang, the spirit of a Kal'dorei magus who fought during the War of the Ancients 10,000 years ago. Revera proceeds to unhinge whatever the hell is inside Keleria, giving her a taste of how Ayuri lives as well.]]* TakeThat: Possible LampshadeHanging as well, when Keleria notes how foolish Asan is for just blindly doing what dangerous tasks people ask of him.* WhamEpisode: Chapter 10 changes the tone of the story very quickly.* [[ManBitesMan Woman Bites Man]]: Keleria threatens to do this to the throat of a smith who is withholding her equipment (which she previously gave to him for free) which gives her a ''healthy'' dose of AxCrazy to go along with her previously very calm behaviour in the last scene.* YouAllMeetInAnInn: The story starts with Keleria drinking at a Tavern and Ayuri just happens to sit by her.께----


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