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1'''''[[ Bring Me To Life]]''''' is a ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''[=/=]''Series/{{Angel}}'' FanFic written by [[ Jean-the Guardian]].²²The fic is an AlternateUniverseFic set during ''Buffy'' season 7 and ''Angel'' season 4, spiraling off from canon when the ghost of Darla successfully gets through to Connor and convinces him to save the Jasmine-possessed Cordelia's intended VirginSacrifice. This kicks off a series of events which leads to the Scooby Gang coming to Los Angeles and joining forces with Angel Investigations, where the two groups discover that Jasmine is allied with none other than the First Evil...²²----²!!''Bring Me To Life'' contains examples of the following tropes:²* AccidentalMisnaming: In chapter 18, Buffy, being Buffy, misidentifies the Orb of Makai as the "Orb of [[Series/MacGyver1985 MacGyver]]." Hearing this, Lindsey wonders to himself exactly ''how'' Buffy scored a 1430 on her [=SATs=].²* AdmiringTheAbomination: In chapter 20, Angel reflects that Dark Willow's [[FlayingAlive flaying Warren alive]] is an act that Angelus would have truly admired.²* AdaptationOriginConnection: ²** In the Season 9 comics, [[spoiler:Pearl and Nash were simply half-demons who were minions of Twilight/Angel]]. Here, they're old enemies of Angel and Spike, who fought them in Las Vegas in the 1950s.²** In this fic, it's revealed that [[spoiler:the First Evil was actually spawned from Jasmine]].²* AdaptationSpeciesChange: In the original show, Skip made Cordelia a [[HalfHumanHybrid half-demon]]. Here, [[spoiler:it's revealed he actually made her [[SemiDivine half-higher being]].]]²* AffectionateNickname: Angel playfully calls Dawn "squirt" in chapters 21 and 22.²* AllJustADream: In chapter 31, Buffy and Angel seem to succumb to their desires and make love, ending with Angel biting Buffy and drinking from her. He looks into Buffy's eyes, sees she's now a vampire... and [[CatapultNightmare wakes up in horror]] at that. At the same time, Buffy wakes up, [[TalkingInYourDreams having had the same nightmare]].²* AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs: In chapter 34, [[spoiler: The First, possessing Jasmine, leads the Beast and a small army of Bringers in assaulting the Hyperion]].²* AlternateUniverseFic: The fic is set during the events of ''Buffy'' Season 7/''Angel'' Season 4, but takes a different path from canon when Darla successfully persuades Connor to save the girl "Cordelia" wants to sacrifice.²* AmIJustAToyToYou: In chapter 41, when Angel opts to [[BreakHisHeartToSaveHim push Buffy away]] out of fear of Angelus coming back, Buffy accuses him of treating their relationship like a game.²-->'''Buffy''': How many times has it been, Angel? How many times have you walked out on me now? Because at this point, it's becoming a game now. You-you-you keep dangling this carrot in front of me, you go all [[Series/DawsonsCreek Dawson Leary]] on me every time I'm even close to finding someone new, yet the moment we have a shot at making this work, you pull away. '''''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Every. Damn. Time.]]''''' And you get to go back to your perfect life in L.A., and I'm the one stuck picking up the pieces and trying to move on with this whole in my heart because I'm "''so strong''."²* ArmorPiercingResponse: In chapter 32, Buffy asks Angel why he's willing to give Faith a chance to redeem herself, but refuses to extend Spike the same courtesy. Angel responds that part of it is because unlike Spike, Faith [[AttemptedRape didn't try to rape Buffy]], which Buffy can barely muster a response to.²* ArmorPiercingSlap: Well, punch in this case; in chapter 28, Buffy loses her temper at Kennedy's bleak, venomous rant and cuts her off with a punch to the face.²* ArtisticLicensePhysics: In Chapter 26, Andrew says that M-Theory is basically TheMultiverse, when in fact that's the Many Worlds Interpretation. M-Theory is a proposed model about how the Four Fundamental Forces interact with String Theory.²* AscendedExtra: Kate Lockley, who essentially disappeared from the Buffyverse after ''Angel'' Season 2, makes a surprise reappearance during this fic, as the leader of Golden's gang from "[[Recap/AngelS04E20Sacrifice Sacrifice]]." Oz, Lindsey, and Whistler himself also play a crucial role in events.²* AtLeastIAdmitIt: Discussed in chapter 24; Buffy actually considers Jasmine worse than Glory, since while Glory was evil and [[AxCrazy insane]], she never tried to make excuses for her actions or pretended to be anything else, while Jasmine adamantly insists she did what she had to do and was trying to save the world.²* AwesomenessByAnalysis: In chapter 8, Spike is able to tell from a few minutes of observation that Connor is Angel and Darla's son.²* BackFromTheDead:²** The Beastmaster restores Darla's ghost to mortal life in order to use her as a hostage against Connor.²** [[spoiler: The First resurrects the Beast to serve as part of its LegionOfDoom.]]²* BargainWithHeaven: While still at the Higher Realms, Cordelia makes a deal with the Powers to wipe her memory to prevent Jasmine from manifesting on Earth. [[NiceJobBreakingItHero At least until Team Angel attempts to use magic to reverse the amnesia]].²* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler: Amy throws down a challenge for Willow, counting on her and backup to come face her. When they do, she and her own allies keep them busy, while the First and the Beast attack the now undermanned heroes back at the Hyperion.]]²* BeenThereShapedHistory: In chapter 32, Angel is revealed to have personally met Frank Sinatra, having saved him from a vampire attack.²* BewareTheNiceOnes: Whistler may be laid-back and cool-headed, but he proves he's ''not'' to be trifled with in chapter 38 [[spoiler:when he saves Willow from Warren and Amy, going into TranquilFury, summoning a blue BattleAura, and gaining PowerEchoes. The two wisely decide to retreat.]]²* BigDamnHeroes: Faith, Spike and Dawn arrive at the BadGuyBar just in time to save Connor.²* BigNo: Angel lets out one [[spoiler:when the First breaks Buffy's back]] in chapter 37.²* BlackAndWhiteMorality: Robin Wood initially goes by this, instantly trying to stake Angel upon discovering he used to be Angelus and telling Buffy point-blank that all previous Slayers would be spitting on her for protecting Angel and Spike, souls or not. However, he comes around somewhat in chapter 40, when he finds entire chat rooms online devoted to Angel's heroic exploits.²* BreakHisHeartToSaveHim: After overhearing Buffy talking to Cordelia over a nightmare she had about Angel becoming Angelus in chapter 41, Angel resolves to do this to prevent Angelus from surfacing again, even if it ''does'' break both his and Buffy's hearts. It comes to pass in chapter 44; [[spoiler:Buffy is unsurprisingly hurt, ranting that she's done [[TheMasochismTango playing this game]] with him and if Angel is unwilling to fight for their relationship like she was, then he can "go to Hell." Angel, though equally heartbroken, resolves to live with that if it means Buffy lives]].²* BreakThemByTalking:²** Jasmine/"Cordelia" to Connor, in an attempt to make him to commit the HumanSacrifice necessary for Jasmine to be "born". Thanks to Darla it fails.²** The First does this to Dawn in chapter 43, revealing Buffy's epiphany that she'd be willing to let Dawn die in order to save the world.²* BroughtDownToNormal: In chapter 38, [[spoiler: Warren and Amy drain Willow of her magic using one of the former's inventions. Willow is left insecure and questioning her place in the team until Lorne gives her a YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre speech in chapter 44]].²* BullyingADragon: In chapter 16, Xander briefly mouths off to Spike, who promptly stands up and reminds him of one crucial fact; Buffy had the Initiative remove the [[RestrainingBolt chip]] in his brain, which means Spike no longer has to just sit back and take Xander's insults anymore.²* CallBack: Several to events in canon set before the fic:²** Angel mentions in one episode of his show that he knew Elvis and the Rat Pack personally. This fic establishes that not only that, but he rescued Frank Sinatra from a vampire attack.²** Chapter 28 also expands on Spike's flashbacks in "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS5E7FoolForLove Fool for Love]]," when Angelus let slip about the Slayer to Spike, which sparked his interest in them. The chapter reveals that Angelus had begun to see Spike as TheLoad due to his constant antics and violent tendencies constantly drawing attention, and deliberately let it slip about the Slayer, knowing that Spike's BloodKnight tendencies would lead him to a confrontation with them; of course, Angelus had anticipated that Spike would lose and get staked, [[DidntSeeThatComing not that he would win and kill the Chinese Slayer during the Boxer Rebellion]].²** In the ''Angel'' episode "[[Recap/AngelS04E05Supersymmetry Supersymmetry]]," it's revealed that Angel is FamedInStory, and entire forums are devoted to him in online chat rooms. In chapter 40, Robin comes across said chat rooms while looking up information on Angel.²** In chapter 24, Jasmine briefly alludes to the flashback portions of the episode "[[Recap/AngelS05E13WhyWeFight Why We Fight]]," mentioning "a certain incident in a submarine [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII sixty years ago]]" while insisting to Buffy that Angel and Angelus are NotSoDifferent, and Angel has killed humans while ensouled. ²* CannotKeepASecret: Willow confides in Kennedy Angel's DarkAndTroubledPast as well as Buffy's relationship with him, telling her to keep it a secret. Kennedy does the exact opposite and spills the beans to the Potentials and Robin.²* CarMeetsHouse: Due to Willow's usage of a teleportation spell to escape from the First's minions, the Scoobies' Winnebago and transport buses end up crashing right through the front door of the Hyperion.²* CerebusRetcon: ²** A subtle one, in that Giles' claim that [[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E2TheHarvest the world started as a hell]], [[spoiler:is inaccurate as the world started as paradise until Jasmine, in a fit of anger, accidentally created the First Evil]].²** Chapter 29 uses an exchange from "[[Recap/AngelS05E08Destiny Destiny]]." Angel boasts that Buffy never loved Spike and never will because Spike isn't Angel and never ''will'' be, to which Spike retorts, "I suppose she was thinking about ''you''... all those times I was ''puttin' it to her!''" Unlike in canon, Buffy is there when Spike says as such, and confesses that she was in fact thinking of Angel during her and Spike's DestructiveRomance in Season 6.²* TheChessmaster: In chapter 12, Skip reveals that the being possessing Cordelia has been manipulating both the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations for years to bring its plans to fruition. Specific incidents mentioned are, Lorne leaving Pylea and Fred going there in his place, Cordelia inheriting the visions from Doyle, Wesley sleeping with Lilah, "the enemy," Angel failing the Trials to save Darla's life, the death of Gunn's younger sister Alonna, as well as that of Nikki Wood, Willow re-ensouling Angelus for the first time, Giles being assigned as Buffy's Watcher, Anya losing her amulet and becoming mortal, Faith waking up from her coma, Spike getting his soul back, and Xander dating Cordelia in high school, as well as his lying to Buffy to ensure that she'd kill Angelus.²* ConservationOfNinjutsu: Subverted. When Connor goes to the [[BadGuyBar North Hollywood Billiards]] after he thinks Dawn rejected him, he's inevitably [[RealityEnsues overwhelmed by sheer numbers]] and would have died if help hadn't arrived just in time.²* ConspiracyTheorist: In chapter 28, Kennedy goes off on a massive rant against Buffy after finding out about Angel's DarkAndTroubledPast, which Buffy had withheld from the others, going so far as to accuse her of deliberately sending Annabelle and Chloe to their deaths and being in league with the First; naturally, Buffy blows her stack and punches Kennedy in the face before outright telling Kennedy that she's young, stupid, and not to make assumptions on what she ''thinks'' she knows, because that line of thinking ''will'' get her beaten up or killed.²* CosmicPlaything: Cordelia. Her entire life was manipulated so that she carried a mystical pregnancy so a fallen Power that was being manipulated a GodOfEvil could be born. She's also the only Cordelia still alive in TheMultiverse, as all other versions were either turned into vampires, murdered, driven insane or carried the mystical pregnancy to term.²* CreationMyth: On Chapter 25, Jasmine tells the origins of the universe. [[spoiler:How the Powers marveled at Creation and then they created Earth as a paradise, but eventually Jasmine became bored and started to experiment. The other Powers' objects however anger her causing Jasmine to lash out, killing one of the Powers, and inevitably creating the First Evil. This leads to downwards spiral in which demons rise up and take over, only to be defeated by humanity eons later]].²* CrisisCrossover: The Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations join forces to combat Jasmine and the First Evil.²* DarkestHour: As of the end of chapter 38, [[spoiler: the First breaks Buffy's back, the Beast beats Angel within an inch of his life, more than 60 Potentials are killed by the Bringers, the Hyperion has been destroyed, and they steal the Keystone. Meanwhile, Willow has her magic disrupted by Warren and Amy, and Drusilla, Pearl, and Nash are implied to have done something to Faith and Spike.]]²* DeadlyDisc: In chapter 21, Angel turns a [[ImprovisedWeapon sewer lid]] into one to behead several vampires; the narration remarks that the move would make ComicBook/CaptainAmerica proud.²* DeadpanSnarker: [[WorldOfSnark Many characters]]. The First provides a particularly nasty example in chapter 37 as part of a ShutUpKirk:²-->'''Giles''': [[YoureInsane You're truly mad]]. But whatever you're planning to do, you have to know that we'll find a way to stop you.\²'''The First''': Really? Well, gee, guess you better call Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the mighty Angel! Oh... wait. There they are. Bleeding like stuck pigs and bruised like bad peaches. ''Sooo'' scary.²* DeathByAdaptation: While Roger Wyndam-Pryce, Wesley's father, [[OutlivingOnesOffspring outlived Wesley himself]] in the actual Buffyverse, it's established in chapter 3 that he was among the casualties of the First's bombing of the Watchers' Council.²* DecompositeCharacter: The Beastmaster and Jasmine are two separate entities coexisting within Cordelia -- the former is actively controlling her body, while the latter gestates inside her.²* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: Spike begins to show such traits, especially after learning of the Shanshu Prophecy. He acknowledges that Buffy [[MayflyDecemberRomance won't live forever]], and is wondering what purpose he could have once she's gone. In chapter 28, he even confides in Lorne that all his unlife, he's never really had any plan, and now that he's caught in a LoveTriangle between Buffy and Faith, he has no idea what to do.²-->'''Spike''': I'm just so damn sick of feeling like this, mate. I'd just like to know... where I belong. What I'm supposed to do. Who I am.²* DeusExitMachina:²** In chapter 20, Angel runs out to track down a runaway Connor, while Willow casts a spell to [[JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind send Buffy and Darla into Cordelia's mind]]. With this, as well as the fact that Faith and Spike had earlier left with Dawn to help her find Connor, this leaves the Scoobies and Angel's crew undermanned when Skip breaks free of his restraints in chapter 23.²** In chapter 34, [[spoiler:Amy issues a challenge to Willow by attacking a picnic area to lure her out; Willow goes to challenge her, taking Faith, Spike, and Oz along for backup. At the same time, the First and the Beast, backed up by an army of Bringers, attack the Hyperion; as it turns out, Amy's challenge was [[BatmanGambit a setup]] engineered to lure Willow away to keep her from interfering.]]²* DidntSeeThatComing: Buffy says this nearly word by word [[spoiler:when Jasmine says she created the First Evil]].²* DidntThinkThisThrough: In chapter 12, when confronted by Cage and his vampire pack, Dawn claims to be Buffy herself, hoping that Buffy's reputation as [[TheDreaded the Slayer]] will be enough to scare them off. While many members of Cage's pack are understandably freaked out, Cage himself decides to try and kill "Buffy" for the VillainCred, something Dawn failed to consider would happen.²* DivideAndConquer: In chapter 34, [[spoiler:the First pulls this, having Amy throw down a challenge for Willow, who, with Spike, Faith, Kennedy, and Oz for backup, goes to confront her. As it turns out, it was a set-up, allowing the First and the Beast to attack the Hyperion and take the Keystone without Willow there to interfere.]]²* TheDreaded:²** Buffy herself. In chapter 12, Dawn claims to be Buffy to try to scare off a group of vampires, and most of them are practically shitting themselves, having heard all about Buffy's exploits and the people she's killed, and fully intend to run off.²** Angel is no slouch either. In chapter 15, his presence is enough to make several vamps go OhCrap.²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Angel, according to Buffy.²-->'''Buffy''': You know, on the list of things that attracted me to you... your driving skills? ''Not'' one of them.²* DudeWheresMyRespect: Dawn gets this quite a bit; despite helping capture the possessed Cordelia and assisting Angel in getting to the Zealots' world to get Jasmine's [[IKnowYourTrueName true name]], she fails to get much gratitude from Buffy, who simply grounds her for going against orders and risking her own life.²* EnemyCivilWar: In chapter 14, Lindsey reveals that the Senior Partners waged war against the First Evil for a thousand years, after the First refused to make a deal with Wolfram & Hart. The war ended in a stalemate around the time of the birth of Jesus, where they drew up a non-aggression treaty.²* EnemyMine: Lindsey teaming up with Angel Investigations to help stop the apocalypse. Later averted when Lilah approaches the Scoobies and A.I., offering an alliance against the First; Buffy and Angel refuse, neither of them trusting Wolfram & Hart for a second.²* EroticDream: Xander has one involving Cordelia in Chapter 44.²* ExpansionPackPast:²** Due to the CosmicRetcon involving Dawn, she has nothing but fond memories of Cordelia, who, in the new reality, made time for her and comforted her during the time Buffy ran away to Los Angeles after killing Angel. ²** Chapter 11 reveals that after Buffy's second death, the Angel Investigations team [[DueToTheDead attended her wake]].²* EvenEvilHasStandards: ²** Ethan Rayne may be a [[ChaosIsEvil worshipper of Chaos]], but in chapter 22, even he finds [[SinisterMinister Caleb]] creepy and unsettling.²** In chapter 24, Jasmine is utterly indignant when Buffy compares her to Glory.²* EvilVersusEvil: Wolfram & Hart are just as opposed to the First as the Scoobies and Angel's crew are. That being said, when the newly undead Lilah appears in the Hyperion hoping for an EnemyMine, Buffy and Angel refuse to do it.²* ExpectingSomeoneTaller: [[{{Jerkass}} Lilah]] towards Buffy.²* ExactWords: In chapter 27, Kennedy gathers all of the Potentials when she and Robin decide to expose Angel and Angelus. Robin points out that they had agreed to keep the other girls out of it for now, to which Kennedy retorts that ''he'' agreed to do so; she didn't.²* FlippingTheTable: In chapter 28, Angel flips his desk in a rage after imagining Spike's AttemptedRape of Buffy.²* FreudianExcuse: In chapter 37, [[spoiler:Amy]] goes off on a MotiveRant towards Willow to this effect:²-->'''[[spoiler:Amy]]''': I spent my whole life letting [[AbusiveParents my bitch of a mother]] run my life, and most of high school being everyone's punching bag, and now that I have the power, I'm going to make damn sure that ''nobody'' is going to step on me ''ever'' again!²* FriendshipDenial: ²** On two separate occasions, Pearl and Nash refer to Angel and Spike as friends. Both respond that they're ''not'' friends and never ''will'' be.²** In chapter 27, Wesley also makes it clear that he still holds a grudge against the rest of Angel Investigations for abandoning him due to the situation with Holtz and Connor. He states that he's only there to help stop the First and prevent Armageddon, he's ''not'' their friend or comrade in arms, and he's ''not'' Angel's flunky anymore; once this is over, he plans to go his own way.²* GetOutOfJailFreeCard: Willow confesses to Buffy and Xander that she hacked into the police computers in both Sunnydale and Los Angeles, deleted their files on Faith, and also destroyed her file at the prison she was stationed at, with Angel giving her the names of others who would help clean up the paper trail. When Buffy and Xander call her out on this, Willow insists they need Faith's help against the First, which is more important than her paying her debt to society.²* GodIsFlawed: Buffy and Whistler discuss this in chapter 18: as Whistler explains, the Powers That Be are all-powerful, but not all-perfect.²* GreenEyedMonster: In chapter 41, Cordelia and Buffy have a heart-to-heart, and Cordy admits she was always jealous of Buffy back in high school.²* GroinAttack: ²** Darla knees Lindsey in the crotch after he forces a kiss on her.²** During their fight in chapter 29, Angel kicks Spike in the nuts.²* GunsAreWorthless: Played with. During the fight at the Hyperion, Wes' guns proved to be as inefficient as arrows, swords and axes due to the demons' invulnerable organic skin. However, once Wes spots a chink in his armor caused by Angel when the vampire captured Skip, his gun was absolutely lethal.²* {{Heaven}}: The Higher Realms.²* HeroicSacrifice: Cordelia willingly sacrificed her memories to prevent Jasmine from being born.²* HoistHeroOverHead: Buffy is the victim of this in chapter 37; [[spoiler:in a very ComicBook/{{Bane}}-style move, the First hoists her over its head and then slams her down on its knee, breaking Buffy's back.]]²* HolierThanThou: Spike accuses Angel as such in chapter 29, going on about how Angel thinks he's better than him in every way, soul or not. Faith ends up accusing Buffy of being much the same toward her.²* HolyIsNotSafe: The Higher Realms are not safe at all for lower beings, demon and human alike, because the cosmic energies there serve as a failsafe against demonic incursion.²* HomeBase: The Scoobies and Angel's crew initially use the Hyperion Hotel as such. After [[WhamEpisode chapter 37]], when [[spoiler:Jasmine/the First destroys the Hyperion]], the two teams return to Sunnydale and spread out to split resources, water and food, housing different groups of Potentials at Buffy's house, as well as Giles, Anya, and Xander's apartments. In chapter 40, Wesley takes the time to snark that they don't have nearly as much operating space in the Summers household as they did in the Hyperion.²* HopeCrusher: The First aims to be this with an attack on the Hyperion in chapter 32. ²-->'''The First''': I ''want'' the Slayer to be at her best. I want Angel at his peak, and I want Faith, Spike, and Willow to be all in on the game. Let them bring their best. Let the heroes make their stand in all their glory, guns blazing, swords shining, hearts full of hope and determination. I want them to stand a chance, I want then to fight, to believe, to hope... and then, ''I'll'' be there. And I'll look right into the Slayer's pretty green eyes and show her and that damned Angel what it feels like... ''when hope dies.''²* HumansAreSpecial: According to Whistler, free will is what sets humans apart from demons. Demons kill and maim because either they're told to or because of instincts, while humans choose or refuse to do it.²* IDidWhatIHadToDo: In chapter 12, when Buffy discovers that Xander lied to her the night she sent Angelus to Hell, he states this trope word for word. Buffy is understandably pissed off, but Angel actually agrees with Xander, pointing out that if Buffy had known that Willow was still trying to re-ensoul Angel, she would have held back, allowing Angelus to kill her and destroy the planet.²* IKnowYourTrueName: Discussed at length when the Scoobies and A.I. find out that the power of the PowersThatBe, Jasmine included, lies in their true names.²-->'''Willow''': Their ''names''? That's a little weird. Their Kryptonite just a simple "Hi, my name is BLANK?"\²'''Giles''': It's not so weird if you think about it. In Kabbalistic theology, God's true name - not Yahweh, or Jehovah, but the TRUE name of the Creator - contains too much power for all but the most experienced adept to handle.\²'''Wesley''': Because they believe naming God would somehow take away His significance. That's it, then. Reveal the name...\²'''Angel''': ...and the Power becomes powerless.²* ImmortalImmaturity: Angel and Spike both have this to varying degrees, constantly bickering with one another; in fact, when Buffy breaks up one of their fights, Angel's first response is "He started it!" Kate even compares them to "a couple of kids fighting over the last swing set" in chapter 40, and Angel himself gets in on the act in response to Spike's jealousy that [[OnlyTheChosenMayWield only Angel, the Champion of the Powers That Be, can wield Hope's Dagger]]:²-->'''Angel''': We really going to keep doing this, Spike? Or do you need a time out, a blankie, and your Sippie Cup?²* ImprobableAimingSkills: While trying to pretend to be Buffy, Dawn twirls a stake in hands but the stake fly off her hand and into the heart of a vampire, dusting it. It's what convinces Cage to kill her for VillainCred.²* InterruptedIntimacy: In chapter 20, Angel and Buffy give in to their desires and begin making out, but are stopped from going any further when Fred knocks on the door to inform them that the spell is ready, and that Connor ran out and Faith, Spike, and Dawn went to find him. Considering Angel's [[GypsyCurse curse]] and the "[[CantHaveSexEver perfect happiness]]" [[CurseEscapeClause clause]], it's probably for the best.²* InvulnerableKnuckles: Subverted. During a fight with [[spoiler:the First-possessing-Jasmine]], Buffy punches them in the face with all her might. Not only do they NoSell it, but Buffy's fist shatters on impact.²* ItsAllMyFault: How Conner feels about the whole looming apocalypse, given his key role in the First's plan.²* ItSeemedLikeAGoodIdeaAtTheTime: "Cordelia's" explanation for turning Darla into a human.²* JerkassGods: In chapter 24, Buffy outright declares that all gods and higher powers are "a bunch of selfish dirt-bags who don't care about anyone but themselves," using Glory and Jasmine as examples.²* JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind: In chapters 20-23, Willow casts a spell to transport Buffy and Darla into Cordelia's mind, allowing them to liberate her from the Beastmaster/Jasmine without killing her.²* KickThemWhileTheyAreDown: Kennedy to Buffy in chapter 28. Despite having already gotten punched out by Buffy and telekinetically slammed by Willow for her bitchiness, after seeing Buffy get fired by Robin before he storms out, Kennedy just ''has'' to get one last dig in by snidely asking Buffy how it feels to be unemployed "just like that." In response, Willow orders Kennedy to just shut up already, and when Kennedy snaps, "Or else what?", Angel threatens to personally throw her out of the Hyperion and leave her to the mercy of the First's Bringers if she doesn't.²* KlingonPromotion: According to chapter 21's narration, the Master was sired by Aurelius, the vampire who founded the titular order. The Master took over the order by betraying Aurelius and [[MurderByInaction leaving him to die at the hands of a 12th century Slayer]].²* LanguageDrift: In chapter 27, Angel, triggered by a spell cast by Lilah, [[RoomFullOfCrazy draws all over the Hyperion's lobby]], revealing a massive diagram of dimensions and constellations centered around the Earth, along with glyphs written in a language Giles and Wesley can't recognize. Whistler explains that said language is called the Language of the Eternals, ''the'' original language used by the Powers themselves from which Enochian and all other languages evolved; while it's lost to record books and the minds of man, as the messenger for the Powers, he has it hardwired into his brain.²* LastOfHisKind: Giles and Wesley are all that remains of the Watchers' Council after the First blew them up.²* LegionOfDoom: In response to the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations teaming up, the First assembles one of these, consisting of [[spoiler:Ethan Rayne, Drusilla, Amy Madison, Warren Mears, Pearl, Nash, and the Beast.]]²* LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain: Cordelia's reaction when it comes out that she kissed the Beast while possessed.²* LetsYouAndHimFight: When the Scooby Gang meets up with Angel Investigations, Buffy's knee-jerk reaction to seeing the resurrected Darla is to try and stake her. Connor understandably takes this badly, and the two end up in a brief but intense fight before the others break it up.²* ALighterShadeOfBlack: Wolfram & Hart may be EvilInc, but they're still the lesser evil compared to the First, an OmnicidalManiac who plans to destroy not only the Earth, [[spoiler:but the entire multiverse]].²* LockedOutOfTheLoop:²** Wesley, and the rest of Angel Investigations, are unaware of the destruction of the Watchers Council until Darla tells them in chapter 3.²** Similarly, Buffy keeps Robin in the dark about Angel's past and nature. Willow confides to Kennedy about it... and Kennedy [[CannotKeepASecret immediately spills the beans to Robin]].²* LoveHurts: Spike is awakened to this in chapter 29 [[spoiler:when Buffy confesses that while she cares about him, she'll only ever love Angel. It hurts him so bad that he [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere nearly bails out completely]]. Buffy herself is ''not'' happy that she had to break Spike's heart over it.]] Buffy herself suffers this in chapter 44 when [[spoiler:Angel insists that they still can't be together; Buffy rants that's she's sick of TheMasochismTango between them and they're officially done.]]²* MacGuffin:²** The Keystone, a crystal which the First needs in order to complete its plan to [[spoiler: destroy reality]].²** Hope's Dagger, the only weapon capable of killing the First.²* {{Magick}}: Used liberally.²* MamaBear: Darla is ''pissed'' that the Beastmaster used Connor for the First's plans. For this reason, she insists on accompanying Buffy into the JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind to save Cordelia.²* MistakenForAnImposter: In chapter 26, when Buffy meets the newly undead Lilah, she automatically assumes it's the First doing another DeadPersonImpersonation. Lilah promptly shoots that theory down when she pushes a vase off of a shelf, something the non-corporeal First wouldn't be able to do.²* MommasBoy: Connor becomes as such to Darla. When Buffy sees her and her knee-jerk reaction is to throw a stake at her, Connor catches the stake before drawing a knife and attacking her in a rage.²* MoralityChain: Buffy reflects in chapter 27 that she's wanted to punch Kennedy out from the minute she arrived in Sunnydale, and it's only because of Willow that she's restrained herself from doing so. After Kennedy goes off on a ConspiracyTheorist rant, going off about how Buffy [[InsaneTrollLogic may very well be in league with the First and has been plotting to feed the Potentials to Angel to get in good with it]], Buffy cuts the chain and decks her. Of course, Willow is just as pissed that Kennedy betrayed her trust.²* MoreThanMindControl: In chapter 29, Spike rants about how Angelus was his SenseiForScoundrels, and that Drusilla may have sired him, but Angel was the one who really made him a monster. Angel retorts that the demon within vampires only amplifies what's already there; he only opened the door and let the ''real'' Spike out of his cage.²-->'''Spike''': You taught me, you molded me, you made me what I am, O Great Savior. And then you cast me off like some bastard child that you refused to take responsibility for! Trying to wash your hands of me because you couldn't have me soiling that shiny suit of armor everyone thinks you wear. But you know the truth, and it eats at you like a cancer deep down in that precious soul of yours- Drusilla may have sired me, but you... ''you made me a '''monster'''.''\²'''Angel''': I didn't make you into anything, Spike. The demon just amplifies what's already there; you and I know that, better than anyone. The rage, the anger, the violence... it was all there, just waiting to spring out like a jack-in-the-box. All I did as Angelus was give a little direction to a loose cannon, teach a few tricks to a mad dog. It wasn't even that hard. Admit it, Spike; you ''liked'' being the animal you'd become after Dru turned you. All I had to do was open up the door... and let the ''real'' you out.²* TheMultiverse: Lilah explains the existence of one [[spoiler: which the First intends to collapse]].²* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: ²** Angel has this reaction when Whistler informs him that his attempts to reverse Cordelia's amnesia was what triggered her possession.²** Buffy has this reaction in chapter 29, after being forced to [[spoiler:break Spike's heart and make it clear she'll only love Angel and not him.]]²-->'''Buffy''': [''thinking''] Oh, God. [[spoiler:Oh, Spike... I only hope you can forgive me someday, but you deserved the truth. You ''needed'' to hear it, no matter how much it hurt you... ''and'' me.]]²* NiceJobFixingItVillain: The Beastmaster resurrecting Darla not only enables her to turn Connor against it, but also puts her in position to inform the Angel Investigations crew about its alliance with the First, leading to them teaming up with the Scooby Gang to stop their plans.²* NighInvulnerability: [[spoiler:The First, after possessing Jasmine. Buffy shatters her hand against its face, and Angel [[WreckedWeapon breaks his sword]] against its neck.]]²* NoodleIncident: The First and the Senior Partners waged a devastating war several centuries ago that only ‘ended’ when the two sides drew up a treaty around the time of the birth of Christ, with their resources being too evenly matched to definitively defeat each other until the First ‘cheated’ by recruiting help from the higher dimensions. ²* NotSoWellIntentionedExtremist: Buffy and Angel both call Jasmine out as one of these in chapter 24, pointing out all the chaos she's caused under the excuse of trying to save the world; Buffy even tells her point-blank that she was trying to ''rule'' the world, not save it, and didn't care who she killed or who's lives she ruined along the way.²* OhCrap: ²** "Cordelia's" reaction when the First informs her that Buffy and the Scooby Gang are in Los Angeles and have teamed up with the Angel Investigations team.²** Buffy and Darla's reaction in chapter 23, when they find themselves face-to-face with [[spoiler:the Master]].²** Angel's reaction when [[spoiler:the bone knife fails to kill a ressurected Beast]].²* OhMyGods: Willow often declares "Goddess," at different points. When she comes across Faith and Spike alive and well after a disastrous fight with the First's minions in chapter 39, she says "Thank Hecate!" in relief.²* OmnicidalManiac: [[spoiler: The First's ultimate plan is to destroy the entire multiverse, then create a new reality in its own image.]]²* OnlyThePureOfHeart: Whistler explains that the Higher Planes are realms of pure tranquility, peace, and goodness, and the cosmic energies there are fatal to any lower beings, human and demon alike. Only purely benevolent beings devoid of darkness and malice can survive there; hence, [[spoiler:Cordelia was made [[SemiDivine half-higher power]] rather than part-demon to allow her to ascend there after the events of "[[Recap/AngelS03E22Tomorrow Tomorrow]]."]]²* PatchworkFic: In addition to being a crossover between ''[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy]]'' and ''Series/{{Angel}}'', the fic also adds in some things from the non-canon game ''VideoGame/BuffyTheVampireSlayerChaosBleeds'', such as Ethan Rayne having prayed to the First to break him out of his imprisonment in Nevada, and [[InfinityPlusOneSword Hope's Dagger]].²* PitTrap: In chapter 21, Angel and Spike nearly fall into one lined with wooden stakes.²* PitifulWorms: The First outright calls the Scoobies and Angel's crew bugs in chapter 38:²-->'''Fred''': Why are you doing this? You'd really destroy everything? What good would that do?\²'''The First''': Aside from not having to hear your annoying little voice anymore? I don't expect you to see the big picture. I mean, bugs rarely can from their point of view.²* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Jasmine, when giving her BreakingSpeech to Connor at the beginning.²* PopculturalOsmosisFailure: In chapter 14, Buffy remarks that Angel DrivesLikeCrazy, leading to this:²-->'''Angel''': Sorry, but when it comes to an apocalypse, I can't actually afford to be doing my [[Film/DrivingMissDaisy Miss Daisy]] imitation, can I?\²'''Buffy''': Who's Miss Daisy?\²'''Angel''': [''under his breath''] Okay. Now I ''really'' feel old.²* PowerIncontinence: Willow suffers from this after Warren hits her with a magic-disrupting ray gun [[TechnoBabble thing]].²* PrecisionFStrike: While several characters swear, they do occasionally dip into language that was never permitted on either TV show:²** In chapter 29, Spike snaps and calls Angel a "fucking bloody tosser."²** In chapter 44, when Angel resolves to BreakHisHeartToSaveHim, Buffy, infuriated and hurt at his attempted excuses, snaps at him to "cut the shit."²* PunchAWall: In chapter 20, Angel puts his fist through the wall when Buffy reveals Spike's [[AttemptedRape rape attempt on her]].²* PunctuatedForEmphasis:²** Angel's response when Faith agrees with Gunn's assessment that Spike is [[NotSoDifferent a "good guy vampire" like Angel]].²-->'''Angel''': He'!²** Buffy gets one in chapter 16, when she makes it clear to Xander that they're getting Cordelia back:²-->'''Buffy''': I don't know, Xander. But we're sure as hell gonna try. I lost Merrick, we lost Mom, and Jenny, and Kendra and Tara... I'll be damned if we lose another one. We will ''not. Lose. Cordy.''²** Angel pulls an impressive one as well in chapter 21, after arriving to save Connor, Dawn, Faith, and Spike from vampires.²-->'''Angel''': ''[[PapaWolf Keep. Away. From my. Kid.]]''²* PrayerIsALastResort: In chapter 38, [[spoiler:Willow, cornered by Warren and Amy and being drained of her magic by Warren's RayGun, frantically prays to the Powers That Be to send her aid. Her prayer is answered; [[BewareTheNiceOnes Whistler]] shows up just in time and drives Amy and Warren off.]]²* PreemptiveDeclaration: In chapter 29, Spike knocks Angel down, and starts monologuing about how Angel [[HolierThanThou thinks he's better than him]], stating that Angel's done plenty of horrible deeds as well. Angel takes advantage of Spike's speechifying to attack.²-->'''Spike''': How do you think you look now, ''hero''?\²'''Angel''': A lot better than you'll feel after ''this''! [''kicks Spike in the crotch'']²* RageBreakingPoint: Angel spends several chapters holding in his temper after Buffy confesses to him about Spike's AttemptedRape, which gets even worse when he realizes Robin is the son of Nikki Wood, the second Slayer he killed. When he runs into Spike in the library, the dam breaks...²* RealityEnsues: In chapter 44, Willow confides in Lorne that she retains feelings for Oz, but she's gay now, so nothing can really come of it. In an aversion of NoBisexuals, Lorne points out that love isn't all about "what's below the waist."²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: ²** Buffy and Angel give one to Jasmine in chapter 24:²--->'''Buffy''': Thousands of people are dead because of what you've done, Jasmine.\²'''Jasmine''': And how many ''more'' will die ''now'' because of you and your friends? [[MotiveRant I could've stopped it. All of it. War, disease, poverty... every last wretched drop of suffering. Children would have grown up healthy and strong, with families full of love and harmony. Peace spreading around the world like a wondrous, precious sea wave. How many precious, beautiful lives would've been saved in only a handful of years?]] [[AMillionIsAStatistic Yes, I murdered thousands... to save]] ''[[AMillionIsAStatistic billions]]''.\²'''Angel''': What about all the lives that you destroyed along the way to getting what you wanted? Are you saying their lives were less precious than the people you claimed you wanted to save? Who the hell gave you the right to decide who lives and dies?\²'''Jasmine''': ''[[OmniscientMoralityLicense I]]'' [[OmniscientMoralityLicense did! I'm not human, vampire- so don't try to treat me as one!]] [[IDidWhatIHadToDo I did what I did because]] ''[[IDidWhatIHadToDo someone]]'' [[IDidWhatIHadToDo had to!]] I was trying to ''save'' this world!\²'''Buffy''': No. You were trying to ''rule'' it. And you weren't going to let anything stop you. You think we don't get it? It didn't matter to you whose lives you wrecked, or who you killed. There's nothing selfless about that... it's just ruthless. And sick. And evil. You so-called gods and higher powers are all the same; [[JerkassGods you're a bunch of selfish dirt-bags who don't care about anything but yourselves!]]\²'''Jasmine''': I am ''nothing'' like Glorificus!\²'''Buffy''': No. You're ''worse''. Glory was [[AxCrazy an insane maniac]] and an evil bitch, but you know what? [[AtLeastIAdmitIt At least]] ''[[AtLeastIAdmitIt she]]'' [[AtLeastIAdmitIt never pretended to be anything else]]. She was a hellgod, it woulda been crazy of us to expect her to act any other way. But ''you'', Jasmine? A higher power? One of [[ThePowersThatBe the Powers that freakin']] ''[[ThePowersThatBe Be]]''? For you to fall so far and act so low, to betray everything you're supposed to stand for... [[YouMonster that's what makes you a]] ''[[YouMonster monster!]]''²** Buffy gets one from Robin, who's anything but pleased that she lied to him about Angel:²--->'''Robin''': "The mission is what matters." Nice speech, but you withheld information that I had a right to know-that we ''all'' had a right to know-before you dragged us here to this damned hotel. You lied to us. To ''me''. You used your own agenda as an excuse to pull the wool over my eyes. And you want to protect your vampire lovers so much, that you're actually willing to ''murder'' me now? You're a disgrace to every Slayer that's come before you, and the two who came after you. All of your predecessors would spit on you, Buffy, if they were here right now. Including and especially my mother.²** [[spoiler:Amy]] later gives one to Willow in chapter 37, [[ShutUpKirk in response to Willow]] [[YoureInsane declaring her insane]]:²--->'''[[spoiler:Amy]]''': '''''No!''''' No, no, no, you want to know what's '''''insane?''''' ''Insane'' is letting other people tell you your place in the world when you could be running it. I spent my whole life letting [[AbusiveParents my bitch of a mother]] run my life, and most of high school being everyone's punching bag, and now that I have the power, I'm going to make damn sure that ''nobody'' is going to step on me ''ever'' again! [[spoiler:Warren]] was right. I ''have'' been watching you. I saw that fight you had with your friends in the Magic Box last year. You took the Slayer, the baddest chick in the underworld, and you ''beat her ass''. You wiped the floor with her. It wasn't even close. And then you [[EarthShatteringKaboom nearly blew up the planet]]? For a second, I thought you were finally going to step up to the big time. To stop denying your real power, the ''real'' you.\²'''Willow''': That's ''not'' who I am. That's not the real-\²'''[[spoiler:Amy]]''': ''Yes it is!'' You have all this power, more than you deserve. And now that you have it, you-you don't even ''want'' it. [[AfraidOfTheirOwnStrength You're]] ''[[AfraidOfTheirOwnStrength running]]'' [[AfraidOfTheirOwnStrength from it.]] '''''[[AfraidOfTheirOwnStrength Hiding!]]''''' Holding back, playing by other people's rules, letting others tell you what you should be. People like you and I, we aren't meant to be controlled, Willow. People like us, we're ''above'' everyone else! [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers Rules don't apply to us, we should be]] ''[[ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers making]]'' [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers the rules]].\²'''Willow''': You're ''wrong''. We're ''not'' above the law, [[spoiler:Amy]]. We-we can't just go around killing people whenever we want!\²'''[[spoiler:Amy]]''': Oh? And how'd ''that'' work out for you. You tried it Buffy's way. You went to college like a good girl, did the Dudley Do-Right shtick, played by their rules, and what happened? You ''knew'' Warren was dangerous. You had the power to get rid of him when he was going after Buffy, hell, maybe part of you knew you ''should'' have gotten rid of him. But you didn't. All that power at your fingertips, and you did ''nothing''. You just stood by, and your best friend ended up with a bullet in her chest. And what happened to Tara? The woman you loved died bleeding in your arms, drowning in her own blood. You could have saved her if you had acted sooner, but instead, your insistence on playing by these rules... cost Tara her life. [[AccompliceByInaction Hell, you might as well have pulled the damn trigger yoursel-]]\²'''Willow''': '''''[[BigShutUp SHUT UP!]]'''''\²'''[[spoiler:Amy]]''': [''chuckles'']: Same old Willow. Trying to pretend that you can be a normal girl, but you're not. You haven't changed. All this power, and you're still just the sidekick to the Slayer. Still hiding behind Buffy's skirt, just like in high school.²* RelatedInTheAdaptation: It has been all but explicitly stated that [[spoiler:Caleb is Lindsey's brother, with the two having had such a serious falling-out years ago that Lindsey thanks God his family were rid of Caleb even before he learns that Caleb is serving the First]]. ²* RejectedApology: After a rather brutal spat between them in chapter 28, Buffy tries to apologize to Faith. Faith refuses to accept it, because Buffy herself confesses that part of her didn't even want to do so, and because Angel [[OrderedApology talked her into doing it]].²* RoomFullOfCrazy: In chapter 27, when Lilah triggers information Jasmine planted in Angel's mind earlier, Angel immediately takes a black marker and draws all over the Hyperion's lobby, revealing a massive diagram of dimensions and constellations centered around the Earth, along with glyphs written in the ancient [[LanguageDrift Language of the Eternals]].²* SayingTooMuch: The entity controlling Cordelia had already inspired doubt in Connor when it threatened Darla and tried to make him kill an innocent girl, but it further slips up when she warns Darla about the possibility of getting a new throat hole like Lilah did, basically admitting that she killed Lilah rather than Angelus (although in her defence, she was whispering that line to Darla and just forgot to take Connor’s enhanced hearing into account). ²* ScrewTheRulesIHaveSupernaturalPowers: In chapter 37, [[spoiler:Amy]] declares that people like herself and Willow are above other people due to their powers.²-->[[spoiler:'''Amy''']]: People like you and I, we aren't meant to be controlled, Willow. People like us, we're ''above'' everyone else! Rules don't apply to us, we should be ''making'' the rules.²* ScrewThisImOuttaHere:²** In chapter 26, Robin, furious that Buffy lied to him about Angel, storms out of the Hyperion and returns to Sunnydale after giving Buffy a WhatTheHellHero speech.²** In chapter 29, [[spoiler:Spike comes close to doing this after Buffy confesses she'll only ever love Angel and not him. It takes three different speeches from Faith, Buffy, and Darla to convince him not to leave.]]²* ShipSinking: Chapter 28 puts a permanent end to Buffy/Spike; Buffy [[spoiler:confesses that she was actually thinking of Angel every time she and Spike had sex in Season 6, and while she ''does'' care about Spike, she'll only ever love Angel.]]²* ShipTease:²** Connor and Dawn show an increasing interest in each other.²** Wesley and Darla somehow develop an attraction to each other after her resurrection.²** Spike and Faith have quite a bit of semi-flirtatious banter between them.²* ShoutOut: To ''Series/OnceUponATime'' in chapter 44. Willow suffers from PowerIncontinence and tries to regain control over her magic by trying and failing to lightning up a white wax candle for half an hour. Like Regina Mills, Willow eventually gets frustrated enough to throw the candle to the ground.²* ShutUpHannibal: In chapter 23, Buffy gets off an ''epic'' one to Jasmine:²-->'''Jasmine''': You think you've ''won''? You have no idea what you've ''lost''! What you've cost everyone! You have no earthly idea ''why'' I even tried to do what I did! What I was trying to save you ''from''!\²'''Buffy''': Yeah, and you know what? I don't ''care''! [''punches Jasmine in the face''] News flash, but the end ''doesn't'' justify the means! You killed and you maimed and you hurt people I care about along the way to getting what you want! Angel, Cordy, and Wesley might have their own thing in L.A. now, but they were part of ''my'' gang first. Part of ''my'' world. So, hurting them was your biggest mistake 'cause once a Scooby, always a Scooby. You mess with one of us, you mess with ''all'' of us... and when you mess with Buffy Summers, you get your ass kicked. ''Hard''.²** She gets a simpler one earlier in chapter 17, when the possessed Cordelia is mocking the Spike/Buffy/Angel LoveTriangle. After getting sick of listening to it, Buffy responds by cold clocking her in the face, knocking her out in a single punch.²* ShutUpKirk: ²** In chapter 37, when Willow [[YoureInsane calls her insane]] for being onboard with the First's plans, [[spoiler:Amy]] responds with a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech, chewing Willow out for being [[AfraidOfTheirOwnStrength scared of her own power]] and continuing to be Buffy's sidekick.²** In chapter 38, when Giles declares they ''will'' find a way to stop it, the First responds sarcastically, having already [[spoiler:put Buffy and Angel out of commission]].²* SmugSuper: The First, upon [[spoiler:taking over Jasmine's body. Of course, since it effortlessly spanks both Buffy ''and'' Angel without even trying, it has good reason to be smug.]]²* SpeakIllOfTheDead: In chapter 12, Spike tactlessly recalls the late Doyle as "that little poncy-looking Mick with the bad hair and crappy dress sense." Angel is ''not'' pleased and angrily warns Spike ''never'' to talk about Doyle that way in his presence again.²* StrongFamilyResemblance: In chapter 8, Angel remarks that every time he sees Dawn, he sees more of her mother in her. In that same chapter, Spike can tell from a few minutes of observation that Connor is Angel and Darla's son.²* TakeThatKiss: In chapter 37, [[spoiler:the First plants one on Buffy to rub its power in her face.]]²* TautologicalTemplar: The Scoobies and Angel's crew discuss this trope at length in regards to Jasmine in chapter 18:²-->'''Whistler''': This disgruntled Power thinks it's doing the right thing. That it's saving the world from itself. In its mind, it's not fighting the good guys... it ''is'' the good guy.\²'''Buffy''': [[SarcasmMode Yeah, right]]. Such a good guy that it [[GrandTheftMe hijacks the body of one of our friends]], [[DeathFromAbove rains down fire on LA]], [[TheNightThatNeverEnds blocks out the sun]] to turn this city into an all-you-can-eat demon buffet, and lets [[TheDreaded Angelus]] out of his cage to terrorize people!\²'''Lindsey''': All means to an end, apparently. Everything comes at a price. And world peace? Now ''that's'' an omelet that's gonna need more than a few eggs broken.²* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Several between the Scoobies and Angel's crew, but especially between Angel and Spike. Skip lampshades it in chapter 16:²-->'''Skip''': Who're you guys fooling? You're trying to fight pure, ultimate evil- when you spend more time fighting each other?²* ThickerThanWater: In chapter 29, despite having Spike at his mercy at the end of their fight, Angel just can't bring himself to stake him for this reason; as much as they hate each other, they're of the same vampire bloodline. Spike, however, has no such qualms, and jumps Angel, only being stopped from staking him by Buffy and Faith running in to stop the fight.²* ThrowEmToTheWolves: Invoked: in chapter 28, everyone is so furious at Kennedy that Angel explicitly threatens to throw her out of the Hyperion and leave her to the mercy of the First's Bringers if she doesn't shut up.²* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: In chapter 8, when Buffy sees Darla, her knee-jerk reaction is to toss a stake at her. It would have worked had Connor [[ArrowCatch not caught it in mid-air]].²* TomTheDarkLord: In chapter 9, Buffy lampshades how silly Skip's name is for a villain:²-->'''Buffy''': Out of all the cool villain names out there, one of them drew the short straw and got ''Skip''?²* TookALevelInBadass: Cordelia, to Buffy's surprise.²* TookALevelInJerkass: Kennedy, who actually kicks a fallen Potential in the stomach, horrifying all the other Potentials. She gets even worse later; after Willow confides in her about Angel's shady past, Kennedy [[CannotKeepASecret spills the beans to Robin]], and after rallying him to try to dust him, she goes off on a rant towards Buffy, right in front of the Scoobies, Angel's crew, and all of the Potentials, going so far as to accuse Buffy of deliberately sending Annabelle and Chloe to their deaths and being in league with the First. Of course, karma catches up to her after this; Buffy gives her [[TakeThatScrappy a well-deserved punch in the face]], Willow telekinetically slams her into the ground for betraying her trust, and Angel outright threatens to throw Kennedy out of the Hyperion and leave her to the mercy of the First's Bringers if she doesn't shut up.²* TranquilFury: ²** In chapter 28, Willow ends up descending into this after discovering Kennedy betrayed her trust and outed Angel's past to Robin, very calmly telling her to shut up after she snarks to Buffy about Robin firing her. ²** Angel himself descends into it at the sight of Spike in the library after Robin's departure and researching the death of Nikki Wood, on top of recalling that Buffy revealed Spike's rape attempt. Spike himself is able to tell right away that while Angel looks calm at first glance, it's only skin-deep, and he's well and truly ''furious'' under the surface. The one sentence he drops before attacking Spike is also noted to be calm, but tinged with "cruel malice":²-->'''Angel''': I'll tell you who you are. You're a dead man.²* TraumaticSuperpowerAwakening: In chapter 20, while Angel, Connor, and Kate are fighting the demon messenger and losing, [[spoiler:Dawn lets out a BigNo and unleashes a wave of green energy that hits the demon and gravely injures it, allowing Angel to finish it off.]]²* UnwittingPawn: As it turns out, [[spoiler:Jasmine has been one to the First all along; her body was gestated in Cordelia's womb specifically so the First could possess it and take physical form.]]²* VanHelsingHateCrimes: ²** Robin fits this at first. The instant he finds out about Angel's [[DarkAndTroubledPast past as Angelus]], he declares that soul or not, Buffy is a disgrace as a Slayer and tries to stake him the first chance he gets. Of course, after that, he softens his views, especially after reading of Angel's heroic exploits on chat rooms.²** Kennedy is much the same. Her first impulse when she sees Oz in werewolf form is to attack him, though to be fair, that was before she finds out he's in full control over it and is a VoluntaryShapeshifter. Also, when Willow confides in her about Angel's past and makes her swear to keep it a secret, Kennedy immediately blabs to Robin about it and conspires with him to stake Angel, calling Buffy out in front of the Scoobies, Angel's crew, and the Potentials for being willing to associate with him at all; when Buffy points out Angel has a soul, Kennedy retorts, "And that's supposed to make us trust him?"²* VillainCred: Wolfram & Hart's reputation is well-known by Giles and Anya; Anya reflects in the narration that D'Hoffryn was one of their clients.²* WhatTheHellHero: ²** This is Buffy's response to finding out that Angel had his team remove his soul and bring [[JekyllAndHyde Angelus]] back in order to find out info on the Beast.²** Several occur in chapter 28:²*** First, there's Kennedy's ConspiracyTheorist rant against Buffy as mentioned above, which earns her a punch in the face.²*** Kennedy gets one right back when Willow, royally pissed off, telekinetically lifts her off of the ground and slams her against the floor, pointing out that she told Kennedy about Buffy's history with Angel and Angel's past in complete confidence.²--->'''Willow''': I trusted you with one of my secrets, and ''this'' is what you did with it?!²*** Robin also gives one to Buffy near the end of the chapter for lying to them about Angel, as well as threatening everyone with death should they harm either Angel or Spike. Disgusted, he explicitly tells her that she's a disgrace to the Slayer line and goes home to Sunnydale to continue his job, but not before telling Buffy that she's fired and that he never wants to see her face again. Of course, several chapters later, [[spoiler:Buffy approaches him and convinces him to return to the fold.]]²* WhenThePlanetsAlign: The First's ultimate plan relies on an event known as the Awakening, which is when every dimension in the entire multiverse is perfectly aligned, which only happens every ''half billion'' years.²* WorthIt: How Lindsey feels about kissing Darla, even though it led to him getting kicked in the groin.²* YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre: Lorne gives Willow such a speech in Chapter 44, when she's questioning her worth to the team in light of [[spoiler: being stripped of her powers]].²* YouGotSpunk: Jasmine says this to Buffy nearly word by word during duel inside Cordelia's mind.²* YoureInsane:²** Willow calls out [[spoiler: Amy]] as being this when the latter reveals that she's fully aware of what the First is planning and is still onboard with the idea.²** Giles calls the First itself this when it's gloating.


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