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1!!General²* Take a sip of beer everytime Keima is called a dweeb or "Otamega". ²* Take a sip of cider every time Elsie says "Kami-sama/Kami-niisama" (Divine one/Divine brother in the dub)²* Take a sip for every reference to Fire Engines. ²* Take a sip every time [[LethalChef Elsie tries to cook]].²* Take a sip every time Keima [[CatchPhrase can see the ending]].²* Take a swallow every time Keima goes on a rant about [[DatingSim Dating Sims]].²* Take a sip every time [[FanGirl Elsie]] says Haqua's name. For hardened drinkers only.²* Sip for every ShoutOut. Take two sips if you miss it the first time but realize it later.²* Take a sip every time Haqua [[{{Tsundere}} tsuns]] someone. Take two sips when she [[{{Tsundere}} deres]] someone.²* Finish your glass if Keima's capture attempt [[NotAsPlanned fails the first time]].²!! Meta:²* Try mentioning how the manga ended in a discussion thread. Take a swig with two teaspoons of salt for every violent reaction.²** Add an extra swig with four teaspoons of salt [[spoiler:for any hate line directed against Chihiro.]]


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