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1[[quoteright:312:]] ² [[caption-width-right:312:]]²Creator/NikkiFlynn is an American fantasy writer. She collaborates with Creator/EdwinDantes, her co-author for the works of fiction that take place on Ullord. Their collaboration is varied between one of them acting as the primary writer and planner with the other offering literary and proofreading support to both writing stories simultaneously and in unison with agreed upon scenes, plot points and character arcs.²²Her background includes degrees that are comprised of research and studying behavior. This crops up in works where she is a primary writer with complex motivations, criminal behavior and chess master characters.²²Flynn also acts as the primary character designer for the characters of she and Dantes’ works. She designs the covers of books herself.²²----²* InMediasRes: To an extreme degree. Everything starts in the middle of events and there are often flashbacks, flash forwards or time skips throughout. The amount of jumping around differs from story to story and usually is influenced by the number of characters present in the work. See the accompanying picture for more details about their ''in media res'' structure.²* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: She often writes extensive works with numerous main and supporting characters. This includes her works independent of Literature/AnthologiesOfUllord.


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