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1[[quoteright:298:]] ˛[[caption-width-right:298:This programme is made with the help of your broadcasting fee. So you can see more of New Zealand On Air]]˛˛NZ on Air is an independent UsefulNotes/NewZealand broadcast funding agency. It is an autonomous crown entity separate from central Government and governed by a Board of six appointed by the Minister of Broadcasting. Wikipedia˛Autonomous Crown entity executive: Jane Wrightson, Chief˛˛˛˛!!List of showe that have been made with funding from New Zealand On Air:˛[[index]]˛* Series/TheAlmightyJohnsons˛* Series/{{Attitude}}˛* WesternAnimation/BroTown˛* Series/GoGirls˛* Series/OutrageousFortune˛* Series/PraiseBe˛* Series/ShortlandStreet˛* WesternAnimation/StainesDownDrains˛* Series/StickyTV˛* Series/TagataPasifika˛[[/index]]˛----˛˛----˛˛----


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