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1[[quoteright:350:]] ²Melina Marchetta (born 25 March 1965) is an Australian YA author best known for her debut novel ''Literature/LookingForAlibrandi'', which is taught in classrooms around Australia and made into [[TheMovie a major motion picture]] starring Pia Miranda, Greta Scacchi and Anthony La Paglia. All of her works have won numerous awards and she is currently working on a screenplay for [[Literature/OnTheJellicoeRoad Jellicoe Road]].²²----²!!Her works include:²[[index]]²* ''Literature/LookingForAlibrandi'' (1992)²** (Screenplay 2000)²* ''Literature/SavingFrancesca'' (2003)²* ''[[Literature/OnTheJellicoeRoad Jellicoe Road]]'' (American version called ''Literature/OnTheJellicoeRoad'') (2006)²** (Screenplay 2011) ²* ''Literature/TheLumatereChronicles''²** ''Finnikin of the Rock'' (2008)²** ''Froi of the Exiles'' (2011)²** ''Quintana of Charyn'' (2012)²* ''The Piper's Son (2010)'', a follow-up to ''Saving Francesca'', focusing on a different character.²* ''The Gorgon in the Gully'' (for middle school age readers)²[[/index]]²----²!!Other works by Melina Marchetta provide examples of the following tropes:²²* BelligerentSexualTension: Between Tara Finke and Tom in ''Saving Francesca'' and ''The Piper's Son.'' ²--> '''Francesca''': That night of my birthday party, I thought I saw something happening between you two.²--> (''shocked gasps and exclamations from others'')²--> '''Tara Finke''': Can I remind everyone the day after that event [[spoiler: Francesca schized out]], so let's presume she was imagining things. ²** This is also a feature of several relationships in the Lumatere Chronicles.²* BittersweetEnding: ''Looking For Alibrandi'' and ''On The Jellicoe Road'' both end with [[spoiler: someone's death]].²** ''Finnikin of the Rock'' also counts.²* ComingOfAgeStory: ''The Piper's Son'' also falls under the 'late bloomer subversion'.²* CreatorThumbprint: Italians. Expect many, many Italians.²* DisappearedDad: ''Looking For Alibrandi'' (part of the plot deals with the dad coming back), ''On The Jellicoe Road'' (he [[spoiler: turns out to be dead]]), ''Finnikin of the Rock'' (he starts off the book [[spoiler: in jail but ends the book with his son]]), and ''The Piper's Son'' (part of Tom's issue is his dad [[spoiler: disappearing and reappearing during the book]]).²* DrivenToSuicide: Happens in [[spoiler: ''Looking For Alibrandi'']] and several times in [[spoiler: ''On The Jellicoe Road'']].²* DysfunctionalFamily: Most families flip-flop between this and QuirkyHousehold.²* FriendshipMoment²* FullNameBasis: Tara Finke (Tom usually adds ''psycho'' to it too).²--> '''Anabel (Tom's sister)''': It's what you used to call her. I used to think psycho was some Japanese name, like Seiko-Tara. ²* ThereAreNoTherapists: ''Saving Francesca'' and ''On The Jellicoe Road ''²* TrueCompanions: Except for ''Looking For Alibrandi'', each book focuses on building and/or maintaining these. ''On The Jellicoe Road'' had two groups.²* TwiceShy: In ''The Piper's Son'' with Ben and Justine. Tom...[[CringeComedy breaks the ice for them]]. ²* WriteWhatYouKnow: Marchetta was quite young when she wrote ''Literature/LookingForAlibrandi'', and was a High School teacher when writing the others. She's also of Italian descent, which pops up in her first two novels, ''Looking For Alibrandi'' and ''Saving Francesca''.²----


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