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1[[quoteright:188:]]˛˛Jeffrey Thomas Donovan (born May 11, 1968 in Amesbury, Massachusetts) is an American actor best known for playing Series/{{MacGyver|1985}}-esque super spy Michael Westen on USA's ''Series/BurnNotice''. When he's not doing that, Clint Eastwood seems fond of him, casting him in ''Film/{{Changeling}}'' as police Captain J.J. Jones and in ''Film/JEdgar'' as UsefulNotes/RobertFKennedy. Known for his rugged looks and his thick [[UsefulNotes/AmericanAccents Massachusetts accent]] which he [[NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent rarely masks]]. When he's not playing Michael on ''Series/BurnNotice'' he tends to be cast as [[{{Jerkass}} jerks]], as in the Creator/WillSmith RomCom ''Film/{{Hitch}}''. ˛----˛!Film roles:˛* ''Film/{{Sleepers}}'' as Addison (1996)˛* ''Film/{{Hitch}}'' as Vance (2005)˛* ''Film/{{Changeling}}'' as Captain J.J. Jones (2008)˛* ''Film/JEdgar'' as UsefulNotes/RobertFKennedy (2011)˛* ''Film/{{Sicario}}'' as Steve Forsing (2015)˛* ''Film/Extinction2015'' as Jack (2015)˛* ''WesternAnimation/WonderWomanBloodlines'' as ComicBook/SteveTrevor (2019)˛* ''Film/LetHimGo'' as Bill Weboy (2020)˛˛!Television Roles˛* ''Series/LawAndOrder'' as Jacob Reese / Eddie Nicodos, 2 episodes (1995, 2007)˛* ''Series/AsTheWorldTurns'' as Dr. Tony Cook, 1 episode (1995)˛* ''Series/HomicideLifeOnTheStreet'' as Newton Dell/Miles Dell, 1 episode (1995)˛* ''Series/{{Millennium}}'' as Bobby Webber, 1 episode (1997)˛* ''Series/ThePretender'' as Kyle, 3 episodes (1997-98)˛* ''Series/SpinCity'' as Tom, 2 episodes (1999)˛* ''Series/TheBeat'' as Brad Ulrich (2000)˛* ''Series/{{Witchblade}}'' as Daniel Germaine, 1 episode (2002)˛* ''Series/TouchingEvil'' as Detective David Creegan (2004)˛* ''Series/CSIMiami'' as Todd Kendrick, 1 episode (2005)˛* ''Series/{{Monk}}'' as Steve Wagner, 1 episode (2006)˛* ''Series/CrossingJordan'' as William Ivers, 5 episodes (2007)˛* ''Series/BurnNotice'' as Michael Westen (2007-13)˛* ''Series/FargoSeasonTwo'' as Dodd Gerhardt (2015)


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