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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛˛This is Wiki/TVTropes' main page for any David Bowie-related articles.˛----˛!!Articles about David Bowie˛˛[[index]]˛* Music/DavidBowie is the main entry about the artist.˛* [[Characters/DavidBowie Characters: David Bowie]]: About his ever-changing persona in his concept albums.˛˛!!Articles about his studio albums:˛˛* 1967 - ''[[Music/DavidBowie1967 David Bowie]]'' ˛* 1969 - ''Music/SpaceOddity''˛* 1970 - ''Music/TheManWhoSoldTheWorld'' ˛* 1971 - ''Music/HunkyDory'' ˛* 1972 - ''Music/TheRiseAndFallOfZiggyStardustAndTheSpidersFromMars'' ˛* 1973 - ''Music/AladdinSane'' ˛* 1973 - ''Music/PinUps'' ˛* 1974 - ''Music/DiamondDogs'' ˛* 1975 - ''Music/YoungAmericans'' ˛* 1976 - ''Music/StationToStation''˛* 1976 - ''Music/{{Changesonebowie}}'' (GreatestHitsAlbum)˛* 1977 - ''[[Music/LowDavidBowieAlbum Low]]''˛* 1977 - ''Music/HeroesDavidBowieAlbum'' ˛* 1979 - ''Music/{{Lodger}}''˛* 1980 - ''Music/ScaryMonstersAndSuperCreeps'' ˛* 1983 - ''Music/LetsDance'' ˛* 1984 - ''Music/{{Tonight}}''˛* 1987 - ''Music/NeverLetMeDown'' ˛* 1989 - ''[[Music/TinMachineAlbum Tin Machine]]'' (with Tin Machine)˛* 1993 - ''Music/BlackTieWhiteNoise'' ˛* 1993 - ''Music/TheBuddhaOfSuburbia''˛* 1995 - ''Music/{{Outside}}'' ˛* 1997 - ''Music/{{Earthling}}''˛* 1999 - ''Music/{{Hours}}''˛* 2002 - ''Music/{{Heathen}}''˛* 2003 - ''Music/{{Reality}}''˛* 2013 - ''Music/TheNextDay''˛* 2016 - ''Music/BlackstarAlbum'' ˛˛!! Albums not made, but produced by Bowie:˛* ''Music/RawPower'' by Music/TheStooges: A 1973 album where he did the mixing.˛* ''Music/{{Transformer}}'' by Music/LouReed: A 1972 album that Bowie co-produced and performed backing vocals on. ˛* ''Music/TheIdiot'' by Music/IggyPop: A 1977 album which he produced, added musical instrumentations to and co-wrote some of the songs, and performs backing vocals. Is generally seen as a prelude to the Berlin Trilogy, given the similarity in production style, Bowie's heavy involvement that ended up shaping it into one of his albums in all but name, and the fact that the opening track, "Sister Midnight", was written into Bowie's own "Red Money" on ''Lodger'' in 1979.˛* ''Music/LustForLife'' by Music/IggyPop: A 1977 album which he produced, co-wrote, and added musical instrumentation and backing vocals to. Bowie would later cover "Neighborhood Threat" and "Tonight" on ''Tonight'' in 1984.˛˛!! Films starring David Bowie:˛* ''Film/TheManWhoFellToEarth'': A 1976 cult classic starring Bowie as an extraterrestrial alien who landed on Earth. (This was his first major dramatic role.)˛* ''Literature/ChristianeF'': A 1981 film adaptation of the autobiographical non-fiction book by Christiane F. who suffered through a life as a teenage heroin prostitute. Bowie appears as himself in the film, performing some of his '70s hits during a concert. ˛* ''Film/TheHunger'': A 1983 horror movie in which Bowie plays a vampire. ˛* ''Film/MerryChristmasMrLawrence'': A 1983 World War II movie in which Bowie portrays a British prisoner of war in a Japanese POW camp.˛* ''Film/IntoTheNight'': A 1985 comedy thriller with Bowie as an EvilBrit hitman.˛* ''Film/AbsoluteBeginners'': A 1986 rock musical where he has a key supporting role and also contributes several songs to the soundtrack. The title track was released as a single during the leadup to the film's release.˛* ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}'': A 1986 children's musical adventure fantasy film made with puppets provided by Jim Henson. Bowie plays the primary antagonist, Jareth the Goblin King, and provides the song score.˛* ''Film/TheLastTemptationOfChrist'': A controversial 1988 Bible film about the final days of Jesus of Nazareth, in which Bowie has a small role as Pontius Pilate.˛* ''Film/TwinPeaksFireWalkWithMe'': A 1992 movie adaptation of the eponymous TV series. Bowie has a cameo as an FBI agent.˛* ''Film/{{Zoolander}}'': A 2001 comedy in which he appears as himself in a cameo.˛* ''Film/ThePrestige'': A 2006 sci-fi period piece. Bowie portrays UsefulNotes/NikolaTesla. ˛!! Films based on the man and his music˛* ''Film/VelvetGoldmine'': A 1998 NoCelebritiesWereHarmed dramatization of his glam rock period. ˛˛!! People associated with Bowie˛* Creator/DuncanJones: Bowie's son, well-known as a film director.˛˛!! References to Bowie˛* ''ReferencedBy/DavidBowie''. ˛˛[[/index]]˛----


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