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1!Scaredy²[[quoteright:350:]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TerryMcGurrin²²The main protagonist of the show. Scaredy works at the Stash 'N Hoard, for his MeanBoss, Nestor. Can be rather timid, but is brave when he has to be.²* AmbiguouslyGay: Shows signs of it in "Mall Rats".²* BadassBookworm²* BewareTheNiceOnes: He has his moments.²* ButtMonkey²* CampStraight: He fell in love with Sue the Squirrel.²* CloudCuckoolander: Less so than Dave.²** CloudcuckoolandersMinder: Despite being a bit of a CloudCuckoolander himself, he is this towards Dave.²* CowardlyLion²* {{Determinator}}: He never strays from his goals. ''Ever.''²* DitzyGenius: Smart, but easily scared and rather weird.²* DoggedNiceGuy: To Sue.²* {{Keet}}²* LargeHam²* NeatFreak²* OneOfTheKids ²* OnlySaneMan: Rather loopy himself, but he is ''sane'' compared to most everyone else on the show.²* SpeciesSurname ²* SuperOCD²* TerrifiedOfGerms²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Nutbars.²* ThePollyAnna²²!Dave²[[quoteright:350:]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Jonathan Gould²Dave is Scaredy's Best friend. Somewhat slow witted, but is right some of the time. ²²* AmbiguouslyGay: Lispy voice, enjoys cross-dressing, acted as a hair stylist to Scaredy in "Cowlicked"... recently, in the Halloween episode he went as Franken-Skunk for Halloween and [[HoYay offered Scaredy to dress up as the bride of Frankenskunk.]] There's also the scene where he started crying mascara in "Fist Full Of Quarters".²* BigBeautifulMan: In an UglyCute sort of way.²* BigFun²* CloudCuckoolander ²** TheCloudcuckoolanderWasRight: From time to time.²* DeadpanSnarker: Every once in a while, he can get pretty snarky.²* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength: Has squished a couple smaller characters by accident.²* FatIdiot²* FatSlob²* {{Gasshole}}: He farts a lot.²* {{Keet}}²* OneOfTheKids²* OrangeBlueContrast: He's a blue skunk who wears an orange vest. ²* GeniusDitz²* PingPongNaivete²* PluckyComicRelief²* SmellySkunk: Only whenever he sprays.²* WholesomeCrossdresser²²!Richard²[[quoteright:350:]]²²Scaredy's pet plant. He may or may not be sentient, but Scaredy certainly ''believes'' that he is.²* CompanionCube: He's Scaredy's pet plant.²* {{Jerkass}}: Some of his actions imply this...assuming he's sentient.²* {{Sadist}}: Forced Scaredy to wear the "Hat Of Pain" once.²²!Sally²[[quoteright:325:]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/LindaKash²²A big fish who has a giant crush on Scaredy, but he does not feel the same way towards her. Sally does not like it if anyone else but her speaks to him.²²* BerserkButton: Unless you're herself, don't ''ever'' talk to Scaredy when she is around!²* GenkiGirl²* LargeHam²* StalkerWithACrush: To Scaredy.²* TailfinWalking²* {{Tsundere}}: Acts mostly tsuntsun to everyone else, but deredere to Scaredy.²* {{Yandere}}²²!Nestor²[[quoteright:350:]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/PatrickMcKenna²²Scaredy's incompetent boss. He is the main villain of the show, and is not at all nice. Nestor is very foolish, and is very loyal to his mom, no matter how badly she treats him.²* AxCrazy²* BadBoss²* BigBad²* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: He dotes on his mother a lot.²* FourEyesZeroSoul²* {{Gonk}}: Not the most attractive looking guy, is he?²* {{Jerkass}}²* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood²* MommasBoy²* MommyIssues ²* NoIndoorVoice ²* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Sources have spelled his name as either Nestor or Nester.²* StupidBoss: Very, very dull witted.²* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With his mom. ²* ToothyBird²* TheUnfavorite: His mom prefers his older brother, Lester.²²!Paddy²[[quoteright:350:]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/DavidBerni²²A ferret and Scaredy's childhood rival. Always wanting to show Scaredy up, he wants to be the best paddleball player in Balsa City. He also occasionally helps Nestor with his evil plans.²* BadassMustache: A rather small mustache, but a mustache nonetheless.²* TheDragon: To Nestor, whenever they share a common goal.²* {{Gonk}}²* {{Jerkass}}²* JerkJock: Is into sports, and not that nice.²* KavorkaMan: Has a couple of fangirl female rats who for some reason find him drop-dead sexy and swoon at everything he does.²* SmallNameBigEgo ²* SmugSnake²* WickedWeasel: He's a ferret, but close enough.²²!Momma²[[quoteright:350:]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Jayne Eastwood²²A loud, elderly chicken, Momma is the owner of the Stash 'N Hoard and Nestor's mother. It is unknown what her real name is. ²* AbusiveMom²* AllTakeAndNoGive ²* AxCrazy²* TheDogBitesBack: Yelled at Scaredy on "Halloweekend".²* EvilAllAlong: In "Halloweekend".²* LargeHam²* {{Jerkass}}: Could make ''Nestor'' look like a saint in comparison!²* TheNapoleon²* NoNameGiven: "Nestor's Mother" is all anyone ever calls her, and in the credits she's just "Momma."²* TheOneWhoWearsShoes: She's one of the ''very few'' characters in this show who actually wears shoes.²* UnnamedParent²* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Nestor. ²²!Mildred²[[quoteright:350:]]²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/JamieWatson²²One of Nestor's employees. A frog who doesn't seem to care much about her job or her colleagues.²* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass She may seem slow and incompetent on the job, and does nothing but belch soda. But she is in fact [[spoiler: a highly skilled and badass super spy.]]²* DeadpanSnarker: She has her moments.²--> '''Nestor:''' ''(teasing Scaredy)'' "In fact, there is so much ''chicken'' [in this park], some of it ends up in line for the ''rides!''" ''(laughs to himself)''²--> '''Mildred:''' "Like ''you'', Nestor? ''You're'' a chicken."²* DullSurprise²* {{Gasshole}}: Belches ''all'' the time.²* GoingCommando: Apparently, she, as well as several other shoppers, doesn't wear underwear ''or'' a bra underneath her clothes, as seen in "The Talented Mr. Peacock".²* {{Gonk}}²* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: A rare female example. It's not all that noticeable normally, as her clothes cover past her legs, but a brief shot in "From Rodent With Love" shows that she doesn't wear pants.²* HiddenDepths: In "Lumberjack Day", she's shown to be ''very'' skilled at playing a banjo, and when she's not working at the Stash N' Hoard, she tends to teach spin classes [[spoiler:and save the world from evil otters as a spy.]]²* NotSoAboveItAll: In "How To Succeed In Groceries", after Nestor leaves and Scaredy is appointed the temporary boss, getting rid of all rules in the process, Mildred does a brief hula dance, dressed in appropriate clothing.²* OnlySaneMan: Possibly the only person on the show who truly is sane than everyone else.²* OverlyLongTongue: [[Main/AnimalStereotypes Being a frog, she naturally has one of these.]] It manages to come in handy in "From Rodent With Love", where she uses it to [[spoiler: take off Scaredy's shirt, which is reflective from the inside-out, to reflect a laser beam off of it in order to save themselves from certain death.]]²* TheStoic: Even when [[spoiler:her life is threatened by evil otters]], her voice never shows any emotion beyond her dull monotone.²----


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