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1[[foldercontrol]]˛˛!Main Cast˛[[folder: Rose and her Pokemon]]˛!!Alouette Rose Jenny (played by Jake Mason)˛˛A member of the famous Jenny family who chose to go on a Pokemon journey rather than continue at the Academy. Taking failed police Growlithe Bango with her, she travelled to Palette and there met Cobalt. Rose isn't big into the battle scene and isn't familiar of most things outside of Saffron City, so she's sometimes confused by things other trainers would consider common knowledge. Her goal is to take selfies with ''every'' Pokemon.˛˛* BerserkButton: Do ''not'' disrespect any of her favourite wrestlers. Daniel from Saffron pretended to be Ho-Oh and got such a talking to from Rose about how out of line he was (in her eyes) that he gave up on the costume changed his entire gimmick at the Colosseum.˛* BlackSheep: Rose is the first Jenny in Arceus-knows-how-long to not go through the Police Academy. Not very many of them are happy with this.˛* CameraFiend: She takes a lot of pictures of Pokemon that she meets, and one of her goals is to take a selfie with as many Pokemon as she can.˛* CantHoldHerLiquor: Rose and Scramble fall victim to this while camping out in Professor Skye's lab. They partook of the flask Rose had initially stolen from a man in Viridian Forest and the beginning of the following episode has both her and Scramble fighting the hangover.˛* CrossPlayer: Jake is a guy playing a girl, something which he commonly does in multiple [=RPGs=].˛* FluffyTamer: Cobalt has occasionally pointed out that Rose has an affinity for monsters. While many of her Pokemon, such as Bango the Growlithe or Sakura the Bulbasaur, are conventionally cute and otherwise normal Pokemon. Others on her roster include Scramble the KillerRabbit Togepi and Pepper the ghost Charmander. Pepper, in particular, freaks people out regularly just by being the ghost of a Charmander and having the traits thereof. The creepiness factor increases significantly when Pepper evolves to Charmeleon. Despite this, Rose adores her sweet boy and regards him as being every bit as cute as Scramble or Bango.˛--> '''Rose ''(to TBD the Ditto)'':''' That's unsettling. You're adorable!˛* HasAType: Rose is ''really'' into dads.˛* HeroesLoveDogs: Her starter Pokemon was Bango the Growlithe.˛* ItRunsInTheFamily: Even though Rose isn't going through the Academy, she has a lot of character traits that are common among Jennys, and is frequently mistaken for a full officer. It helps that she's related, in some way or another, to every Jenny in Kanto.˛* ImportantHaircut: She gets a pixie fauxhawk to match Bango's cut in the Act 2 interlude, signifying their closer bond after she gains [[spoiler: official ownership of him]].˛* InsistentTerminology: Rose is ''not'' an Officer Jenny. In fact, in the Vermillion Gym Trial, Cobalt correctly identifies it as being one of her pet peeves.˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Rose has a habit of taking out her frustrations on others. When something bad happens to her, she becomes snippy and snarky with other people, often being meaner than she intended to be and offending people. She also, either despite or because of being part of a family of police officers, thinks little of pickpocketing things from others or deceiving people with her high Guile. However, none of this stops her from wanting to do good, help Pokemon in trouble when she finds them, or otherwise being considerate when she actually stops to consider. Even her less savory actions are usually intended for the greater good, such as stealing an old man's flask of booze so he'd be sober while traveling in Viridian Forest.˛* MiddleNameBasis: Rose actually goes by her middle name. Her proper first name, revealed in the act one interlude, is "Alouette"˛* MysteriousPast: ''Something'' happened to make Rose leave the Police Academy and take/steal Bango.˛* OddNameOut: Rose's three sisters (and the majority of the other Jenny's we've heard of) all have names beginning with the letter A. This may be deliberate, as her first name [[OnlyKnownByTheirNickname might not actually be Rose]].˛%%* TheRival: To her cousin Aeris.˛* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Inverted; Cobalt is definitely not her boyfriend.˛* TheSnarkKnight: Rose has a zinger prepared for everyone and will easily throw them around. She especially tends to do this after something has upset or otherwise happened to her.˛-->'''Rose:''' Hi, I’m Rose Jenny, and I’m in a mood.˛* StrongFamilyResemblance: Looks like most of the other Jenny's, albeit younger since she's a teenager. This doesn't stop people from mistaking her for a full and proper Jenny. It ''does'', however, allow her to get into the Pokedex of any Jennys that use facial recognition for their phone locks.˛* WholeCostumeReference: Jake tends to put Rose in outfits from K-Pop music videos.˛* WriteWhoYouKnow: Rose and her voice actor, Jake, share a love of professional wrestling.˛* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Since Rose is a Jenny, her hair and eye color is the same as that of her mother[=/=]cousins[=/=]aunts[=/=]grandmothers[=/=]etc.˛˛!!Her Pokemon:˛!![-On hand: Bango (Growlithe), Scramble (Togepi), Pepper (Ghost Charmander --> Charmeleon), TBD (Ditto), Sakura (Peace Rose Bulbasaur --> Ivysaur), Juliet (Noibat), Brooklyn (Winter Squirtle --> Wartortle), Mr. Chewybiteums[=/=]Biteums (Tyrunt), Pudge (Pidgey), Dippy (Slowpoke), Honey Bear (Shiny Teddiursa), Luke (Clauncher), Nyssa (Cleffa), Southie (Milk Snake Ekans), Aggrocrag (Heracross), Prince (Tiny Gyarados)-]˛!![-Former: Scoops (Skiddo--traded for Sakura), Pinky (Shellos--sent to Trey)-]˛˛* AllAnimalsAreDogs: Bango, obviously, but also Biteums the Tyrunt.˛* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Bango flunked out of the Academy due to being a good tracker, but easily distracted.˛* BrokenBird: Sakura had a pretty sad past before being adopted by Rose: Sakura's original Trainer chose her because she thought Sakura was a cherry-blossom type Bulbasaur. She's not, and so Sakura's original Trainer abandoned her with Ross.˛* ButterFace: TBD has this situation, as is common for Ditto.˛* CanineCompanion: Bango is always by Rose's side--quite literally, as he has never been seen inside his Pokeball.˛* CheshireCatGrin: Pepper can do this. Rose thinks it's cute, others disagree.˛* CreepyCute: Some of Scramble's attacks via Metronome are incredibly spooky, or downright unsettling. Pepper also fell under this as a Charmander; upon evolving he's moved further into just creepy.˛* CreepyMonotone:˛** Pepper didn't speak with any inflection when he was first found. After evolving, he has somewhat more emotion.˛** TBD is this PlayedForLaughs since it's an ineffectual attempt at mimicing other Pokemon's cries. [[spoiler: If it turns into something other than a Pokemon, it monotonously states the name of the object.]]˛* DelayedReaction: Dippy seems to have a slower perception of ''time'' than everyone else. Case in point, when Rose once left her to play in a garden while she went in a house, Dippy didn't realize Rose had left until she was already back.˛* EveryGirlIsCuterWithHairDecs: Rose buys a little bow for Dippy.˛* FlatEarthAtheist: Despite the fact that she has met ghosts twice, ''and'' one of her favourite Pokemon is a Charmander that became Ghost-type due to ''death'', she doesn't believe in the afterlife or anything supernatural. [[spoiler: After accidentally leading the group into the Distortion World, she's somewhat aware that the group went to Hell, but still denies anything else.]]˛* FlashStep: Pepper can teleport, which Rose utilizes for both battling and for pranks.˛* FunSize: Prince evolved from a very tiny Magikarp and as such is a proportionally-sized Gyarados. Doesn't help his attitude.˛* GooGooGodlike: Scramble can channel the power of legendary Pokemon through her metronome, usually for fun.˛* GreenEyedMonster:˛** Scramble dislikes Nyssa, Rose's other baby Pokemon. However, its attempts to mess with Nyssa get misinterpreted as playing by Nyssa herself.˛** Bango has a tendency to get jealous when it seems other Pokemon are getting the bulk of Rose's attention, often requiring Rose to do something for Bango to appease him, such as give him extra attention at bathtime or let him wear one of her hoodies.˛* ISeeDeadPeople: [[spoiler: When the group arrives in Lavender Town it is demonstrated to her by both Tsubaki and the late Mr. Fuji that she has a connection to the other side, though she refuses to believe it.]]˛* KillerRabbit: Scramble ends up inadvertently terrifying many people due to Metronome often channeling the power of some ''very'' angry legendaries.˛* MassiveNumberedSiblings: As a Jenny this comes natural to her, with five siblings. She can keep track of her immediate family but not necessarily their ages or locations. And trying to keep track of Jenny's beyond her own family is a pain.˛* NeatFreak: Scramble started off organizing Rose's pack for fun, but eventually this grew into her job. When she was temporarily under Cobalt's care and staying in his pack, she almost lost her mind trying to organize it.˛* NiceHat: During a battle in the Celedon/Lavender Underground Passage, Rose and Cobalt fight Serena. One of Serena's Pokemon steals Rose's hat and she sics Pepper on it to get the hat back. In the process of doing so, however, Pepper also largely destroys the hat. Rose no longer wants the ruined hat, but Pepper takes to wearing it instead. Rose is fine with this, though she warns him that it's not going to fit anymore if/when he evolves to Charizard.˛* NonindicativeName: Sakura is a rose Bulbasaur rather than a cherry blossom one. Her original owner thought she would be the latter, and disowned her when she discovered she wasn't.˛* NotAllowedToGrowUp: He has no desire for Scramble to evolve, as her line ends with a "demon jetplane".˛* OurGhostsAreDifferent: Pepper. It is technically dead and half-Ghost, does not have a tail flame, has a ThousandYardStare, and speaks in an echoing tone of voice. Its original owner, Isaac, also counts: he lived as a kind of warden of a halfway house for the dead, buried in the depths of Viridian Forest's Lost Woods.˛* PutOnABus: Scoops is traded to Ross for Sakura so that Ross can groom him for Pokemon contests. Later on, Rose sends her Shellos to Trey in the hopes that it can be rehabilitated after Team Rocket abused it.˛* RandomEffectSpell: Scramble can do this via Metronome. So far she has copied:˛** Hitmonchan's Drain Punch˛** Wartortle's Whirlpool or Rapid Spin˛** Giratina's Shadow Sneak.˛** Pyroar's Noble Roar˛** Steelix's Iron Tail˛** Vileplume's Spore˛** Alolan Exeggutor's Barrage˛** Mewtwo's Psycho Cut˛** [[Main/ShapedLikeItself Togepi's Baby Doll Eyes]]˛** Beartic's Ice Fang˛** Lucario's Bone Rush˛** Rayquaza's Dragon Asent˛** Zygarde's Land's Wrath˛** Typhlosion's Heat Wave˛** Latias' Mist Ball˛** Dialga's Roar of Time˛* TheRival: Southie and Aggrocrag were fighting each other when they were both caught by Rose, and they likely keep up this attitude after capture.˛* TheyHaveTheScent: Bango is occasionally called upon to help track down people and things.˛* UncannyValley:˛** Pepper the ghost Charmeleon is technically undead, and it is very unsettling.˛** TBD as well, especially when it tries to imitate Bonnie.˛* UndergroundMonkey: Rose has variations on the three Kanto starters, among others.˛** Pepper is part Ghost-type due to technically being dead.˛** Sakura is a Bulbasaur with a rose bud rather than the usual flower. When she evolves into Ivysaur she starts to bloom into a [[ Peace Rose]] and becomes Grass[=/=]Fairy.˛** Brooklyn became part Ice-type due to the climate growing colder and many Pokemon having to adapt.˛** Southie is a Grass[=/=]Dark Ekans who's colouring resembles a milk snake's.˛** Prince is a tiny (six inch) Gyarados that evolved from an even smaller Magikarp.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Cobalt and his Pokemon]]˛!!Cobalt "Carl" Elm (played by Josh Nichols)˛˛Cobalt is a dorky kid from Palette town who loves befriending Pokemon. He has a good theoretical knowledge of the Pokemon world, but his small-town upbringing has left him somewhat naive to how the world works. He's especially kind and good at resolving conflict, and the only thing that will make him angry is seeing other Pokemon being mistreated. Surprisingly hot.˛˛* AccidentalKidnapping: Early in the story, Cobalt is abducted by Team Rocket instead of the Nurse Joy they were targeting.˛* AccidentalMisnaming: An error in his trainer registration means that he gets called Carl by mistake, and corrects people as much as he can. By the time of episode 59 even Alan (''the DM'') is doing it.˛* AchievementsInIgnorance: At some point during the journey, Cobalt accidentally taught himself how to hack computers and only discovered this when [[spoiler: the group broke into the old Rocket Game Corner to find their plans]].˛* AmazonChaser: His crush on Bonnie makes him this, even though it's not reciprocated.˛* BlatantLies: "Oh, no! We were nowhere near Viridian when Team Rocket attacked the police station, Mom!"˛* CameraFiend: Takes a lot of pictures of Pokemon that he meets, including some selfies, though not as much as Rose.˛* CantHoldHisLiquor: To be fair, he's underage and has never had a drink before. Still, when he gets a drink of spiked soda pop in episode 67 he's out pretty quick.˛* CasanovaWannabe: An odd mixture with CluelessChickMagnet. So far he has flirted with a lot of girls, all with absolutely no success. But on the off chance that a girl does like him, he is completely oblivious to it.˛* CharacterizationMarchesOn: He punched a Pidgey in the first episode before catching it, something that would be wildly out of character for Cobalt to do later on.˛* CountryMouse: He's spent his entire life in Palette town, so isn't familiar with a lot of things in the big cities. For example, he's never eaten at a restaurant before. Not even fast food - his mom always picked it up. From Viridian.˛* DistressedDude: In addition to being kidnapped, Cobalt was also trapped in a cage with Victor, and kept asleep by Spore or Sleep Powder.˛* FashionDissonance: Cobalt very proudly wears a tuxedo T-shirt to the Pokémon Contest performance, and a polyester snow suit straight out of TheNineties. Rose and Cira are both disgusted. Cira even offers to pay him to never wear the outfit again.˛* FriendToAllLivingThings: Cobalt befriends several of his Pokémon before trying to catch them, and also tries to befriend everyone they meet; this includes offering his "Friendship Jerky" to Cira and Roxy.˛** [[spoiler: After catching Symphony, the ghost Dratini, he could be considered a friend to ''dead'' things as well.]]˛* FunTShirt: He has a plethora of these that have Pokemon puns on them of varying quality. As well as the infamous tuxedo t-shirt.˛* IncompatibleOrientation: He's crushing on Bonnie even though she's a lesbian and [[spoiler: now dating Cira]]. It's possible he's too dumb to have noticed.˛* {{Keet}}: Enthusiastic, outgoing, and overly friendly. He has, on at least two occasions, jumped over the guard rail on Gym balconies into the main floor without injury.˛* LimitedWardrobe: He does have a few different shirts (most of them with puns on them), but he gets a lot of flack for supposedly wearing the same jeans every day. Cobalt argues that he actually has several identical pairs, but has yet to prove it.˛* NeverLiveItDown: Rose razzes him a few times for slapping a Pidgey at the beginning of their journey. Cobalt himself still feels bad about it.˛* ObfuscatingStupidity: Pulled off to fantastic effect when Aerith tried to ask him questions about Rose's background outside of Mount Moon.˛* PapaWolf: Cobalt has a very strong protective streak where his Pokemon are concerned, and it shows in the few times he shows genuine anger. When confronting Brian in the Underground Path, faced with Brian's insulting remarks towards Treble and the implication that [[spoiler:Brian was Treble's trainer before Cobalt got him]], he is far quicker than normal to engage in battle. In episode 30, upon discovering that Team Rocket has kidnapped [[spoiler:Baritone and Bass among others]], his reaction is, quite simply, '''"They took my babies!"''' and, when he needs to get to them in a hurry to rescue them, simply jumps down on top of the Rocket currently threatening them with zero hesitation.˛* PungeonMaster: Loves to drive Rose crazy with appropriate puns whenever possible, and wears shirts with puns on them.˛* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: Rose is definitely not his girlfriend.˛* TackyTuxedo: He owns a tuxedo t-shirt that he thinks is a suitable replacement for a real tuxedo. He also tried to wear a tux to [[spoiler: court during Brian's trial.]]˛* TeamMom: He's incredibly caring and protective of all his companions, and when anybody is injured he enters "Scared Mom Mode".˛* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: He has a phobia of Mr. Mime.˛˛!!His Pokemon:˛!![-On hand: Treble (Cyndaquil --> Quilava), Minuet (Butterfree), Bass (male Nidoran --> Nidorino), Serenade (shiny Staryu), Baritone (Cubone), Prelude (Shinx --> Luxio), Nocturne (Honedge), Trill (Trubbish), Basil (Oddish), Cadence (winter Hoothoot), Falsetto (Igglybuff), Crescendo (Zubat), Adagio (Tirtuoga), Refrain (Wimpod), Dirge (Slakoth), Mele (Comfey), Symphony (ghost Dratini), Drumstick (Vanillite), Grunge (Croagunk), Tempo (Swellow--see below)-]˛!![-Former: Otto (Pidgey--traded for Basil), Harmony (Paras--adopted out), The Brain (Shellos--sent to Trey)-]˛˛* BewareTheCuteOnes: Drumstick is an adorable little ice cream cone, but when it fights it gets a concerning amount of glee from burying opponents in blizzards.˛* BrokenBird: Baritone, the Cubone that Cobalt finds in one of the last rooms of Mount Moon, was sitting yards away from the impromptu grave of its mother. This overlaps with HeartwarmingOrphan and HappilyAdopted, though, as Baritone clearly is already attached to Cobalt. Treble also falls under this category, as he has a bad reaction to being around Brian, a known Pokémon abuser, due to [[spoiler: due to being born from an illegal breeding chain set up by him and having to be rescued by Professor Elm]].˛* CryingLittleKid: Baritone, quite often. Justified due to being orphaned shortly after birth.˛* TheGadfly: Falsetto has a mischievous streak, such as biting Cobalt on the nose and opening all of his Pokeballs when he's not looking.˛* GreenEyedMonster: Treble gets jealous of Cadence for seemingly encroaching on his territory (Cobalt's head). Cadence usually rides on his shoulder instead, but it still riles Treble up a little.˛* GrumpyOldMan: Bass is usually described as a "grumpy-old-man-baby", since he has the personality of the former despite being only a few days old.˛* HeadPet: Treble is often riding on Cobalt's head. When he evolves he's demoted to the occasional shoulder, and is bitter about his old spot being taken by Cadence.˛* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Cobalt is willing to let Pokemon go if he feels he can't care for them. He traded Otto with his mom because he punched him on their first meeting and worried that would sour their relationship, and he adopted out Harmony because he couldn't give her the attention she deserved.˛* LevelGrinding: Prelude gets an express version of this when he's used to get rid of a swarm of Wingull. It's enough experience to immediately evolve him, despite not being used in a while.˛* MemoryJar: [[spoiler: Nocturne]] seems to contains the memories of another person, though whether it was a previous trainer or [[spoiler: possibly their own past life]] remains to be seen.˛* MissingReflection: Symphony is stated to not appear in photos.˛* MundaneUtility: Treble often serves as the party's campfire, not that he minds.˛* MusicalThemeNaming: All of Cobalt's Pokemon have names themed around musical terms: Treble, Bass, Minuet, etc.˛* NotAllowedToGrowUp: Treble's collar has an Everstone embedded into it, which means he will not evolve unless it is removed. [[spoiler: When it gets removed accidentally during one of their travels, nobody notices until Treble begins to glow...]]˛* OccultBlueEyes: Symphony's eyes are bright blue rather than black.˛* OddNameOut: Otto was the only Pokemon Cobalt didn't give a musical name to (it was a pun on the Pidgy's evolution, Pidgeotto). This still stands when he's traded for Basil the Oddish.˛* PutOnABus: Cobalt has traded or adopted out Pokemon he feels he can't take proper care of.˛* ScarsAreForever: Minuet lost a chunk of her wing when Bango was fighting her, and it never fully healed. Trill also has burn marks that were never healed after his initial fight with the duo.˛* ShrinkingViolet: Treble gets frightened easily, though he is getting better being around Cobalt.˛* {{Tsundere}}: Bass towards Cobalt.˛* UndergroundMonkey: Like Rose, he's come across a few.˛** Cadence is Ice/Flying type due to the drop in temperature.˛** Symphony is a Dragon/Ghost Dratini in a similar situation to Pepper.˛˛!!The One-Feathered Taillow[=/=]Swellow[=/=]Tempo˛A Taillow with one tail feather that Cobalt encountered in the first episode. He escaped while he tried to catch him, and has occasionally appeared across Kanto to taunt him. By episode 44 he had evolved to a Swellow offscreen. Cobalt finally caught him in episode 61, naming him Tempo.˛˛* KnightInSourArmor: Despite being caught, Tempo doesn't respect Cobalt very much and doesn't necessarily obey him.˛* TheOneThatGotAway: A Pokemon version of it.˛* SitcomArchNemesis: It has a rivalry with Cobalt due to his failure to catch it, and usually messes with him whenever it appears.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Victor and his Pokemon]]˛!!Victor Sycamore˛A young boy Rose and Cobalt meet near the beginning of their journey. After a series of mishaps in Viridian Forest, Victor decided to join them in their adventure. He is a very timid boy with a complicated family situation, but he's very kind and open-hearted.˛˛* AmbiguousDisorder: [[spoiler:Sleeps with Nightlight the Ninetales lit up, and Biscuit is actually an Emotional Support Dog.]]˛* BewareTheNiceOnes: When Victor finds out that Cira is a Rocket...we find out what Nightlight is, and it is 'scary'.˛* CheerfulChild: Somehow manages to remain optimistic, even as he gets dragged along on Rose and Cobalt's (occasionally scary) adventures.˛* TheDeterminator: The shop girl in Pewter offered to trade him her Piplup if he found her an Audino in Mount Moon, despite it not being their natural habitat. When Rose and Cira [[spoiler: rescue him from the Rockets, he's got an Audino in a Pokéball.]]˛* FriendToAllLivingThings: Possibly even moreso than Cobalt. Like him most of his Pokemon joined him after he asked them to, and he's a very doting trainer.˛* {{GMPC}}: Though never to the point of {{railroading}}, occasionally Alan uses him to guide the plot towards or away from certain things. Mostly he just exists to be cute. That being said, the Christmas special where Annie and Jonathan took over as [=GMs=] saw Alan use Victor as his own character.˛* HeroesLoveDogs: Both Biscuits and [[spoiler: Nightlight]] are canine pokemon.˛* HiddenDepths: Victor is a capable cook, even making banana pudding for Rose, who is a Poketarian. [[spoiler:He is also is a Contest Master, competing with Biscuit, and even teaches the Contest Beginner class that Rose, Cobalt, and Cira take part in.]]˛* TheLoad: Victor is probably the least-experienced out of the trio, but compensates for it with Nightlight.˛* MysteriousPast: Victor is from Kalos, but he apparently has connections to Professor Sycamore and several {{Non Player Character}}s, [[spoiler:most of whom quickly say that they know Victor's mother, who Victor apparently does not have a great relationship with. He has several phobias, including fear of ghosts, of the dark, and of enclosed spaces. Plus, why is he going on a journey in Kanto instead of Kalos?]]˛* NonActionGuy: Victor rarely goes near Pokemon battles. [[spoiler: He's a coordinator]].˛* OlderThanTheyLook: Victor is tall for his age, and his husky appearance contributes as well.˛* ShrinkingViolet: Victor doesn't handle stressful situations well.˛˛!!His Pokemon:˛!![-On hand: Biscuit (Lillipup), Nightlight (Ninetales), Tweetsy (Fletchling), Squeakers (Piplup), Dreamer (Shiny Munchlax), Sneezy (Cubchoo), Lapis (Lapras)-]˛!![-Former: Audino (Singaling--traded for Squeakers)-]˛˛* FantasticFoxes: Nightlight the Ninetails is Victor's most powerful Pokemon.˛* GuestStarPartyMember: Squeakers joins Cobalt's team for the hockey game against Bobby because he's a natural skater and very feisty.˛* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Most of Victor's Pokemon, namely Biscuits, Squeaker, and Sneezy. Alan at one points note that you shouldn't give him a cute little dog and not expect him to use it.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Cira and her Pokemon]]˛!!Cira (voiced by Shannon Manor)˛A mysterious and edgy girl that Rose and Cobalt meet in Viridian Forest. After several misadventures it's revealed that she's actually a member of old Team Rocket. Despite this, she has a good streak and can't help but help the group when they're in trouble. She's also a Trial Captain for the Underground Trial League.˛˛* AChildShallLeadThem: [[spoiler: When Giovanni left, Cira was put in charge of Team Rocket. It...did not go well.]]˛* AmazonChaser: Her crush on Bonnie makes her this.˛* TheAtoner: [[spoiler:Apparently, one of Cira's main motivations is to fix things, presumably whatever caused her rift with Team Rocket.]]˛* BadassGay: Very badass, and very definitely gay.˛* DarkIsNotEvil: Despite being a member of Team Rocket, so far she has encountered Mew at least twice, and [[spoiler:when Mew!Clefairy showed up to help her and Rose, Bonnie noted that Clefairy only appear to those who are pure of heart.]]˛* DelinquentHair: Has a bright orange mohawk that is used as a hiding place for Raimi, and the attitude to match.˛* EmbarrassingNickname: Her dad calls her "Cici". As soon as they heard it, both Cobalt and Rose changed their contact info to it.˛* FairyGodmother: According to a comic by her voice actor, after stealing coins from a wishing fountain, Cira is now beholden to grant the wishes of the coins' owners. She is not happy about this, and some of them end up becoming BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor...˛** A young boy wanted to be able to stand up to his bullies. Cira taught him how to punch, and gave him confidence, BUT the confrontation with his bullies doesn't go as planned: Cira offers him an alibi if he murders the bullies.˛** A local bakery successfully got on its feet with Cira's aid, BUT Cira then ransacked and tagged it, leaving it in shambles.˛** An amateur band wanted to win a Battle of the Bands contest. They did, with Cira's aid, BUT then had their trophy and winnings, as well as the entire audience's wallets, stolen by her.˛* FoeYay: She's definitely interested in Bonnie, to the point of stealing Rose and Cobalt's police files to see what she looks like, and slipping Bonnie her number while Bonnie is unconscious.˛* GuestStarPartyMember: Featured in a three-episode arc that established her character, and has come back several times to assist the group. Jake and Josh have said that she's basically a main character now.˛* HellbentForLeather: Cira's leather jacket is her trademark. ˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Cobalt tries to explain this to her.˛-->'''Cobalt''': I think your ugly inside is...part of your...outside front.\˛'''Cira''': What?\˛'''Cobalt''': I think you're nicer than you want me to believe you are and you're faking how not-nice you are because really you're nice.\˛'''Cira''': I'll push you off the side of this boat!\˛'''Cobalt''': I know but I don't think you'll mean it in your heart!˛* TheMole: Cira is still technically reporting to [[spoiler: Giovanni]] on the whereabouts of the Legendary Birds, including what Professor Skye tells the gang in his lab. She is also investigating Mew, but that may be a personal project.˛* MysteriousPast: Something happened in the past that caused her to leave the main Team Rocket cell, although she still considers herself a Rocket. The rest of her backstory is a mystery.˛* PokeThePoodle: After Cobalt claims that Cira is secretly nice, she shoves a waiter to prove that she's mean. She starts apologizing, then backtracks to keep her point proven.˛* PoisonousPerson: Uses several Poison-types in her team. This might be intentional, since she still counts herself as a member of Team Rocket.˛* RefugeInAudacity: Practically Cira's byline at this point.˛* StickyFingers: She has stolen lots of things, including: a Pikachu from Viridian Forest (taken bodily without capturing it); coins out of a wishing fountain; [[spoiler:Bonnie's Venipede; Heart Scales from Holly and Scott, the losers in the Contest, who are ''eight'' and ''five or six,'' and the police files about Team Rocket (with Scramble's help).]]˛* ThemeMusicPowerUp: Both invoked on and defied by her. There's a Loudred on Rocket's payroll that follows her around and tries to play the Team Rocket theme song, which in turn forces her to start the motto. After a few minutes she's able to shake it off, and ends up chasing the Loudred off because it's a risk to her stealth missions.˛* {{Tsundere}}: Can be very unfriendly to Rose, Cobalt, and Victor, but also [[spoiler:helps rescue Cobalt and Victor from Operation Fight Club, and presents the gang with cupcakes (that she admittedly stole).]]˛* :TokenEvilTeammate: Allies herself (reluctantly) with Cobalt, Cira, and Victor, but still claims to be a Rocket.[[spoiler: Also is seeking Mew for some unknown reason.]]˛* WalkingSpoiler: See how much of her text is whited out? There's a reason for that.˛* WholeCostumeReference: Her outfit as [[spoiler: trial captain]] is a blatant shout-out to Giovanni.˛˛!!Her Pokemon:˛!![-On hand: Wood (Drowzee), Raimi (Joltik), Cronenberg (Gastly --> Haunter), Ridley (Shiny Eevee), Dominik (Pikachu), Gilliam (Jigglypuff), Carpenter (Sableye), Franny (ground Persian), Tarantino (Drilbur)-]˛!![-Former: Honda (Venipede) (stolen, then returned), Munna (stolen, then returned)-]˛˛* AbductionIsLove: Played with a few times.˛** Cira kidnaps Dominik before technically catching her and she is not very pleased, but after she apologizes to her and shares some friendship jerky she warms up to her.˛** [[spoiler: This utterly fails with the Munna she tries to take, likely because it still belonged to another trainer]].˛** It works with the Drilbur she takes from the Celadon trial. [[spoiler: While she is ''technically'' the Trial Captain, it's still made clear that she doesn't actually own either Drilbur involved]].˛* BigEater: Wood is always hungry, and even steals food from other Pokemon occasionally.˛* DoNotCallMePaul: Honda is not Venipede's nickname since [[spoiler: he was stolen from Bonnie]], so he refuses to respond to it.˛* HeadPet: Raimi spends most of her time nestled in Cira's mohawk.˛* LecherousLicking: After evolving, Cronenberg really loves flicking his tongue around and licking people.˛* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: All Cira's pokemon are named after Directors.˛* ObliviouslyEvil: While not technically evil, Gilliam is unaware that the person who saved her from Team Rocket was also from Team Rocket.˛* SillySpook: Cronenberg, is quite the prankster, and enjoys scaring people by phasing through walls.˛* UndergroundMonkey: Franny, the Persian she uses when she's a trial captain, is ground-type.˛[[/folder]]˛˛!Gym Leaders˛[[folder: Viridian City Gym]]˛!!Blue Oak˛!![-Fennekin, Oshawott, Bulbasaur, and Torchic-]˛The leader of the Viridian City Gym, Blue is a famous trainer from Palette second only to Red. Still not restricting himself to a single type, Blue only uses starter Pokemon in his gym battles. He gives out the Starter Badge upon defeat.˛˛* AdaptationalSexuality: He's stated to be gay and holding a torch for Red.˛* GracefulLoser: Takes his losses to Rose and Cobalt well, presumably since he's often the first enemy that starting Trainers face.˛* AHeroToHisHometown: Revered by the people of Pallet Town.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Pewter City Gym]]˛!!Kent (voiced by Sky Ertl)˛!![-His Pokemon: Notatree (Sudowoodo), Mr. Freeze (Kabutops), Samantha (Tyrantrum), Tokusatsu (Barbaracle)-]˛The leader of the Pewter City Gym, who took it over after Brock "wandered off with some loser". He also works on the fossil machine in town. He gives out the Ancient Badge upon defeat.˛˛* DishingOutDirt: Kent's gym specializes in Rock types, including Fossil Pokémon.˛* FossilRevival: His Tyrantrum and Kabutops were revived from Fossils, presumably found around Pewter City.˛* SharpDressedMan: Kent wears a nice vest and tie in his official artwork.˛* PunnyName: Notatree is not a tree.˛˛!!Roxy˛!![-Her Pokemon: Aerodactyl-]˛One of the trainers under Kent's authority in the gym, she tests Rose and Cobalt to make sure they're ready for him. Has a crush on Cobalt.˛˛* BloodKnight: She's very eager to battle, and Kent often has to reign her in. She also may've killed a Rocket?˛* {{Tsundere}}: Towards Cobalt.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Cerulean City Gym]]˛!!Trajan[=/=]Trey (voiced by Matt Hoadley)˛!![-His Pokemon: Stormy (Castform), Sarge (Piplup), Scout (Golett-->Golurk), Snout (Phanpy), Spikes (Qwilfish), Solaris (Solrock), Ha'aheo (Kommo-o), Empoleon (multiple: Freyr, Castle, Caspian, Carolina, and others)-]˛Trajan is a trainer from Kalos who has travelled the world before settling in Cerulean to take over the gym from Misty. Rather than restricting himself to a single type, Trajan's gym team is themed around small, yet powerful Pokemon. He gives out the Power badge upon defeat.˛˛* AllAnimalsAreDogs: Though he's intimidating when standing still (on account of being an armoured dragon), Ha'a Hao is basically a big, cuddly dog when it comes to Trey.˛* AlphabeticalThemeNaming: Almost all of his Pokemon's names begin with "S", the exception of his personal Empoleon Freyr and his Kommo-o Ha'aheo. Additionally, all of the Empoleon who work at the gym have names beginning with "C".˛* CaringGardener: Trajan keeps an exquisite garden on the top floor of the gym, possibly with the help of [[spoiler: Shaymin]].˛* INeedAFreakingDrink: In an extra comic, he is seen with a tumbler of something dark, meditating on how creepy Pepper is.˛* PalsWithJesus: During his travels abroad, Trajan befriended a Legendary Pokemon, [[spoiler:specifically Shaymin]] during his travels abroad.˛* ParrotPetPosition: [[spoiler: Shaymin]] sometimes rides on Trey's shoulder. It's impossible to notice much of the time, but when the sunlight hits it directly it's possible to catch a glimpse.˛* PintSizedPowerhouse: All of his Pokemon are small and cute, but they can pack a punch.˛* SharpDressedMan: Trajan suits up nicely for his gym battle.˛* UndergroundMonkey: After Scout was [[spoiler: brutally defeated by Pepper]], Trey had to repair him. In addition to evolving into Golurk, it also became Ghost[=/=]Steel.˛˛!!Molly˛A kind baker who opened up a shop in Cerulean and, upon wishing for assistance running it, encountered a kind stranger who helped her make it a popular and beautiful store. Unfortunately the stranger was Cira fulfilling a wish, and after helping Molly make it a success she then robbed it blind. She was later hired by Trey to be the in-house baker for the Cerulean gym.˛˛* TheBusCameBack: She reappears after a few appearances in the bonus comics as a worker in Cerulean Gym.˛* CanonImmigrant: She originally appeared in Shannon's comics depicting Cira going around and granting people's wishes. When Trajan reveals he's starting concession stands in his Gym, everyone immediately wants Molly to be the one in charge of it.˛* TheWoobie: A young girl who makes a wish that someone could help make her bakery successful, receives it thanks to a kind stranger, and then is [[spoiler: betrayed and nearly ruined right after hitting the big time]].˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Vermilion City Gym]]˛!!Calico and Aegeon (voiced by Annie and Jonathan Craton respectively)˛!![-Calico's Pokemon: Crackers (Murkrow), Citizen Snips (Crawdaunt), Keelhaul (Dhelmise), Rackham (Pawniard), Peanut Butter (Honchkrow)-]˛!![-Aegeon's Pokemon: Ito (Rotom), Tor (Klefki), Braum (Chandelure), HP (Ariados)-]˛The dual leaders of Vermilion City, who also run the amusement park Pelipper Pier. Though they put on a good show as the pirate- and spooky-themed leaders, they have a tendency to break character when the other does something especially clever. The two are also experimenting with bringing Alola-Style trials to Kanto. They award the Dual Duel Badges upon defeat.˛˛* BattleCouple: The two are dating. Their voice actors are married.˛* DarkIsNotEvil: Calico acts like a ruthless pirate, and Aegeon is always playing up his evil side, but in actuality they're very nice and love running an amusement park for children. The darkness becomes less and less pronounced as things continue, since [[spoiler: the trial they build for Cobalt and Rose is meant to strengthen their friendship, and Aegeon's final fight is at Little Cleffa's Giggle Coaster.]]˛* DualBoss: The two are initially fought in a double battle. [[spoiler: At the end of the trial, they are fought separately--Cobalt fights Calico and Rose fights Aegeon]]. This is even reflected in their badge, aptly named the Dual Duel Badge, Ageon and Calico each carry one piece of.˛* HeadPet: Calico's Honchkrow Peanut Butter, despite her weighing around 60 pounds.˛* HostileShowTakeover: They took over the 2017 Candlenights special.˛* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Aegeon's Pokemon are named after famous horror authors. In addition, Calico's Pawniard Rackham is named after John Rackham, a famous pirate also known as ''Calico'' Jack.˛* PirateParrot: Calico's Murkrow Crackers, who doesn't actually participate in gym battles. He's just there for looks.˛* ShoutOutThemeNaming: Calico's Crawdaunt [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Citizen Snips]].˛* TalkLikeAPirate: Calico through and through.˛* ThemeNaming: Calico's Pokemon have a nautical theme (except for Peanut Butter the Honchkrow). ˛* WholeCostumeReference: Aegeon's costume and entire motif is themed after ''Film/TheBabadook''. This is not lost on Jake and Josh who, throughout the encounters with the Gym Leaders, refer to anything bad happening to them as getting "Babadooked".˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Celadon City Gym]]˛!!Emma (voiced by Riley Hopkins)˛!![-Her Pokemon: Jabby (Emolga), Shiner (Steel Heracross), Brusier (Hawlucha)-]˛Emma is a trainer and popular Rotomtuber who streams her battles online and has a decent following. She also challenges Cobalt and Rose when they come to the Celadon City Gym. In reality she broke into the building with the assistance of Rich while the real Gym Leader was on sabbatical. She awards the Fight Club Badge upon defeat (which are in fact bottle caps).˛˛* BareFistedMonk: She specializes in Fighting-types.˛* BoringButPractical: Both Shiner and Bruiser know Karate Chop, and even though Emma would like to spice things up, she admits that its the best move to use over and over again.˛* ComicBookFantasyCasting: Emma from Celadon is played by Creator/{{Zendaya}}.˛* DidntThinkThisThrough: She has no idea what to do when [[spoiler: Rose and Emma actually beat her, and therefore has to grab trash from Rich in order to give them a badge]].˛* GamerGirl: A variant for this world. She battles just like many other trainers, but her streaming them leans towards this trope.˛* UndergroundMonkey: Shiner is Steel[=/=]Fighting instead of Bug[=/=]Fighting.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Saffron City Gym]]˛!!Mars (voiced by Porschia)˛!![-Her Pokemon: Maillard (Incineroar), Cassoulet (Koffing), Flambe (Flareon), Aioli (Grimer), Brulee (Salandit), Fricasse (Fletchinder), Roux (Golbat)-]˛The leader of the newly-refurbished Saffron City Gym, which also doubles as her own restaurant. In addition to cooking world-class meals with the help of her Pokemon, she also runs the Steel-Type Chef competition for challengers to her gym. She's also friends with Victor's mother, and helped him when he first started Pokemon contests. She awards the Pressure Cooker Badge to the winner of her gym's CookingDuel.˛˛* AllThereInTheManual: Aioli, Brulee, Fricasee, and Roux don't appear during Porta's episodes and were revealed on her twitter.˛* ChefOfIron: Naturally, since she's both a chef and a gym leader.˛* EdibleThemeNaming: All her Pokemon are named after French cuisine.˛* PlayingWithFire: One of her type preferences.˛* PoisonousPerson: Her other type preference.˛* {{Expy}}: Several elements of her character design (black, large triangular afro, fun clothing style) is inspired by Miss Grotke from WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}.˛* ScaryShinyGlasses: Without the scary part, but they do have large reflective lenses akin to [[Anime/SailorMoon Professor Tomoe]].˛* SupremeChef: She's a world-class chef and trainer, and her restaurant is able to draw foodies and food bloggers from every region.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Fuschia City Gym]]˛!!Devitt (voiced by Joe Hadfield)˛!![-His Pokemon: Camille (Sylveon), Lilanda (Leafeon), Ligere (Umbreon), Asha (Espeon), Vaporeon, Montressor (Flareon), Eevees (multiple)-]˛A popular fashion designer and model, though he'd rather be known for his gym prowess and research into eevee evolution. After Cobalt and Rose help him put on a fashion show (and catch some much-needed shut eye), he agrees to battle them and help them with what he's discovered about Evolution Plus. He awards the Helix Badge upon defeat.˛˛* AgentPeacock: Astoundingly so. His gym battle outfit is heels, a tiara, no shirt, and a sheathed rapier.˛* BareYourMidriff: His first outfit includes a croptop.˛* {{Bishounen}}: He's very pretty, and a fashion designer to boot.˛* ComplexityAddiction: He only wanted Rose and Cobalt to fill in for him at the fashion show. Instead they come up with an overly complicated a plan in which they both disguise themselves as Devitt.He goes along with their plan mainly for the drama.˛-->'''Devitt''': A complicated plan with this much misdirection I ''cannot'' pass up.˛* TheFashionista: Naturally. He's a fashion designer! He even made some of Biscuit's contest outfits.˛* UnwantedHarem: He has a bevvy of fans that are always clamouring to see him. His first encounter with Rose and Cobalt is securing their help in hiding him from them, and then skipping a fashion show so he can sleep for a bit.˛[[/folder]]˛˛!The Underground Trial League˛[[folder: Celadon City Trial]]˛!!Trial Leader Serena˛!![-Her Pokemon: Sweet Stuff(Swirlix), Kirlia-]˛The leader of the Kanto Underground Trial League, she's a mysterious and aloof woman ''supposedly'' gives out stamp booklets to new trial-goers. She's also connected to the Lavender Town Coliseum. She has a keen interest in Rose and Cobalt due to the reputation they've garnered behind the scenes.˛˛* BadassLongcoat: She has one.˛* BoyishShortHair: She has a pixie-cut.˛* DeadpanSnarker: She can hold her own against some of the duo's ridiculousness, especially when Rose tries to explain the weird whether while simultaneously [[FlatEarthAtheist denying the existence of Legendary Birds]].˛* NotSoStoic: She tries to come off aloof and mysterious, and with anyone else she'd surely succeed, but Rose and Cobalt are a combination of savvy and ignorant that completely throws her for a loop--they catch her in multiple bluffs, manage to intimidate her with Pepper, and have the confidence to ''demand her job'' after [[spoiler: beating her in a Pokemon battle]].˛˛!!Trial Captain Cira˛See her section above for her tropes.˛˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Safari Zone]]˛!!Trial Captain Rollie (voiced by Scott Mason)˛!![-His Pokemon: Ambrose (Buizel), Anthem (Tropius), Avia (Altaria), Snover, Aegis (Shieldon), Aster (Grass Absol)-]˛A Pokemon Ranger who enlists the help of Rose and Cobalt to get rid of a gang of displaced Snovers causing chaos on Route 6 during the events of Act 1. They come across him again when they find out he runs the Safari Zone and the Trial within.˛˛* AlphabeticalThemeNaming: All his Pokemon's names (except potentially Snover, who wasn't nicknamed in the episode) begin with the letter "a".˛* FairCop: Pokemon Ranges are more like park rangers than police, but still. ˛* GuestStarPartyMember: For episode 024.˛* NatureHero: Comes with being a a Pokemon ranger.˛* RealLifeRelative: Rawley is played by Jake Mason's younger brother Scott. They reference this in the show.˛-->'''Rawley:''' You remind me of my older sister.˛* UndercoverCopReveal: [[spoiler: Rollie isn't even a ranger; he's a member of the Kanto Special Forces who's gone undercover to keep an eye on Team Rocket]].˛* UndergroundMonkey: His Absol Aster is grass-type.˛* YouGottaHaveGreenHair: [[ Art by Shannon Manor]] shows him with green hair and stubble.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Seafoam Islands]]˛!!Trial Captain Bobby (Voiced by Tanner Vogelgesang)˛!![-His Pokemon: Wildwing (Hockey Farfetch'd), Hunter (Sneasel), Mick E. Moose (Sawsbuck), Youppi (Snover), Spartacat (Glaceon), Fin (Dewgong)-]˛˛A Trial Captain from an unknown region that the group find in the caves beneath the Seafoam Islands on their way to Cinnabar Island. When he's not running a hockey camp for children, he and his Pokemon run a trial for trainers who happen upon them.˛˛* CanadaEh: He was designed to have as many Canadian stereotypes as possible. He plays hockey, is overly polite, seems to eat nothing but maple syrup, and ends nearly every sentence with "eh?"˛* CanadianEqualsHockeyFan: Or player, rather. And his pokemon too!˛* LetsGetDangerous: Bobby is happy to abide by standard hockey rules until Cobalt gets rough with the Pokemon. Then he starts using moves and other non-standard techniques to make the game more fun.˛* LovableJock: An expert hockey player who's extreme nice.˛* MinnesotaNice: The overly-Canadian accent Tanner affects for the character sometimes [[OohMeAccentsSlipping dips into this]].˛* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Bobby's full name is Bobby Stanley, named after famous hockey player Bobby Orr and the Stanley Cup itself.˛** His Pokemon follow this as well to a lesser degree; they're all named after hockey mascots.˛* NonActionGuy: Fin doesn't play, instead he runs the concession stand.˛* RuleOfFun: He runs his hockey games like this: as long as everyone is having fun then the rules aren't as important.˛* UndergroundMonkey: Wildwing is Ice[=/=]Fighting type.˛[[/folder]]˛˛!Antagonists˛[[folder: Team Rocket]]˛!!Bonnie˛!![-Her Pokemon: Smelly Cat (Stunky), Bugsy (Venipede), Killer (Flabébé)-]˛One of the Rockets who attacked the Viridian City Police Station. She was also the leader of Operation: Fight Club at Mount Moon until Rose and Cira foiled her plans. Later revealed to be one of the people brainwashed into serving the bad Rockets, though she was able to recover and travels with Cira to take them down. Cira has a crush on her.˛˛* BrainwashedAndCrazy: [[spoiler: She is among the Rockets that were brainwashed into serving Jessie and James on new Team Rocket, and is still susceptible it despite trying to act against them.]]˛* BrawnHilda: She's quite tall and quite strong.˛* ChekhovMIA: She hasn't been seen since Operation Fight Club was foiled. [[spoiler: She returns in the Act One Interlude.]]˛* DeathbringerTheAdorable: Her Flabébé, a tiny flowery fairy, is nicknamed ''Killer''.˛* PoisonousPerson: Two out of three Pokemon on her team are poison types, which makes sense since she's a Rocket. ˛* StatuesqueStunner: Bonnie is at least six feet tall.˛* WhipItGood: Uses a whip on the Jigglypuff during Operation Fight Club.˛* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: She has curly purple hair.˛˛!!Billy˛!![-His Pokemon: Trashpile (Trubbish), Hacker (Koffing), Purrcy (Purrloin)-]˛A pair of Rockets that attacked the Viridian City Police station. Bonnie was the leader of Operation: Fight Club at Mount Moon, with Billy assisting. Billy was arrested by Rose after she and Cira foiled their plans.˛˛* ButtMonkey: Billy's only significant feature is his hair, described as snot green, and the fact that everything that goes wrong happens to him. So far this includes [[spoiler:being burned by Treble's Ember attack, accidentally kidnapping the wrong person, and being attacked by a horde of Zubat, causing him to be ''covered'' in guano.]]˛* PoisonousPerson: Two out of three Pokemon on his team are poison types, which makes sense since he's a Rocket. ˛* SmugSnake: When Rose [[spoiler:arrests Billy in Mount Moon, even after revealing that she has a taped confession of his and Bonnie's crimes, and that the police are on their way, he's surprisingly nonchalant about the whole situation, mocking Rose for her lack of life experience, her trust in her family/the police, and gloating that he won't be in jail for long.]]˛* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: His hair is described as "Snot Green".˛˛!!Team Rocket Leaders [[spoiler: Jessie and James]]˛!![-Their Pokemon: [[spoiler: Weezing (James')]]-]˛The new leaders of Team Rocket, who are engaging in several criminal activities in order to cause chaos across Kanto. Their first plan involves kidnapping the legendary birds.˛˛* BigBad: The leaders of Team Rocket and villains for the series.˛* DragonAscendent: They started as grunts in the old regime, but worked their way up to depose Giovanni and become the new leaders.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Aerith]]˛!!Aerith Jenny˛!![-Her Pokemon: Litleo-]˛A cold Jenny that Rose and Cobalt meet at Mount Moon. She has a rivalry with Rose.˛˛* CourtroomAntics: She tries to do this in order to win Brian's trial. Considering the seriousness of the charges ([[spoiler: Pokemon abuse]]), the judge and most of the jury are already against her and it doesn't win her any points. [[spoiler: She gets sent to Judge Trudy's quarters for Contempt of Court, and that's ''before'' Private Psy shows up with even more damning evidence]].˛* DirtyCop: [[spoiler: She intentionally misfiled the report on Brian's abuse seemingly in order to spite Rose]].˛* HumiliationConga: What she gets herself into at the end of episode 41. [[spoiler: First she earns the ire of most of the region when she defends a man accused of Pokemon abuse, one of the worst crimes in the game's world. Then she demonstrates a lack of knowledge on the world's laws when she tries to make Cobalt sound like the aggressor when in reality it was the standard "trainers' eyes meet" situation. ''Then'' Judge Trudy declares her to be in contempt of court. ''Finally'', Private Psy bursts onto the scene and reveals that she's been hiding evidence against Brian, ruining her career.]]˛* TheRival: Calls herself Rose's rival.˛* TheResenter: Demeans Rose by not using her name (instead calling her "Ambrosia's girl"), makes remarks about how Rose isn't what she seems to be, and interrogates Cobalt for information about Rose and her backstory.˛* TheUnFavourite: ''Nobody'' in the Jenny family seems to like her. When Rose suggests that [[spoiler: she could be a mole for the Rockets]], her sister admits that would make a lot of sense.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Brian Bryan]]˛!!Brian Bryan˛!![-His Pokemon: Shiny Dragonair, Shiny Typhlosion (formerly)-]˛A rude coordinator who has a bad history with Victor and, less directly, Cobalt.˛˛* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Rose makes a note of his nice butt, but he's a complete jerk, and she dismisses him as such after seeing his behavior towards Victor.˛* BadPeopleAbuseAnimals: When Cobalt fights him in the Underground Passage, he notices that Brian seems to have forced his Typhlosion to evolve early, and has clearly mistreated it in the past. This sparks real anger in Cobalt, and he reveals this isn't the first time he's saved a Pokemon from Brian. During Brian's trial, it comes out that he bred numerous Cyndaquil then abandoned the ones he deemed useless. [[spoiler:This included Treble]].˛* CheatersNeverProsper: Attacks Biscuit during the middle of a contest performance, which is entirely against the rules and gets him penalized with a red card as a result.˛%%* HellBentForLeather: Wears a nice leather jacket.˛* RepetitiveName: First name Brian, last name Bryan. Because his parents hate him.˛[[/folder]]˛˛!Other Characters˛[[folder: Humans]]˛!!Ambrosia Jenny˛!![-Her Pokemon: Zango (Arcanine)-]˛Rose's mom, who is a very busy cop and doesn't have a lot of time for her daughters. That being said, she is very protective of Rose and is furious when she isn't called.˛˛* MamaBear: As intense as Chartreuse when it comes to protecting her kids.˛* StringTheory: Her room has a "wall of crazy" like this while she's working a case.˛* WhenYouComingHomeDad: She's mentioned to be too busy to give attention to all of her daughters. That's no excuse to not call her from the road, though.˛˛!!Chartreuse and Cyan Elm˛!![-Their Pokemon: Bella (Bellossom, Chartreuse's), Otto (Pidgeotto, Chartreuse's), Arugula (Tropius, Chartreause's), Poliwrath (Cyan's)-]˛Cobalts parents from Palette Town. They are very supportive, even though Chartreuse can get a bit intense when she thinks Cobalt is in danger.˛˛* MamaBear: Chartreuse gets pretty intense if Cobalt is in danger, hence why he hid his [[spoiler: kidnapping by Team Rocket]] from her.˛˛!!The Mitches, Riches, and Pitch˛Much like the Jennys and Joys, there is a Mitch in every settlement in Kanto with a gym. Their job is to give advice to the challenging trainers on the gym leader they're about to face. The Underground Trial League has Riches, less-polite members of the family who mock challengers. Furthermore, the Saffron Colosseum has a man named Pitch who greets potential competitors.˛˛* {{Catchphrase}}: "Yo! Champs in the making!"˛* CausticCritic: The Mitch who acts as a judge for Mars' gym never has anything nice to say to Rose or Cobalt's dishes.˛* EvilTwin: Rich, who greets those participating in the Underground Trials and isn't as nice. He also helps [[spoiler:Emma]] sneak into the Celadon City Gym while the leader is away. Pitch seems to fall somewhere in the middle.˛* OrderVersusChaos: The Mitches like rules, while the Riches like anarchy. Pitch hasn't shown up enough to demonstrate where he falls on the scale.˛˛!!Professor Skye:˛!![-His Pokemon: Helper (Ambipom), Noctowl-]˛A Pokemon Professor with a lab just outside of Cerulean City. He's studied the Legendary Birds extensively and is one of the first to outright state that the climate changes occurring are due to something happening to Moltres.˛˛* AbsentMindedProfessor: Speaks in a blustery manner, and frequently gets distracted from the flow of conversation.˛* ArbitrarySkepticism: Despite professing to believe in the Legendary Birds, to the extent of tracking their possible locations, he insists on analyzing Rose's photos of [[spoiler:the darkness beasts under Mount Moon]].˛* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: His Ambipom helper is actually nicknamed Helper.˛* HyperCompetentSidekick: Helper is capable of running the hologram projection software, as well as taking notes for Professor Skye.˛* INeedAFreakingDrink: Finds speaking with Rose, Cobalt, Victor and Cira to be so tiresome that he has to have a drink during their conversation. It's scotch distilled in the stumps of Phantump, ''[[Main/CrossesTheLineTwice which are reputed to be the reformed souls of dead children]]''.˛* WeUsedToBeFriends: Apparently knew Odessa Jenny, Rose's grandmother, when they were younger. No word on what kind of "knew" it was, although the gang assumes it was romantic in nature.˛˛!!Fuji Tsubaki˛The adopted daughter of Mr. Fuji who took over his duties after his death, which was indirectly caused by the new leaders of Lavender Town and the construction of the Radio Tower. Tsubaki harbours a resentment towards them, and also believes the "Festival of Life" is disrespectful to the souls of the deceased Pokemon interred in the Hall of Memories. Her initial goal was to "bring back the old ways", though she was intentionally vague in what that implies.˛˛* TheAtoner: After her abrasive first encounter with the party she is visited by the spirit of her father who told her that she was closing herself off to other perspectives. [[spoiler: To learn more about the other viewpoint she ends up working at the Radio Tower, where she discovers that they had actually installed several shrines to the deceased Pokemon previously interred there to keep them at peace.]]˛* ExcessiveMourning: WordOfGod is that she is representative of people who refuse to move on after death. She believes the only true way to mourn is reverence, and to try and focus on happy memories is disrespectful.˛* ISeeDeadPeople: She is able to commune with deceased Pokemon.˛* [[WellDoneSonGuy "Well Done, Daughter!" Gal]]: Has shades of this, as she is convinced her methods of mourning are the only way to properly respect Fuji's wishes.˛* WellIntentionedExtremist: She wants to show people where the souls of their Pokemon come to rest. [[spoiler: But her attempts to do so put the party in harm's way, and her refusal to heed their warnings is going to harm others as well.]]˛˛!!Daniel[=/=]"Ho-Oh" ˛!![-His Pokemon: Zan (Zangoose)-]˛A competitor from the Saffron Colosseum, he masquerades as the legendary professional wrestler Ho-Oh until Rose shames him out of his costume. She later allows him to adopt Zan, the Zangoose she fought with and won.˛˛* BreakingSpeech: On the recieving end of one from Rose, which causes him to abandon the Ho-Oh guise and try to find a new gimmick for the Colosseum.˛* CheapCostume: He has a Ho-Oh wrestler costume that he bought at a shop. It has poor stitching and visible sequins, and the mask easily tears apart in Rose's hands when she gets a hold of it.˛˛!!Red˛''The'' Pokemon Champion, Red helped put Palette Town on the map after defeating the Elite Four for the first time. He's since disappeared, but his legend has influenced a whole generation of trainers (except Rose).˛˛* TheAce: Red and Blue were instrumental in developing the Pokédex and dismantling Team Rocket twenty years ago.˛* AHeroToHisHometown: Revered by the people of Pallet Town, and has a statue dedicated to him there.˛* PresentAbsence: Apparently out of the picture for some reason, but his influence is felt across the region.˛[[/folder]]˛˛[[folder: Pokemon]]˛!!Private Psy and Wattson˛A Psyduck detective who is very passionate about catching criminals, but unfortunately not very bright. He is accompanied by a more competent Voltorb who is on the verge of self-destructing due to Psy's incompetence.˛˛* AmateurSleuth: The two are not officially associated with the Policeforce.˛* BunnyEarsLawyer: He's endearing, but ridiculous, and most people let him carry on with his antics because he's not in anybody's way and it would be mean to stop him. [[spoiler: Come episode 41, he bursts into the courtroom that Aerith intentionally misfiled the reports on Brian's Pokemon Abuse in order to bury evidence and spite Rose, which humiliates her even further.]]˛* CluelessDetective: Poor Private Psy has plenty of heart but absolutely no skill. He once spent an hour tracking his own footprints.˛* CooldownHug: An inadvertent version. Psy has the "Damp" ability, which automatically prevents Voltorb from using Self-Destruct. Psy also has no idea when this is happening, or how often Voltorb has tried.˛* DetectiveAnimal: Though it might be a stretch to call Voltorb an "animal", the spirit is there with the two.˛* DetectivesFollowFootprints: Private Psy is often found doing this...with his own footprints.˛* SherlockHomage: They're variations on Sherlock and Watson, complete with a deerstalker cap on Psy.˛* RedOniBlueOni: Voltorb is red to Psy's blue.˛˛!!Mew˛A mythical]] Pokemon that Cira has been tracking across the region--or has it been tracking her? It appears to Rose and Cobalt multiple times early in their journey.˛˛* {{Invisibility}}: It can disappear easily.˛* OnlyThePureOfHeart: [[spoiler: It follows Cira while disguised as a Clefairy, which is said to only appear to the "pure of heart"]].˛* SuperEmpowering: [[spoiler: The Prismatic Powder it produces can turn Pokemon a shiny.]]˛* VoluntaryShapeshifter: [[spoiler: As in the games, it's able to change its form to any Pokemon.]]˛* WalkingSpoiler: The fact that it even appears to the cast is a major event.˛˛!!Loudred˛A Loudred that works for Team Rocket by playing the theme song. A constant thorn in Cira's side.˛˛* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: It plays the theme song in an attempt to get Cira to finish the Rocket motto.˛* MundaneUtility: When Cira, Rose, and Cobalt are sneaking into the old Game Corner computer lab, they wonder if the Loudred would be able to reach them through the air ducts. Cira pretends to begin the motto, Loudred bursts into the scene with music and spotlight...and the gang use the spotlight to make searching the room easier.˛˛!!The Legendary Birds: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres˛Three sacred Pokemon who keep the weather stable in Kanto.˛˛* CosmicKeystone: The three control the environment around Kanto. Moltres being captured causes the temperature to drop and thunderstorms to rage across the region.˛* DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu: Subverted. Cobalt offers Articuno some friendship jerky, and while she likes it, it doesn't change her demeanour and the entire experiences leaves everyone quite shaken.˛* DistressedDude: Moltres is kidnapped by Team Rocket early in the story, though it takes several episodes for the impact of that to become evident.˛* GoodIsNotNice: They are important guardians of the environment that need to be in harmony. Articuno also makes it clear that she and her siblings do not want any human lives to be lost should Moltres not be rescued. But if he isn't, then casualties will be inevitable.˛* {{Miko}}: One leads the party to wear Articuno is waiting and allows the legendary to speak through her. Articuno states that this is her purpose, and that the woman "knew what she was choosing".˛* NoBiologicalSex: Articuno is female by "human" concepts of gender. Likewise, Moltres is male, and Zapdos uses they[=/=]them pronouns. In doing so they manage to form a GenderEqualEnsemble from three entities.˛* TheUnintelligible: Zapdos appears without anyone to channel them. When they confronts the party they only hear their screaming, which Articuno then translates.˛˛!!Pelipper˛Cobalt's new nemesis after he repeatedly got into fights with it over his food during the journey to Cinnabar Island.˛˛* SitcomArchnemesis: Pelipper has a much less valid reason for disliking Cobalt than Tempo did.˛˛[[/folder]]


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