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1!Main²²!Foamy²Foamy the Squirrel is the all-knowing, hyper-logical, ranting squirrel known throughout the lands for his Squirrelly Wrath & infamous cult. Well, he's working on a cult. He lives with Germaine as her unassuming pet... when in reality, he's plotting to enlighten the world through infallible logic and enforce that logic with an army of robots created from discarded automatons and the brains of his former dead owners. Crazy, no? His anger knows no bounds! He is your Lord & Master: FOAMY!!!²!!Tropes for Foamy²* AGodAmI: Foamy calls himself the Lord and Master and he's trying to start a cult that worships him.²* TheArtifact: Foamy's name comes from an early character concept where he would randomly foam at the mouth. So far "Writer's Block" is the only cartoon to address this trait at all.²* BerserkButton: Too many to properly list, but a few examples include badly compressed music, people on Gluten-free diets despite not requiring them, and oversexed idiots.²* ChronicPetKiller: Inverted - Foamy has gone through an owner about every seven months on average since the 17th century, the majority of whom have died with him under their care. Germaine is one of the few out of hundreds who has lasted a decade with him.²* HairTriggerTemper: Foamy has hundreds of {{Berserk Button}}s, the majority of which can be pressed with a gentle breeze.²* ImprobableWeaponUser: Foamy can hurl acorns hard enough to be deadly.²* JerkAss: To give a better summation of his character. At times, he can be a JerkWithAHeartOfGold, giving out advice to humanity on how they can better themselves and occasionally showing actual concern for Germaine.²* JerkassHasAPoint: Despite how callous and cruel Foamy can be to people at times, he often speaks the truth.²* KillerRabbit: Foamy's threats are ''far'' from empty. He's strong enough to pelt acorns at people hard enough to make their heads explode in more violent manners than a hollow point bullet could ever dream of inflicting.²* MisanthropeSupreme: Foamy really has it out for humanity, primarily because of how idiotic they generally are.²* MotorMouth: Not as bad as Pilz-E, but he still qualifies, especially in the early cartoons.²* MustHaveCaffeine: Don't get between him and his coffee.²* Really700YearsOld: He stated in "Reboot Button" that he's had 632 owners over the past 400 years. Roswell has collected a number of photographs that supposedly depict Foamy in various periods of time and believes he may actually be Ratatoskr from Nordic mythology.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Bagels with cream cheese.²² ²!Germaine Endez²Germaine is a struggling poet who has moved from New York City to Connecticut due to lack of money. She's constantly at odds with the world and the roles it places upon her. Angry, depressed and all around moody, she's an outsider among outsiders. Always seeking to be seen as more than a sexual object, she's in a constant conflict with a society that deems her to be nothing more than a pair of boobs and a jiggly butt. Now residing and watching over her grandfather's house, she's side-stepped the financial troubles of "the big city" and has fallen into the trap of being a stranger & an outcast in a bizarre little town. After being fired by Starschmucks for using a magical breast enlarging ring to divert a large portion of their income into her tip jar, she recently joined financial forces with Franklin in the hopes of opening up a coffee house of their very own.²²After a breast reduction and then some serious soul-searching, Germaine came to the conclusion that it was a mistake to reduce her breasts merely because society shamed her into doing so. She has since had them re-enlarged in an effort to reclaim herself as an individual. Now completely unapologetic about her appearance she's out to push boundaries and just have some guilt-free fun. As for the magical breast enhancing ring... she's still using it to get some free goodies from easily manipulated men and also models part time for art classes.²²Soon afterwards however, Germaine apparantly suffered a mental breakdown, and was committed to an insane asylum. 6 months later, it was revealed that much of what had transpired in the series, both pre and post-reboot, was an overexaggerated version of the actual events Germaine experienced due to what she referred to as the pressures upon women in every day society. As such, much of what had begun at the start of the reboot did not actually happen, including house-sitting for her Grandfather in Connecticut and her Breast Enhancing Ring. Germaine is once again located in New York with Foamy living with her, seemingly with a better grasp of her life.²²Germaine is the ''only'' primary character in the series not voiced by [[ManOfAThousandVoices Jonathan Mathers]], and in the earliest episodes she was TheVoiceless. Starting with "Hypnotic Foamy", she is voiced by Dawn Bennett ([[NamesTheSame no, not]] [[Creator/DawnMBennett that one]]).²²!!Tropes for Germaine²* AuthorTract: On the crap women go through when they're sexualized by men and society in general.²* BiTheWay: Shown preferences to males and females in the reboot arc. Specifically, she seems to have a fetish for very fat women and won't go after them otherwise. Her standards for men are probably less particular. She has not been seen to have any actual sexual experience with women however, only concrete experiences with men.²* ChubbyChaser: As mentioned above, she has a fetish for fat women.²* ChronicPetKiller: Before acquiring Foamy, Germaine managed to off several dozen pets by the age of ten. She believes that the only reason Foamy survived is because he knows how to feed himself.²* DrivenToSuicide: Used to be a running gag in the classic arc until she eventually got over it.²* GagBoobs: Her breasts are always drawn comically large when the episode calls for it. In the reboot arc, she gained a magical ring that lets her enlarge her breasts to massive sizes whenever she wants, although this later turned out to be a figment of her imagination.²* {{Gasshole}}: Ever since "Gas-E-Pop", an episode consisting pretty much entirely of her chugging a bottle of the titular soda and burping nonstop, there has been a RunningGag where she burps loudly at complete random. She seemed quite proud of her burp in "Deck Waving".²* {{Goth}}: Her flavor of clothing and attitude most of the time.²* ImpossibleHourglassFigure: Except for when she briefly gained weight, in which case she became BigBeautifulWoman.²* LoserProtagonist: Germaine's life, putting it bluntly, fucking sucks. She routinely goes through a myriad of sexual misfortunes, her poetry is taking her nowhere, she hates most of the jobs she's had and her psychological state tends to be of questionable quality.²* MustHaveCaffeine: She's mostly shown drinking coffee, a lot of times.²* NoSocialSkills: Germaine struggles to have healthy interactions with other people, especially post-reboot. As of 2017, she's degraded into a ShrinkingViolet who generally fears going outside or talking to people.²* OnlySaneMan: In comparison to other people and the squirrels. "Exit to Asylum" reveals that she wasn't exactly sane herself.²* RaisedByGrandparents: Apparently, as in the chibisodes, her grandfather is the only one of her family we see and he's shown to be her guardian. According to some sources, her father left her mother and said mother was deemed an unfit parent.²* SanitySlippage: Showed shades of this in the reboot arc whenever someone or something bothered her. It eventually blows up, breaking Germaine's psyche and getting her sent to an asylum. It is later revealed she seemingly faked a large portion of her psychotic episodes however.²* TheVoiceless: Earlier shorts had her as one before Dawn joined the cast.²* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Apparently, she dyes her hair as once it was shown to an turquoise and, for most of the shorts, her hair was colored purple. Her hair has also appeared as dull blue, teal and pink at different points in her life. "Exit the Asylum" claims that her natural hair color is black.²²!Secondary²! Pilz-E ²Pilz-E was discovered in one of Germaine's pill bottles after having a prescription filled at a shady N.Y. pharmacy. Always seeing things, never all quite there, Pilz-E babbles like a retarded child on crack with a side of insanity. What most people find normal in the world, he sees as strange or scary. Known medical conditions include : Eye-Stigmata; A-Gore-Aphobia; Panomia; Slurred Speech; Random Hallucinations; and frankly, like warnings on a prescription drug... side-effects are too numerous to list here. ²!!Tropes for Pilz-E²* AmbiguousDisorder: Something, aside from drug addiction, is wrong with him and that's clear. According to him, he has "every mental disease known to man". Whether or not he's lying is often left up to debate.²* AddledAddict: He has large dependence on pills to a degree that he seems to use them for everything. ²* AuthorTract: On American society's over-reliance on prescribed medication. ²* BewareTheSillyOnes: Pilz-E may be completely fucking off his rocker, but at times he's dangerously so. He loves it when he gets to spend time with Foamy watching him murder people with acorns, has murdered several people on-screen and once thought it would be a great idea to give a group of crying babies a dozen pieces of candy (read: pills not meant to be taken by anyone younger than their twenties) ''each'', killing them all within minutes.²* CloudCuckooLander: Either he's normally like this or is this because of his drug use.²* ExtremeOmnivore: If Pilz-E believes that something is edible or mistakes it for food, he'll attempt to eat it.²* HeliumSpeech: Has a voice whose pitch is higher than Foamy's voice.²* MotorMouth: He speaks almost exclusively at a nigh-unintelligible speed. The speed of his voice has slowed down as the series progressed, but remains at an overall high speed.²* NervousWreck: His medications tend to either improve or worsen this.²* TalkativeLoon: One of his defining character traits.²-->''"Oh the fun we had with hairdryers makes my fur stand on end like a tomato in a doughnut! It's been blown to smithereens~."''²²! Franklin O'Kee²An out-of-the-closet coffee-house clerk, Franklin's life, is his work. He takes great pride in being part of "Team Star-Schmucks," and revels in the daily routine of fast paced coffee-slinging. No mere barista, Franklin has several degrees in coffee preparation, from bean-grinding to coffee-pouring he graduated top of his class at Star-Schmucks University. Though constantly a target of Foamy's anger towards corporate coffee-houses, he takes it all in stride, in hopes of one day finding his soul-mate and opening a gay themed coffee-house of his own. Franklin was castrated by Germaine shortly before her mental breakdown, although this was simply a figment of her imagination.²* CampGay: Acted this way more often as the series went on.²* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch: Most of the time he ends his sentences with "bitch".²* TransparentCloset: Everyone in-universe assumed he was gay, but he didn't believe he was. He eventually embraced his homosexuallity.²* VerbalTic: Says "bitch" fairly often.²²!Salt Forester²An aspiring novelist with an odd obsession for waffles, he currently lives in a storage unit in N.Y.C. He spends most of his time working on stories while making a meager living re-selling thrift store treasures online. His childhood was pretty much ruined because of constant bullying and belittling due to his bizarre voice, which hasn't changed since he was 12. He reluctantly took Foamy in after finding him living in his PO Box, and now has to deal with his antics on a daily basis.²After Germaine's mental breakdown and subsequent release, Foamy does not appear to live with Salt anymore. He has yet to appear again since the revelation the events of the reboot were fictionalized by Germaine.²!!Tropes for Salt:²* PaleSkinnedBrunette²* PutOnABus: Disappeared from the series as fast as he came in.²* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Waffles.²²²!Sue Z June²Sue Z doesn't say much... if anything. She's a mute by choice, with the only words ever spoken being, “I don't speak because no one listens.” A well versed hacker, she comunicates mostly by texts and has a penchant for shocking people with a tazer. She spends most of her days hanging around a local record shop and acts as a bouncer of sorts, kicking out unruly or annoying hipsters. She's the founder of “Bones & Shadows”, a roller derby team she skates with on the weekends. Comprised of a group of extremely tough women, they take great pride in the number of opponents they've sent to the hospital over the years. She currently lives with Salt Forester in a storage unit in N.Y.C. Was originally a character in 4Y Records, but was rolled over into Neurotically Yours after the reboot.²!!Tropes for Sue Z²* BlindingBangs: Her white hair covers her face²* BloodKnight: Tended to rip off people's arms and legs after winning in roller derby. Foamy convinced her to downgrade to just fingers and toes.²* DarkSkinnedBlonde: If white hair counts.²* {{Hackette}}: She communicates by texts, thus she hacks into phones²* MadeOfIron: To be expected of someone who plays roller derby; Her first appearance involves wordlessly tasing Salt, and then turning the same taser on herself without ill effect.²* MsFanservice: Wears a very revealing dress and thigh highs. Also owns a large amount of adult toys, which she displays openly.²* TheQuietOne: The only words she's noted to have said were, “I don't speak because no one listens.” Apparently, this is attributed to her rough life and, when she does talk, she does it in texts. Her expression is also unchanging, remaining completely stoic at all times.²* {{Wingdinglish}}: How her texts are displayed visually. Since we, the audience, cannot see anyone's phone, a speech bubble appears bearing an emoji of the most appropriate emotion for conveying what Sue Z is "saying".²²! Anchovy Allcock: ²Anchovy was a failing pizza delivery man in England. He never could get the orders to the right homes and "30 minutes or less" turned into "two hours or more". He eventually ran out of pizza places that would hire him. While in a state of deep, work-related depression, he came upon Germaine's profile on FaceNook. He soon became obsessed with her and decided, with no more work to be found in England, to move to the states and admire Germaine from afar. His infatuation has reached rather disturbing levels though, and with Germaine no longer living in N.Y.C, he has become quite unstable.²!!Tropes for Anchovy²* ButtMonkey: The biggest one in the series, bar none. Even when Germaine is at her lowest she refuses to sleep with him.²* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Anchovy got his name for the lingering smell of anchovies that follow him everywhere he goes, due to having been a pizza delivery guy for so long.²* StalkerWithACrush: He's a disturbing one to Germaine. However, "Exit to Asylum" reveals that Anchovy wasn't really all that bad and he did nothing more than stalk Germaine from a distance and occasionally sent chocolates and flowers to her mailbox. The whole bit of Anchovy being sexually obsessed with Germaine was a delusional fear that Germaine made up in her head. Despite his infatuation, he is quite afraid of her, and tries to maintain a healthy amount of distance.²²!Ollie²Ollie is Germaine's grandfather who became her legal guardian when her parents flaked out on the whole "family thing". An old school New Yorker, hardened, sarcastic and sharp. He keeps up with what's going on with the world but remembers "the good ol' days". He does his best to guide Germaine in the right direction in various situation but allows her to make her own mistakes. He currently lives in Florida while Germaine has his home in Connecticut, although it was later revealed Germaine's housesitting was made up in her head.²!!Tropes for Ollie²* CoolOldGuy: He has some interesting musical tastes, one which is that he listened to Music/{{Slayer}}.²* DotingGrandparent: At times, however, he does have his limit²* OnlySaneMan: In the Chibisodes, and even then he's by far the most well-adjusted character in the series.²* RaisedByGrandparents: He raised Germaine after her mother was deemed unfit and her father bailed.²²²²!Minor²²! Begley ²Begley was in hiding for awhile back in merry 'ol England after trying to assault The Queen with a hat stolen from the royal guard. He took refuge in the loft of a failing pizza delivery man, hiding in the walls and eating leftover crusts for over a year. When the pizza guy decided to move to America based solely on the images of a girl he saw on the internet, Begley was accidentally trapped in his suitcase and was whisked away to N.Y.C. where he met up with Foamy & Germaine.²A firm fan favourite, despite not appearing in many episodes [[BreadEggsMilkSquick and once raping Germaine with a voodoo doll.]] ²!!Tropes for Begley²* AllMenArePerverts: Unlike Foamy, who can't be bothered with sex or sexuality in general, Begley has no objections when it comes to sexualizing women and he also has no qualms with pleasuring himself at the idea of a woman doing something hot or snapping lewd photos of Germaine.²* DelinquentHair: The fur atop his head is styled in a purple mohawk.²* TheGadfly: Routinely enjoys making other people's lives hell for shits and giggles, particularly Germaine's.²* {{Jerkass}}: Seems to be a jerk like Foamy, but with no excuse for it.²²²!The Hatta²The Hatta' is a stereotype of sorts. An antiquated racist who believes all white people are out to get him. He takes no crap from anyone and is first to point out that his bad luck in life is due to a "white conspiracy" rather than his own actions. In his spare time he writes letters to congress in order to legalize marijuana and spends an inordinate amount of time following the career of Samuel L. Jackson. Reluctant to move away from the urban setting of NYC, The Hatta' resides in Germaine's old apartment with his own "owner"... a special situation that arose from unique circumstances.²!!Tropes for The Hatta²* AngryBlackMan: Behaves like one.²* DemotedToExtra: He doesn't appear a lot in the newer shorts.²* TokenMinority: The only "black" squirrel in the series.²²²!Mammed Udi: ²The hardest working outsourced Indian on the planet, Mammed Udi runs 8 different tech-support hotlines, a suicide hotline, a game-cheat hint hotline, and a numerous variety of other phone-based help services. Somewhat sarcastic to his American customers, he has a knack for wasting people's time while giving them no assistance. It was later revealed Mammed's role as a tech support specialist was fictionalized by Germaine, while he was actually her therapist.²!!Tropes for Mammed²* ArrangedMarriage: Dia was intended to marry him in one but she fled India to escape this.²* AuthorTract: Serves as one on how outsourcing is making tech support even more difficult to deal with while also showing at the same time on how people calling for tech support act like is supposed to get things right the first time.²²²!Dia ²Dia is a spiritually centered individual who up and left India after not wanting to go through with an arranged marriage to Mammed Udi. Going against her traditions, she moved to New York and is searching for a greater purpose than merely that of a house-wife. Her parents are ticked off at her and she fears she may be hallucinating. The Tofu is talking to her...²!!Tropes for Dia²* ArrangedMarriage: She was intended to marry Mammed Udi in one but fled India to escape this.²²!Tofu²Dia discovered Tofu in an expired package of the product. Though not completely sure if he's a figment of her imagination, or a cosmic joke set upon someone who had bad karma... Tofu follows Dia around curious about the world and it's surroundings.²!!Tropes for Tofu²* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: It's not made too clear as to whether or not he's real or a hallucination.²²²²!Jack Partfine²Much like Germaine, Jack Partfine could no longer afford the high-cost of city living. Also the prospects of finding bigfoot in Manhattan were pretty slim. Completely engulfed in the studies of cryptozoology, Ufology, and the Paranormal, Partfine writes books and articles to support his Ghost Hunting habits. In addition to his high-tech equipment he adopted a dog in the hopes that their superior senses would be able to aid him in his hunt for the unknown. Unfortunately, Roswell was not the best choice for a "hunting breed". Oh well, the truth is still out there...²²!Mutie²Germaine's CuteMute friend. She briefly lived with Germaine, but was last seen being abducted by a tentacled creature within a pool she was sunbathing at.²!!Tropes for Mutie²* CuteMute: Apparently, she can't or doesn't talk.²* FlatCharacter: The obvious joke aside, she doesn't have any characterization beyond being mute.²* GagBoobs: Her breasts are ridiculously enormous, which Foamy constantly ridicules her for. The only one bustier than her is when Germaine has her bust enhanced by magic.²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Her real name is Joanna.


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