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Many can be seen on that character page, but are portrayed differently in HOME, and there are new ones as well.께'''It is strongly recommended to be familiar with OFF before HOME. HOME contains unmarked spoilers for OFF.'''께----[[foldercontrol]]께[[folder:Protagonists]]!!The Judge/Pablo께A cat with a wide grin and the player-controlled character in this game.께* AddressingThePlayer: He's a lot more talkative to the player than the Batter ever was.* BadassAdorable: Even moreso than in the last game. Hell, in the very first zone, he and his new cat buddy [[spoiler:take on a deranged Burnt butcher in the middle of a dark labyrinth who's already murdered countless other Elsen]]. By the later parts of the game as is, he's also not afraid to [[spoiler:go up against a literal army]].* BerserkButton: Do not fuck with the Judge's little brother.* BlowYouAway: Ehh, sort of. The elements of his Ravage attacks is Smoke, which is ''OFF''[='=]s equivalent to air.* CheshireCatGrin: His ever-present, oft-commented-on trait.* CombatMedic: Like the Batter before him, the Judge specializes in hitting hard while healing the team. And this time around, the player will likely be able to access most of the moveset before the end of the game.* DeadpanSnarker: He can get a bit caustic when annoyed.* {{Determinator}}: Works through a lot in the game, and has to sit down for a moment with Valerie before he decides to go on fighting.* MagicKnight: The Judge learns a blend of physical attacks and magic attacks as well as heals.* MakingASplash: Once again, sort of. His Sclerosis attacks are the Plastic element, which is the equivalent to water in ''OFF''.* MeaningfulName: Unlike last time, this time it comes about at the [[spoiler:end of Zone 2 with Japhet]]. He even remarks on it.** It comes up again towards the [[spoiler:end of the Courtroom]].* PreAssKickingOneLiner: Against the FinalBoss.-->Speak to me [[spoiler:Batter]], for I alone am your judge.** Alternatively: "You have struck out for the last time. Time to retire the batter."* RealityWarper: He [[spoiler:unconsciously willed the Courtroom into existence]], for starters.* RedMage: The Judge gets the best balance of spells, being able to do the same things the more specialized party members can do with less CripplingOverSpecialization. He can use heals, physical attacks, and magical attacks, split between two elements, and can heal both the individual and the group.* ThemeNaming: Takes the "Sclerosis" side of the competences he had last game. This doubles as MeaningfulName, a sclerosis being a hardening of a part of the brain and the Judge being a {{Determinator}}. His other competences are "purr", the healing line, and "ravage", his physical attack line.* VerbalTic: The usual low purr.* WalkingTheEarth: In [[spoiler:the REPEAT ending]].께!!Alain께A sarcastic alley cat whose main concern is food, but who isn't afraid to go into some dangerous situations.* ArmorPiercingAttack: A move he learns mid-to-late game will ignore defense.* AntiArmor: One of his moves in particular will null claw resistance when an enemy is struck with it.* AwesomeButImpractical: His Honing moves can boost stats along with a decent health boost at the same time, but it's expensive as hell to use. Averted later in the game, where he learns a move that drains the opponent's CP.* TheBerserker: * ImAHumanitarian: Aside from the fact that [[spoiler:he is guilty of cannibalizing his family]], he also has no problem wolfing down [[spoiler:burned Elsen corpses in the form of sugar, even up to TheReveal]].** Also, his competence "Leeching Palpate" strongly implies ''he takes an actual bite out of the enemy''.** At one point, he casually mentions he's a little tired of having to make do with gobbling up the enemies you defeat. No wonder you don't leave corpses...* JerkAss: A bit. He sure gets impatient, to the point where the Judge eventually just shuts him up for it. ** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Alain feels genuinely sorry for [[spoiler:devouring his family members]], and if you return to where you first meet him in [[spoiler:the purified]] Zone 1, he pays his respects to his family, and apologizes for what he's done.* JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope[=/=]MyGodWhatHaveIDone: The very moment you meet him. He's gone out of his mind from the [[spoiler:guilt of eating his family]].* KungFuWizard: All of Alain's attacks are physical, which leads to the trope directly below. He does have skill in status buffing, though.* LethalJokeCharacter: Alain is not very useful in most field encounters since all of his competence attacks are physical, which is unable to do much damage to specters, which make up the majority of those encounters. He becomes invaluable in extended fights with bosses, however, due to his ability to pierce defense and drain health and later mana from the enemy.* LifeDrain: One of the first moves he learns is Leeching Palpate, mentioned above, which does a small amount of damage to an enemy and restores it to Alain.* ManaDrain: A much more useful move he learns much later in the game is "Decoding Palpate", which instead drains CP from an enemy. This is especially useful against bosses, which have unlimited SP and can allow him to repeatedly cast his buffs.* StatusBuff: He specializes in them in two varieties. He can use team-wide buffs to increase various stats with a small health boost to go with it, although these cost a lot of CP. He can also play with several tropes with his "Duress" moves, of the "crank up one stat but lose another" variety:** TheBerserker: Reckless Duress increases his attack power but lowers his defensive power, and causes him to attack on his own for a bit.** StoneWall: His Valorous Duress move turns him into this, doubling his defense but preventing him from using his attacks.* ThemeNaming: His competences generally revolve around "palpate", the word for "to feel", "duress", another word for "pressure", and "honing" a word for "improvement".* VerbalTic: A hissing sound.께!!Valerie께-->"Pablo, I'm sorry, I've wronged this land. Please forgive me, let me help you fight this monster."께The Judge's brother and the host of Japhet up until the fight with him. Slightly more doubtful and timid, but a fighter nonetheless.께* AntiArmor: The Break set of skills Valerie learns are moves that null enemy resistances.* TheAtoner: Is introduced as a party member this way.* BeatTheCurseOutOfHim: Or rather, "beat the phoenix he swallowed out of his digestion tract".* BlowYouAway / ExtraOreDinary: The elements of his attacks are Smoke and Metal.* GenderBlenderName: Valerie is usually a feminine name.* LinearWarriorsQuadraticWizards: Alain's ability to circumvent the usual rules of combat is what keeps him useful in later levels, not his damage output. Valerie, meanwhile, starts off a little weaker than the rest of the party but learns harder-hitting spells (and only spells) faster than the others.* PeoplePuppets: [[spoiler:As in the main game, Japhet is using him as one. Unlike the main game, it takes the Guardian a while to slip out of him and kill him, allowing the Judge to save him.]]* PintsizedPowerhouse: Partially thanks to his high level early on and partially thanks to a certain competence in particular, Valerie will generally be your hard-hitter in the team. He's also the most meek and timid of the group.* PowerUpLetDown: More like "party member gain letdown" as it applies with Japhet. You get him as a party member right as the battle with Japhet proper starts, and he has a move that causes poison. Japhet is immune to poison. Justified, in that Japhet was ''living'' in him for a while.* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to the Judge's red. Valerie is much quieter than his brother, not as brazen, and much more hesitant. * SparedByTheAdaptation: Unlike in ''OFF'', he can be saved from Japhet exploding out of his body. [[NonStandardGameOver But if you're not quick enough on the draw and let history repeat itself...]]* StandardStatusEffects: Valerie's Grimace moveset has a chance to cause these, starting with poison. Open Grimace, which causes mute, is especially useful once he has it.* ThemeNaming: His special attacks take the "Aneurysm" side of the Judge's competences from the last game. Doubles as MeaningfulName, with an aneurysm being a tumor in the brain and Valerie having undergone mind-control PeoplePuppets due to swallowing Japhet. However, the titles of his Break line are adopted from those of the Add-On Alpha (i.e., "Requisite Embrace"/"Requisite Grimace"). This makes Valerie both a [[CompositeCharacter Composite]] and DecompositeCharacter.* VerbalTic: A slightly higher purring sound than the Judge's.* YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre: Up until a certain point, Valerie is constantly doubting his own abilities, questioning whether their quest is even possible. 께!!Jozlyn께-->께A female cat with her head in the skies, who joins thanks to a formidable fighting prowess.께* AwesomeButImpractical: Like Alain, she has decent moves, but they cost a crapton of CP. While she unfortunately doesn't learn any competences to rectify this, you can find a February, equipment that reduces the CP cost of your moves, in the same zone you can recruit her in, which rectifies this. That said, against large groups of enemies, it can be very much worth the high cost.* BewareTheSillyOnes: She asks if the gang is going to eat her, commenting on the Judge's (or Alain's) rather large fangs. Guess what Alain did earlier. She even mentions how she herself eats sugar and meat. Guess what Alain ''also'' did earlier.** She is also [[spoiler:the first cat to step forward in the final battle against the Military General, full of confidence]].* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Sugar Coma Foxtrot]]* CloudCuckoolander: Her first comment when meeting the Judge's gang is to ask if they brought her a present. Yes, she's serious. Alain even calls her a loony right in front of her and Valerie, ordinarily very polite, calls her a ditz.* CombatMedic: She is the other party member to employ healing spells, albeit working differently than the Judge's standard heals. She can cure various status ailments with a not-too-small health boost, and can also inflict Restore, which regenerates the target over several rounds.* DanceBattler: Like [[spoiler:Sugar, among other things]], she has a thing for dancing and tends to view fighting as dancing and vice versa. Her class in the status menu is even "Dancer".* IWillFindYou: The owner Jozlyn is looking for is heavily implied to be [[spoiler:the BonusBoss Sugar from ''OFF''. Both enjoy dance or view dancing and fighting as the same, both use emotes when they speak, both have eaten sugar, and both have shockingly high health when you fight them, possibly due along with their questionable sanity to their sugar consumption. Jozlyn is first found expecting her owner to be somewhere in the sugar oven and monorail area of Zone 3 as Sugar's name and condition would imply. She also says, during the break in Zone 0, that she came back there expecting to find her there too.]]** Later on, [[spoiler:it is confirmed that Sugar was her owner when the party meets her in Pure Zone 3. However, Sugar can't remember being Jozlyn's owner. The two are joyous nevertheless]].* MasterOfNone: Jozlyn learns valuable moves that are a blend of the other three cats' powers, but cost a lot of CP (which she can't restore) and she won't do them as well as the specialist. She does have her own unique moves that are designed to cure effects rather than just heal.* NonElemental: Aside from the moves she has that are "Sugar" elemental, she also has "Mixed" moves (aka neither physical nor magical) that can cause equal harm to any given enemy regardless of type.* StandardStatusEffects: Her moves can cause them, but they attack only one enemy and she learns them very slowly. She gains effects distinct from Valerie.* ThemeNaming: Her competences are centered around dance. However, her "Tango" line's titles are adopted from the competences of Add-On Epsilon (i.e., "Surrealistic Tragedy"/"Surrealistic Tango"). This makes her a CompositeCharacter of Sugar and Epsilon.* VerbalTic: A loud meowing.께!!The Player/You께-->"The world has changed. Your role, however, has not."께* TheAtoner: If HOME truly is a denotative sequel to OFF (as opposed to an AU), then that makes you this.* {{Determinator}}: Implied. The Puppeteer [[spoiler:forcefully switched their 'strings' from the Batter to the Judge to change the outcome of events, which kicked off the game and an AlternateTimeline]]. Just to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong.* EarnYourHappyEnding: It's stated by [[spoiler:Edna]] that the Player is the same Player from [[{{VideoGame/OFF}} OFF]], which means that to reach your happy ending, the Player went through [[spoiler:TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt]] once, maybe twice. And that's without getting into in-game events.* RippleEffectProofMemory: [[spoiler:It's implied that the reason you're here is that you know precisely how you screwed up and want to fix it, despite time being reset.]]* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong: This is made pretty clear early on. The Judge merely has a horrible feeling about it, but you, of course, know that you are moving through the game to prevent destruction at the hands of the Batter.[[/folder]]께[[folder:Antagonists]]께!!Dedan께-->"I'm gonna cut your face to remove that insufferable smile."께The tall, JerkAss guardian of Zone 1.께%%* BadassBoast: ???* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Synthetic Symphony]], as opposed to Fake Orchestra.* BeatTheCurseOutOfHim: When you pound his oversized jaws in, he snaps out of it and does a complete personality 180.* KickTheDog: While the Judge ''did'' technically threaten him, he does mention how he's "gonna cut your face to remove that insufferable smile" and how the cats should "prepare to have your claws ripped out one by one!". See below to know he'd do it, too.* NoShirtLongJacket: Just like in OFF, his battle sprite depicts him with this.* TookALevelInBadass: A health boost is debatable, but he's definitely more of a challenge than in OFF, seeing as he has many more status-effect moves.* TookALevelInJerkAss: Unbelievably, yes, he did. He's even more impatient than last time, and seriously injures an Elsen right in front of you. And then Subverted, once you beat him and he suddenly becomes the NiceGuy you met in the Room of the original game. [[spoiler:It's implied the spectres were driving him nuts.]]* VerbalTic: Screechy growl.께!!Japhet께-->"I am Japhet, lord of the second zone. I am the millennial fire bird. Let the battle begin."께The guardian of Zone 2. A vain phoenix driven mad by lack of praise from his subjects.께* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Aube à Toute Allure]] [[note]]Translates to "Dawn at Full Speed" or "Dawn's Velocity"[[/note]], as opposed to Minuit à Fond la Caisse.* FaceDeathWithDignity: [[spoiler:Japhet resigns himself to his death upon his defeat.]]* IJustWantToHaveFriends: Well, sort of. Japhet's reasoning for his asshole behavior is that his people either didn't know who he was or feared him, so he took advantage of Valerie having eaten him to try and be more appealing. Didn't work.* NonStandardGameOver: You get one if you don't beat him up hard enough to force him out of Valerie in time.* ThePhoenix: Transforms into one for his boss fight.* TalkingAnimal: Played with. Despite being capable of audible communication, none of the Elsens acknowledge him. He takes over Valerie's body, hoping to be recognized, but it doesn't work out.* TookALevelInBadass: You better believe it. Japhet wasn't exactly a joke in OFF, but expect to have a long, hard fight with this guy. He does much more damage (and he was already a heavy hitter), can hit all your party members, and inflict a ton of status ailments, usually mute. Even with Valerie added to the party, it's still tough.* TookALevelInJerkAss: Yeah, you went mad and attacked your people last time, Japhet, but last time, you weren't such an evil bastard about it. [[spoiler:And he's the only Guardian ''not'' possessed by spectres. He's just a vain jerk.]] In the [[spoiler:Courtroom]], his previous curt attitude has been amplified to full-on rudeness.* VerbalTic: Usual low chirping.* YouBastard: Japhet doesn't seem to show any remorse about possessing Valerie until after his ass is kicked, and refuses to leave his body on proposal.께!!Enoch-->"I'm Enoch, guardian of Zone 3. The greatest guardian there ever was!"께The guardian of Zone 3. A giant baker insistent on keeping the Elsens happy, even through keeping them addicted to their corpses' ashes.께* AdaptationalWimp: While he's still a pretty nasty boss, in terms of fluff, he's lost his size-shifting capabilities, so not only does he lose the chance to go {{Kaiju}}-sized, he can't even get smaller to leave his office without getting stuck in the doorway, not that it stops him from trying.* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: Averted. Unlike OFF, where Enoch towered over The Batter, Enoch stays at his base height throughout the entire battle. Then again, he already towered over the Batter at his base height, and seeing that in this case the Batter towers over your characters...* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Bitter Sweet Conflict]], as opposed to O Rosto De Um Assassino.* BeatTheCurseOutOfHim: Just like Dedan, spectres have entered his mind and caused his lunatic schemes. He gets much better once they're beaten out.* HopelessBossFight: Again, averted. As Enoch is no longer invincible in the first battle against him like he was in OFF, the fight with him this time is a straight-up battle confined to his office.* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: The Judge gives him one of these in an attempt to sway him. You can't paint his methods as so very well-intentioned when the Judge is sitting right there, with a specter-free zone.* VerbalTic: The usual low chuckling.* VisionaryVillain: He's a corporate kind of guy believing in the success of his people and has full belief in his actions. Which makes him more or less insane when he's willing to feed people burned Elsen corpses to keep them happy.께!!Pentel, the Butcher-->"Blood... Such a beautiful substance."께The butcher of Zone 1. Events following the Batter's arrival there led to him going from friendly butcher to mass murderer.께* AxCrazy: He spends a lot of his screen time praising the artistic nature of blood.* TheButcher: Ya don't say?* DemonicPossession: The source of his insanity, due to him being haunted by the specters plaguing the zone.%%* KnifeNut: * NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Strongly hinted at when the first Elsen you see in the slaughterhouse [[spoiler:screams "The Butcher is here!" and immediately goes Burnt]]. Sure enough, he's the AxCrazy mid-boss of the Zone.께!!Shachihata, the General-->"My hands no longer exist! Only destruction remains!"께The leader of the army that has taken over Zone 4. Went to the library in search of a cure for the Zone's rampant illness, found [[TheCorruption "knowledge"]] instead.께* ArmCannon: A cannon in the arm ''and'' leg. * AxCrazy: Or rather, gun crazy. His reason for shooting people is to find those who are strong enough to survive and worthy enough to join his army.* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Dark Ring Leader]] for his final battle.* TheCorruption: The "knowledge" he spreads through the wounds his weapons cause.* {{Determinator}}: Nothing will stop his efforts to reach the top of the library.* GunNut: Became obsessed with firearms after learning about them from a history book in the Bordeaux library, to the point of replacing his limbs with 'em.* LargeHam: Very loudly enthusiastic about his cause.* VerbalTic: A grunt that vaguely resembles typical Elsen wheezing.* WellIntentionedExtremist: He really wants to do what's best for Zone 4. It just so happens that what he thinks is best is to create an army of zombie Elsen to assault the library and exact revenge upon the Director of the Zone.께!![[spoiler:The Witness]]/[[spoiler:Edna]]께--> [[spoiler:"You vicious monster..."]]께The Director of Zone 4.께* AddressingThePlayer: [[spoiler:She knows what you did, and she's pissed.]]* BreakingTheFourthWall: Does this [[spoiler:to call out the player for (accidentally) "sowing the seeds of our demise"]].* FlunkyBoss: [[spoiler:Her Add-On, Psi, is the real target in the boss fight. Attacking the boss herself is pointless, because she has infinite HP and counter-attacks every time she's targeted.]]* HeroAntagonist: [[spoiler:The events that take place in Chapter 3 of the Courtroom prove her true motivation.]]* GlowingEyesOfDoom: As befitting her eerie role. [[spoiler:And subverted, as she's the least malevolent Zone Guardian by far, barring the Judge himself.]]* MadeOfEvil: [[spoiler:According to the Judge, she's completely made of impurity. Surprisingly, however, she herself [[DarkIsNotEvil isn't outright evil]], and can even use purity-based abilities, leaving the Judge quite baffled.]]* RedEyesTakeWarning: Possesses red eyes. [[spoiler:Though, she is not evil in the slightest.]]* PoorCommunicationKills: [[spoiler: She only tries explaining what's going on ''after'' losing her fight. Failing to try this route before berating you and the Judge and initiating that fight is exactly what kills her and plunges the situation into an even worse one.]]* PunchClockVillain: [[spoiler:She's only antagonistic because you're helping the Batter.]]* SinisterSurveillance: As you travel through the zones, you'll occasionally see an Add-On blink in and out of existence. She's watching you through them.* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: To Charlotte, aka [[spoiler:The Observer]], who was in the same role as [[spoiler:Edna]] in previous versions of the game.* TalkingAnimal: She's a black cat. [[spoiler:This is a visual indication that she's a lot more like the protagonists than apparent at first glance.]]* TotalPartyKill: She has a move that does this and called as such, albeit in French. It is always preceded by "The Witness Smile", and must be defended against or else it will KO the party.* WalkingSpoiler* WeHardlyKnewYe: Much like [[spoiler:Hugo]] before her, she's [[spoiler:killed by the Batter]] before we can learn much about her. * WhatTheHellHero: [[spoiler:She is none too happy that your actions have [[TheBadGuyWins aided the Batter in his quest]].]]께!! The Queen, Vader Eloha께--> "I have done all of this for him."께The Queen of the Zones, and the one who sent the Spectres into them. 께* TheBlank: On first impression, her face has no features. [[BodyHorror In her boss fight, however...]]* BerserkButton: The Judge hits it when he says [[spoiler:it's her fault the Zones became corrupted]].* BossBanter: Much like during OFF, her banter is her attack.* BodyHorror: [[spoiler:Her battle sprite is full of it. Her right arm is made up completely of some sort of chunky black substance, there is an eye on her left arm for some reason, she has a mouth on her stomach, eyes in her hair, and her dress is made up of specters. It was even more extreme in her older sprite.]]* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: The Judge's nickname for her, Queen of the Flies.* NeverMyFault: Whether it's the land falling into despair, or [[spoiler:Hugo running away]], she firmly believes it was through no fault of her own.* OneWingedAngel: Unlike OFF, she has such a form of her own, and even brings in her add-ons to even the odds.* ShapeShifter: WordOfGod is that her appearance changes depending on who is looking at her.* SparedByTheAdaptation: Depending on your choices, [[spoiler:she is revived in the true ending, spending time with Hugo]].* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Is given a hefty one by The Judge. * VerbalTic: The VoiceOfTheLegion whispering that could be heard in The Nothingness in [[{{VideoGame/OFF}} OFF]].께[[/folder]]께[[folder:Neutral]]께!!Zacharie께-->"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero..."께The traditional items merchant that's necessary in every video game, reprising his role from VideoGame/{{OFF}}. He also serves as your guide through the Zones this time around. The two of you have a 밼un, mutual friendship.께* AddressingThePlayer:* BattleThemeMusic: [[spoiler:[[ Lost Value]], though in the HOME files when you go play it on windows media player, it's called Blue Zircon. It was created by playing Euphoria backwards and touching it up, another small reference to Zacharie's strange relation to Sugar.]]* BonusBoss: If you find all of the [[spoiler:Zodiac Coins]].* BreakingTheFourthWall: Besides talking to you, he'll comment about his favorite parts of the game sometimes.* CoolMask: Has two of em.* CoolSword: Wields one [[spoiler:when you fight him. It's yours, too, if you win!]]* GratuitousLatin: See page quote. [[spoiler:"Seize the day, trust as little as possible in tomorrow..."]]** "Durate et vosmet rebus servate secundis..." [[spoiler:"Persevere and reserve yourselves..."]]* GreenThumb: [[spoiler:In the ''Forward'' Ending.]]* HiddenDepths: He owns the amusement park in Zone 2 and the Elsen who work there refer to him as "Boss". You can also find statues of him everywhere. He also [[spoiler:has the ability to reset your game]].* RippleEffectProofMemory: Averted. While he can [[spoiler:reset the game for you, and is implied to have done so before]], he states he'll have no memory of doing so on subsequent playthroughs. * TravelingSalesman: He can be found in every shop, and sometimes right before the bosses.* VerbalTic: The usual laugh.께!!The Batter께-->"Sure. Bye."께A man in a baseball uniform whose goal is to purify the world. Aside from that, not much is known about his motivations.께* BatterUp: As his name implies. He uses a baseball bat to purify spectres.* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Pepper Steak.]]** [[spoiler: [[ Pandemie Inverse]], when he fights against you as the final boss as The Bad Executioner.]]* BigBad: [[spoiler:Given that he's purified the world in a previous timeline, he intends to do it again.]]* BreakingSpeech: Gives you and your party of cats a ''nasty'' one [[spoiler:in the REPEAT ending, detailing how all your actions helped him achieve his goals]].* CatchPhrase: "Purification in progress."* GuestStarPartyMember: The trek up the Zone 2 Library sees the Batter joining forces with you (minus the Alpha add-on which was seen during the Residential Area sequence), at least up until the boss battle with Japhet.* HeroKiller: While the [[spoiler:Hero]] part is debatable, he [[spoiler:kills Edna at the top of zone 4]]. Less debatable are [[spoiler:the deaths of your party sans the Judge in the REPEAT ending]].* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: [[spoiler:The Bad Executioner.]]* NoSenseOfDirection: You can find him lost all over the Zones. Sometimes you even have to tell him which way to go.* NumberOfTheBeast: [[spoiler:Yields 666 experience points when killed as the final boss.]]* [[spoiler:OneWingedAngel]]: [[spoiler:Two of them this time around: The Executioner, and the Bad Executioner.]]* OutOfFocus: Due to not being the puppet in this particular game. He's still around and having his own adventure through the Zones, but unlike VideoGame/{{OFF}}, we have no idea what he's doing on it.* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong: When you run into him in [[spoiler:The Courtroom]]. he says something to this effect. [[spoiler:He remembers how [[VideoGame/{{OFF}} the game]] was supposed to go, and is either pleased or deeply unhappy with the way things have turned out, depending on your actions.]]* TakingYouWithMe: Said almost word for word [[spoiler:when he kills Alain, Valerie, and Jozlyn]].* TheStoic: The Batter is a man of few words.* SuddenlyVoiced: As opposed to [[VideoGame/{{OFF}} OFF]], he has a verbal tic this time around!* TookALevelInBadass: [[spoiler:As Bad Executioner. If you sided with the Judge in OFF, then you know that Bad Batter is a pretty easy boss. This time around, he has a ''lot'' more health, his attacks are ''very'' powerful (and can inflict status conditions), and he now has two add-ons.]]* UndignifiedDeath: After all of his speeches, the end of the final boss fight goes something like this:--> '''Batter''': I lost? ''*splat*''* VerbalTic: A ''very'' low-pitched, dismissive "yeah."께!!The Elsen께-->"Maybe we're all protecting something, but we just don't know what...or maybe we are ruining it.."께The NPC race that inhabits the Zones. When significantly stressed or scared, they become Burnt.께* ArmCannon: The Militant Elsen in Zone 4 have these.* AxCrazy: The [[spoiler:sugar deprived Elsen in Zone 3]].* CloudCuckoolander: The Elsen say some pretty strange things sometimes...* TheCloudCuckoolanderWasRight: ...that can occasionally provide surprising insight on what's going on in the game.* CripplingOverspecialization: Said Militant Elsen are unable to use hands to manipulate things, as one Militant laments his inability to turn the pages of a book.* DistressedDude: Elsen get themselves into trouble very, very frequently.* DrivenToSuicide: Most of the Elsen in [[spoiler:Zone 4]].* EvilSoundsDeep: The [[spoiler:sugar-addicted Elsen]] in Zone 3 and the [[spoiler:Militant Elsen in Zone 4]] have a much deeper VerbalTic than the average Elsen.* InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals: Though their clothes may change depending on their job, every Elsen has the exact same face. The only notable facial differences are in the [[spoiler:sugar deprived Elsen]] and the [[spoiler:Militant Elsen]].* UngratefulBastard: Japhet calls them out on this a couple times, but they of course don't notice. It also applies to how they treat your feline party and the Batter sometimes.* VerbalTic: The usual wheezing for the normal, Burnt, and sugar-deprived ones; for the [[spoiler:Militant Elsen]], it's more of a [[spoiler:zombie-like grunt]].께!!Burnts께What Elsen become when scared or stressed. Come in many disturbing varieties.께* BodyHorror: Every Burnt Elsen has this going on to some degree. The further you go into the Zones, the worse it usually gets.* UniqueEnemy: Every Zone has a different kind of Burnt inhabiting it with their own personal design. Some Zones have more than one kind of Burnt.* YourHeadAsplode: The one common thing shared between the majority of Burnts.께!!Sugar께-->"Maybe we could dance together?"께A mysterious girl you can find hanging out in [[spoiler:purified Zone 3]]. May or may not be Jozlyn's owner.께* BattleThemeMusic: [[ Euphoria]]* BonusBoss: She has the exact same role that she did in the original game. The only differences are that you don't require the Grand Finale and that she's found [[spoiler:in the purified Zone 3 instead of the Zone 0 basement]].* ChekhovsGun: The [[spoiler:chocolate shard you receive from defeating Jozlyn fits into a collar that Sugar has that becomes Jozlyn exclusive equipment with restorative properties]].* DefeatEqualsFriendship: Defeating her has her become friendly with the cats, and even provides Jozlyn a collar that gives her the permanent restore status.* {{Foreshadowing}}: Much like in the original game, some of [[spoiler:her dialogue]] hints towards a [[spoiler:form The Batter takes when you fight him]].--> "Your claws remind me of the scythes that he carried."* IWillWaitForYou: Says something to this effect to Jozlyn, telling her that if she gets bored traveling with the Judge, she can come find her.* ThePollyanna: Despite the fact that you find her [[spoiler:absolutely alone in a purified Zone]], she is incredibly optimistic about her situation and rather cheerful.* SayItWithHearts: Or smiley emotes.* ThemeNaming: All of her attacks are named after sweets.* VerbalTic: The usual cheerful laughter.* WistfulAmnesia: Possibly, depending on how you interpret her relationship with Jozlyn and what [[spoiler:that collar might represent]]. 께!!Viola께--> "Welcome back, little ones."께A second merchant you can find hidden all over the Zones. Her wares are a lot more expensive than Zacharie's, but they also tend to be rare and useful items.께* TheCameo: Originally appeared in ''ONE'', another ''OFF'' fangame. She outright says that this is not her game and that the faster you finish this one, the faster she can get back to hers.* SecretCharacter: You could probably go the whole game without finding where she's hiding out.께!!Hugo께--> [[spoiler:"I knew you'd come..."]]께The guardian of Zone 4, and the creator and son of the Queen and the Batter.께* BrainyBaby: Sort of. He displays some intelligence, but still behaves much like the child he is.* ChekhovsGunman: He is first mentioned in an optional dialogue in Zone 1, but he isn't actually seen [[spoiler:until later parts of the Courtroom, when you find out he's gone missing]].* DisappearedDad: [[spoiler:The Batter]] is this to him.* IllBoy: Indicated by his VerbalTic and a few lines in The Courtroom about him taking pills.* MommasBoy: [[spoiler:He misses his mom a lot]].* ParentalAbandonment: Though not on purpose, at least [[spoiler:on his mom's part]].* ParentalNeglect: Again, minus [[spoiler:The Batter]], not intentional. It also extends to his [[ParentalSubstitute Parental Substitutes]], [[spoiler:The Guardians]].* RealityWarper: The whole world depends on his survival. [[spoiler:He is even capable of reviving his friends.]]* TheRunaway: With [[spoiler:Edna]] to avoid being [[spoiler:forced to be a Guardian]].* SparedByTheAdaptation: [[spoiler:In the good endings, the Judge saves Hugo right before the Batter could hit him.]]* TitleDrop: [[spoiler:"And we can create a place we can call...'''home'''."]]* VerbalTic: The usual coughing.께!![[spoiler:Zone 0 Secret Bosses]]께Secret bosses found in [[spoiler:Zone 0]] upon [[spoiler:entering certain passwords in a computer found after completing a secret puzzle in pure Zone 4]].께* BonusBoss* GuideDangIt: How you unlock them. [[spoiler:You have to go into a house in pure Zone 4 that has blood on the floor, and constantly try to open a locked door until it actually opens, then you have to find a switch and press it]]. Oh yeah, and you ''also'' have to [[spoiler:find all of the Dopefish in each of the zones]].* GottaCatchThemAll: As mentioned above, you [[spoiler:have to find all of the Dopefish before you can challenge them]].* SecretCharacter: Mostly because they're such [[GuideDangIt Guide Dang Its]] to unlock.께!![[spoiler: Felix]]께-->"We fight now."[[spoiler:The creator of the game himself]].께* AuthorAppeal: [[spoiler: His competences are named after songs the creator likes.]]* CreatorCameo* LuckBasedMission: [[spoiler:The fight is technically this if you don't grind or reach the Queen first, due to his ability to heal faster than you can deal damage by the time you unlock him. Fortunately, he doesn't typically use Healing very often.]]* TheQuietOne: [[spoiler:The quote provided spoken before the battle is his only line.]]* SelfDeprecation: ** [[spoiler:Scan him in battle.]]-->[[spoiler:Doesn't look very strong.]]** [[spoiler:Upon entering the password to unlock him in the computer in Zone 0, the result is "Lame Human".]]* ThemeNaming: [[spoiler:All of his competences are named after song titles.]]* VerbalTic: [[spoiler:A higher-pitched version of the Batter's.]]께!![[spoiler:Ava]]께-->"..."께* TheCameo: [[spoiler:She is originally from ''Iter Interis''.]]께!![[spoiler:Blight]]께-->"So, you're the Judge, right?"께* TheCameo: [[spoiler:He is originally from ''ONE''.]]* CoolSword: [[spoiler:He also drops it upon defeat.]]께!![[spoiler:Father Time]]께-->"Do you think you can withstand the test of time?"께* AnthropomorphicPersonification: [[spoiler:Of, well, time.]]* TimeMaster: [[spoiler:You even get a Pocket Watch upon defeating him.]]께!![[spoiler:Fit]]께-->"Want to fight?"께* EyeScream [[spoiler:He's missing an eye. He clawed it out himself.]]께!![[spoiler:Jargoesque]]께* OurDragonsAreDifferent: [[spoiler:Much different. He's more of an amalgamation of animals than anything.]]께!![[spoiler:Maced Spectre]]께-->"Ohh! Pretty kitties! Wanna play, pretty kitties?"께* BodyHorror: [[spoiler:Its body is absolutely littered with holes.]]께!![[spoiler:Nightmargin]]께-->"I'm proud of you!"께* GlowingMechanicalEyes: [[spoiler:According to Cat's Eye, its eyes light up.]]께!![[spoiler:Ruby]]께-->"Hmph. Yes, you're finally here." * TheCameo: [[spoiler:She is originally from ''Ruby Quest: Undertow''.]][[/folder]]


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