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1!!'''David Beale'''²²David is one of the least antagonistic characters. He is shown to be very open and joking, having many friends. However, he has also been shown to have a dark side, such as in Episode 8 when he is forced to kill off any other college students in his immediate area, doing so without showing much remorse. Regardless he is a kind and courageous character who takes hunting very seriously.²²His partner is Coronamon.²²----²* ActionHero: David's been shown to use his powers of Elemental Control to great lengths and dexterity, fighting alongside Coronamon on some occasions.²* AuthorAvatar: Mainly in terms of appearence, by {{WordOfGod}}²* BigDamnHeroes: In Episode 09, he, Deep and Chase showed up with Firamon, Sorcerermon and Apemon to bail out Zhane, Hikari, Kumamon and Salamon. ²* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: The Tsukkomi to Zhane's Boke.²* BloodKnight: Has shades of this.²* DecoyProtagonist: Always listed first, and fitting the colour motif for Goggle Heads, but WordOfGod is that Book 1 at least, is Chase and Hikari's story.²* DeadpanSnarker²* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette²* ElementalPowers: David's Primary Power, he uses it to create the blade for his D-Arms (a Sword Hilt).²** PlayingWithFire: David uses fire as a long-range attack, or as a distraction. He can also use it to produce light.²** MakingASplash / AnIcePerson: David uses water most often for his blade, as high-pressure water can cut through most anything. He can also change the temprature as required²** DishingOutDirt / ExtraOreDinary: David can control the earth to create barriers or chains - but he needs to have access to earth to do this.²** BlowYouAway: David does have control over the air as well, but has yet to use it in-story.²** ShockAndAwe: David's secondary power is control over thunder and lightning, also granting him power over Magnetism and Plasma as a result.²* FoeYay: With Kaoru.²* TheHerosBirthday: Episode 07.²* LongHairedPrettyBoy: Seen to be flirting with a girl he was on the phone to, with Coronamon²* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: In college, but still fairly ''ordinary''.²* PowerTrio: With Chase and Deep.²** FreudianTrio: The Ego to Chase's Id and Deep's Super-Ego.²* TheHero: Of the FiveManBand.²* RedOniBlueOni: Ironicly, while David's colour is red, he is the Blue Oni to Zhane's Red (whose colour is blue)²** Also with Coronamon, also as Blue.²²!!'''Coronamon'''²²David's Digimon Partner, he has a calm disposition and likes to taunt David about girls. He is wiser than he looks, and has the vibe he knows as much as Sorcerermon and Apemon about hunting, as shown when David debutes his Battle Digivolution in Episode 08²²Through Battle Digivolution, he can become Firamon.²²----²* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: The Tsukkomi to Kumamon's Boke. JUST like their partners.²* KingOfBeasts: Firamon²* PowerTrio: With Sorcerermon and Apemon, with him being the [[FreudianTrio Ego]].²* RedOniBlueOni: Red Oni to David's Blue.²²!!'''Zhane Tracer'''²²Zhane is David's best friend, who [[DealWithTheDevil Contracted]] after a near-fatal motorcycling accident. He values heroism, and is happy to help people with his power.²²His Partner is Kumamon.²²----²* BadassBiker²* BladeOnAStick: His D-Arms is a Glaive.²* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: With David.²* TheLancer²* RedOniBlueOni: The Red to David's Blue - ironic considering his colour motif is blue.²²!!'''Kumamon'''²²!!'''Chases Wolves'''²²Chase is an American Indian Hunter partnered with Apemon, who's primary colour motif is green, the same as that of Book I itself. {{Word of God}} holds that Chase and Hikari are the stars of Book I, and that it is "Chase's Story".²He's the oldest hunter introduced, in terms of the length of time he's been Hunting.²²----²* BigDamnHeroes: With David and Deep in Episode 09.²* ElementalPowers: Chase's Complementary Power is Chlorokinesis.²* FireForgedFriends: With Apemon.²* PowerTrio: With David and Deep.²** FreudianTrio: The Id to David's Ego and Deep's Superego.²* TheUnreveal: For now, Chase's Primary Power is actually unknown.²²!!'''Apemon'''²²Chase's partner Digimon, it is currently unknown how their paths crossed. He and Chase seem to have the relationship of old war veterens; Fitting that, Apemon is also ''very'' strong.²²His Ultimate form is confirmed as Gokuwmon, but how he reaches this form hasn't been revealed yet.²²----²* CombatPragmatist²* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys²* SimpleStaff / BladeOnAStick: Apemon wields a huge bone as a staff, Gokuwmon has a staff which can be used to manipulate fire.²* FireForgedFriends: If his cryptic lines to Chase are to be believed.²* HellBentForLeather: Gokuwmon is a fire-elemnental who has leather trousers and a coat not dissimilar to [[Anime/DigimonTamers Beelzemon's]].²* PlayingWithFire: As Gokuwmon.²* PowerTrio: [[FreudianTrio Ego to Coronamon's Superego and Sorcerermon's Id]].²* TheQuietOne: Speaks the least out of majour Digimon Partners.²²!!'''Hikari Akarui'''²²!!'''Salamon'''²²!!'''Deep Beale'''²²!!'''Sorcerermon'''²²!!'''Alison Kingsley'''²²!!'''Birdramon'''²²!!'''Kyle Roberts'''²²!!'''Greymon'''²²!!'''Kaoru Arakawa'''²²A highly antagonistic Japanese young man. He has been shown to be cold and aloof, but also extremely violent and easily angered (such as episode 11). He is known not to eat or ''do'' much other than hunting, and it has been shown that his violent ways have made him semi-famous amongst other Hunters.²²His partner is Tsukaimon.²²----²* ActionHero: Fights alongside Tsukaimon.²* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Reiko to him. She thinks the world of him, though.²* CoolGun: His revolver. He kind of... falls to pieces without it.²* DramaticElipses: Used when he writes, particularly seen in Ep. 06.²* JerkAss: Very much so.²** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He seems to honestly care about Tsukaimon.²* ShipTease: Between him and Shiori set for Episode 13.²²!!'''Tsukaimon'''²²!!'''Eliot Takashi'''²²!!'''Leomon'''²²!!'''''The Contractor'''''²²!!'''San Chikara'''²²A trio of hunters, who, according to {{WordOfGod}} are coposed of the No.2, No.3 and No.5 Penultima Kilo in the world. Not much info is known, yet.²²----²* GratuitousJapanese²* PowerTrio / TerribleTrio: Hell, the name even means Power Trio!


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