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1!!This is a partial character sheet for ''VisualNovel/DanganronpaTriggerHappyHavoc''. Visit [[Characters/DanganronpaTriggerHappyHavoc here]] for the main character index. Subjectives and audience reactions should go on the [[YMMV/DanganRonpaTriggerHappyHavoc YMMV page]]. Warning. Unmarked spoilers ahead.²²[[foldercontrol]]²²[[folder:Makoto Naegi]]²[[WMG:Makoto Naegi]]²!!!Ultimate (Un)Lucky Student (Ultimate Hope)²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''"But you know, if I have any kind of "strong point," so to speak... I'd say I'm a little more gung-ho than other people."''²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MegumiOgata (Japanese), Creator/BrycePapenbrook (English),²->'''Played by:''' Kanata Hongo (stage)²²The PlayerCharacter. An utterly unremarkable OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent who was only selected to attend Hope's Peak Academy through a random lottery, giving him the title of Ultimate Lucky Student. Makoto cites his most notable features as being his slightly below-average luck and his optimism. He takes command during the investigations after becoming the prime suspect in the first murder due to Sayaka's machinations. He ends up motivating the surviving students to unite against Monokuma, securing their freedom from the school and gaining the title of "Ultimate Hope".²----²* {{Adorkable}}: He's small, humble, clumsy, and incredibly earnest. The fact that his darkest secret is that he wet the bed until he was in fifth grade, compared to such secrets as fratricide, only furthers his image as a dork.²* AffectionateNickname: Kyoko tends to call him "Open Book" (sometimes translated as “foolishly open/honest”), because of how he wears his heart on his sleeve. He finds it rather annoying a name, [[InsultOfEndearment but grows alright with it after her last Free Time Event]], where she says she prefers him that way before getting in a quick laugh at his expense that seems natural (unlike every other highly-mechanical reaction of hers he's seen so far).²* AllLovingHero: Being infinitely approachable and friendly is one of his defining traits. Yasuhiro is the only student that succeeds in annoying him after six Free-Time Events.²* AllYourPowersCombined: In a meta way. By talking to people during Free Time, Makoto gets skills related to the person -- "Melodious Voice" from Maizono, "Cool and Composed" from Byakuya, and so on, effectively getting a bit of each other student's talent.²* AmateurSleuth: As the main character in a mystery game, he tends to be the one pulling the students through the trials, with some help from Kyoko whenever he gets stuck.²* BagOfHolding: If the present list is to be believed, by the end of the game, his hoodie qualifies (clearing the fifth chapter lets him carry around ''a rocket'').²* BigShutUp: He'll sometimes throw one of these at Monokuma.²* {{Bishonen}}: He's rather petite and boyish for his age, and the artbook even goes so far as to call him handsome.²** It really starts to show in ''Dangan Ronpa 3''. See HeIsAllGrownUp for more details.²* BornLucky[=/=]BornUnlucky: The reason he was accepted into Hope's Peak; he was randomly chosen from all the ordinary students in Japan. This is why he is considered to be the "Ultimate Lucky Student", but he himself believes he has super-bad luck. The sidestory ''Makoto Naegi's Worst Day Ever'' confirms this. His bad luck is so obscenely potent that everyone around him is infected with it as well. According to the story, his worst luck of all was getting picked to attend Hope's Peak... in the ''second'' round of the lottery. The person who won the first round never got their invitation letter, because the mail courier passed through Makoto's general area and the letter was consequently destroyed.²* CatchPhrase: '''"You've got that wrong!"''' whenever he points out a contradiction during trials. In the English dub, this becomes '''"No, that's wrong!"'''.²* ChekhovsSkill: His talent/"skill" of being lucky ends up working out in his favor several times:²** In Case 01, the murder happens in his room, not Sayaka's, as Leon thought. Makoto, as the room's actual owner, knew the shower room's door was misaligned. Since the boys' rooms don't have locks on their showers, this was what proved the culprit couldn't have been him, since the culprit didn't know that fact and opted to unscrew the door handle entirely.²** In Case 02, he just so happened to walk into the dining hall when Kiyotaka and Mondo were fighting, leading to him being called in as their witness and being the only one able to prove Mondo went into the sauna fully dressed.²** In Case 03, Celeste executes an elaborate, multi-faceted murder plot involving the murder of an accomplice. She essentially is taking a ''huge gamble''. On a meta level, she gambled against someone whose talent is being ''lucky''.²** In Case 05's good ending, Alter Ego infects the system in just enough time to save Makoto from his execution. In the Bad Ending, Kyoko is successfully executed in his place.²* ChickMagnet: Despite being both average and unlucky, the girls who canonically have feelings for him are Sayaka, Mukuro, Aoi, and Kyoko, and that's not counting the fact that in School Mode he can win anyone's panties... literally. Also, in said School Mode, he manages to win the feelings of girls who canonically have other love interests, and both of them would ditch their love interests to go out with ''him''.²* ClearMyName: He has to do this in Chapter 1 when Sayaka's body is found in his shower, since the attempted culprit had set him up to take the fall for them.²** He is also put in this situation for most of Chapter 5, where he and Kyoko appear to be the only possible suspects for Mukuro's murder. At one point, Makoto has to either choose to stick to trying to clear his name by exposing a lie Kyoko's told, or let her lie slide and allow himself to become the prime suspect. If he doesn't expose Kyoko's lie, Monokuma ends the trial early to have him executed before he can prove his innocence to the others, but Kyoko manages to reopen the case in Chapter Six.²* CloudcuckoolandersMinder: He becomes this with whichever of the goofier students he can hang out with in their Free-Time Events.²* TheConfidant: His normalcy leaves little issue for the other students to spill their guts to him, since it isn't in his nature to judge. At one point in School Mode, 'Enoshima' complains aloud that she always seems to be letting her guard down in front of him.²* CovertPervert: The Man's Greatest Ambition [[ is listed as his favorite present in the artbook]], [[{{Fanservice}} and everyone knows how that present got used]]. Interestingly, the alternative is him saying to Monokuma that he can't bring himself to treat the girls with such disrespect while telling him simple peeking is too lowly to be called a "man's greatest ambition." Which of these should be taken as canon is probably best left to interpretation.²* CrushBlush: He gets this a few times around Sayaka. Being that the game is largely in the first person up until the first trial, this is far more noticeable in the anime.²* DeclarationOfProtection: He gives one to Sayaka after they come across the gold-coated sword, and she asks him to keep good on it shortly before going off to enact her plan.²* DefiantToTheEnd: He stalwartly resists Junko's final attempt to browbeat him into falling into despair. She is annoyed to no end by this, and even admits that she absolutely hates him for his courage because it is "boring".²* {{Determinator}}: Even being trapped in a garbage dump with the increasing likelihood that he's going to starve to death doesn't break his spirit.²* DistressedDude: Despite being the main character, he often needs to be rescued by the others. ²** In the main story, Kyoko saves him twice from Junko, once when she attempts to kill him and frame her for the crime, the second time after his failed execution when Kyoko gets him out of the garbage dump.²** He gets into a bad situation in ''LightNovel/DanganRonpaZero'' where the Ultimate Bodyguard holds him hostage at one point.²* DoItYourselfThemeTune: Creator/MegumiOgata sings the end credits theme, [[ Saisei -rebuild-]] (which was written independent of ''Danganronpa'', but still carries a hopeful message).²* DueToTheDead: He argues to Kyoko that Mukuro Ikusaba's body should be handled with respect and not left out in the open, because, despite everything she may have done, she was still a victim in the end and should be treated as such.²* EntertaininglyWrong: While trying to figure out Kyoko's talent during a Free-Time Event, he goes over what he knows about her and his first guess is that she comes from a family of ''assassins''.²* TheEveryman: Which is why his title is based on Luck; he is so normal that he only got in due to the luck of the draw.²* ExpressiveHair: His IdiotHair gets sharper and pointer when he's delivering a major deduction and withers when he's completely terrified.²* FailedASpotCheck: Makoto sometimes takes a worrisomely long time to come to pretty straightforward conclusions or notice something obvious about a piece of evidence. In the worst cases, either Kyoko or Byakuya will point out a detail to him, but he will still fail to figure out the meaning of it until he's prompted to consider it again during a trial. It is mostly done for rather transparent plot reasons.²* FashionDissonance: During a free time segment with Kiyotaka, he insists that Makoto's trendy hoodie is inappropriate for Hope's Peak Academy because it's chaotic and would throw discipline out of order. He'll change his mind if you tell him it's a safety helmet, though.²* FlashBackEcho: In the climactic decision at the very end of the fifth trial, he remembers Kyoko's own advice about pushing forward and chasing the truth despite the risks. It isn't clear whether this should mean to push forward and press her lie or endure the danger of being suspected himself so long as it uncovers The Mastermind's trap.²* {{Forgiveness}}: One of his defining traits first noted when he refuses to blame Leon or Sayaka for trying to frame him. Even Junko, who he should hate with a vengeance, he tries to reason with in the end when she's about to execute herself. Because not even someone like her is he willing to see killed so pointlessly.²* FriendToAllLivingThings: He was in an animal-rearing club when he was younger, and was able to calm down a large crane that ended up in the school pool. While hanging out with Mondo, the options for his favorite animal include ''bears''.²* GoodIsNotDumb: He gets called foolish, naive, overly-trusting, and soft-hearted at various points in the story. Ultimately, his disinclination to hold a grudge, give into any desires for vengeance, and judge, look down upon, or purposefully mistreat others is what saves everyone else from the despair caused by those same weaknesses. The wisdom in his thinking is what leads to Kyoko retitling him "Ultimate Hope."²* TheHeart: Often keeps the other students focused on fighting the mastermind instead of each other.²* HeightAngst: A mild example. While it isn't brought up in-game, it's used as punchlines every now and then in supplementary materials like 4komas and the anthologies. One 4koma even has him asking Chihiro out since he's the only student that's shorter than him.²* HeIsAllGrownUp: Is notably more mature-looking in the ''Dangan Ronpa 3'' anime. ²* HeroesLoveDogs: Makoto can express this in a free-time event with Mondo (along with cats or bears, though dogs are the best option to advance the event).²* HeroProtagonist: Makoto is an optimistic, average, conformist male with an extreme inability to mentally process any abnormality. Randomly, he gets deposited into Junko's Killing Game and manages to succeed at saving the remainder of the case, despite how much suffering the Killing Game has him experience.²* HiddenDepths: For such an overall average student, he has a surprisingly good memory, being able to recall many details and events throughout the game. Monokuma [[spoiler:and later Junko]] is regularly surprised at how good his memory is.²* HopeBringer: His defining trait is his optimism, which keeps everyone else from falling into despair. It turns out that this is his real talent, and what he uses to destroy the Mastermind.²* HumbleHero: After getting "Hope" as a new title from Kyoko, his first thought is that it doesn't really sound like an actual talent. Even still, he uses it as his final truth bullet to bring down Junko.²** In general, he tends to knock himself down whenever someone pays him a compliment, such as Sayaka applauding his kindness to animals and him instead thinking about how [[TakingAdvantageOfGenerosity he was roped into helping the crane out of the pool because no one else would do it]].²* {{Hypocrite}}: Accused of being one by Kyoko for keeping a secret from her after he convinced her to trust him:²-->'''Kyoko:''' Asking to hear other's secrets while keeping your own to yourself is rather cowardly, don't you think?²* ICantBelieveAGuyLikeYouWouldNoticeMe: His feeling towards Sayaka's interest in him. Unusually for this trope, he's at least partially justified in his disbelief; while Sayaka's feelings toward him are implied to be genuine, she eventually tries to frame him for a murder she plans to commit.²* IdiotHair: Has a noticeable spike sticking out on the top of his head, though he's not stupid, just a bit naive.²* InTouchWithHisFeminineSide: It's not as explicit as most examples, but his shortness, skinniness, below-average athleticism, friendliness, and preference for peace over aggression make him one of the least masculine characters of the entire franchise.²* TheKirk: Is frequently able to act as a unifying force among the students, bridging logic with heart to lead everyone to the truth.²* KirkSummation: Gives an excellent one to Junko in the final trial, refusing to let her pass off the blame for everything she did (as if despair were just some detached entity that humans are destined to give in to).²-->You're wrong. We didn't kill each other. It was all just one-sided murder! You stole our memories, made up motives for us, and pushed us into the corner... It was all your fault! All of it!²* LifesavingMisfortune: If you interpret his continued survival as luck, every misfortune he suffers during the game qualifies.²* MeaningfulEcho: He has one in tribute to Sayaka. When Kyoko asks how he knew what she wanted to talk to him about (Sayaka, in fact), Makoto replies "I can read minds" and gives her a moment to boggle before telling her he just has good intuition.²* MeaningfulName: One meaning of ''makoto'' is truth/honesty. He's the one who solves the "truth" of the matter in every school trial. And when he keeps a secret about Sakura from Kyoko, it ''really'' pisses Kyoko off and Makoto feels guilty about it the whole time. His surname Naegi, on the other hand, means sapling, playing on his occasionally naive behavior. ²* MessianicArchetype: Just look at the last trial in Chapter 6, if you don't believe it. He delivers some lines about hope, love, and refusing to give into the despair crafted by [[spoiler:Junko (aka the BigBad)]] that would make Franchise/SailorMoon '''proud'''. In fact, finishing the game and getting the good ending has you-as-Makoto returning their hopes to the other living students, screaming '''You Must Not Lose Hope!!/Don't Lose Hope Now!'' among other things. Kyoko implies that this trait may mean that he may actually be Ultimate Hope instead of Ultimate Lucky Student.²** Not only that, Makoto was hung out to dry by the remaining students and sentenced to death. He escapes by a miracle and is a prisoner on the lowest level of the school. He is rescued by Kyoko because she had a HeelRealization: no matter her motives, to let anyone die for you is wrong. Later, every surviving student shares this conviction when Makoto forgives them. This is the real reason Makoto wins and the Mastermind loses: All the surviving students have killed Makoto before, and they knew they will not feel better doing it again.²* MoneyMultiplier: Won courtesy of Celeste, "Raise" was the only non-trial skill to survive the [[UpdatedRerelease transfer to the Vita]]. It increases Monocoin gains in every way possible.²* MoralityPet: A mild example, but he is this for Byakuya since most of the latter's rare PetTheDog moments are usually directed towards Makoto. This becomes more obvious in later entries in the franchise, such as his attempt to comfort Makoto in the third anime.²* MustMakeHerLaugh: A theme with his and Kyoko's Free-Time Events is his attempts at getting to know her enough to see beyond her [[EmotionlessGirl wall of emotionlessness]]. In their last Event he semi-succeeds, where she laughs in front of him and he can hear the emotions behind it.²* NiceGuy: His real Ultimate talent seems to be the ability to get along with just about anyone, even the more difficult students like Byakuya or Celeste. Even the most anti-social of classmates can be befriended in free time events. In fact, the worst bit of {{blackmail}} that Monokuma can dig up on him is that [[EmbarrassingDampSheets he was a bed-wetter until 5th grade]], which, while certainly embarrassing, is nowhere near as incriminating or life-ruining as his fellow students' {{Dark Secret}}s. On the flip-side, his niceness is exploited several times by the other students, who have Makoto doing stuff [[ItsUpToYou they don't want to do themselves or consider dangerous]], including going through doors that might or might not be booby-trapped. Makoto himself starts to snark about it near the endgame.²-->Why do I get to be the human bomb-detector all the time?²* NiceJobBreakingItHero: He stumbles into this in Chapter 3 by taking Kiyotaka to see Alter Ego, leading to its pep talk making Kiyotaka obsessed with it. This doesn't end well.²* NonActionGuy: While he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, Makoto is small and not particularly athletic or coordinated, as well as a pacifist, meaning that he requires the help of more physically capable people to accomplish some things.²* NotMyLuckyDay: Basically the whole point behind ''Makoto Naegi's Worst Day Ever''.²* ObliviousToHints: As a direct result of being the protagonist. Were he to give any thought to the more obvious answers in a mystery, he'd spoil the player's chance to bring it up at the trial (in which he finally puts two and two together alongside the player). The way some of his thoughts trail off where an answer would be is probably meant to imply the player's conclusions are the same ones he's reaching, and in some cases the dialog is ambiguous enough to make it unclear whether he reached a conclusion in the investigation (and was just waiting for a good chance to bring it up in the trial) or whether he realizes it just before presenting it.²* OlderThanHeLooks: Though not as bad as Chihiro, he looks and sounds fairly young for his age in the Japanese dub and is the second shortest student (alongside Aoi).²* OnlyFriend: He tends to be recognized as this to the more antisocial students at the end of their Free-Time Event paths, and that distinction includes practically all of them ([[FriendlessBackground in many cases]] [[IJustWantToHaveFriends not by choice]]).²* TheOnlyOneITrust: Makoto tries to be this for Kyoko after the third chapter, which is when [[DefrostingIceQueen she begins to warm up to him]]. She's lied to or kept from information by every else at various points and takes it in stride; Makoto choosing to keep a secret from her is when she finally reacts badly. Only after his actions in the fifth trial does he become a true example for her.²* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: In contrast to all the other students who are at Hope's Peak due to their extraordinary talents, Makoto's "talent" is simply being an ordinary student who was randomly chosen by lottery. Which is what makes him ''extraordinary'' in this particular setting, believe it or not. He does note that he's slightly more optimistic than other people as well. "Hope" and optimism are kind of the same thing, too, and it's because he never gives up on hope that he's able to derail Junko's scheme in the end.²* TheParagon: Since having hope is equivalent to being heroic in this universe, he's this in ''Dangan Ronpa'' terms. Many Free-Time Events end in him growing closer to the student in question and sometimes helping them work past their problems and become more secure with themselves. This approachability eventually helps lead the other students through the despair of the final trial.²* ParrotExposition: Lampshaded.²-->'''Monokuma:''' You're very good at repeating what other people say. That's what I call User Friendly. You're the worst.²* PottyFailure: Used as a minor throwaway gag, but it technically counts. In Chapter 2, Monokuma attempts to motivate the students to commit murder by threatening to reveal everyone's worst secrets unless one of them gives in and kills someone. Apparently what Makoto, the player character, considers the worst secret in his life is that he used to wet the bed until 5th grade, and since the threat of having that revealed doesn't motivate Makoto to kill someone, it's not apparently ''too'' bad of a secret to him.²* PowerOfTrust: A major theme in his relationships with the other students, and perhaps the game in general.²* PrecisionFStrike: During the final trial in the English localization. ²-->'''Makoto, to Junko:''' Give and take? You're so full of... shit!²** Bonus points for his voice going higher as he says it, proving how unaccustomed he is to that language.²* PurpleProse: This seeps into some of his narrations in nearly all translations, though conveying the gravity of the situation [[Administrivia/TropesAreTools probably wouldn't be possible otherwise]]. While he's describing Sayaka's last message, Kyoko dryly calls him a poet.²* TheReliableOne: He can always be expected to keep hope alive, and many Free-Time endings and School Mode endings have the students come to rely on him.²* RidiculouslyAverageGuy: He thinks this about himself. He seems to be above-average in crime-solving, however, because he's the only one who never jumps to conclusions or jumps on the bandwagon like the other students and thus can point out holes in his opponents' arguments, which is why he's the one who solves every case.²* RunDontWalk: Being an investigation game, Makoto walks by default with the option to run by holding Circle. In the PSP edition of the game, [[YouHaveResearchedBreathing he could only do it after experiencing Aoi's first free time event]].²* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: When discovering Sayaka's corpse.²* SherlockScan: In the original PSP version, he gains this ability after Kyoko first free-time event, letting him see all the details in a room by hitting the Triangle button. Then the developers realized this was too useful, and made it a default ability in later editions.²* ShipTease: With Sayaka, which [[ShipSinking came to an end when she betrayed him and was killed]]. Heavily with Kyoko afterwards. He gets also these with Mukuro in other media.²* ShipperOnDeck: He would volunteer to become TheMatchmaker for Togami and Genocider if it means to make the latter stop killing people.²* SkilledButNaive: He outsmarts his fellow Ultimate students left and right, but unlike the other two Trial Point Getters, he's never had any previous involvement with solving murders (and so he reacts with the same kind of surprise/horror a completely ordinary high schooler would).²* SupportingProtagonist: He doesn't take on the mystery as directly as Kyoko, and instead plays the role of TheHeart most of the time. The title she eventually gives him probably best emphasizes why he's the protagonist: the game's ultimate theme isn't about solving mysteries, but a message of hope.²* SurpassedTheTeacher: Despite Kyoko spending so much time mentoring him in investigations, some of their later conversations imply that she's begun learning from and coming around to his hopeful way of thinking (closing the refrigeration drawer holding Mukuro's corpse being a good example). She eventually comes to respect him enough to hand him his new title, Ultimate Hope.²* TakingAdvantageOfGenerosity: His suggestibility makes him a frequent victim of it. When Genocider demanded someone bow down before she'll step away from Alter Ego, Aoi tells him to do it while saying it isn't degrading at all (while also saying it’ll ''definitely'' be degrading [[HypocriticalHumor if she does it]]).²* TapOnTheHead: He's on the receiving end of one at the end of the third chapter, and is able to walk it off none the worse for wear.²* TeamMom: By the later stages of the game, Makoto effectively becomes the emotional core of the group, being more concerned with his classmates wellbeing. This ends up becoming the catalyst for them defeating Junko in the final trial. And naturally, this also further fuels the fandom's injoke of Makoto being the "true heroine" of Danganronpa.²* ThatCameOutWrong: In School Mode, he'll occasionally say something to the girls [[RejectionAffection that gets misunderstood to mean he's hitting on them, which is rejected immediately]]. All things considered, he brings it on himself.²-->'''Makoto''': ''(In the Library)'' Finally, we get to be alone...\²'''Celeste''': [[{{beat}} ...]] [[VisibleSilence ...]] [[RageBreakingPoint ...]]Keep your hands off me, you brute! I did not give you permission to come lusting after me!\²'''Makoto''': ''(in the Garden)'' I'd love to just lay down and go to sleep.\²''''Junko'''': Listen, that's not, like... an invitation, is it? No way! I can't do stuff like that! You shouldn't judge people by how they look, okay!?²* TinySchoolBoy: He's the second shortest in the class, so with the exception of Chihiro and Aoi (the latter of which is the same height as him), literally everyone else in the cast is taller than him, most girls even beat his height by more than 5cm. ''VideoGame/DanganronpaAnotherEpisodeUltraDespairGirls'' even reveals that his ''own little sister'' is taller than him.²* TrashLanding: What (thankfully, as opposed to breaking something) happens to him at the end of the fifth trial.²* TurnTheOtherCheek: Even when characters directly wrong him in some way, he can always be counted on to say (or think) that they wouldn't have done it if not for The Mastermind.²* UnluckilyLucky: In every single version of the story, he nearly dies only to be saved thanks to the unlikely intervention of another (by Alter Ego, Ikusaba, and Usami for the main story, "IF", and School Mode respectively). As a direct result of so much horrible luck, he comes out of these hairy situations victorious every time, with the apparent bad luck of being forced into a killing game resulting in him becoming a beacon of hope for all of mankind. His attitude towards his own fortune seems to be somewhat [[VideoGame/{{Uncharted}} Nathan Drake]]-like in this respect.²* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom:²** As mentioned under NiceJobBreakingItHero, his taking Kiyotaka to see Alter Ego ends up being this. He didn't ''directly'' cause the murder, but Taka's resulting personality shift and rivalry with Hifumi enables Celeste to play the two against each other.²** Some characters' final Free Time events feature Makoto unwittingly bringing about said character's death. For instance, Chihiro; who upon confiding in Makoto that he is looking for a strong, manly man to help him get buff; is advised to give Mondo a shot.²* VicariouslyAmbitious: Nearly all the School Mode endings have him agreeing to spend the rest of his days helping the student in question achieve their dream. When Celeste asks for a reason that he thinks he can do it in the best response to her Trigger Happy Heart event, he simply says helping her "would be a lot of fun."²* WideEyedIdealist: Even while his classmates are killing each other, he tries to think the best of people. He even notes his optimism as his one outstanding trait. This pays off near the end, where he counters Junko's despair and renews the hopes of his classmates, putting a stop to Junko's scheme. He even gets a new Ultimate title for it: Ultimate Hope.²* YouAreNotAlone: Some of his Free-Time Events with the other students have him giving them this message in some fashion.²* YoureInsane: He delivers this line in some form (depending on the translation) to Junko in the final trial.²* YourDoorWasOpen: At one point, Kyoko walks into his room to talk and berates him for carelessly leaving his door unlocked. Monokuma also warns him to lock his door in the anime's second episode.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Kiyotaka Ishimaru]]²[[WMG:Kiyotaka Ishimaru]]²!!!Ultimate Moral Compass²[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click here to see Kiyondo]]\²]]²[[/labelnote]]²->''“I'm Kiyotaka Ishimaru. I believe in bold simplicity! Let's work together on our educational crusade!”''²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KosukeToriumi (Japanese), Creator/SeanChiplock (game), Creator/AustinTindle (anime) (English)²->'''Played by:''' Manpei Takagi, Taishi Sugie (stage)²²Kiyotaka prizes one thing above all else: order. He's constantly preaching the virtues of exercising, respecting your elders, etc. He takes a role of leadership amongst the students, encouraging them to stick together, but not everybody listens or takes him seriously. He initially has a fierce rivalry with [[JapaneseDelinquents Mondo]], but the two end up becoming BloodBrothers over their mutual [[HotBlooded passion]]. He is the first victim of chapter 3, bludgeoned to death with a hammer by Hifumi, who was acting under the instructions of Celeste.²----²* TheAce: Subverted and PlayedForLaughs. He likely has the highest test scores of anyone in the group, and would probably be spearheading the trials if not for his [[WideEyedIdealist idealism]], which prevents him from really suspecting anyone. And some of the students just ignore him.²* {{Adorkable}}: If you can get past his [[NoIndoorVoice loud voice]] and insistence on the rules, he's really a huge dork who has [[NoSocialSkills no idea how to make friends]].²* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Says that because Mondo is a coward, he's easily provoked to violence, doesn't meet society's expectations, and walks around dressed the way he is.²* BadassPacifist: Discusses this trope in the argument with Mondo prior to their sauna battle, saying that it's because Mondo is a coward that he resorts to violence so easily.²* BigOlEyebrows: They extend all the way to his hairline! ²* BluntYes: Does this when he says that Mondo is a coward, and that he's tougher than he is.²* BootsOfToughness: They go towards pushing his militaristic design.²* BreakTheCutie[=/=]KillTheCutie: See below to learn how ''hard'' Kiyotaka takes the outcome of the second trial, and he isn't even given time to finish grieving since he becomes the third victim; and he really didn't deserve it, being essentially targeted for being mentally compromised, wasting his character arc.²* BrokenPedestal: At first, he refuses to believe that Mondo is a murderer, but is forced to confront the truth. He doesn't take it well. What makes it even more of a TearJerker is when it's revealed that Kiyotaka was never able to make friends...and you realize that Mondo was probably the first real friend he'd ever had.²* BromanticFoil: He is this with Mondo. While both are HotBlooded, their personalities initially clash. Kiyotaka is a straight laced rule abiding honor student who dresses in white, while Mondo is a temperamental [[JapaneseDelinquent delinquent]] who normally dresses in black. And despite their differences, the two still form a tight bond.²* CannotTellAJoke: When he breaks out the "Forget Beam".²* ChekhovsSkill: While most in-story find it annoying, his obsession with order would ultimately avenge his own death when he loudly announced the time while showing his watch to everyone the night before his murder. This would be used to pin down the timeline of the incident against the false narrative constructed by that chapter's culprits.²* ClarkKentOutfit: His [[ShirtlessScene Shirtless Scenes]] shows [[ he's pretty muscular]] under that uniform. ²* ClassRepresentative: Unofficially takes on this role in the class, even if Despair Academy doesn't have the usual school activities. Up until his HeroicBSOD, at least.²* CrazyPrepared: Of the mundane (but still obsessive) variety. [[ According to the art book]], he keeps a pair of small clippers on his person at all times just in case a ''single'' hair in his clean-cut styling moves out of place.²* {{Determinator}}: To the extent that he insists on following school rules and guidelines to maintain order despite Hope's Peak Academy being a school in name alone at this point.²* DitzyGenius: His intense dedication to becoming Prime Minister makes him one of the most competent students during class trials and allow him to effectively serve as TheLeader to the rest of the group; however, his refusal to abandon his straightforward way of thinking and general obliviousness make him several times less effective than he could be.²* DroppedABridgeOnHim: Compared to the other victims in the game. While his death might have been a shock, the fact of it is not as attention-drawing later in the chapter. WordOfGod mentions this was because there was just too much stuff going on at that point that any reaction to his death had to be cut for pacing reasons. ²* DubNameChange: A variation, since the English release uses a FirstNameBasis instead of the LastNameBasis of the original Japanese. Changing Ishida's name to Kiyondo is the result. "Taka" is also made into an InSeriesNickname for him.²* FireForgedFriends: He and Mondo are initially at odds, but after a heated sauna challenge, they quickly develop a bond of respect and friendship.²* FriendlessBackground: His overly serious attitude made it difficult for Kiyotaka to ever make friends prior to high school.²* FusionDance: After Alter Ego's simulation of Mondo gives him a pep talk, he [[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane supposedly]] fuses with Mondo's soul, turning him into a white-haired mash-up of both their personalities called Kiyondo. He becomes '''twice''' as HotBlooded as a result.²* GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger: [[ An often-used sprite]] has him doing this.²* GoshDangItToHeck: As Kiyondo, he starts to drop a lot of these due to Mondo's SirSwearsALot tendencies crossing with his politeness.²* HardWorkHardlyWorks: Intends to prove this isn't the case at all, and has worked and studied extremely hard to earn his title.²* HeroicBSOD: After Mondo is outed as Chihiro's murderer and executed, he shuts down. It's so bad that it borders on a full-blown DespairEventHorizon crossing.²** In ''VisualNovel/NewDanganRonpaV3'' during Talent Mode, he has a lighter one when Tenko tells her that she will only accept him if he stops being a male. Upon realizing that this is a goal [[TragicDream that can't be achieved by hard work]], he has a breakdown, [[EveryoneHasStandards making Tenko a bit guilty]].²* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Mondo. With a lot of HoYay thrown in.²* HeyThatsMyLine: He tends to complain loudly whenever someone says something he was about to. The one instance where somebody says something he wasn't thinking of but should have as TheLeader, he requests to be punched in the face as punishment.²* HotBlooded: Which is both why he and Mondo's disagreements escalated so quickly and the similarity that allowed them to bond. As Kiyondo, this trait is taken UpToEleven.²* {{Hunk}}: His female fanbase should speak for itself, in contrast to Togami's {{Bishounen}} good looks. Driving the divide harder is their extreme contrast in personalities...²* ILetGwenStacyDie: Besides losing his OnlyFriend, his HeroicBSOD is later revealed to be in part because [[ItsAllMyFault he feels responsible]] for failing to stop Mondo from murdering Chihiro.²* InelegantBlubbering: When he cries, his face gets streaked with tears and sweat.²* InnocentlyInsensitive: After the first trial he asks Makoto if Sayaka's body had been removed from his room and then stated "I imagine it would be pretty hard to sleep with a rotting corpse in your bathroom" with a smile on his face²* InSeriesNickName: In the English release he is often just called "Taka".²* ItsAllMyFault: His tremendous sense of personal responsibility leads him to blame himself for Mondo and Chihiro's deaths. In the anime, he's crying TearsOfRemorse as he speaks with Alter Ego the first time.²* LargeHam: Gets even hammier after he becomes Kiyondo.²* TheLeader: A Type III, since he is very hardheaded, loud, and adamant about his fellow students following the rules, regardless of the events taking place. He was the one who began the group's daily morning breakfast meetings and got it to stick as a means of creating a better sense of unity (to prevent murders) and creating plans amongst themselves.²* LightIsGood: His uniform predominantly features white, symbolizing his spotless morality.²* LockedIntoStrangeness: After he snaps out of his funk following Mondo's death, his hair turns white and he becomes Kiyondo. [[DyingAsYourself His hair turns black again after he dies]].²* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: After Kiyotaka snaps out of his HeroicBSOD after Mondo's death, it isn't clear whether he's really channeling Mondo's spirit to become Kiyondo or if he's just adopting Mondo's mannerisms as a way to cope with the whole ordeal.²* MeaningfulRename: The name "Ishida" is a portmanteau of ''Ishi''maru and Oowa''da''. Likewise the name Kiyondo is a combination of ''Kiyo''taka and M''ondo''.²* MrFanservice: His sauna battle with Mondo gives us a nice shot of him wearing only a towel, showing us his surprisingly muscular and ripped body. Taken UpToEleven in the anime, where he's once again shown wearing nothing but a towel after his transformation into Kiyondo. ²* MySiblingWillLiveThroughMe: After Mondo, his "brother", died, he adopted many of his mannerisms as a part of becoming Kiyondo.²* NiceGuy: While he possesses an unbending dedication to following the rules and can act incredibly critical to those who don't follow them, this is more due to his HotBlooded nature and lack of social skills than genuine malice. It is shown that he's more than willing to get along with anyone who can see past his demanding exterior.²* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: For all his work towards keeping the group unified, he's rarely respected in-universe, [[TraumaCongaLine gets put through the psychological ringer]], and is later killed off unceremoniously with few mourning his death (while some of his harsher critics would go on to survive).²* NoIndoorVoice: Often shouts enthusiastically about rules and good conduct.²* NoRespectGuy: Few students respect his attempts to lead the group, and most find him annoying. ²* NoSocialSkills: He confides to Makoto that due to his rigorous dedication to studying and proper conduct, he has never been able to make friends or even hold an idle conversation with someone.²-->'''Kiyotaka:''' What is "a normal conversation" ...?²* NudityEqualsHonesty: A [[RelationShipValues Free-Time Event]] with him reveals that he subscribes to "hadaka no tsukiai," innocuously suggesting he and Makoto bare themselves to each other to in order to deepen their bond as fellow students. He may have proven it true following his endurance contest with Mondo.²* OddFriendship: With [[JapaneseDelinquents Mondo]].²* OneNoteCook: In School Mode, it's revealed that the only foods he can make are rice balls and rice with green tea.²* OnlyFriend: For the entire game, it's Mondo. This can be subverted by Makoto if the player chooses to spend more time with him.²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: When Monokuma gives a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech regarding Mondo's flaws, Kiyotaka is enraged and drops his polite speech.²-->'''Kiyotaka:''' [[PrecisionFStrike You... bastard! Just shut up, you son of a bitch! Go ahead, say that again, I dare you]]!²* OpenMouthInsertFoot: He calls Sakura a boy at one point in the first trial.²* ThePerfectionist: Can be a tad obsessive about rules and order. When Makoto points out to him that his devotion to his studies has led to his failings in social interaction, he freaks out.²* PerpetualFrowner: He's usually too serious to crack a smile, but he smiles heartily after befriending Mondo.²* PrinciplesZealot: Something he prides himself in, and how he obtained the title of Ultimate Moral Compass.²* QuiveringEyes: The sprite often used just before his sobbing sprite is this.²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Gives one to Mondo in their argument, which becomes HarsherInHindsight after Mondo murders Chihiro.²-->'''Kiyotaka''': You ''are'' a coward! That's why you turn to violence to solve your problems! That's why you can't do what society asks of you, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking why you walk around dressed like that]]!²-->'''Mondo''': ...the fuck you say? You dunno shit.²-->'''Kiyotaka''': You already lost to yourself, but you're such a coward, you don't even realize it!²* RedArmbandOfLeadership: To indicate his role to his fellow students, though he never does any leading in the game.²* RedEyesTakeWarning: Averted. He's one of the nicest students, and never kills anyone, not even after his "transformation."²* TheResenter: He has little love for people born with TheGift. As far as he's concerned, the simple effort of normal, ungifted people is what truly moves the world.²-->"''In the face of effort, [[{{Determinator}} NOTHING is impossible!]]''"²* {{Sarashi}}: [[ Official artwork]] shows him wearing this, fitting for his disciplined personality as the Ultimate Moral Compass.²* SchoolUniformsAreTheNewBlack: According to him, he wears his uniform all the time, even during school holidays. He even admits to having ten of the exact same one.²* SignificantBirthDate: Fittingly, his birthday is the last day of summer before school starts.²* SinsOfOurFathers: His grandfather was seen as a genius, and became Prime Minister. Unfortunately, being a genius didn't bar him from making bad decisions. Kiyotaka hopes to restore their family's good name through his own successes, as well prove that being a 'natural born genius' can't compete with hard work and dedication.²* SuperOCD: As an aspect of his title.²* SupportingLeader: Early on he acts as the closest thing the group has to a proper leader as their unofficial ClassRepresentative by organizing their staple breakfast meetings, among other things. Unity within the group slowly collapses following his TraumaCongaLine in the second chapter, and it wouldn't be re-established till long after his death at the start of the fifth, in which Byakuya takes over the role.²* ThousandYardStare: Becomes his default expression after the traumatizing events of chapter 2. It's combined with VisibleSilence whenever someone tries to talk with him.²* TogetherInDeath: The stage play adds a new rule that those who vote wrong will be executed. Kiyotaka still votes for himself and because of this he and Mondo get implanted by spears together. ²* TookALevelInJerkass: He becomes much more brash and rude after becoming "Kiyondo."²* TragicBromance: After Mondo is proven to be Chihiro's murderer.²* WideEyedIdealist: Which is why he ended up taking Mondo's execution so hard, since he honestly couldn't believe his friend was capable of murder despite being the "Ultimate (Biker) ''Gang leader''".²* {{Workaholic}}: He believes in effort above all else. This may very-well be his defining trait[[note]]As a for-instance, he studies almost constantly, irons his uniform every night before bed, keeps himself in excellent physical condition and generally refuses to waste time or let others waste their own time[[/note]] since it even motivates his devotion to his talent.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Byakuya Togami]]²[[WMG:Byakuya Togami]]²!!!Ultimate Affluent Progeny²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''“We're done with introductions, right? How much longer are you going to stand there? Go away. I'm sick of looking at you.”''²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AkiraIshida (Japanese), Jason Wishnov (game), Creator/JoshGrelle (anime) (English)²->'''Played by:''' Ryouta Ozawa, Yuichi Nakamura (stage)²²The scion of the wealthy Togami family, and one groomed to become a success since childhood. Byakuya has no intention of becoming friends with his fellow captives, seeing them as competitors in a challenge to be won. Intelligent, calculating and utterly ruthless, Byakuya is a force to be reckoned with. He tampers with the crime scene in Chapter 2 so he could scout out his competition and determine who would be the biggest threat to his own "graduation" attempt. In Chapter 4 he realizes that Monokuma has no intention of running a fair contest, and turns his cross hairs to it instead. United with the other students against Monokuma, he survives the final trial and escapes with everyone.²----²* AbsurdlyYouthfulFather: In the bad ending. Little Byakuya Jr is noticeably older than the other children, suggesting he became a father even earlier than Makoto and Hiro.²* AdaptationalHeroism: His tampering with the crime scene in Chapter 2 is downplayed compared to the game, and he only [[PragmaticVillainy pragmatically states]] that it was done to test his classmate's deductive abilities and shake up the real culprit so that they are more easily exposed, whereas in the game it was done for [[ForTheEvulz purely selfish reasons.]]²* AdjustingYourGlasses: Does this by the corners, denoting him analyzing something closely.²* AmateurSleuth: Lending credence to his confidence in his investigative abilities, he mentions that while sequestered in his family's library he'd sometimes leaf through old cold cases and solve them... ''for fun''.²* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: He attempts to throw his weight around in this fashion twice in the fifth chapter, [[DefiedTrope except both cases were refused]]. First was when he demanded Kyoko explain her talent or have her room key taken and second was when he boxed Makoto into a corner by implying he could have planted the locker key in Kyoko's room. Both decided to defiantly take the harder road, with Kyoko handing over her key and Naegi choosing not to deflect suspicion back onto Kyoko. He was clearly expecting them to do the opposite, and was far from happy about this result.²* AristocratsAreEvil: Less evil and more douchebag, but still.²* ArsonMurderAndAdmiration: After running through the third culprit's crimes, he says their cunning is admirable.²* AwesomeMcCoolname: ²** The direct translation of his name is White-night Ten-Gods.²** In the alpha tests, Byakuya was a LadyLooksLikeADude Jewish heiress called Miss Rudenberg, so Celeste possibly has her AwesomeMcCoolname from that.²* BadGuysPlayPool: It's not hard to picture him making some shady, backroom dealings over a game, is it? School Mode reveals that he's quite knowledgeable on the sport and can play any style. Probably ties into him hinting in the main story about being good with firearms (confirmed outright in ''VideoGame/DanganronpaAnotherEpisodeUltraDespairGirls'' with his use of the Megaphone Hacking Gun).²* BastardBastard: As a result of a "charming" Togami family tradition. The Head of the Family never marries, and instead has sex with various "extraordinary" individuals in an effort to produce children, who then compete to be chosen as the heir. As to the other kind of "bastard," well, take a good read over the rest of this page.²* BeautyIsBad: Probably the most conventionally {{Bishounen}} of all the male students, and also the most cold-hearted by far.²* BerserkButton: Being called simply an 'Affluent Progeny', with the implication that he was just fortunate to be ''born'' into wealth, seriously ticks him off. Spending time with him reveals his title of heir comes from proving himself by winning a [[SiblingRivalry competition]] against his [[SuperBreedingProgram half-siblings]] as a [[TheSocialDarwinist Togami family tradition]] to choose the fittest to lead their corporate group. The losers don't get any of the inheritance, being expected to [[ImpoverishedPatrician join the "plebeians"]]. [[YoungestChildWins It's worth noting he is the youngest sibling]].²* BespectacledBastardBoyfriend: Deconstructed; Toko [[ThinksLikeARomanceNovel likes to paint him as this]], but he isn't at all interested in her and even betrays her trust for his own private gain on multiple occasions.²* BilingualBonus: Toko dubs him her White Knight. "Byakuya" literally means white ''night''.²* {{Bishounen}}: It's Creator/AkiraIshida, what did you honestly expect?²* BlueBlood: Comes from the incredibly wealthy Togami family. In the final trial, we find out that he is the SoleSurvivor of them thanks to "The Worst, Most Despair-inducing Incident in the History of Mankind". Byakuya didn't know this until then, and he did NOT take it well.²* {{Bookworm}}: Uses a majority of his time digging through the school's library after it is rendered accessible in Chapter 2, though he's reading for hints about their situation rather than for pleasure.²* BreakTheHaughty: See ImpoverishedPatrician.²* BreakoutCharacter: He is the only character (along with [[BigGood Makoto]]) to ended up appearing in all of four of the main localized installments of the HPA Saga.²* ButNotTooForeign: Half-European (most likely French, as he speaks the language and enjoys the cuisine) from his mother's side, according to his Free Time Events.²* ButtMonkey: What his interactions with Jill often reduce him to. Very frequently exaggerated by {{Yonkoma}}. ²* CantTakeCriticism: An unfortunate result of his belief in his own perfection.²* ChallengeSeeker: Celeste makes it clear early on that competition and victory is a key part of his life, with one of his Free-Time Events having him claim that life in general is too easy. Chapter 4 shows just how important the game is to him when he lays all blame on Sakura as TheMole making things unfair, rather than blame The Mastermind inserting a mole into the group in the first place proving how inherently unfair the game is. This also contributes to his HeelFaceTurn at the end of the chapter; once it's clear that Monokuma is willing to cheat by planting a fake suicide note, the game holds no more interest to him.²* TheComicallySerious: Pretty much any time after he gets involved with the group in which humor comes along. On the one hand, he gets to show what a DeadpanSnarker he is, but also [[NotSoAboveItAll tends to find himself involved in the joke too]].²* ConspicuousConsumption: The inside of his room has a classical violin, walls covered in fine art and a ''[[RollOutTheRedCarpet red carpet to greet him whenever he enters]]''. One wonders where he got it all from, assuming that wasn't already his room pre-Tragedy.²* TheCynic: Much like Toko, he expects the worst of his commoner classmates. After giving his insinuations he'll usually launch into some tirade against whoever he's talking to [[CircularReasoning with his own assumptions being the only evidence to that person's failings]].²-->'''Byakuya:''' ''(Upon explaining reagents in the Chem Lab)'' I'm surprised you can live with yourself being so ignorant.\²'''Makoto:''' Y-You don't think that's going a bit ''too'' far?\²'''Byakuya''': Are you telling me you think studying math or chemistry are of no use in the real world? The words of a failure. They suit you, Makoto.\²'''Makoto''': ''(Internally)'' I didn't say that...²* DeadpanSnarker: A rather reliable source of this.²* DesecratingTheDead: The other students are disgusted by what he did to Chihiro's corpse.²* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In terms main game rivals, Byakuya is the only rival character to not tie in the major themes of the game. While Nagito's character ties into the theme of hope, and Kokichi's characters ties into the theme of lies, Byakuya does not represent the themes of the game very well.²* ElegantClassicalMusician: Implied by the violin seen in his room. When asked about instruments in School Mode, he says he can play "all the standard ones," and he laments not having any sheet music available, hoping to show off on the Music Room's grand piano.²* EnragedByIdiocy: His reactions to Monokuma and Yasuhiro should make this clear.²* EntitledBastard: For all of his many, ''many'' flaws, he at least averts this. In his mind, his wealth and power were things he ''earned'', and suggesting that he was just born to them outright offends him, not least because it implicitly insults all of the half-siblings he had to beat to get to the top.²* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Introduces himself as bluntly as possible to Makoto, then calls him an eyesore and tells him to get lost.²* EurekaMoment: During one conversation, Byakuya abruptly realizes something thanks to a comment Makoto made. However, he's not about to ''share'' his revelation with him. ThisIsACompetition, after all.²* EvenEvilHasStandards:²** Even '''he''' finds the Mastermind's LackOfEmpathy disturbing - particularly because the Mastermind apparently found her assassinating of her own twin sister to be a pleasurable experience. By contrast, Byakuya had to out-compete all his siblings for his inheritance, and is motivated to persist out of respect for those he defeated.²** For most of the game he disregards and/or mocks cooperative efforts like the breakfast meetings and the Night Time rule. In the first chapter, though, he stirs himself to suggest Sakura accompany boys on garbage duty after Leon accuses Hifumi of doing so with ulterior and perverted motives.²** As cruel as he can be, he considers torture to be a barbaric method of extracting information that's utterly beneath him. He is also shown to be visibly disturbed by Leon's execution that Monokuma subjects Leon to upon declaring him guilty for Sayaka's murder.²* EvilCannotComprehendGood: Thanks to his LackOfEmpathy, he dismisses emotional ties as petty and unimportant. So when they're a major factor in someone's motivation, he's completely blindsided by it. Kyoko [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech spells this out to him]] when he's bewildered at how he failed to solve the mystery of the fourth trial.²* Fiction500: His family's ungodly rich already, but Byakuya at one point mentions dabbling in stocks to kill time, and making millions more ''in one day''. He only stopped because it was ''too easy''. He casually mentions that he has a personal account with "pocket money" for private use. Said account contains '''forty billion Yen''', or '''four billion dollars''' in the English translation (which is even more money).²* FigureItOutYourself: Justified by his desire to solve the crimes on his own and grandly present them to his ignorant classmates during the trial.²* FingertipDrugAnalysis: He plays with this in Chapter 4 in order to prove that the contents of a vial of poison had been tampered with. By ''gulping it down'' in the courtroom and then, as Jill and Yasuhiro go nuts, announcing that it's protein powder.²* FloweryInsults: Normally he's very to-the-point with his insults, but if he's feeling "[[BerserkButton motivated]]" enough, he'll engage in this (as many players trying for his School Mode ending will eventually find out).²-->''(Upon being compared to Sakura)'' "Is that supposed to be funny? Sorry, but your mere existence is already enough of a joke."²* ForTheEvulz: He crucified Chihiro's body and placed the blame for his murder on Genocide Jill just to make a bigger spectacle out of the second trial, and to find out who would be most likely to catch him if he decided to murder someone.²* FourEyesZeroSoul: Though he has a soul, he is very good at hiding it.²* {{Foil}}: To Celeste. Both are fabulously rich teenagers who are both (allegedly) half-European, show no empathy to anyone, did not actually inherit anything by birthright, and got where they are today though their wits and through ruining the lives of others. But while Celeste [[FauxAffablyEvil puts on a mask of politeness]] and hides her history and intentions, Byakuya shows open contempt for everyone, and is very public about his desire to win the Deadly Game by any means necessary. Ironically, he doesn't commit any murders at all!²* FramesOfReference: Contrast his personality with Toko and Hifumi (who wear round glasses), and then note the shape of his specs...²* FriendshipDenial: He makes several towards Makoto, even when it becomes clear they're far closer than he'd ever admit.²* FullNameUltimatum: Around the fifth investigation, he starts referring to Kyoko by a FullNameBasis, leading to this exchange.²-->"And the person who hid that weapon in the dojo locker must have been... Kyouko Kirigiri. It was you...!"²* GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity: In his school mode ending, he threatens to fire Makoto if he slips up even once as his newly-hired assistant.²* GovernmentConspiracy: His family is involved in one.²* TheGrinch: In ''VisualNovel/NewDanganRonpaV3'', he's one of the few students who doesn't like Christmas in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan mode.²* HardWorkFallacy: You'd assume his attitude makes him a believer in the fallacy, yet this is actually averted. In School Mode, he frequently tells Makoto to accept his position in life, because it's unreasonable to expect him to reach the level of a Togami (showing how many levels down his condescension goes). Interestingly, some of his best responses come from Makoto making it clear that he recognizes this, while still continuing to try (either to succeed or to be Byakuya's friend). [[{{Determinator}} This trait]] is implied to be what leads to Byakuya's eventual respect for him in his School Mode ending. Case in point, his words upon getting the best response in his Trigger Happy Heart event:²-->"''If you see yourself as having a tragic life, then you'll never rise above others. Do you have what it takes to climb over them?''"²* HeelFaceTurn: After Chapter 4's events, he decides to stop participating in the game and devotes himself to bringing down Monokuma. [[GoodIsNotNice He's still a jerk]], though.²* HeroicBSOD: Seems dangerously near one thanks to Junko revealing that the rest of his family has kicked the bucket. Ultimately averted though: Instead of sinking to despair, he refuses to go back on his promise to kill the mastermind, deciding that he can rebuild the Togami family.²* {{Hypocrite}}: Regularly withholds important information so that he can try to dramatically reveal it during the trials, but gets pissed off whenever he learns somebody else knows something he doesn't. To say nothing of how outraged he is over someone else tampering with a crime scene. Also, he claims Kyoko's lack of squeamishness around corpses she's forensically examining is unnatural when in the previous chapter he desecrated Chihiro's body. He also repeatedly tells Makoto that he shouldn't assume everyone thinks the same way, yet he's completely blindsided when he's wrong about assuming the culprit of the fourth trial murdering for gain as he would've. He also broke off the group early on too much of their dismay over the lack of unity yet he has the gall to be upset over being LockedOutOfTheLoop over Alter Ego.²* IcyBlueEyes: [[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk How fitting]].²* ImNotHereToMakeFriends: And makes sure ''everyone'' understands this, multiple times. To him this is just competition, at least until his HeelFaceTurn.²* ImplausibleHairColor: To stretch the trope a little further, he implies in a free time event that his mother may not have been Japanese.²* ImpoverishedPatrician: Courtesy of Ultimate Despair, but interestingly, we only find this out in the final trial. Byakuya didn't take it well.²* InsufferableGenius: His intellect is rivaled only by his arrogance.²* ItAmusedMe: He {{Troll}}s Makoto during some of his free time events.²* JackOfAllTrades: He likely has the widest breadth of knowledge in the entire class. At one point in School Mode he mentions learning multiple instruments just because it's expected of a Togami, saying any knowledge he may lack can only lead to defeat. Makoto wonders how not knowing how to play an instrument could defeat him.²* {{Jerkass}}: Self explanatory at this point.²* JerkassHasAPoint: From time to time, such as when he reminds Makoto that just because ''he'' might not be motivated to kill by one of Monokuma's incentives, he can't assume ''everyone'' feels the same way...²* JerkJustifications: It's a flimsy justification, but a lot of his dialogue options in School Mode imply that a part of his reason for despising "commoners" so much is because (in his mind) of how contented they are with peace and how little effort they put into improving their own lives, while he, by contrast, [[NonIdleRich refuses to accept complacence or mediocrity]].²* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: While there are ''occasionally'' hints that he might admire his peers (namely Makoto and Kyoko) more than he lets on, they are few and far between - and his contempt remains constant throughout his stay at Hope's Peak. Notably, even if the player completes his dialogue tree, he is the ''only'' student that Makoto ''never'' becomes friends with, save [[AxCrazy Jill]]. And that includes characters like Celeste and Yasuhiro, whom he's hesitant to call a friend.²* LackOfEmpathy: Which certainly helps him remain cold and distant to his peers.²* LockedOutOfTheLoop: He isn't exactly pleased to find out the other students have been hiding Alter Ego from him.²** Chapter 5 sees him growing increasingly aggravated by Kyoko's cryptic behavior, and Makoto's decision not to reveal whatever secrets she lets him in on. By the end of that chapter's trial, he's visibly seething at Makoto choosing not to voice whatever flaws in Kyoko's argument he's clearly aware of to the point of TakingTheHeat for her. As Makoto gets sent down the trash chute instead of being executed, he outright demands Kirigiri finally explain WhatIsGoingOn.²* MassiveNumberedSiblings: He's the youngest of fifteen half-siblings, though the others were disowned when he outperformed them.²* MustHaveCaffeine: Not only does he enjoy quality coffee the most among the presents you can give him, but if you offer him a drink in School Mode, he'll demand only the finest quality drip-brew.²* NonIdleRich: It's said that he holds a number of management positions in his family's company, and his vast personal wealth from day-trading demonstrates that he ''does'' know what he's doing, financially.²* NotSoDifferent: Monokuma explicitly points out their similar mindsets, [[YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame which doesn't go over well with Byakuya]]. He also reacts poorly to the suggestion that, like Makoto, he benefited from good fortune by being born into the right family.²* PetTheDog: ²** Interestingly, the highest praise or approval he can heap on anyone seems to involve offering them a job (implying that person has met his lofty standards). In a late Free Time Event, he gives Makoto the chance to work for him with an appropriately massive salary, his School Mode Ending has him outright appointing Makoto to a position as his assistant, and in the game's final scene he recalls Junko mentioning that some people in the outside world are still hanging on to hope and declares his plans to find them and hire them[[note]]But as we find out in [[VisualNovel/SuperDanganronpa2 the second game]], it was ultimately ''them'' who hired ''him''[[/note]].²** Downplayed, with his memory of his siblings. Despite his refusal to admit to any real emotional connection to them, his drive to succeed seems at least partly rooted in a desire to prove their loss had meaning. After all, there's no shame if you lose to the best.²** It's a subtle gesture that reeks of his usual negativity, but during the last investigation he warns Makoto not to place too much trust in Kyoko in case that decision costs him dearly. While he was obviously wrong about her trustworthiness, he wasn't trying to spread discord within the group or to increase his own likelihood of survival: he was actively saying something with the intent of looking out for Makoto's safety.²** In the ''Ultimate Talent Development Program'', even Byakuya can't find it in him to be harsh to [[NiceGuy Gonta]] and humours his request to teach him how to be a gentleman.²* TheProudElite: His capacity for kindness is ''extremely'' hard to find, but it's there. Becomes far more obvious in later installments.²* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Gives one to Toko during the second trial, calling her out on her naivete in trusting him with her secret, and accusing her of failing to keep her promise not to let Genocide Jack kill again. While he knows that Toko wasn't responsible for the murder, the speech is intended to push her over the edge and cause her to reveal Genocide Jack.²* RedHerring: He may as well be carrying a sign that says "will murder someone", but he doesn't- though not for lack of willingness.²* RichInDollarsPoorInSense: His upbringing prevented him from learning how Gashapon machines work. Learning this ends up being both one of the only times in School Mode that he isn't condescending Makoto while also being one of his best dialogue options (though he also makes sure to clarify that someone like him shouldn't be interested in such distractions).²** According to another dialogue option, he's apparently under the impression that sushi is a type of fast food. To be fair, for a guy who can order any food from anywhere with boxed sashimi being readily available from practically any convenience store in the country, to him it may as well be.²* TheRival: WordOfGod noted that he was initially created to serve as Makoto's rival. He is one of the three most active participants during the class trials alongside Makoto and Kyoko, but while Kyoko serves as more of a mentor figure to Makoto, Byakuya is constantly challenging his logic, directly opposing him several times. Lessened somewhat by the circumstances they're in causing them to have to work together, and more or less gone by the end of the game.²* ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections[=/=]ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: When Makoto expresses surprise that he's allowed to play the stock market at his age...²-->'''Makoto:''' Can high school students even participate in the stock market?\²'''Byakuya:''' My name is Byakuya Togami.\²'''Makoto:''' ''(internally)'' Was that... an answer to the question?²* SharpDressedMan: Always seen in his impeccably fine suit-like uniform.²* SmartPeopleWearGlasses: [[ The official art book says]] this was an intentional design choice.²* TheSociopath: His actions in the second chapter. He crucified Chihiro's body '''to make the "game" more interesting'''. During the investigation, he calls Chihiro's body just an object, and after Mondo's execution, he claims it was a disappointing ending to their game. Also in the investigation, he doesn't care that they left Toko passed out and claims they'd be better off if she was dead. In the daily life of chapter 4, he tells Hina that he hopes Sakura would die after she's exposed as Monokuma's spy.²* SmugSnake: On top of being a jerk who thinks he's better than everyone, he isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is outside of the financial sphere.²* SmugSmiler: Any of his sprites that could be described as smiling are this. It takes until the climax of the game until he smiles genuinely.²* TheSocialDarwinist: Literally underwent a Darwinian "survival of the fittest" competition with his various half-siblings to be named the chief heir of the family. There's also a strain of ''regular'' Darwinism mixed in, given the family preoccupation with breeding capable people to pass down their traits. ²* SoleSurvivor: Of the Togami family. We only find this out in the final trial, and Byakuya himself didn't take the news well.²* StoicSpectacles: A smug rich jerk with glasses whose default emotion is a condescending sneer. [[NotSoStoic Most of the time]], at least.²* SupportingLeader: He quickly assumes this role following the fourth trial after deciding to properly join the group.²* SurroundedByIdiots: He says several variations on this, though he also tends to use [[CloudCuckooLander Yasuhiro]] as a example of why.²* TemptingFate: In chapter 2, Byakuya claims that dying is "not even a possibility" for him. That's just asking for trouble. Ultimately subverted however. Despite gaining the attentions of a serial killer (who, it turns out, ''doesn't'' want to kill him), Byakuya survives the despair game.²* ThisIsACompetition: Survival of the fittest style competition to be exact, and he plans on winning no matter what. He changes his mind later on, but doesn't really drop the attitude.²* TokenEvilTeammate: Share this position with Genocide Jill among the surviving students. Before his HeelFaceTurn, he repeatedly indicates that he enjoys the challenges that the trials and murders present, refuses to reinforce the group dynamic, openly announces his intention to be a ''successful'' murderer as soon as the opportunity presents itself, and openly antagonizes everyone around him. ²* TookALevelInKindness: A DownplayedTrope. After learning of Sakura's suicide, he acts more cooperative to the remaining survivors in investigations. This isn't to say that he still isn't a jerk, as he still has trust issues and makes his disdain for the shortcomings of his companions known. However, he isn't competitive with them anymore.²* {{Tsundere}}: ²** This is how Toko (and Jill) interprets Byakuya's disdain for her. She's not exactly a [[MadLove reliable source]], though.²---> '''Jill:''' Hey, Master... Let's skip the part where we pretend to hate each other and go straight to the lovey-dovey...²** And [[CloudCuckooLander Yasuhiro]].²--->'''Yasuhiro:''' He's just covering up his shyness. That's what I choose to believe.²** He also reacts this way at the end of the last case, claiming that he didn't need Makoto's encouragement to avoid succumbing to despair.²* UnclePennybags: In School Mode, he'll offer Makoto an invitation to the National Concert Hall upon hearing he's a fan of going to concerts... specifically so he can rub it in Makoto's face how little he'll be able to appreciate the performance (it's still one of his best dialogue options).²* UnwittingPawn: His business-like organizational skills kept three of the other students safe from suspicion in the fifth chapter's trial, but also played into The Mastermind's hand to focus all of that suspicion on Kyoko (not long after taking her room key for trust's sake at that). In that same trial he also provides the evidence that leads to Makoto's conviction, should the player hold out on the evidence that would instead convict Kirigiri.²* VictoryIsBoring: Quickly loses interest in something if he gets ''too'' good at it, which is why he gave up Day trading after earning ''40'' '''billion''' ''yen'' (500 million dollars, though the English translation changes it to the even-more-ludicrous figure of ''four billion dollars'') just by day-trading on the stock market.²* VillainousBreakdown: He completely loses his cool in the Chapter 4 trial as it becomes increasingly clear that Aoi, [[TheDitz of all people]], managed to completely outwit him due to his cold-hearted LackOfEmpathy blinding him to the truth, whereas Makoto and Kyoko were able to see that truth and solve the mystery. The idea that he might have gotten everyone, himself included, killed over a result [[SmugSnake he had felt so 100% confident in]] clearly upsets him. He [[HeelFaceTurn revokes his "villainous" status soon afterward.]]²* WrongGenreSavvy: ²** While aware of the nature of the game, he quickly adapts and embraces the circumstances as [[ThisIsACompetition a competition]], believing he's invincible due to his pedigree and station, and that he is a natural, [[TheLeader Levelheaded Leader]]. Never mind how his behavior puts everyone off, and how [[PlayerCharacter Makoto]] and Kyoko keep upstaging him. In Chapter 4, all the students decide to band together against Monokuma, which eliminates the competitive aspect of the trials. So because no one will lie awake in fear of being murdered anymore, the game has lost its "thrill", and this causes Byakuya to withdraw from the game and unite with the other students against Monokuma. Lampshaded by Monokuma at the end of Chapter 2; after Byakuya dramatically states that he plans to kill Monokuma after graduation, Monokuma sneers and says "You almost sound like a protagonist! Too bad you're just a side character!"²** He was totally caught off-guard by Aoi attempting to sacrifice the entire class because, as an irrational, altruistic (in a sense) act, it lies outside his coldly selfish mindset.²** Of course, he does end up surviving the game and outside of Aoi's attempt to [[TakingYouWithMe avenge Sakura]] no one even attempts to murder him. So, perhaps he was on to something after all.²* YoungestChildWins: Was the youngest among his crop of potential heirs, and wound up winning the competition to become the officially recognized scion of the Togami Family.²* YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame: Does not like it when Monokuma laughs "I feel like you and I [[NotSoDifferent are of the same mind]]...!"²-->...Stop it. I am nothing like a childish criminal like you.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Mondo Owada]]²[[WMG:Mondo Owada]]²!!!Ultimate Biker Gang Leader²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''"I... Ever since I was a kid, I grew up with my older brother pounding this into my head... When a man makes a promise, he has to keep it, even if it kills him."''²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KazuyaNakai (Japanese), Creator/KeithSilverstein (game), Creator/ChristopherSabat (anime) (English)²->'''Played by:''' Ren Yagami, Mitsu Murata (stage)²²The leader of the Crazy Diamonds, Japan's largest motorcycle gang. Mondo is foul-mouthed and doesn't take orders well, but would never [[WouldntHitAGirl hit a girl]] or [[IGaveMyWord break his promises]]. He is constantly at-odds with Kiyotaka until they bond over their [[HotBlooded mutual passion]] and become BloodBrothers. He is the culprit of Chapter 2, murdering Chihiro in a fit of blind rage and is executed by Monokuma after the trial, trapped in a motorcycle death cage that subjects him to lethal g-force.²----²* AccidentalMurder: He didn't intend to kill Chihiro, he just lost control of himself for a moment and deeply regretted his actions afterward.²* AlternateCharacterReading: The Kanji on the back of his jacket is ''ateji'' of scattered kanji with "manly" meanings with readings that create ''kureiji daiyamondo'', a.k.a. Crazy Diamonds.²* BadassBiker: Hence his title.²* BadassLongcoat: Which is connected to said title, see above.²* BerserkButton: Do ''not'' call him weak.²* BigBrotherMentor: Promises to be one to Chihiro. ''It doesn't end well.''²** Thankfully in V3's ''Ultimate Talent Development Plan'', he fulfills this role to T.²* BroodingBoyGentleGirl: In ''Ultimate Talent Development Plan'', he ends up forming the Brooding Boy part to Mikan's Gentle Girl, as she tries to tend to his wounds, [[IAintGotTimeToBleed which Mondo didn't even notice]], commenting he's used to getting all scraped up in gang fights, but he goes along with it anyway so Mikan won't cry.²* TheCameo: [[ He shows up with his bro]] in ''VideoGame/KenkaBancho'' as a boss fight/[[DefeatMeansFriendship ally]].²* CannotTalkToWomen: He gets very uneasy around girls, which engages his defense-mechanism of yelling louder and thus scaring them off. At the start of the game, he's apparently in a slump of 10 strikeouts.²* ConflictingLoyalty: Between his friendship with the other students and his promise to keep the Crazy Diamonds together as long as possible.²* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Definitely the worst of the canonical executions up until the third game, and one of the strangest. Tied to a motorcycle and sent around an electrified cage at high speeds until he's little more than a fine paste. Which Monokuma apparently eats.²* DeathEqualsRedemption: He doesn't put up much of a defense during the trial in the game (and even less in the anime), believing he should atone for Chihiro's death (and probably Daiya's, too).²* DelinquentHair: A giant pompadour shaped like a corn cob.²* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: Despite being an Ultimate, this gets implied by some of his free time events and the revelations within the story itself. While he enjoys the freedom that comes with it, a lot of his devotion to his talent seems more motivated by keeping a promise to his dead brother, and he's not quite clear on where to go with it when it comes time to grow up. He later expresses a desire to become a carpenter, just for the agency in getting to build things instead of breaking them.²* DragonsUpTheYinYang: His long coat is embroidered with an elaborate golden dragon design.²* DramaticIrony: His last line in the Manga chapter centered on his and Kiyotaka's sauna battle has him saying internally that he still can't bear to reveal his secret. Kiyotaka not knowing that secret led him to blaming himself for the events of the following case (after he tried to defy the motive by getting everyone to reveal theirs).²* {{Expy}}: Of [[Manga/YuYuHakusho Kazuma Kuwabara]]. They're both JapaneseDelinquents with orange pompadours and a strict code of ethics. Funimation seems to have noticed this and cast Chris Sabat as his English voice for the anime.²* FaceDeathWithDignity: Unlike the previous murderer, Mondo accepts his punishment once he's been fingered as the culprit, and maintains a stoic demeanor even as the execution happens. His main regret wasn't to die, but to not fulfill his words.²* FailedASpotCheck: ²** After moving Chihiro's corpse to the girls' dressing room, he doesn't notice Byakuya, which would have resulted in him immediately being convicted as the murderer had Byakuya decided not to complicate things. After Mondo's dead, Byakuya chides him for being so unobservant.²** He also tries to use the color of Chihiro's jersey as proof that he's not the murderer. The only problem is, the jersey's color was never actually specified. That and his GenderVocabularySlip mentioned below give him away almost immediately.²* TheFarmerAndTheViper: Though he ''was'' in a bad place mentally at that point, Chihiro could have done with being a little more cautious around the violent, loose cannon gang leader when they're openly being encouraged to murder each other. ²* FatalFlaw: His recklessness and aggression, which leads to his, Daiya's, Chihiro's and (indirectly) Kiyotaka's deaths.²* FireForgedFriends: Though their personalities naturally put them at odds, he and Kiyotaka quickly become fast friends.²* {{Foil}}: To Chihiro. He is physically strong and [[IGaveMyWord takes his manly promises seriously]], but he is unable to face [[FatalFlaw his true weakness]] and hides it with a huge facade of bravado. Chihiro is physically the weakest of the boys and hides this weakness by disguising himself, but when he's threatened to have his secret revealed he decides that he wants to change and become stronger (with that willpower being something that Mondo himself lacks).²* {{Foreshadowing}}: He knocks out Makoto (who's much tinier than him) in the first chapter for trying to prevent a fight between him and Byakuya. In the second chapter, he kills Chihiro, the only one smaller than Makoto, after the programmer inadvertently sets him off with a compliment.²* FreakOut: Monokuma's "motivational" DVD (which shows the Crazy Diamonds breaking up without him) and threats to reveal their darkest secrets (Mondo's being that he indirectly caused his brother Daiya's death) puts him under some heavy mental stress. Eventually, he snaps, flying into a rage during which he kills Chihiro.²* GenderVocabularySlip: Kyoko realizes he was aware of Chihiro's true gender when he starts referring to Chihiro as "that kid" rather than "that girl", or going from calling them a "Chick" to "Dude" in the dub.²* GetItOverWith: He says this to Monokuma shortly after being convicted.²* HairTriggerTemper: Which eventually leads him to kill Chihiro in an uncontrollable fit of rage.²* HandBehindHead: Three whole sprites devoted to it.²* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Kiyotaka.²* HiddenDepths: He [[PetTheDog loves dogs]] (of any size; he used to have a Maltese) and wants to become a carpenter, so he can build rather than break things.²* HotBlooded: Which led to him bonding with Kiyotaka.²* HumbleGoal: At the end of his Free-Time Event path, he decides what he wants most is to be a simple carpenter.²* IfWeSurviveThis: In his first Free-Time Event he promises to take Makoto out riding with him. The notion of riding behind him, along with the fact that rival gangs always go for the leader, just goes towards terrifying Makoto.²* IGaveMyWord: "A man's promise" is worth a lot to him. He even rearranges the changing rooms after Chihiro's death to keep his secret for as long as possible. His FamousLastWords are him lamenting that he can't keep ThePromise he made to the dying Daiya.²* ImMelting: His CruelAndUnusualDeath, done through a combination of pure heat and deadly centrifugal force.²* ImplausibleHairColor: It's probably dyed to fit his delinquent image.²* ImprobableHairstyle: His room is one of the most Spartan of the whole group, with a big can of hairspray standing out. Thanks to that, his pompadour is big/strong enough to get its own towel (and can even support its weight) in the sauna, while one class photo shows him asleep at his desk and squishing it down without any adverse effects.²* INeverSaidItWasPoison: Referring to Chihiro's blue sports jersey (when, aside from Celeste, only his murderer could've known what color it was) is what exposes him as the killer.²* InsaneTrollLogic: Accept's Kiyotaka's assertion that Chihiro's tracksuit is the same color as his killer's. This inadvertently sets him up when he tries to clear himself using this logic by saying his is a different color and instead falls into the trap Kyoko set.²* JapaneseDelinquents: Naturally, as the leader of a large motorcycle gang.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Sure he's rough, rude and easily pissed off but he repeatedly shows that he is quite moral, apologizes for knocking out Makoto on the first day during a moment of stress and has a genuine friendship with [[ClassRepresentative Kiyotaka]] that is quite heartwarming. This makes his murder of Chihiro incredibly tragic, as he did it almost subconsciously due to the amount of pressure on his mind from Monokuma's "Incentive".²* KarmicNod: He accepts his fate once he's exposed as the murderer. Additionally, In his final Free Time event, he feels uneasy about his future once he graduates and is no longer part of the Crazy Diamonds, and says "Maybe I'm being punished for doing what I felt like all my life."²* KnuckleCracking: His intimidation sprite uses this and he wears a sick grin to match (like he's about to hurt someone).²* MadnessMantra:²-->"Strongstrongstrong...!"²* MinorInsultMeltdown: Byakuya calling him plankton floating through the ocean without any meaning seems like this at first (where he's ready to punch Byakuya and ends up punching Makoto instead). It's later revealed that sensitivity to his own lack of agency in life is one of the major themes surrounding his character.²* MulticoloredHair: Natural black hair with a light-brown punch perm/pompadour.²* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: When he regains his senses and realizes that he killed Chihiro.²** This is the only way to describe the look on his face as his brother bleeds in his arms.²* MyGreatestFailure: Feeling overshadowed by his older brother, Daiya, Mondo challenged him to a motorcycle race. His reckless driving almost led to him being hit by a truck, but Daiya saved his life by pushing him out of the way. He died from his injuries, and Mondo blames himself for never having been strong enough.²* NudityEqualsHonesty: At the beginning of the second chapter, the player can find him in the newly-opened bathhouse looking for the missing Togami, where it's revealed that he believes in "hadaka no tsukiai," and suggests he and [[TheHero Naegi]] test out the bath later with that as the reason, with Ishimaru also revealing the same thinking in a [[RelationShipValues Free-Time Event]] (both bathing invitations only serve to embarrass Naegi considerably). Just one more factor that may have led to their OddFriendship following the sauna duel.²* NoIndoorVoice: Just like Kiyotaka. One free time event has him saying that it tends to happen as a defense-mechanism whenever he's nervous, [[CannotTalkToWomen which inadvertently chases off pretty much any girls he tries to talk to]].²* OddFriendship: With [[ClassRepresentative Kiyotaka]].²* OnlyFriend: To Kiyotaka.²* PunnyName: Combined with his brother, Daiya, they form ''daiyamondo'' - diamond, the namesake of their gang.²* RatedMForManly: The only one more obviously masculine is [[{{Irony}} Sakura]], which Makoto can lampshade in a free time event. Naturally he bonds very quickly with Kaito over this in ''Bonus Mode''.²* RealMenHateSugar: Subverted, in the drama CD it's shown that he likes cotton candy.²* RealMenWearPink: For being the most traditionally-masculine of all the male students, his beloved pet was a Maltese.²* ShoutOut: His pompadour, and the fact that his gang is called the Crazy Diamonds, brings to mind Josuke Higashikata and his stand Crazy Diamond from ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure''.²* SirSwearsALot: Uses many a ClusterFBomb.²* SurvivorGuilt: Over his brother's death.²* SympatheticMurderer: He honestly didn't mean to hurt Chihiro and cared enough to try and keep his promise to the poor boy, he just had very poor self-control and snapped due to stress.²* TeamSpirit: Being that his talent requires disciplined leadership in respect to the importance of unity, he objects immediately to Byakuya going off on his own. This wouldn't be the first time they come to blows.²* TechnicolorEyes: His eyes are a very pale lavender.²* TragicMistake: Challenging his brother to a race. This led to Daiya dying to save Mondo, and Mondo's need to keep the secret led to his emotional breakdown and killing Chihiro in a fit of rage.²* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: If Mondo didn't get reckless in his race with his brother, Daiya wouldn't have died and Mondo wouldn't have a secret like so large as to lose control over. Meaning he most likely wouldn't have killed Chihiro, have himself executed, which would put Kiyotaka into a depression that ends in him getting killed after he snaps out of it. Meaning he brought 4 (including himself) people down directly or indirectly. ²* VillainousBreakdown: It bears mentioning that his version in-game is nowhere near as severe as the other murderers when found out, due to his status as SympatheticMurderer, to the point the anime forgoes it completely.²* WouldntHitAGirl: When he is charged with guarding the crime scene for the first case, Makoto points out that his adherence to this trope could cause trouble for him if the culprit is one of the girls, a thought that causes Mondo visible discomfort. During a free time segment, he also challenges Makoto to a one-on-one match, but Makoto points out he's never been in a fight before, but maybe Sakura Ogami would be a better match! But Mondo can't spar with Sakura because he won't hit girls. He later murders Chihiro, but he's still not guilty of "hitting girls," since Chihiro isn't really a girl.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Leon Kuwata]]²[[WMG:Leon Kuwata]]²!!!Ultimate Baseball Star²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->"''Actually, can I be totally honest with you? I don't like baseball. Like, at all. I've never gone to a single practice.''"²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TakahiroSakurai (Japanese), Creator/GrantGeorge (game), Creator/JustinCook (anime) (English)²->'''Played by:''' Yuya Miyashita (stage)²²The star player of Japan's champion high-school baseball team who, oddly enough, doesn't care much for baseball. Leon stays on the team so he can rake in athletic scholarships and attention from girls. His real dream is to become the lead vocalist for a punk rock band, and change his title to Ultimate Musician. He is the culprit of Chapter 1, stabbing Sayaka to death (after she tries to kill him first) and is found guilty at the school trial. Despite his argument that he acted in self-defense, he is executed by Monokuma, bludgeoned to death by a barrage of one-thousand baseballs.²----²* AccidentalMurder: In the manga, his killing of Sayaka is presented as an accident while he was frantically trying to snap her out of a FreakOut.²* AdaptationalHeroism: The manga inventing the idea of his AccidentalMurder is a pretty straight example of this. While he's by no means a ''bad'' person, his murder of Sayaka was nothing short of a deliberate, heat-of-the-moment decision. Here, Leon didn't break into the bathroom with the intent to kill, but rather, to calm the panicking Sayaka. Needless to say, [[ForegoneConclusion it doesn't end well.]]²* AdaptationalNiceGuy: Thanks to Leon's [[WeHardlyKnewYe very early death]], a lot of his sympathetic qualities are only brought to light in supplementary material. In the main game, Leon is shown to be [[EntitledBastard quite an entitled and even shallow person]], despite not being necessarily a bad guy. School Mode and ''[[VideoGame/UltraDespairGirls Ultra Despair Hagakure]]'', however go on to confirm that no, he's better than people think and he's shown to have a lot of likable qualities his Free-Time Events didn't capitalize on. See JerkWithAHeartOfGold for further evidence of this.²* {{Adorkable}}: Despite his conscious efforts to maintain a "cool, tough punk" persona, Leon has several shades of this. He gets endearingly enthusiastic and giddy if you pick the right choices in all social interactions with him, and he's revealed to be somebody who's incredibly self-conscious about looking cool. He even invokes this trope in one of his School Mode events, when he speculates that his inability to eat a burger without dripping everywhere may endear him to girls. ²* ArmorPiercingQuestion: In the manga, as Sayaka keeps attacking him with the knife, he asks if she really believes Monokuma will keep his word and let her leave. She hesitates long enough for him to break her wrist with the wooden sword and make her drop the knife.²* ArcNumber: [[ Sayaka Maizono's dying message]] resulted in a misinterpretation of "11037". Come the sequel's fifth chapter, and this number is recycled by Makoto Naegi for the ancient ruins on the fifth island. ²** This is characterized as an arc number solely due to it being a combination of two significant characters' significant will of causality (Sayaka's last-second redemption through her culprit's identification, his independent murder and confrontation of her). Recycling it is only something a company conscious of its works would bluntly do.²* AttentionWhore: When looking to recruit for his punk rock band, he stipulates to Makoto that he doesn't want anyone who's already famous because ''he's'' supposed to be the center of attention. He makes an exception for Sayaka; one drama CD track has him begging her to join his band to perform at the school festival.²* BigNo: Gets one after screaming 'no' repeatedly when Monokuma announces his execution.²* BookDumb: He's quick with his tongue and can snark quite a bit, but he slacks as often as he can academically speaking and dislikes reading anything that isn't comics, as seen in School Mode:²-->'''Naegi:''' So, Leon... do you read much?\²'''Leon:''' Well, a simple question deserves a simple answer. So nope! All I read is comics. I've never even opened a textbook! ²* BrilliantButLazy: When it comes to baseball. In fact, he barely shows up to practice. Makoto outright says that "God gave his genius to the wrong person". He does confess to missing the sport after they've been locked up for a while, though.²** His laziness implies that he probably would've never become a murderer if his involvement in someone else's murder attempt wasn't forced. This then gets invoked by his cover-up failing due to not checking whether his bloodied shirt was properly burned (among other inconsistencies that are difficult to blame on anything besides laziness).²* TheCasanova: Likes the attention he gets as a star player, and at least part of the reason he wants to become a musician instead is he thinks that'll impress more girls that way. In fact, during a free time segment, Makoto can learn that the reason he picked "musician" ''specifically'' as a girl-impressing career is that "the cute girl at the hair salon" will never go out with Leon the baseball player, since the cute girl at the hair salon likes musicians. He promptly follows up by asking Makoto if he thinks Sayaka would also be into fellow musicians or if she'd prefer actors.²* CharacterDevelopment: Leon unfortunately [[WeHardlyKnewYe dies too early to show signs of this]], but in School Mode, he's shown to have a lot of development he doesn't have in canon. It's revealed in his Trigger Happy Heart that despite his desire to become a musician and ditch baseball, he's worried that his fundamentally shallow reasons for wanting to become one would make him feel completely uncool; Makoto's best response is assuring him that nobody would make fun of him for his indecisiveness and fears of being uncool, something Leon's very comforted by. If you get his ending, Leon even reveals he's decided to tackle both baseball ''and'' music, not just for believing he has to work for his skills than let success be handed to him, but also to demonstrate more self-assurance in achieving his dreams.²* ChekhovsHobby: He's an Ultimate Baseball Star. In the first chapter, the incinerator was activated to dispose of evidence even though the switch to activate it was behind a locked gate. Hitting the switch with a thrown object would have required an accurate pitch... which helps to prove his involvement. Also hinted at earlier--he was the team cleanup hitter, and the paint residue on the body indicates the killer broke the victim's wrist with one blow. ²* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Chained to a signpost and shot with a thousand baseballs from a high-power cannon.²* CustomUniform: In the class pictures showing lost memories, he's seen wearing gym clothes but never the regular school uniform.²* ADayInTheLimelight: His chapter in the manga, which focus on the events that led to Sayaka's death from his point of view, portraying him sympathetically.²* DeathByIrony: Leon would often skip baseball practice. When he's executed, he's literally dragged to the batting cage and forced to stay there until he's dead from being shot with hundreds of baseballs.²* DeathOfAThousandCuts: A baseball to the head can be deadly. A thousand baseballs everywhere but the head is just as deadly and infinitely more horrific.²* EntitledBastard: Entitlement is a major theme going through his Free-Time Events, and it's somewhat hinted through the main narrative with his easygoing view on the music business and his belief that he can just casually get into the industry just like how he does in baseball, something that angers Sayaka in the manga. Truth is, while he's by no means a bad person (especially as supplementary material goes on to confirm), his inherent talent for baseball gave him an almost child-like view on work in general, believing he can just make his claim without actually trying. This is something that's more an act of naivete and immaturity than any sort of genuine malice on this part. [[CharacterDevelopment He thankfully grows out of it in his School Mode ending after his character development,]] where he decided he wants to tackle both baseball and music specifically because he knows success isn't going to be handed to him.²* ExpectingSomeoneTaller: Many students subvert Makoto's expectations of them the first time they meet, but none more so than Leon. Amusingly, he finds the more sporty-looking pictures of him from his performance at the National Highschool Baseball Championships embarrassing (instead of the other way around, as is usual with this trope).²* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: When Makoto discusses the Ultimate Baseball Star at the beginning of the game before actually meeting him, Leon is shown to have a buzzcut typical of a high school baseball player in Japan. When he actually appears, he has his wilder haircut shown above--turns out he hates having close-cropped hair, but his teammates forced him to cut it (in the English localization, it's because of tournament regulations). The new haircut goes with his decision to abandon baseball and pick up music.²* FaceDeathWithDignity: Averted. He's the only one of the killers to go kicking and screaming to his execution. Justified in that he was the first one to discover what the punishment really consisted of and just how honest Monokuma was being about it. ²* FieryRedhead: But it's not his natural color.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: His T-shirt has a red design of a skull inside a circle being caved in. During his execution, the baseballs explicitly avoided hitting him in the head until the very end.²* FourIsDeath: He hit cleanup on his team as the fourth batter. Fittingly, he's the fourth death shown on-screen.²* TheGenericGuy: Even though he has just as much of a fleshed-out personality as the rest of the students, being a guy who's most distinctive quality is his extraordinary talent in a world filled with extraordinarily talented people makes him the most teen-like in the group besides Makoto, though unlike them [[TheGift he's had to work the least for his position]]. Perhaps fittingly, this leads to a distinct maturity drop-off due to a near-lack of the same kinds of struggles and sacrifices that have made the other students WiseBeyondTheirYears.²** Matters ''really'' aren't helped [[WeHardlyKnewYe due to how early he dies.]] Because of how relatively simplistic his Free-Time Events were, this led to the impression for many that he was a FlatCharacter even when ''[[VideoGame/UltraDespairGirls Ultra Despair Hagakure]]'' and School Mode showed that to be otherwise.²* TheGift: His extraordinary talent for baseball has kept him from needing to put much effort into life thanks to all its advantages (like the easy scholarships and attention from girls). And with how little he works for his title as opposed to everyone else devoting their entire lives to whatever they do, he may even have the most raw talent in the entire group. This gets deconstructed in his Trigger-Happy Heart event, where the ramifications of his newest goal in music chosen on a whim show just how much it terrifies him to be seen looking uncool by needing to put effort into something.²* GroinAttack: Let's just say that during his execution, the baseballs hit him ''everywhere''.²* HairTriggerTemper: One of Leon's most consistent qualities is him being ''very'' sensitive to what people think of him, acting downright defensive whenever he feels like he's being unjustly criticized. After Monokuma sends out the videos he intended to use as a motive, he acts downright accusatory: "You were trying to act all innocent and get me to confess what I saw, didn't you? I won't fall into that trap!" During the trial itself, it doesn't take too much to send him into a VillainousBreakdown.²* HandBehindHead: One of his friendlier sprites.²* HatesTheJobLovesTheLimelight: A beat-for-beat version, translated into playing sports more than creating or performing art. Leon ''does'' enjoy playing baseball at heart, and he loves the attention, female fans, and free ride scholarships that baseball gives him. He just hates and resents having to do it ''constantly'', until all the joy is gone and only the drudgery of endless pointless practice and games is left. The fact that he's [[BrilliantButLazy a lazy bum at heart and so stupidly talented that he doesn't find much challenge in the game or see why anyone would need to practice at it]] doesn't help.²* TheHedonist: Subverted. Leon's reasoning for wanting to get into music (to impress a girl) is something he ''acknowledges'' as fundamentally shallow, and a lot of his Trigger-Happy Heart has him worry that he's looking like an utter fool [[IJustWantToBeLoved for trying so hard to be liked.]] His CharacterDevelopment has him completely outgrow this, and show that he wants to tackle both music ''and'' sports because of his passion for them, regardless of what everybody else thinks.²* HonorBeforeReason: In the manga, he tried to open the bathroom door in an attempt to calm Sayaka down, which... ''wasn't'' a very smart move on his part considering she still had a knife.²* IfWeSurviveThis: During a free time segment with Leon, he insists that if they survive this Makoto has to play baseball with him! Sadly, he doesn't survive. In fact, he's the first culprit, [[WeHardlyKnewYe and he doesn't make it out of Chapter 1.]]²** Though in [[AlternateUniverse School Mode]], he ''does'' gets a chance to fulfill this if you get his ending.²* InsaneTrollLogic: He engages in this during the demo trial, being as convinced as Toko that Makoto is the killer; during the demo of the Bullet Time Battle he's not wildly denying his guilt but wildly insisting on Makoto's. Surprisingly enough, he ''isn't'' the killer (it's strongly implied to be Hifumi). ²* ImplausibleHairColor: He explicitly mentions dying his hair red (one of the numerous things he clashes with his baseball team about).²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Leon can come off as a pretty [[EntitledBastard entitled person]] who only seems to be wanting to be a musician to pick up girls, never mind the fact [[StarterVillain he's the first murderer in the game.]] That said, his true colors are shown in School Mode and other supplementary material as somebody who's a inherently friendly and easy-going person, bordering on outright LovableJock territory. These qualities are brought to canonical heights in ''[[VideoGame/UltraDespairGirls Ultra Despair Hagakure]]'', where his AbhorrentAdmirer [[KissingCousins cousin]] Kanon Nakajima hounds him ''incessantly'' for his affections, something Leon has turned her down ''thousands'' of times. And each and every time, Leon does it in the nicest way possible as to not break his cousin's heart. Anybody who has as much patience as ''that'' is in no way a true {{Jerkass}}.²** Heck, it's heavily implied that had not Sayaka tried to kill him in Chapter 1, it's very possible he would've ''never'' become a murderer. While how much of this is his [[BrilliantButLazy laziness]] than his genuine friendliness remains to be debated, it's still quite likely he wouldn't have murdered somebody to get out had he not been forced into the role, which goes on to explain why his cover-up of the murder was so slap-dash.²* KubrickStare: His sprite used for glaring fiercely is this.²* LethalChef: In School Mode, he says his food specialty are frozen foods and cup ramen. ²* LovableJock: Despite his [[EntitledBastard flaws,]] Leon is inherently a lovable person who has a love for baseball, and is easily one of the more sociable and friendly members of Class 78. While his Free-Time Events don't ''quite'' allude to this as it should have, School Mode and ''[[VideoGame/UltraDespairGirls Ultra Despair Hagakure]]'' portray him in a more nobler light.²* MadnessMantra: ²** His reaction to being fingered as the culprit can be approximately summarized as "idiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiotidiot!"²** However, in Project Zetsubou's fanmade English patch, this mantra is changed to "Dumbassdumbassdumbass!"²** The official English translation changes it to "Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid!"²** Meanwhile the dubbed anime turns this into incoherent rambling.²* ManslaughterProvocation: ²** He could ''almost'' be viewed as this, since he only committed murder after Sayaka attempted to kill him. It is subverted however, as he had a choice. When Sayaka's plan went south and she locked herself up in Makoto's shower, Leon could have simply left the scene and taken the knife that she intended to stab him with, but he instead choose to get his screwdriver to screw up the door and stab her instead.²** Not subverted in the supplementary manga, where it's shown that he opened the bathroom not to stab Sayaka, but to try and calm her down while she still held the knife tightly. Unluckily for both of them Sayaka didn't trust him and tried to attack him again, during the struggle to get rid of the knife he ended up stabbing her by accident.²* MemeticHandGesture: He can sometimes be seen flashing [[Music/RonnieJamesDio the sign of the horns]].²* NiceJobBreakingItHero: No matter how good his intentions were, ''forcing his way in the bathroom'' to try and calm down the panicking Sayaka wasn't the brightest idea, even less when you consider she still has a knife and believes that he's out to kill her. ²* NoChallengeEqualsNoSatisfaction: In his School Mode ending, he decides to keep going with both baseball ''and'' music. When a surprised Makoto comments it'll be difficult to focus on both at the same time, he says that's ''why'' he has to do it, aside from his desire just to pursue his own ideals regardless of what everybody else thinks.²* NotSoDifferent: When found guilty, he argues that any of the others would have done the same thing if Sayaka had targeted them instead.²* OhCrap: In the manga, upon realizing that Sayaka's DyingClue spells his first name.²-->"[[PrecisionFStrike Shit... Maizono, you bitch]]!"²* PlotTriggeringDeath: As the SacrificialLion of Danganronpa, murdering Sayaka Maizono in the first chapter assists the player, along with Makoto Naegi himself, with the true story of grotesqueness and emotional discharge they are participating in. After Leon is voted as the Blackened and executed brutally by Monokuma, the survivors of the first chapter remain unnerved and undermined by the observed course of action.²* PosthumousCharacter: In the sixth chapter of Trigger Happy Havoc, he appears in the school photographs provided by Monokuma to Makoto, Aoi, Yasuhiro, Toko, and Byakuya.²** He yet again appears in the sequel, but as the password to the ancient ruins on the 2nd island (The island where Mahiru Koizumi is murdered by Peko Pekoyama under Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu's serendipitously professed command). Particularly, the password is a numerical five-figure line of "11037" (Revealed by Nagito Komaeda after the fifth class trial), what Sayaka Maizono's illustrious dying message is initially misinterpreted as, until Kyoko recommends the survivors of the first chapter rotate the message 180 degrees to reveal the word "LEON"; or, Leon Kuwata, the culprit of the first chapter who subjects her to her PlotTriggeringDeath. ²* TheQuincyPunk: He works hard to invoke the image, mentioning he's a fan of the Music/SexPistols, Music/TheDamned and Music/TheClash.²* TheRockStar: He's enamored with the lifestyle and dreams of being one.²* SacrificialLamb: As the victim of the first proper execution in the series, he serves to show just how brutally (and humiliatingly) you'll die if you get caught for murder.²* SatelliteCharacter: Oddly enough, manages to be one to the character he kills. Pretty much all of his significance and story presence comes from him being Sayaka's attempted victim and killer. ²* SelfDeprecation: He gets one moment of this in his second free time event, when he tells Makoto he's aiming to become a vocalist in a punk rock band because, among other things, he won't actually have to be a good singer. Possibly a reference to allegations of such regarding bands like the Music/SexPistols, which he mentions when listing examples of the genre.²* ShoutOut: Has the signature padlock necklace and a similar hairstyle to punk rock legend Music/SidVicious. Fittingly, both Leon and Vicious stabbed women in the shower. ²* SingleIssueWonk: After baseball is brought up in his introduction, he's quick to profess his hatred for the sport.²* TheSlacker: Another perk of being an Ultimate Baseball Star is that you don't have to worry about your grades.²* StarterVillain: He's the franchise's first murderer, and his case is fairly straightforward compared to the insane crimes others pull off later in the series.²* StraightMan: Strangely enough, he qualifies as this. As over-the-top as he acts, Leon is also extremely quick to point out other people's bizarre behavior.²-->''(to Toko's "Such moving words...")'' "You mean bowel movements, right?"\²''(To Yasuhiro)'' "Are we supposed to laugh?!"\²''(To Hifumi)'' "You really don't care about embarrassing yourself, do you."²** He also tends to react accordingly to Makoto's 'out there' comments during School Mode: ²--->'''Makoto:''' The happy blue sky kinda cheers me up...\²'''Leon:''' That's very poetic, but it’s still just a ceiling painted blue.²* StunnedSilence: The only way to describe him as Makoto delivers the final piece of evidence in his trial.²* SympatheticMurderer: [[ZigZaggedTrope Played with.]] On the one hand, while his victim tried to kill him, it's pointed out that he had to leave the room and get the tools he needed to break into where they'd taken shelter. On the ''other'' hand however, Leon isn't portrayed as a heartless individual in any means, and depending on how much you like him, his begging for mercy can be quite a TearJerker and a highlight that ''nobody'' is at fault except the Killing Game itself. Of course, the manga shows that he ''wasn't'' trying to kill Sayaka at all and just calm her down, and that her death was an accident.²* TemptingFate: His claim that there aren't any clues left is what prompts Makoto to bring up the dying message. ²* {{Tsundere}}: Surprisingly enough, towards ''baseball''. No matter how much he tries to deny it, he still loves the sport. To the point his Trigger Happy Heart event is about it! ²* UndignifiedDeath: The above CruelAndUnusualDeath. Leon is the only culprit who doesn't accept his guilt and FaceDeathWithDignity; in the anime he goes as far as to pound on the courtroom doors screaming to be let out. Then he's desperately clawing at the chain around his throat as it's dragging him to the batting cage, kicking and screaming, and he has a frightened-out-of-his-mind look on his face right up until the baseball cannon beats him to death by firing baseballs.²* VillainousBreakdown: While Leon's hardly the traditional definition of a villain, as somebody who wounds up as Sayaka's murderer, but he makes some ''really'' crazy faces when he's feeling anger or despair, like when Makoto figures out he's the one who killed Sayaka. In fact, once Leon's fate is sealed, he ''flips out'' and starts repeatedly screaming the word "aho"/"stupid" over and over.²* WeHardlyKnewYe: Even compared to other Danganronpa characters who die in Chapter 1, he gets next to no screentime or focus beyond being Sayaka's killer. Poor dude's hit pretty bad with this. Thanks to Leon's shallow Free-Time Events and the fact that Sayaka and Junko get more emphasis than he did, many people came to believe he was a shallow philanderer who has no meaningful personality compared to the rest of the cast. In reality, Leon is shown to contradict these claims through supplementary materials, but a large reason for why this opinion is so prevalent is due to how early he dies and how little development he gets in his home game. It's thankfully alleviated in other source materials, but even so.²* WritersCannotDoMath: [[ His pitch was apparently clocked at 160 kilometers per hour. Or 100 miles per hour. To put this perspective, that would be approximately in the top .002% of all MLB pitches thrown between 2009 and 2010.]]²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Hifumi Yamada]]²[[WMG:Hifumi Yamada]]²!!!Ultimate [[{{Doujinshi}} Fanfic Creator]]²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''“ Hifumi Yamada. But if you want to call me by my nickname, "The Alpha and the Omega!" I don't mind.”''²²->'''Voiced by''': Creator/KappeiYamaguchi (Japanese), Creator/LucienDodge (game), Tyson Rinehart (anime) (English)²->'''Played by''': Seitaro Mukai, Syun Matsuo, Masaaki Amenomiya (stage)²²An {{Otaku}} artist whose work sells in the tens of thousands. He disavows any interest in 3D women and aims to become a famous sculptor (of anime figures, of course). His dialog is liberally peppered with references to anime and video games. He is the accomplice and second victim of chapter 3, being manipulated by Celeste into helping her murder Kiyotaka, only to be betrayed by her and killed himself.²----²* {{Acrofatic}}: He is shown to be able to keep up with the other students on a track run in one photograph.²* {{Adorkable}}: There's something to like about his Otaku obsessions. Unlike most examples, this isn't portrayed in the most flattering fashion.²* AlmostDeadGuy: Briefly wakes up after being mortally wounded before he is murdered.²* AssholeVictim: Not only was he a disgusting pervert, but he also murdered the innocent Kiyotaka in cold blood simply because Celeste made a FalseRapeAccusation against him and without even taking the time to ask him if the accusation was true, and was ''also'' willing to have all the other students executed for the sake of his "revenge" on Kiyotaka. Considering all this, it becomes hard to have any sympathy for his death.²* BerserkButton: He believes that RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil, and he is more than willing to kill someone who allegedly committed the act.²* BiTheWay: [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]]. When Yasuhiro points out that Alter Ego is as male as his programmer (Chihiro) was, he says he sees no problem with that--though he continues to refer to Alter Ego as female.²* ButtMonkey: To Celeste, in particular.²* CatSmile: One of his default expressions. He looks sort of harelipped, in fact.²* CharacterTics: Pushing up his glasses ([[AdjustingYourGlasses in a nerdy, intellectual way]]). According to Monokuma's observations [[ in the artbook]], he does it unconsciously.²* ChekhovsHobby: He mentions during a conversation in the art room that his title also refers to designing and constructing PVC models. That same chapter, he puts those skills to use in the worst way possible to frame Yasuhiro.²* ChubbyChaser: Based on his attraction to Pretty Pudgy Princess Piggles...²* DemotedToExtra: Is notably one of the few students to not be spotlighted in the manga. As a result of its format, much of his scenes are cut and he mostly stands in the background, bar his interactions with Celeste and his death. ²* {{Doujinshi}}: His calling and hobby. "Doujin Writer" is actually his Ultimate Talent in the Japanese version, and was likely changed to "Fanboy" in the simulcast anime and "Fanfic Creator" in the official English translation for the sake of requiring less explanation.²* DiedInYourArmsTonight: He dies in Aoi's arms while she is sobbing at his death.²* DontYouDarePityMe: In his Free Time events, he mentions angrily lashing out at girls whom he believes want to spend time with him out of pity. [[DeconstructedTrope Makoto doesn't think this is a very nice thing to do]].²* DropTheHammer: He kills Kiyotaka via beating him with one of these. And ''then'' he gets killed in a similar way.²* DyingClue: Revealing the identity of his killer, and the first hint that the students' memories had been tampered with. He also happens to regain all of the memories that were taken from him, which is how he knows the killer's real name when the killer has so far been going by an alias. This inadvertently complicates things, since her surname is the same as the first name of the character who's ''already'' the target of a frame job.²* EasyAmnesia: Played with. He recovers his memories through the classic method of being brained with a hammer. Unfortunately, [[RememberedTooLate the blow is also fatal]].²* EveryoneHasStandards: Hifumi spends his time in the story gushing over 2-D girls and generally giving everyone else the creeps. But even ''he'' thinks some things are just beyond the pale: when Celeste lies to him and tells him Kiyotaka stole Alter Ego ''and'' sexually assaulted her, this makes Hifumi mad enough to beat Kiyotaka to death... right before Celeste double-crosses him and kills him.²* ExpressiveHair: His two side-curls tend to point in different directions depending on his mood.²* ExtravertedNerd: He sees absolutely nothing shameful about the way he talks about his love of 2-D, or any other nerdy subject for that matter. Kuwata is perplexed that he's not more embarrassed about it.²* FanBoy: Of Princess Piggles, but that's hardly the extent of his fannishness.²* FatBastard: He murders an innocent man in cold blood without a shred of evidence that he did any of the crimes Hifumi murdered him for, and seems completely unfazed by the notion that everyone besides him and Celeste would die because of his actions.²* FatComicRelief: There is little dialogue that comes from Hifumi that is not in some way silly or comical. His poor diet is also exploited for humor.²* FatIdiot: Considered one by Celeste, who, when describing her plan, notes how easily he was fooled, particularly in his being turned against Kiyotaka, and being tricked into not suspecting that [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness she would dispose of him when she no longer needed him]]. As GeniusDitz below shows, though, he's more gullible than actually this.²* {{Foil}}: To Celeste, surprisingly enough. Celeste's Free Time Events imply her to be an otaku herself, one who [[ClosetGeek desperately wants to obscure that fact from others]]. Small wonder Hifumi seems to piss her off so much.²** He's also one to Toko. Both are authors, both are [[FriendlessBackground loners]], and both are very attached to what they write: however, they don't get along at all because their writing fields are so different and because both undervalue the other's. Hifumi is also a pervert while Toko hates those kinds of people.²* FourEyesZeroSoul: He wears round OpaqueLenses and murdered an innocent man in cold blood over a FalseRapeAccusation with no evidence.²* FriendlessBackground: A lot of his character arc shows that he rarely gets to ramble about all the fandom-related tropes he's so passionate about, save for Makoto if the player chooses to go through his Free-Time Events, and later Alter Ego. In his final Free Time Event, he chooses to call Makoto a friend.²* FullNameBasis[=/=]LastNameBasis: He always has a distinctive way to address his peers which varies on the language. In the original Japanese he addresses everyone by their full name ''and'' [[UsefulNotes/JapaneseHonorifics with the old-fashioned honorific "-dono"]]. In the official English translation he exclusively refers to the other students by their last names (For example, Makoto is "Mr. Naegi," and Sayaka is "Miss Maizono.") to adapt it without making it too cumbersome. In both cases, this later proves to be a big clue towards figuring out who murdered him.²* GeekPhysique: A parody of the fat alternative.²* GeniusDitz: For all the flak he gets from Celeste for being a FatIdiot, the first two trials see a pretty even number of contributions/deductions from both of them (which is to say their combined efforts don't come close to the amount of work put in by the 3 Trial Point Getters; with how little legwork anyone ''but'' the main trio does in investigations, this is still significant). He figured that Sayaka's killer got invited through the front door before Kyoko said anything and quickly picked up on her dying message not being a numeral code (notably the ''only'' character who didn't need to be handheld on the dying message angle), while his accidentally finding the broken electronic ID played just as much of a role in catching the second culprit as Celeste's accidentally meeting with Chihiro before his death.²* GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger: While this is far from unique within the series, his [[LargeHam hammy tendencies]] give him the distinction of two sprites that involve pointing dramatically. In one of these he can be seen sweating nervously in the midst of it, indicating that he probably jumped the gun with his accusation.²* GoIntoTheLight: He brings up such a light during his death scene.²* {{Gonk}}: Even if he wasn't the only obese character in the game, he's not particularly attractive. He's ''worse'' in the Closing Argument for the trial as the artstyle makes him look like a deranged hippo.²* HotBlooded: He's ''very'' quick to jump to conclusions and once his mind is set on something it's nigh impossible to change it. This, combined with his earlier fight with Takamaru over Alter Ego, is what lead him to murder Takamaru over Celeste's lies [[ATragedyOfImpulsiveness without bothering to check if they were true.]] ²* HypocriticalHumor: He takes a moment to poke fun at Aoi's BigEater tendencies by comparing her to a goldfish that eats whatever is available, which she immediately calls him out on.²* IdiotHair: A non-protagonist example, most likely due to his oddball otaku nature.²* IfItsYouItsOkay: Along with his 2D fetish for Alter Ego, he completely ignores that the real Chihiro Fujisaki was [[GenderReveal a guy the whole time]] and falls heads over heels for Alter Ego. However, there are straight males with [[OtokonokoGenre a fetish for male-to-female crossdressers]] in real life, so maybe this isn't too far off.²* IJustWantToHaveFriends: As much as he dismisses any need for 3-D people in his life, the enthusiasm with which he rambles about his nerdy interests to anyone that'll listen and the frequency with which he gets ignored seems to imply he'd really like someone to talk to.²* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: Perverted {{otaku}} who makes it a point of pride to drive girls trying to be nice to him away aside, he is a man with a lot of genuine conviction underneath all his unsavory traits. He sincerely thinks the world of the world of doujinshi, wants to spread his passions to a wide, appreciative audience In Free Time Events, he treats Naegi well while offering to make him his assistant. But underneath ''that'', he is a guy who gleefully murdered an innocent man without even bothering to ask said man if the FalseRapeAccusation that motivated Hifumi to murder him was true. Not to mention he didn't have any qualms about letting all the others die to get his so-called "revenge".²* TheInsomniac: He mentions during School Mode that his work usually pushes him to doing a lot of all-nighters, which means he can't relate to people used to eating a quality breakfast in the morning (he apparently relies on junk food for fuel).²* InsultBackfire: A part of Hifumi apparently thinks Toko is complimenting him when she tells him he stinks. The derogatory term "otaku" also only fills him with pride.²* KitschCollection: His room is covered wall-to-wall in Princess Piggles merchandise.²* LargeHam: Most of what comes out of his mouth are overblown reactions. His portraits are also very dynamic with exaggerated poses.²* LastNameBasis: He refers to everyone by their last name by habit. This turns out to be a plot point in the third trial as figuring out he was using "Yasuhiro" as a last name is what makes the killer's true identity perfectly clear to everyone.²* {{Malaproper}}: He misreads Genocider's calling card ("chimidoro fever") as "chichideka fever" (a weird reversal of "dekachichi" meaning "large breasts"). This {{pun}} gets translated into several cringe-worthy forms.²* MommasBoy: Claims that his mother was the only woman he liked before Alter Ego who showed interest in his hobbies.²* MustHaveCaffeine: Goes into ''withdrawal'' when deprived of his Diet Coke in the conversations.²* NeatFreak: He can be seen eating potato chips with chopsticks in his character portrait, presumably to keep any chip dust from getting on his fingers and therefore his pen or tablet, while some disinfectant wipes are sitting nearby.²* NonStandardCharacterDesign: Compared to the more standard designs, Hifumi looks more like a caricature. He also lacks the series' standard eye designs, and has a chipmunk-like upper-lip in most of his poses. ²* NoSocialSkills: He rarely interacts with anyone without his {{Troperiffic}} fandom filter, nor does he consider his categorizations to be rude-sounding.²* OldSchoolChivalry: Seems to be a partial motivation in his going along with [[WoundedGazelleGambit Celeste's plan]].²* OpaqueNerdGlasses: Sometimes has his specs become more like these.²* OpenMouthInsertFoot: He tends to speak in a stream-of-consciousness manner that doesn't consider how awkward he might come off doing this.²* {{Otaku}}: He interestingly considers this term a compliment.²* OverlyNervousFlopSweat: Everyone has a sprite for nervous sweating. His just happens to be more exaggerated.²* PerpetualExpression: He noticeably changes expression, but his :3 smile only truly disappears in exactly one portrait.²* PerverseSexualLust: For Hifumi, it's 2-D women only. [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Allegedly.]] Going by the odd bit of dialogue, that seems to include [[ElegantGothicLolita Celeste]] as well. That may be part of the reason he went along so easily; not only a few well-placed bluffs, but the fact they're given by the one he may have idolized to an extent.²* PervertedDrooling: He has a sprite that seems intended to invoke this.²* PetTheDog: In a Free Time Event, Makoto learns that Hifumi actually has an ''altruistic'' dream: since he realizes that there are some people who only read fanfic casually, or only certain kinds, he wants to inspire those people to create ''their own'' fanfics, so he can "save" those people by giving them a direction in life, as his favorite anime character Heretic Angel ★ Mochi Mochi Princess did for ''him'', which is how Hifumi got into the fanfic business in the first place.²* ThePigPen: Gets accused of this by Toko, and yet [[ according to the art book]], he's actually quite nitpicky about personal hygiene.²%%* ProudToBeAGeek²* RememberedTooLate: It is implied during his final words that he remembers the forgotton two years at Hope's Peak.²* {{Robosexual}}: He falls in love with Chihiro's computer program, Alter Ego. Celeste exploits this when she steals the laptop and convinces him that Kiyotaka did it.²* RunningGag: Most of the class photos have Sakura keeping him in line by the IdiotHair. God only knows what he did to deserve that.²* SeriousBusiness: His field, the fanfic circle business. For example, he hates "losers" who only watch ''Heretic Angel ★ Mochi Mochi Princess'' because Bo-ko, the main character, turns them on; in his case, he watches the series because he sees it as a meta-science narrative and an answer to J.D. Gillard's theories. He also will get upset if Makoto misidentifies some aspect of fanfics, and he talks about possibly attending certain conventions all by himself so that the "not serious" fans don't ruin it. Also, his dream is to ''save aimless people'' by inspiring them to create their own fanfics, as his own favorite character had inspired him.²* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: In a bizarre take on this trope, Hifumi insists that ''the entire world of 3-D women'' could never be his girlfriends, since he insists he is only attracted to 2-D women.²* ShoutOut: A lot of his lines are references to various anime and video games.²* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: Any hints of interest in 3-D women are immediately followed by these, such as when Monokuma brought up "[[ThePeepingTom Man's Ambition]]".²* SympatheticMurderer: He kills Taka only because Celeste made a FalseRapeAccusation against him and takes advantage of the LoveTriangle both men had with Alter Ego. On the other hand, though, you could argue that Hifumi had every opportunity to ask Taka if the accusations Celeste made against him were actually ''true'' or not before murdering him.²* ThisIsUnforgivable: In the English release, his VoiceGrunting to express anger includes "This is... unforgivable!" and "[[PunctuatedForEmphasis To-tal-ly]] un...forgivable!"²* ThrowTheDogABone: Hifumi gets the privilege of dying in Aoi's arms while Aoi is sobbing at his death. Notably, in his FriendlessBackground, he used to ''resent'' this sort of thing, angrily driving away girls who wanted to "be nice to the fat nerdy kid to feel good about themselves."²* TooDumbToLive: He knew that the plan would require him to fake his death, and unquestioningly believed Celeste's claim that she had a plan to "explain" his death by killing another person at the same time. It never dawns on him that as someone who knows about Celeste's plan, and someone who was "supposed" to have died from being hit by Justice Hammer #3, Celeste would kill him to tie up loose ends.²* UnwittingPawn: Celeste played him hook, line, and sinker while he was none the wiser until it was too late.²* WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove: He has difficulty explaining his feelings for Alter Ego, and confusedly uses this wording (depending on the translation).²* WrongGenreSavvy: Many times he tries to view the story through the lens of some anime or manga. Most characters think he's delusional as a result of this.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Yasuhiro Hagakure]]²[[WMG:Yasuhiro Hagakure]]²!!!Ultimate Clairvoyant²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''"I can predict absolutely anything with perfect accuracy twenty percent of the time!"''²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MasayaMatsukaze (Japanese), Creator/KaijiTang (game), Christopher Bevins (anime) (English)²->'''Played by:''' Akira Ishida[[note]]Not the same one that does the voice of Byakuya in the games[[/note]], Masaya Matsukaze, Shouhei Osada (stage)²²A big name in Japan's fortune-telling community. Yasuhiro has made a killing off of his predictions, which he boasts have an 1-in-5 accuracy regardless of topic or scope. He's actually twenty[[note]]Twenty-one in the English localization, possibly because the legal drinking age is a year higher in America[[/note]] years old (having been held back several times in high school) and is easily one of the more laid-back and gullible cast members. He gets framed for the murders in Chapter 3, and mistakenly believes that he killed the victim of Chapter 4. He survives the final trial and escapes the school with the rest of the surviving students.²----²* AbsurdlyYouthfulFather: In the bad ending. While he's old enough that his age isn't particularly weird for a father, it should be noted that his child is visibly the youngest of the three.²* {{Adorkable}}: Way too stupid as the game goes on, hilarious whenever he thinks his predictions are spot-on.²* AintTooProudToBeg[=/=]PleaseIWillDoAnything: Where the other survivors are shaken by Junko's combined BreakingSpeech[=/=]MotiveRant, Yasuhiro breaks completely down and desperately begs to be spared.²* AndYouThoughtItWasAGame: Even after Monokuma reveals his DeadlyGame, Yasuhiro continues to insist it's all some sort of weird initiation prank. When it finally sinks in after someone is gruesomely killed in front of him, he promptly freaks out.²* AnimeHair: States in School Mode that it's his natural hair.²* TheBarnum: It's sometimes hard to tell if he's being honest about his swindling ways, or if he's just too stupid to deceive anyone.²* BromanticFoil: Grows into one toward Makoto by being the more fun-loving, open and approachable of the remaining male students. Makoto's feelings towards him are... mixed.²* ButtMonkey: His status as a PhonyPsychic combined with his weird beliefs and general absent-mindedness leads to pretty much every character treating him like the punchline to a bad joke. Even Makoto, despite probably being the one who is most friendly towards him, has problems taking him seriously. He also ends up the primary suspect of two murder cases ''in a row'' with the manga implying Celeste chose him as a scapegoat because she didn't like him; in the game, she says she chose him because he was an idiot (and that, unlike her choice of accomplice, his idiocy when framed was well beyond her expectations.)²* CharacterizationMarchesOn: When he's first introduced, he's a bit odd and kind of slow, but as the game progresses, his actions and dialogue become increasingly more erratic and idiotic. Lampshaded.²-->'''Hina:''' What the heck's happened to you...? You weren't like this from the beginning, you know.\²'''Hiro:''' [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall Well, back then my personality hadn't quite solidified yet...!]]²* CloudCuckooLander: He thinks for the longest time that Monokuma and the scenario he presents is just some kind of weird stunt, and when it finally dawns on him, as the last of the students, that it is actually deadly serious his FreakOut lasts for an entire day. And even after that, he still spends most of his time acting laid-back and somewhat detached from the gravity of the situation. And that's without going into things like the hamburger story.²* ConspiracyTheorist: He has a few tendencies toward this, especially in his Free Time Events, with his belief in such things as aliens and cryptids. In the MTB against him, he will sometimes yell, "It's a conspiracy!"²* CoatCape: Going with his laidback persona.²* CollectorOfTheStrange: Has an unusual fascination with Out-Of-Place Artifacts ([=OOPArts=]).²* CompressedHair: How Hifumi managed to stuff that do of his under the Robo Justice helmet is anyone's guess.²* TheCuckooLanderWasRight: ²** At least one of his predictions comes true: At the start of Chapter 4, he predicts that no one else will be murdered. He's right: Sakura's murder turns out to be a suicide, Mukuro's murder is revealed to have happened back in Chapter 1, Makoto survives his "execution", and the mastermind commits suicide by "executing" herself. Who could have seen that coming?²** And if that one is wrong (in the bad ending, where Kyoko is murdered via execution), then ''another'' one of his predictions becomes true: that he and Makoto's kids will have the same mom.²* DeadpanSnarker: He starts to become one around the third chapter.²* TheDitz: Commonly considered the dumbest of the students. Makoto has an InUniverse WhatAnIdiot reaction after finding out how much he spent on his (now shattered) crystal/glass ball.²-->"He's such an idiot, I can't even bring myself to feel bad for him..."²* DumbassHasAPoint: In the third case, after spending most of the time flailing around protesting his innocence, he asks what the real murder weapon was for Hifumi, since it would have been risky for the culprit to retrieve Justice Hammer 3 or 4 from the crime scene and then return it while everyone else was running around the school. Byakuya makes this observation.²-->'''[[JerkAss Byakuya]]:''' [[DeadpanSnarker ...I'm surprised. It seems there's some semblance of a brain knocking around inside that skull of yours, after all]].²* DubNameChange: Yasuhiro gets shortened to "Hiro."²* FortuneTeller: His talent, though he only gets it right 20-30% of the time, depending on translation and adaption.²* TheFriendNobodyLikes: He seems to have no close friends among the other students. Even [[MessianicArchetype Makoto]] expresses distaste for him at the end of his free time events (Yasuhiro had just asked Makoto to donate his organs so he could pay off a debt without having to dip into his savings). It outright gets meta. A lot of official group art tends to pair the students up based on their relationships. Yasuhiro, however, is usually just standing there by himself to the side. ²* FunnyAfro: Sorta.²* GeniusDitz: As stupid as he is to lose it all, he managed to raise one hundred million yen at one point purely through his fortune telling (which he then spent on a phony crystal ball). If nothing else, [[WildMassGuessing he might be a far better conman than he lets on...]]²* GivingSomeoneThePointerFinger: One of his "angry" sprites has him doing this, as does one of his "yelling" sprites.²* HeldBackInSchool: But not for the reason you might initially expect.²* HeroicBSOD: The fifth trial, as Junko reveals how thoroughly she tricked all of them, and [[PleaseIWillDoAnything he pleads her one last time to be spared]] before going over the edge of the trope. Makoto breaks him out of it, and he decides he wants to move forward no matter how difficult the path may look, losing the [[CloudCuckooLander goofiness that his talent predisposes him to]] and showing real focus for the first time (saying he wants to trust his instincts instead of his divination).²* IdiotSavant: Displays amazing self-trained penmanship and a working knowledge of electronics (by leading the dismantling of Monokuma and rewiring an antennae to pick up television signals from the outside world) despite the way he acts.²* InappropriateHunger: He makes the mistake of comparing Mukuro's flaming corpse to a well-done steak, which Aoi berates him for (since she might never be able to eat steak again after that).²* InSeriesNickname: As mentioned the official dub of the first game just calls him "Hiro".²* ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne: He gets into this with Aoi a lot. When she complains about the design of the Justice Robo costume, his first reaction is to tell her not to bash other people's designs, which only makes her more certain that he was the one who made it. Then in the next chapter, when she calls him a "stinking idiot", he is placated when she amends it to "you just stink." Later, when she accuses him of "Killing someone... and then standing here chatting and smiling..." he first insists he's not smiling before adding hastily that he's not the killer either.²* InsistentTerminology: No matter what it looks like, Yasuhiro's fortune telling is ''not'' occult. He hates the occult.²* {{Jerkass}}: Though it is usually forgivable considering his [[ButtMonkey status]], he does admit that he has no problem hitting girls who can't fight back and attacks Sakura in Chapter 4, albeit in what he thought was self-defense. Less forgivable is the fact that he tried to frame Toko for the "murder", albeit while he thought he killed Sakura, knowing full well that could get everyone executed if they accused the wrong person.²** JerkWithAHeartOfGold: For all his insensitivity, he does still manage to show off several shreds of decency across the game. He's the only member of the cast to even ''try'' to console Ishimaru after his HeroicBSOD, most notably, and after everything, he's the first in the final non-stop debate to be prevented from crossing the DespairEventHorizon²* LiteralMinded: Doesn't catch on to being insulted by Aoi or Byakuya, taking the former's comment that idiots can't catch colds as her stating an actual fact to him, and [[SarcasmBlind earnestly apologizing for the latter's exaggerated disgust]] with all of them.²* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: Of the predictions we actually see him seriously make in the game, one ''will'' come true (that there won't be any more murders or that he and Makoto's children will share a mother), creating a serious possibility that his abilities are legitimate and he's just so ''[[TheDitz stupid]]'' that he only interprets them correctly with such abysmal odds.²* TheNicknamer: In the anime subtitles his use of the suffix "-chi" is translated as this, i.e. "Naegs" and "Fujisakins."²* NoYou: In the fourth case, when he's the initial suspect for killing Sakura.²-->'''Toko:''' Y-you're acting incredibly s-suspicious...\²'''Yasuhiro:''' YOU'RE acting incredibly suspicious!²* NobodysThatDumb: He tries to invoke this at one point when he gets called stupid, only to prove it further. ²-->'''Asahina:''' I'm starting to worry about you, Hiro. Can you tell me what ten plus ten is?\²'''Hagakure:''' Hey, come on! You don't ALWAYS have to call me dumb! I may have been held back three times, but that doesn't make me stupid! But if it'll make you happy, I'll answer your dumb question...! So! Um...what was the question again?\²'''Asahina:''' Don't worry. You just answered it... ²* ObfuscatingStupidity: Averted throughout the story (as far as we know) and yet deliberately invoked in the third chapter. Celeste's plan hinged on crafting him into a villain that can build a complex disguise, alter his handwriting on that disguise's blueprints, lift Hifumi's corpse up two flights of stairs, outrun Aoi, slip past Sakura's honed senses and be able to hide these traits all through the last two chapters while constructing a systematic rampage that would have the students running around in confusion. The extraordinary personality contrast put forth here along with the notion of him hypothetically doing all this [[OrgyOfEvidence while leaving so much evidence behind]] was a big reason for her plan failing.²** It should be mentioned that in his final Free-Time Event, Makoto Naegi of all people concludes that he's not someone he can let his guard down around. This coming from the group's AmateurSleuth[=/=]AllLovingHero.²* OneOfTheKids: At twenty, he's older than the other students, yet can be the most immature, ditzy, slow to understand and quick to panic.²* OpinionFlipflop: Tends to go along with the flow. While he does assert himself from time to time, and develops into a DeadpanSnarker, he also backs down and panics when faced with challenges.²-->'''Kiyotaka:''' Do you not have a mind of your own!?\²'''Yasuhiro:''' Of course I do! What am I, an ant or somethin'?²* PhonyPsychic: Depending on your view of psychics and fortune tellers, his ''guaranteed'' 20-30% accuracy rating is either incredibly high or incredibly low for his profession. He still thinks he's good enough to charge people through the roof for his services.²* ThePigPen: [[ He says in a magazine spread advertising the Anime]] that he washes his hair once a season, and goes so far as to proudly state that he's started using fabric softener on it. Leon is naturally disgusted.²* PluckyComicRelief: Takes over this role full time when the other comical characters like Hifumi are gone. The remaining students find it pretty grating.²* RedHerring: In a meta case, the Website/SomethingAwful LP thread tends to accuse him of anything suspicious. And when it doesn't, it's because the game's doing it instead. Generally, he also seems like one of the most cut-and-dry places the game could invoke ShooOutTheClowns, right down to him being the first victim in Sayaka's place in the demo.²* RummageSaleReject: Seemingly the intention behind his design, to make him seem even stranger. [[ According to the art book]], just about everything he's wearing is rooted in his susceptibility to superstition rather than his susceptibility to fashion.²* TheScrooge: A major reason he wants Makoto's organs to pay off the Yakuza is because of his not wanting to spend his own savings so he can retire in comfort. To say the least, Makoto is completely disgusted with him after finding this out.²* SkewedPriorities: In his story at the beginning of Chapter 4, his reaction to having his takeout abducted by aliens is to go back and confront the restaurant owner over false advertising because the aliens rejected over half of his "100% beef" burger for their cattle-mutilationary purposes.²* StraightMan: Surprisingly enough, seeing as he's [[CloudCuckoolander not exactly normal himself]], he ends up fitting into this role extremely easily with the even ''more'' eccentric cast members.²* StrokeTheBeard: His thinking sprite has him doing this.²* SupportingLeader: He ''tries'' to be this at the start of chapter 3, partially [[PetTheDog to try and get Ishimaru to feel better]], but it [[ButtMonkey falls apart pretty quickly.]]²* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: During the investigation phase in case 2. "I most certainly wasn't checking the contents of that letterbox!" Though when he presents his discovery at the trial it turns out he didn't check enough to find out "Leon's" card was broken.²* SurferDude: The unofficial translation patch localizes his speech into this, having him end his sentences with "dude".²* ThrowTheDogABone: In the good ending, despite his status as the ButtMonkey, he is one of the six students to escape from the academy with his life.²* VerbalTic: In Japanese he ends most of his sentences with "-be" since he speaks in a TohokuRegionalAccent. The LetsPlay has him end his sentences with "right?".²* TheWatson: His frequent need of explanations are useful for keeping the player up to speed.²* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Despite being a fortune teller, he freaks out at the mention of ghosts, and denies that they exist. To the point that in the fifth case, you must firmly establish that Kyoko is not the victim, and therefore not a ghost while she is standing literally feet away from him, a conversation so stupid that half of the group don't even take part in it.²* WouldHitAGirl: Threatens to punch Genocide Jill, though he backs down with a claim that "I'm strong with girls, but kinda weak with strong girls..." And in Chapter 4, he panics and beans Sakura over the head with a bottle.²[[/folder]]²²[[folder:Chihiro Fujisaki]]²[[WMG:Chihiro Fujisaki]]²!!!Ultimate Programmer²[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''“Well, just seem upset. You must be mad at me, right?”''²²->'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KoukiMiyata (Japanese), Creator/DorothyEliasFahn (game), Creator/KaraEdwards (anime) (English)²->'''Played by:''' Haruka Ishida, Makoto Okunaka, Mizuki, Chinami Moriyama (stage)²²A TeenGenius currently developing top-secret AI programs for an unnamed company. Chihiro is the smallest of all the students, and ashamed of being seen as weak. While the other characters initially assume that Chihiro is female due to "her" shy demeanor and manner of dress, it is later revealed that he is actually a boy who crossdresses to disguise his frail stature, having been ruthlessly bullied for his unmanly physique. He is the victim of chapter 2, bludgeoned to death with a dumbbell by Mondo after inadvertently pressing his BerserkButton. He leaves behind a self-aware computer program called "Alter Ego" on a hidden laptop, which helps the other students.²----²* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: He was constantly [[StockShoujoBullyingTactics bullied]] for being small and frail for a boy, so he decided to dress as a girl to make the bullying stop, as well as to distance himself from other people's perceived ideas of masculinity that he felt he couldn't live up to. In Chapter 2 he realizes that he can't keep doing this, so he decides to come clean about his true gender...but after he tells Mondo his secret, he's murdered.²* ApologizesALot: Which doesn't help him much in terms of presenting himself as a "strong" person, most likely due to being bullied so much in the past.²* AttractiveBentGender: Genocide Jill certainly thinks so. And after seeing him smile in his introduction, Makoto thinks that he understands the rabid fanbase.²* BrainyBrunette: One of the most straightforward genius talents in the game, and with a head of brown to match.²* ButThouMust: In Makoto's last free time segment with Chihiro, he'll ask who you think he should train with to become stronger. The correct choice is Mondo Owada, who later ends up murdering him.[[note]]If you choose Sakura, Chihiro will say that it has to be a guy, and if you choose Byakuya, Chihiro will say Byakuya isn't quite the person he's looking for[[/note]]²* CornerOfWoe: Gets one [[ at the end of a]] {{Yonkoma}} when he decides to become more manly but is promptly confronted by the other students flagrantly violating stereotypical gender roles. "I'm not sure... what 'manly' means anymore..."²* CrucifiedHeroShot: How his lifeless body is found.²* ADayInTheLimelight: He receives a chapter in the manga all to himself.²* DisguisedInDrag: Dresses as a girl to avoid ridicule, because he was considered "too weak" to be a boy.²* DudeLooksLikeALady: So much so that he was bullied because of it.²* FaceYourFears: He resolves to tell everyone his painful secret after he's gotten stronger.²* FailureToSaveMurder: At the beginning of the second chapter, a tearful and guilt-ridden Chihiro feels that they killed Leon by voting for him as the culprit. The others hasten to remind him that they didn't have a real choice in the matter.²* FlingALightIntoTheFuture: Chihiro is killed early into the story, but manages to leave behind Alter Ego, who becomes instrumental in helping the survivors defeat the Mastermind and escape.²* {{Foil}}: Is one of his killer, Mondo. He is the physically weakest cast member who was drowning in his weakness yet when his weakness was going to be revealed he starts to swim and builds to be strong in character. Mondo is physically strong who [[IGaveMyWord also takes his manly promises seriously]] but is unable to move past [[FatalFlaw his true weakness]] hiding it in a huge facade of bravado.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: ²** There are lots of hints that Chihiro is secretly a boy and identifies as such, but each hint on its own doesn't mean very much. ²*** Chihiro will usually go quiet for a second whenever people mention the differences between males and females, or when someone talks about Chihiro's girlhood or femininity. ²*** When Makoto asks how he got into programming in one of his Free Time events, Chihiro is shocked when Makoto says that he always assumed most programmers were guys, and asks "Is it really that weird...?"²*** One of the presents that Chihiro "likes" is a perfume that is intended for men, to attract women, because men hate the scent; it would only make sense for a boy to like such perfume, not a girl (unless the girl is Kyoko). Another such gift is a 'unisex' thong. Also, gifts he ''loathes'' include feminine things like a kitten hairpin and Gothic Lolita accessories.²*** Aoi and Sakura also at one point wonder why Chihiro always refuses their invitations to train together even though he wanted to get stronger (this would be because he wouldn't be able to access the woman's locker room with a man's e-Handbook and Chihiro would thus be outed as a boy) and why Chihiro spends more time with the boys than with the girls (since a boy-girl friendship in Japan is uncommon). Aoi lampshades that it's weird to be more comfortable around the opposite sex than it is to be around the same sex.²*** During the last free time segment, Chihiro casually invites Makoto into his room, and Makoto muses that it's dangerous, ''why would a girl invite a boy into her room so easily''? His bed sheets are also blue like the other boys instead of pink like the girls.[[note]]And if the player looks closely, a pair of grip-strength trainers can be seen on his bed, implying he's been getting stronger in the safety of that room.[[/note]]²*** In episode 4 of the anime, while he's working on Alter Ego, you can see a toolkit, something that is only given to the guys, on his desk.²*** And finally, he's voiced by a ''male'' seiyuu, though admittedly Creator/KoukiMiyata can do a pretty decent work as a ''very'' girlish-sounding young boy and thus fool those who aren't familiar with his VA work.²** Something else is foreshadowed as well: almost all free time segments with Chihiro are about his status as a programmer and the programs he's developing- he mentions working on artificial intelligence even though he's under a non-disclosure agreement. After his death it's revealed that he created an artificial intelligence, "Alter Ego", which plays an important part in the plot later on.²** Another thing foreshadowed very early on: in his introduction, he finds Makoto familiar and asks if they've met before. While Makoto isn't famous and hadn't met anyone besides Sayaka before, it turns out that everyone went to Hope's Peak before losing their memories.²* GenderBlenderName: "Chihiro" is a unisex name in Japan, which fits since he is a boy who everyone assumes to be a girl at first.²* HiddenDepths: Despite looking sensitive and fragile, his strength of will and ability to confront his own insecurities is actually quite remarkable. These same hidden depths are what ultimately get him killed, since seeing the extent of Chihiro's strength forces Mondo to acknowledge his own flaws and weakness when he was already pushed into an unstable state because of them.²* IAmWhatIAm: His statement of "I want to change" has a lot of power behind it considering what pain he experienced before becoming the female Chihiro Fujisaki.²* IllBoy: Chihiro never had the strength to go out and play with others as a child.²* InnocentlyInsensitive: Wants to train with Mondo and become stronger, but Mondo doesn't believe he's that strong and is also jealous of Chihiro for working to change. Tragically, it triggers his FreakOut, resulting in Chihiro's death.²* {{Irony}}: Celeste takes a high-and mighty attitude in the second investigation, lending NoSympathy for his death after he disobeyed her night-time rule (as if it serves as further proof of her point about adaptation). Yet within that chapter's trial we learn Chihiro was the one who figured out that changing himself into a different person was unhealthy and only exacerbated his self-esteem issues, eventually choosing to [[IAmWhatIAm grow stronger as himself]]. The irony of Celeste's inability to reach the same realization was completely lost on her.²** He, the Ultimate Programmer, is too gentle to hurt bugs.²* LarynxDissonance: Subverted in the Japanese version; to first-time listeners Chihiro's voice sounds slightly off, but this is actually foreshadowing for the fact that Chihiro is male, and casting a [[Creator/KoukiMiyata male voice actor]] was completely intentional.²* LateArrivalSpoiler: He's a crossdressing boy. Even his presence on this very page spoils that.²* {{Moe}}: In-universe, he has a sizable fanbase due to looking like a "small, frightened animal".²** TokenMiniMoe: Serves this role for both the boys '''and''' actual girls.²* MistakenForGay: In promotional material for the anime, he asks Hifumi for advice on buying girls Valentine's Day chocolate. Hifumi, still thinking he's a girl (not helped by the fact only girls give people chocolate on Valentine's Day in Japan), goes on a tangent about what the appropriate {{doujinshi}} genre would be.²* MuscleAngst: Ties heavily into the bullying he went through and his fear of being a weakling.²* NervousWreck: Is usually the first (and only) one to start crying when all hope seems lost.²* NiceGuy: Very much so. This kid wouldn't even hurt a mosquito because it might have a family.²* NotAGame: Attempts to call out Byakuya's assertions about the DeadlyGame, and [[KickTheDog gets thoroughly chewed out by him for the effort]].²* ObliviousGuiltSlinging: Does this to Mondo, which winds up getting him killed. Upon being blackmailed with the threat of outing him as a boy, Chihiro resolves to become stronger and throw off the weakness he's so ashamed of that [[DoubleStandard he pretends to be a girl to avoid judgment for it]]. He resolves to reveal his secret to Mondo, one of his biggest male role models, so Mondo can help him work out and get stronger. Unfortunately for Chihiro, Mondo had his own humiliating secret weakness to hide, one he wasn't nearly as brave as Chihiro about facing, so upon hearing Chihiro sing Mondo's praises that Chihiro didn't realize secretly weren't even true, while demonstrating strength of character Mondo wishes he could match in his wildest dreams... this unfortunately drove Mondo into a murderous, jealous rage.²* OddFriendship: Pictures from their school life and events within the game indicate that he's apparently good friends with Mondo, who is pretty much Chihiro's opposite in ever way. It's demonstrated that they both acknowledge the other's strength, even if this ended badly during the far more fraught environment of the killing game.²* PosthumousCharacter: Downplayed since he actually lasts through the first class trial, but most of his significant contributions to the plot come after his death.²%% * ProneToTears: Acknowledged and defied.²* QuiveringEyes: Has a sprite that creates this effect.²* ShorterMeansSmarter: Among the shortest characters in the series, whose genius sits firmly among the greatest as well.²* ShrinkingViolet: Even though Chihiro is interested in training and getting stronger, "she's" too shy to enter the changing rooms. Of course, that's because his gender won't allow him access to the woman's locker room (where all the sports equipment is) which is why he approaches Mondo to help him train instead.²* SignificantBirthDate: He was born on March 14th aka Pi Day.²* SmallRoleBigImpact: He has a small role in Chapter 1 and is the fourth to die as the victim of Chapter 2. Doesn't stop Alter Ego, the AI he created, from driving the plot of the next two chapters and saving Makoto's life in Chapter 5. "''IF''" also reveals that he created Monokuma's software, and his other work goes on to influence the plot of the later games.²* StoryBreakerPower: A trope justified by the incidental creation of the MetaSequel that chronologically occurs directly after the game due to his artificial intelligence being present as an overlooker of the program. Since he's a programmer in a virtual environment created by a game company that an audience of devoted people will play, he's also a big meta character too.²* TearfulSmile: Has a sprite like this, often used after being comforted by someone else.²* TechnoWizard: Got into creating highly-complex computer programs as a way to pass time. And he was able to put a computer program capable of learning on a rather junky old laptop in a short amount of time.²* TeenGenius: Hence his title.²* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth: One of the sweetest, most soft-hearted characters, who literally wouldn't hurt a fly, and he's killed in the second chapter.²* UnsettlingGenderReveal: Doesn't get much more unsettling than discovering his gender ''after'' he's been murdered and crucified. It also qualified for Mondo -- he didn't kill Chihiro for turning out to be a boy, though, but because [[BerserkButton this set off his insecurities]] about never being strong enough (while Chihiro wanted to overcome his weakness). For worse? Monokuma later says that he ''always'' knew about Chihiro being a boy... and that the "embarrassing memories" he wanted to use in regards to Chihiro was revealing his gender to the others. Monokuma adds that, were that to happen, he thought Chihiro would fall into despair, thinking that he'd be bullied and ostracized more than he ever was ''on top'' of being in Hope's Peak... but then [[ShutUpHannibal Chihiro went]] [[PluckyGirl Plucky Boy]] and decided the opposite: to get stronger, and tell the others himself later. Too bad his death ruined said plans.²** In School Mode in the Vita port, the "unsettling" part comes not from the fact he reveals his gender to Makoto, but the fact that because Makoto doesn't believe him at first, he grabs Makoto's hand and plants it on his own chest to prove his point. In the Japanese version, it's implied that Chihiro puts Makoto's hand on his ''crotch'' instead.²** And thirdly, from us the audience for those who thought he was a girl and considered "her" their waifu...not counting those who still consider [[AttractiveBentGender him as such]].²* WhenSheSmiles: In his introduction, after he's reassured they haven't done anything wrong and laughs in relief, Makoto thinks that he's starting to understand "her" rabid fanbase.²* WholesomeCrossdresser: A crossdresser, natch, but he's so wholesome that during a free time segment, you learn that he won't even ''swat a mosquito'' because he feels sorry for the mosquito being hungry!²[[/folder]]²----


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