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1* ''[[spoiler:Film/{{Ugetsu}}]]'': Potter falls in love with multiple ghosts. Not ''Film/{{Ghost}}''.* [[spoiler: ''Film/{{UHF}}'']]: A daydreaming loser is given a failing television station. He must save the station's ratings with the help of a midget, an alien, an idiot [[AndZoidberg and]] Creator/FranDrescher. Film stars a novelty musician and the main comedic character is played by a known racist.* ''[[spoiler: Literature/TheUnbearableLightnessOfBeing]]'': A Czech woman tries to get a promiscuous doctor to settle down, befriending his mistress along the way. The couple then flee from a military invasion and die in a car accident.* [[spoiler: ''Film/{{Unbreakable}}'']]: A skeptical security guard becomes a superhero under the tutelage of a crippled comic book geek. [[spoiler: The latter [[TreacherousAdvisor turns out to be a terrorist.]]]]* ''[[spoiler: Film/UndercoverBrother]]'': Seventies blaxploitation cliche battles white supremacist who has uncontrollable urge to use hip-hop slang.* ''[[spoiler: Film/UnderSiege]]'': Ship's cook slaughters the catering staff and entertainers on the captain's birthday.* ''[[spoiler: Film/{{Unforgiven}}]]'': Men leave retirement due to disfigured prostitute seeking revenge against man with small penis.* ''[[spoiler: Film/{{United 93}}]]'': [[KnightTemplar Religious nuts]] try to fly planes. BasedOnATrueStory.* ''[[spoiler: Film/{{Unknown 2011}}]]'': Man decides the role he's playing is more important than the plot of the thing he's acting in.* [[spoiler: ''Film/{{Unstoppable}}'']]: Two men will be fired if they try to catch a train.* ''[[spoiler:Film/TheUntouchables]]'': Four men wage war upon a mobster. He's eventually caught for unpaid taxes.* ''[[spoiler: WesternAnimation/{{Up}}]]'': Old man trying to cope with his wife's death kills his childhood hero and steals his pets and vehicle.** Or: After being declared a public menace, an old man takes off with a child, leaves the country, and kills an aging celebrity.** Alternatively, an old man accidentally kidnaps a boy and takes him to South America, where they have "adventures".* ''[[spoiler:Film/{{Us}}]]'': Mutes dress like Michael Jackson, test some scissors, and eventually hold hands.* ''[[spoiler: Film/TheUsualSuspects]]'': Inconsistent testimonies of a crime leave the police as confused as the audience.----


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